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Thorathuru Newsletter - Oct 2014

Harin: A political superstar in the making?

Harin: A political superstar in the making?

September 13, 2014, 7:43 pm
As far as provincial elections go, the UNP seems to be doing much better in Uva than at any previous election since 2005. Due to the much spoken of violence in the Moneragala district, the impression has been conveyed to the rest of the country that the government is facing an uphill struggle in Uva. The mere fact that such an impression has been conveyed to the rest of the country is in itself a major triumph for the UNP. All this while, the impression that everyone in the country had was that the UNP just could not face the UPFA at any election. Now thanks to some thugs who have been burning down so called 'campaign offices' of the opposition in the dead of night, the entire country thinks the government needs to resort to thuggery to win in Moneragala. The government for its part has been trying to say that the opposition has been burning down their own 'campaign offices' to garner sympathy. Anybody familiar with elections knows that this too happens quite often.

But what is happening in Moneragala is different. Because a member of the Rajapaksa family is involved various boorish types from outside the district are trying to score brownie points by burning down these 'campaign offices' in the night so as to convey the impression that they are doing everything possible to see that Sashindra Rajapaksa comes out on top. With friends like this, no government needs enemies. The problem that this government has is that there are too many lower level politicians vying to be noticed by the ruling family and have no way of doing so except by such means. These so called campaign offices that are being systematically destroyed are nothing but polythene sheets stretched over a framework of sticks and destroying them does nothing to discourage the opposition.

On the contrary, the destruction of these structures which cost only a few hundred rupees each gives the opposition parties publicity worth millions. The TV channels televise the scene and interview people and the party concerned gains much publicity and even sympathy in the process. If anybody in the government actually believes that the opposition was systematically setting fire to their own campaign offices, then government candidates should do the same so that everybody ends up at the same level. These campaign office burnings shows once again how an unassailable government can be brought low by a few fools looking for ways to curry favour with those who wield power. At the last PC election in 2009, the UNP got only 15% of the vote in the Moneragala district. At the parliamentary elections held in 2010, they got slightly more at 18%. But now, thanks to the destruction of these structures of polythene and sticks the whole country thinks that the government is struggling to retain control of the Moneragala district!

The SLFP hierarchy should take a long hard look at what is happening in Moneragala. The burning of these campaign offices has harmed the image of the SLFP more than it has harmed or intimidated the opposition. Leaving aside the intimidation of the opposition, this has given them a massive boost. Today, people are talking in terms of Sashindra Rajapaksa being unable to come out on top without a campaign of violence and intimidation to help him win. The story going around is that Sashindra is inaccessible and unavailable even to SLFP politicians and voters and that it will be an uphill struggle for him to retain the number one slot in the Moneragala district. Some say that he is downright lazy and that his inaccessibility is due to sloth. There is also the talk that he has done absolutely nothing for the Uva province. All this shows how a little bit of unnecessary violence by hangers on seeking to curry favour can queer the pitch for a politician.

Those who know Sashindra Rajapaksa knows that he is a pleasant easygoing type who always looks genuinely pleased to see you. This writer sees him on and off at the Kataragama Maha Devale and easy relationship he has with those who come to see him (which this writer has personally witnessed) sits oddly besides these accusations of inaccessibility. We have of course heard many sad stories of the sons of successful politicians ending up as disasters in politics. In fact it is only very rarely that the son of a successful politician has turned out to be a successful politician in his own right. Looking at some offspring who have entered politics on the shoulders of their fathers, one is almost surprised that otherwise successful politicians would fail to see that their sons are not cut out for a career in politics and that by bringing their sons into politics they have ended up ruining their own reputations.

What seems to happen very often is that the wives of politicians who would like to see their son becoming an 'amathithuma' like daddy, persuades the politician to bring the son into politics even though he would be better suited for some other career. Every successful politician is a hard worker, who likes interacting with people and can tolerate the idiosyncrasies of the village voter. If one is unable to work hard or interact easily with the hoi polloi then one should not be in politics. Every politician should have an accurate assessment of whether his son or daughter is cut out for a career in politics. But when you examine Sashindra from that point of view, from the outside at least, there is nothing to show that he is not cut out for a career in politics. On the contrary, his bubbly personality would give one the impression that he is even more suited to a career in politics than his more reserved father Chamal!

Some claim he is lazy and that he has done absolutely nothing for the Uva province. It need not be stressed that sloth is fatal to a politician. There are examples of otherwise pleasant and approachable and wise politicians falling by the wayside simply because of their slothful lifestyles. If you are asleep in bed when you should be meeting people, then that's the end of your career. This is one area where this writer has no direct knowledge of Sashindra's conduct. Even if he is the very epitome of sloth however, he should get just carried along by the work done by the unarguably energetic older generation of Rajapaksas. The SLFP as a party, never did any constructive work until the Rajapaksas took office. Historically, the SLFP has been a destructive force in economic and political terms in this country.

If not for the Rajapaksas, the SLFP would still be what it always was. The entire SLFP is being dragged along by just one family. Since three or four members of one family are carrying a good number of other SLFP politicians on their shoulders, one is at a loss to understand how one more SLFP politician in the form of Sashindra is going to make any difference. He too should be able to ride on the shoulders of his uncles the way most of colleagues in the party seem to be doing. Even if he has not personally done anything for Uva, the various programmes initiated from Colombo alone should suffice to see him through. Among the other stories that this writer has been hearing from Uva is that while Sashindra is inaccessible and doing nothing, his private secretary who serves as his interface with the public is a 'boru karaya'. That too strikes a discordant note. Sashindra's private secretary Ranjan Bandara was formerly the private secretary to Karu Jayasuriya and is well known to this writer. He is as dedicated and dynamic a private secretary as any politician could wish to have. He may be uttering a few lies and half truths here and there - it is impossible to be a private secretary to a politician without uttering a few lies but what this writer is unable to accept is that he would bluff and bamboozle people all the time. The chief minister's office carries with it certain powers and it just cannot be accepted that an experienced private secretary like Bandara would not use those powers to solve the problems of the people who come to him.

Everybody in the UNP that this writer has spoken to in recent days seems to be entertaining hopes of a massive turnaround in the UNP's fortunes at this election. More disconcertingly, some members of the government also seem to share that view! The upbeat mood of the opposition seems to have rubbed off on the diplomatic missions as well. Everybody seems to think of Sashindra as the weakest link in the Rajapaksa chain. The American embassy in Colombo for example commissioned a survey which has forecast the following result for Uva.

Badulla District

Total votes cast 457,000 (79% of registered voters)

UNP – 229,000 (50.1%) 10 seats

PA – 181,000 (40%) 7 seats

JVP – 27,800 (6.1%) 1 seat

Moneragala District

Total votes cast 239,000 (78.8% of registered voters)

PA – 108,000 (45.1) 8 seats

UNP – 90,000 (39%) 5 seats

JVP – 25,000 (10.4) 1 seat

And it's not just the American embassy either. Sane rational people, who have years of experience in election campaigning and have studied voting patterns at elections have told this writer quite confidently that the UNP will win in the Badulla district and lose the Moneragala district only by a small margin. Some predict an outright victory for the UNP in the Haputale electorate in the Badulla district. (Nobody has however told this writer categorically that the UNP will form the next Uva provincial council.) There are many incongruities in these stories that we have been hearing. Even though a victory for the UNP is being predicted only in the Badulla district, there is no violence or destruction of 'campaign offices' in that district and everybody is talking about how good things are in that district in comparison to what is going on in Moneragala. So we see that none of the violence reported at this election has been with the motive of clipping Harin Fernando's wings.

Incongruously, all the violence seems to be concentrated in the Moneragala district which everybody says the government is going to win anyway. If the government is going to win in Moneragala anyway, then why all the violence? The violence apparently is to reduce votes for the opposition. But if that is the goal, it is better to reduce the votes going to the opposition the Badulla district instead of the Moneragala district because the number of voters and PC seats is much higher in the Badulla district. Besides, the opposition's chief ministerial candidate is also in Badulla.

The reason why all the violence has been concentrated in Moneragala is thought to be due to the government thrashing about to preserve Sashindra's position. However one fails to understand how his position will be safeguarded by attacking the UNP and the JVP. If Sashindra's position as number one in the district is to be safeguarded it will have to be in relation to the other candidates in the ruling party so those who wish to see Sashindra getting the highest number of votes should actually be attacking UPFA campaign offices belonging to other candidates. But we don't see that happening. So there are many unexplained incongruities in the stories that we have been hearing.

Harin's superstardom

In any event, we must look at the election forecast made by the team commissioned by the American embassy in the light of the results of past elections. At the provincial council elections held in 2009, the UNP got an overall percentage of just over 22% of the votes cast in Uva. In the Badulla district where the UNP has been traditionally strong, they got close to 26% and in Moneragala district where they have always been weak, they got only 15.5%. If we compare that with the forecast of the American embassy, we see that the UNP will have to increase their vote by nearly 30 percentage points in both districts! At the Western and Southern provincial council elections held earlier this year, the UNP got 26.5% of the vote in the Western province and 25.7% in the Southern province. Between that time and now, absolutely nothing has happened vis a vis the UNP that would justify any hopes that they would be able to make such a radical turnaround as anticipated by the American embassy forecast.

The only new thing that has happned is that Harin Fernando resigned from parliament to contest the Uva PC election as the UNP's chief ministerial candidate. In the Western and Southern PC elections, the UNP did not have a chief ministerial candidates worth the name. The UNP did try to persuade some individuals to resign from parliament and contest the Western and Southern PC elections as the UNP's chief ministerial candidates, but there were no takers. So the only factor that is different is that the UNP has a good CM candidate in the Uva province in the form of Harin Fernando.

If Harin is able merely by coming forward to contest this election to change the UNP's fortunes so radically, and make the UNP's vote leap upwards by no less than 30 percentage points between the last the present PC election, this is the leader that the UNP has been looking for! Leaving aside the 30 percentage points, if Harin Fernando is able to increase the UNP vote by 15 percentage points, everyone in the UNP should rise up as one and throw both Ranil Wickremesinghe and Sajith Premadasa out and make Harin the leader of the UNP! One of the sane rational people that this writer spoke to over the past several days even said that the UNP was set to win the Haputale electorate. The UNP got only 20% of the vote in the Haputale electorate at the Uva PC election held in 2009. At the 2010 parliamentary election they got 33.5%. At national elections, the voting percentages improves for the opposition and that explains the increase in the vote the UNP got between the 2009 Uva PC election and the 2010 parliamentary election.

While there may be differences in the voting percentages between national level and localized elections, between two elections at the same level, there will usually not be a radical change in the voting percentages. That is why J.R.Jayewardene introduced the proportional representation system in the first place. Even if we take the 2010 parliamentary election, where the UNP did much better in the Badulla district than at the Uva PC election held in 2009 due to the national/local factor, still the UNP got only 32% as against the UPFA's 58%. Even from 32% it's still a steep climb to get more votes than the UPFA. Moreover, this time, the UNP has to win in the Badulla district without any of the Indian Tamil political parties supporting them. At the 2009 Uva PC election and the 2010 parliamentary election, the UNP had the benefit of having P.Digambaram on their side contesting on the same list. Today they have to win without him and that makes the task doubly difficult.

If Harin Fernando is to win the Badulla district, he will have to do so with only the Sinhala Buddhist vote. Since 2005, that has been the holy grail of the UNP – winning back the support of the Sinhala Buddhist vote! If Harin now wins in Badulla without the support of any of the Up-country Tamil parties, and only on the Sinhala Buddhist vote, he would have achieved at the district level what the UNP so badly needs to achieve at the national level. And he would have done so in a situation where the UNP continues to be labeled as an anti-national party in the rest of the country! If Harin Fernando is able to win the Badulla district even with all the odds stacked against him, then he will be Sri Lanka's newest political superstar.

Whatever the outcome of the Uva election may be, the UNP has certainly made headway in one respect – there is now no talk of all parties uniting to take on the UPFA. The UNP on its own is now seen as the only challenger to the ruling coalition and that in itself is a giant leap forward for them.


S.Thomas College OBA NSW Presents Blue, Black & Blue Ball 2014

S.Thomas College OBA NSW Presents Blue, Black & Blue Ball 2014

Click below to visit eLanka photo gallery for more photos of this great dinner dance!

Whats Next for our SL Cricketers

Itinerary for England to Sri Lanka 2014 
November 21: 1st warm-up v SL A (Day) – SSC, Colombo
November 23: 2nd warm-up v SL A (Day) – Tamil Union (Oval), Colombo
November 26 : 1st ODI (Day/Night) Colombo, RPICS, Colombo
November 27: Reserve Day
November 29: 2nd ODI (Day), RPICS, Colombo
November 30: Reserve Day
December 3: 3rd ODI (Day/Night) – MRPICS, Hambantota
December 4: Reserve Day
December 7: 4th ODI (Day)- RPICS, Colombo
December 10: 5th ODI (D/N) – PICS, Pallekele
December 11: Reserve Day
December 13: 6th ODI (Day) – PICS, Pallekele
December 14: Reserve Day
 December 16: 7th ODI (D/N) Colombo – RPICS, Colombo

Inaugural event - Muthuhara Inaugration Ceremony

The Inaugural Ceremony of the Second International branch of Rupavahini Muthuhara Lama Samajaya in Melbourne. Free Admission. At Ken Thompson Performing Arts Centre, Gladstone Park.

Contact: Vathsala Dassanayake Ishtaweera 0409 568 547

Dinner Dance - Pride of Lanka

Contact: Sian 0419 356 194, Quintus 0411 455 656, Jennifer 0418 330 789, Bev 0419 317 860, Ranjini 0413 144 072, Chris 0411 737 303

Dinner Dance

At Springvale Town Hall donation $80.

Contact:Wasantha 0438 7980204, Priyan 0487 877 876, Damien 0402 370 777

Hopper Night - Hopper Night with musical entertainment


At JAN WILSON COMMUNITY CENTER, Halton Rd, Noble Park North.


Contact: Ranjith 9795 7143


Presented by Sri Lanka German Technical Training Institute Old Boys Association.

Contact: Krishantha 0412 833 599, Rohana 0421 596 204

Dinner Dance - Thurstan College OBU Australia Annual Dinner Dance 2014

Dinner Dance - Thurstan College OBU Australia Annual Dinner Dance 2014

Dinner Dance - Nilwala Night

Contact: Ari 0414 371 407, Sanath 0490 142 428, Ajith 0427 610 823, Kamal 0400 865 908

Ancient Cultures New Futures. A photographic exhibition for Sri Lankan reconciliation

Photographs by Stephen Champion, Dominic Sansoni, Sivathas Sivasubramanium & Paul James

10th October - 25th October, 12 - 5pm Wed - Sunday

Raglan Street Gallery, 14 Raglan St, North Melbourne

Four motifs run through the entire narrative: the rich and diverse ancient culture; the unfinished, poignant legacy of the conflict; the determined re-establishment of everyday life; and the struggle for a world of renewed possibilities and shared achievement.


Contact: Claudette 9704 2207, Noeline 9562 1356


Hope-Dance to Save a Life

Music Concert - The Unplugged 2014

Production One Events in collaboration with Malith Perera proudly present THE UNPLUGGED 2014, a semi acoustic journey through some of the greatest and newest hits of legend Chitral Chity Somapala accompanied by the very popular and talented Milin Rupasinghe, Janani and Malith!! This night will be filled with captivating performances by our main artists supported by the talented young collection of musicians led by Darsh Anthonige and musically directed by Chandima Jayatillake. Hope to see you!

Contact: Sri 0488 101 577, Malith 0425 756 474, Bryan 0406 759 616

Dinner Dance

Contact: Afzal 0409 983 694, Naomal 0427 274 312, Marlon 0411 448 811

Music Concert - Pahan Sandhwani

Contact: Chamari 0430 049 750, Anura 0419 216 100, Hemantha 0409 854 597

Blood Donation

Contact: Athula 0407 314 265, Dilshan 0430 062 647

Dinner Dance

Contact: Bert 0414 979 483, Frank 0414 979 401, Srinath 0417 132 531

Music & Drama Concert - SARASAVI NINNADA

Four actors will be coming from Sri Lanka: Jayalath Manorathne, Nissanka Diddeniya, Rodney Warnakula & Madhani Malwatta. Presented by Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria (PUAAViC). At Kel Watson Theatre.

Contact: Prem 9795 3170, 0430 669 953, Pathmasiri 9432 4262, Sarath Jayasuriya 0437 634 243

Music Concert

Contact: Vernon 0403 298 626, Johann 0412 273 928, Shiroma 0430 735 550 (after 5pm)

Finance News from Sri Lanka - Gradient Alliance - September Issue 2014
In Economic News   In Business News   In Consumer News
Government expenditure to rise in 2015, elections in mind   Tourist arrivals up 13.8% YoY in Aug 14, reaches 140,319   Twistee the most innovative product, receives recognition
FDI in strong growth,breaks through USD 1.0bn   Tea pdtn. in Jul 14 at 28.8 mkgs, (+27.0% YoY)   Sep 14 inflation at 3.5% YoY, (flat MoM)
GDP expands 7.8% in 2Q14, industrial sector grows 12.2%   Vehicle registrations up 15.4% YoY in Aug 14   Consumer confidence index in Aug 14 at 61, down 1pt MoM
Pvt. sector credit growth at a new low,+2% YoY   Business confidence index in Jul 14 at 139,(+1 pt MoM)   Shoppers are becoming more brand conscious
 Click here to read all the finance news from Sri Lanka .......


Baila Night

Contact: Perry 9338 8338, 9338 4334, Nirosh 0410 243 530

Hopper Night - Mathale Api

Contact: Sarath 0433 528 496, Jotha 0423 250 420, Champika 0413 254 728, Kavindra 0433 843 483

Fund Raising event - Western Night 2014

Annual Fund Raising Western Night 2014 in aid of Vihara Building Fund of Paramith Buddhist Viharaya Rockbank. Organised by Western Victoria Sri Lankan Buddhist Association. Location St.Bernadette Community Centre Cook Ave North Sunshine.

Contact: Happy 0400 221 115, Danawansa 0469 403 981

Music Concert - D D Gunasena Live in Concert.

Felicitation Concert for Maestro D D Gunasena.
A concert not to be missed !
More Details to come.
At Rowville Secondary College Auditorium.

Contact: Namal 0433 961 597

Get Together - The Singles

This event is strictly for over 35 single men and women only. To be part of events must become a member of the club. To join the club please email thesinglesover35@gmail.com Venus TBA.

Contact: Nelu 0450 003 025 (after 6pm), Janaka 0432 277 269

Methodist College PPA - NSW Presents Yuletide Glow

Parramasala Parde 17th Oct..PINK SARI PARADE

Fundraiser for poor, malnourished & orphaned children in Africa, Philippines and Sri Lanka


Annual Dinner Dance of the Past Pupils of St Lawrence's. "We will celebrate with our red carpet".
More details later.

Contact: GILLIAN 0400 110 962 OR VANESSA 0419 368 626

Carols, Dinner, Dance & Fellowship

Yuletide an evening of carols, dinner, dance and fellowship. $50 per head. Attire: Smart Casual. BYO drinks.

Contact: Sashi Vijayalingam 9755 5945, Shanta Mohinadeen 0403 309 845


Sinhala Movie at the Astor Cinema, 1 Chapel Street, Melbourne.

Contact: Shantha 0421 501 810, Mahinda 0433 413 449, Kapila 0408 998 724

Music Concert - Tribute to Clarence

Contact: Shelia Wijewardena 9338 1429, Daya 0414 636 974, Raj 0433 832 850

Trivia Night 

Contact: Fiona 0432 897 537, Geraldine 0458 112 811


SINHALA CULTURAL AND COMMUNITY SERVICES FOUNDATION presents HOPPERS NIGHT AND HANDICRAFT EXHIBITION to help two needy rural schools in Sri Lanka. Tickets $20. At Noble Park Secondary School, 3 Callaghan Street, Noble Park (Melway 89G3).

Contact: Ranjith

Baila Night

At Brentwood Community Youth Club, 649 Ferntree Gully Road, Glen Waverley.
In aid of building project at Lassakanda Vidhyalaya in Sri Lanka.

Contact: Ranil Fernando 0466 999 424


HERITAGE GROVE - Retire in Style in Sri Lanka

Click on the ad above for all the details

Built and Operated by Aitken Spence

 Email: sales.australia@heritagegroveliving.com

Christmas Dance

Contact: Cordelia 0432 096 608, Pat 0432 585 620, Shirin 0421 851 156, Susan 0421 243 831

Dinner Dance

Fund Raising event organised in aid of the Building Fund of the Yuroke Daham Nikethanaya, new residance for the Ven. Monks. Please take part in this event and contribute to a noble cause while enjoying with your freinds.

Contact: Shantha 0421 591 810, Saman 0433 921 297

The Elements Fairway Holdings launches its 4th Luxury Apartment Project

‘The Elements’ - Fairway Holdings launches its 4th Luxury Apartment Project


Emerging from the fusion of the elements, life is born anew to fulfil the dreams of those who wish to embrace it. Pure in form and perfect in spirit, "The Elements by Fairway" is a celebration of eternal life...in perfect harmony.

By bringing the meaning of the four elements together and backed by a proven track record in developing luxury residencies, Fairway Holdings creates yet another powerful symbol of luxury vertical living - 'The Elements' by Fairway - homes of distinction for seekers of contemporary luxury living experiences. The Elements is the 4th luxury apartment project of the Fairway Holdings Group. Located amidst the wetlands and water streams in Rajagiriya; 'The Elements' is not just in sync with nature, but blending into and becoming one with nature. Its location provides easy access to Colombo city and the newly developed Diyawanna Oya recreation areas.

The Elements will be 40 stories high with 64 units each of 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments totalling 128 apartments and 2 penthouses. The Elements is designed by Archt. Mohan Silva of Avant-Garde Urban Design Partnership and will be constructed by MAGA Engineering. The Elements design compliments the previous projects of The Fairway Group with straight line minimalist architecture which result in creating spacious and practical living spaces. It incorporates the key features of the previous project the SkyGardens such as energy efficient lighting and appliances, double glazed uPVC windows, engineered timber doors from Sandor and luxury kitchen cabinetry from Signature Kitchens both from Malaysia.

A luxury lifestyle is assured to the homeowners of The Elements with a range of amenities such as a full length Swimming Pool, Kiddies Pool, Banquet Hall, Gymnasium, Lounge, Meeting Room, Drivers’ Lounge and a multitude of Recreational Areas. All residents of The Elements will get free membership at the Fairway Sports Complex that has facilities for Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and Squash. It also has a Clubhouse/Diner for the convenience of the members. Clean drinking water on tap and 2 carports for each apartment has become a standard feature of the luxury vertical living developments of the Fairway Holdings Group.

'The Elements' incorporates the outdoor experience into vertical living; a feature found in the most exclusive living spaces around the world. The living areas of each apartment seamlessly open into a spacious terrace. It's the ideal place to wake up and bask in the morning sunrise or enjoy the evening sunset at the end of a busy day. 

The Elements will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2016. Building on the success of its past projects such as Fairway - on the Waterfront (completed in 2007), Fairmount - Urban Oasis (completed in 2010) and the SkyGardens (planned for completion in 3rd quater2014), Fairway Holdings have established a reputation for delivering on their promise. Bringing in to play almost a decade of experience in this sphere, The Fairway Group has delivered exceptional value and an unparalleled experience of Vertical Luxury Living to its homeowners. Both the Fairway and the Fairmount won the ICTAD’s Construction Excellence Awards in 2007 and 2010.

Talk - "Lassanama Ahasa - subhawitha geethaya | Rathna sri lakuna | sahrudha sanwaadha"

• The great Sri Lankan poet/lyric writer Mr. Rathna Sri Wijesingha is visiting Australia for the first time to Melbourne and will address the public about great Sri Lankan songs/lyrics from a literary point of view. Everyone is invited to participate to listen to this valuable speech and gain good knowledge about Sri Lankan literature.
• Another great Sri Lankan author Mr. Jayathilaka Kammallaweera is also going to address the public on this day.

More importantlly this event is totaly free to the public...!!!! At Balla Balla Community Centre (Building 03), 65 Berwick Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East

Contact: Nirasha Gunasekera 0425 281 322

Dinner Dance

Contact: Leslie 9798 2294, Bevill 9798 6315, Carol 9827 4455

Dinner Dance

Contact: Grand 9800 1836, Graeme 0413 338 934

Dinner Dance

Contact: Anton or Kay 5367 7722, Terry or Helen 9774 7300,
Neville 9711 1922, Gwen 9546 4440, John 5128 1431

Dinner Dance

Contact: Maryse 9574 7999, 0418 311 465, Melody 9800 5825, 0407 046 817, Leonie 9796 7276, 0409 387 686,
Chula 9763 3641, 0422 001 477, Chris 9807 4557, 0412 919 696


Dinner Dance

Contact: Patricia 0402 143 480, Desmond 0408 312 953, Yolande 0417 363 564

New Years Eve 2014 - Box Hill Town Hall with Redemption & DJ Damien

New Years Eve 2014

Box Hill Town Hall with Redemption & DJ Damien

Pope's Visit to Sri lanka

Pope's Visit to Sri lanka - Programme

January 13th Arrive at 9.00 am
Motorcade to Bishop's House where he will have discussions with Bishops
Followed by a Luncheon
 Audience with President Rajapakse and meet dignitaries of other Religions                     
January 14th
Morning Mass at Galle Face Green
Later in the day Mass at the Madhu Church in Mannar - he will bless the people with the Statue of Our lady of Madhu at the end of the service
January 15th
 Leave to the Philippines

Book Launch  "Sudu kathak ha madhu withak - Book Launch by Nirasha Gunasekera"

Launch of Nirasha Gunasekera's 4th book, which is a book on poetry called 'Sudhu kathak ha madhu withak'. Great Sri Lankan poet Mr. Rathna Sri Wijesingha and another great Sri Lankan author Mr. Jayathilaka Kammallaweera
will address the public on this day. Please come and experience a wonderful evening...!!! At the Balla Balla Community Centre, 65 Berwick Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East.

Contact: Nirasha Gunasekera 0425 281 322

Sinhala Drama - "NARI BURATHI"

Presented by Sri Lanka German Technical Training Institute Old Boys' Association Australia Inc.

Contact: admin@cgtti.com.au

Music Concert 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saman 0459 213 383, Sam 0433 695 397

Music Concert - "HEMANTHAYEDEE 2"

Live musical concert by Melbourne artist Hemantha Dias

Please await further details

Contact: Hemantha 0409 702 797

Cricket World Cup 2015 - Gala Dinner

Cricket World Cup 2015 - Gala Dinner 

Organised by Sri Lanka Cricket Sydney Inc.

5th March 2015

Waterview, Bicentinnial Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015


Australia and New Zealand will host the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2015
14 Feb. 2015 vs England at the MCG
21 Feb. vs Bangladesh at the Gabba
28 Feb. vs New Zealand at Eden Park
4   Mar. vs Afghanistan at the WACA
8   Mar. vs Sri Lanka at the SCG
14 Mar. vs Scotland at Bellerive
20 Mar. Quarter Final 3 at Adelaide
21 Mar. Quarter Final 4 at Wellington
24 Mar. Semi Final 1 at Eden Park
26 Mar. Semi Final 2 at SCG
29 Mar. FINAL at MCG  
Source Telegraph

Dance Concert

Ama Dance academy proudly presents another dance extravaganza to Melbourne art lovers celebrating their dance academy 10th anniversary. Another one of a kind event that will take Melbourne's breath away.
At the Besen Center, Burwood.

Contact: Ama 0424 321 656, Daminda 0411 646 695


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Latest Videos
Aadare Hithenawa Dekkama - H . R. Jothipala & Anjalin Gunathilaka.

Aadare Hithenawa Dekkama - H . R. Jothipala & Anjalin Gunathilaka.

Sweety Manika - Iraj

Sweety Manika ( උම්මා උම්මා ) - Iraj 

It's So True - Composed (Music and Lyrics) by ERROL DIAZ Sung by ERROL EARL
The CD can be purchased on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-so-true-single/id720433349
Desmond Kelly - Babiachahige Bicycleka
Desmond Kelly Babiachahige Bicycleka (The Bicycle)
Sthuthi Sri Lanka - The Wonder of Asia
Sthuthi Sri Lanka - The Wonder of Asia
Commonwealth Youth Forum
An inspiring performance from the Commonwealth Youth Forum currently taking place in Colombo, Sri Lanka Very Moving! Full praise to the persons who planned and choreographed this performance!
Married Men must see-Wrong Number
Married Men must see-Wrong Number
Asai Man Piyabanna movie song
Asai Man Piyabanna movie song
Sri Lankas Tea Industry
Documentary about sri lanka's tea industry and its background.
Rosa Wasanthe - Sinhala full movie
Rosa Wasanthe - Sinhala full movie
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  Upcoming Events
- Australia Sri Lanka Catholic Association Crowning Ceremony of Our Lady of Lanka
- Luncheon
- Operation Hope Annual Fundraising Luncheon
- Sri Lankan Indian and Fijian Cultural Club get together
- Nilusha Dassenaike presents her new Album The Lotus Verses
- Fund Raiser Night
- Serendib Awards 2014
- Symphony Keyboard Academy presents Pahan Sandhwani Music Concert
- Blood Donation Campaign
- Past Pupils Association of St John s College Nugegoda Inc present Pre Centennial Celebrations Dinner Dance 2014
- Dinner Dance
- Hope-Dance to Save a Life
- Dinner Dance
- Blood Donation
- Music Concert - Pahan Sandhwani
- Music Concert - The Unplugged 2014
- Old Antonian Social Club of Australia presents 33rd Annual Dinner Dance
- Music Concert The Unplugged 2014
- Music & Drama Concert - SARASAVI NINNADA
- Music Concert
- Peradeniya University Alumni Victoria Chapter presents Sarasavi Ninnada
- Baila Night
- Baila Night
- Buddhist event - Monthly Dhamma Sermon
- Dhamma Sermon
- Buddhist event
- Get Together - The Singles
- Music Concert - D D Gunasena Live in Concert.
- Hopper Night - Mathale Api
- The De Lanerolle Brothers in Concert
- Fund Raising event - Western Night 2014
- Matale API (Australia) presents a Padura and Hopper Night
- Whispering Hope Aust Inc presents A Country and Western Night
- Music Concert D D Gunasena live in Concert
- Western Victoria Sri Lankan Buddhist Association presents Western Night5 2014
- Cyril Dharmawardana Foundation presents a Fund Raiser
- Tapestry Exhibition
- Methodist College PPA - NSW Presents Yuletide Glow
- Fundraiser for poor, malnourished & orphaned children in Africa, Philippines and Sri Lanka
- CCC Foundation presents Annual Charity Ball and Auction
- Swinburne Sri Lankan Students Association presents Swinburne Baila Night
- Carols, Dinner, Dance & Fellowship
- Music Concert - Tribute to Clarence
- Trivia Night 
- Past Pupils of St Lawrences present Annual Dinner Dance 2014
- The Josephines Club of Australia Past Pupils of St Joseph s Girls School Nugegoda Sri Lanka present “Spring into Summer Dinner Dance’
- Sinhala Movie Ahelepola Kumarihami
- Music Concert Tribute to Clarence
- Ladies College Past Pupils Association Vic present Yuletide
- Australia Ceylon Fellowship ACF presents Annual Senior s Christmas Lunch
- Baila Night
- Christmas Dance
- Dinner Dance
- Buddhist event
- Buddhist event - Monthly Dhamma Sermon
- Carols - Australia Sri Lanka Catholic Association
- Carols - "CHRISTMAS CAROLS 2014"
- Talk - "Lassanama Ahasa - subhawitha geethaya | Rathna sri lakuna | sahrudha sanwaadha"
- Dinner Dance
- Dinner Dance
- Dinner Dance
- Dinner Dance
- New Years Eve 2014
- Dinner Dance
- Pope's Visit to Sri lanka
- Book Launch "Sudu kathak ha madhu withak - Book Launch by Nirasha Gunasekera"
- Sinhala Drama - "NARI BURATHI"
- Music Concert 
- Music Concert - "HEMANTHAYEDEE 2"
- Cricket World Cup 2015 - Gala Dinner
- Music Concert - "MIYURU GEE SANDEEWA 2015"
- ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
- Sinhala New Year - "SOORYA UDANAYA"
- Sinhala New Year - "BAKMAHA ULELA" - Sri Lankan NEW YEAR FESTIVAL
- Dance Concert
- Dinner Dance - "Night of the Pete's"
- Dance Concert (1st show) - "GAMANA"
- Dance Concert (2nd show) - "GAMANA"
- Music Concert - AMARASIRI PIERIS
- Music Concert - "ATHMA LIYANAGE Live In Concert"
- Family Dinner - Buddhist Vihara Victoria Annual Family Dinner

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Kidneys are just not two ‘kidney’ shaped organs situated at the back of your tummy filtering urine and getting rid of waste products, but does much more, and safeguarding these organs are essential for wellbeing and survival.

Senior Cross Cultural Offier Position

The Senior Cross Cultural Development Officer position for the Nepean Multicultural Health team, position number 119120, is being advertised and closing on 12 February.

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