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Tamba Villas – Thalpe – Sri Lanka


Tamba_Villas_Thalpe-Villa pool 1

Tamba_Villas_Thalpe-Entrance to Villa



Tamba_Villas_Thalpe-Tamba Location from air

37 luxury villas . 37 exclusive owners

Exclusivity and privacy are what makes Tamba Villas an exceptional residence
in one of the most sought after areas in the south of Sri Lanka, Thalpe.

A very private estate, set back on less than 300 metres from Thalpe beach,
surrounded by lush tropical gardens, rippling ponds and swaying tall palm trees; 
A Sri Lanka lifestyle, a place to call home

2 & 3 bedroom luxury villas with terraces & court yards
Private swimming pools
Well-appointed gym, with included wellness programs and yoga shala
23-metre wrap around pool & snack bar
Walking and jogging tracks with exercise stations
Licensed visiting medical physician
Business centre
Gates, with 24/7 security surveillance


PLEASE CALL CARLITA (+94) 91 225 0261 or (+94) 71 090 3630




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Australia extends highest possible support to Sri Lanka

Source: Colombo Page

Dec 06, Colombo: The Australian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka David Holly called on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Presidential Secretariat today (06).

Extending his and his government’s greetings to President Rajapaksa, the Australian High Commissioner said he will facilitate Australia’s highest possible support to Sri Lanka which is on a trajectory with a new vision.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

The two dignitaries discussed ways and means of further enhancing bilateral cooperation between Sri Lanka and Australia.


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Mrs. Sri Lanka, Caroline Jurie crowned as the Mrs.World 2020 – Mrs.World Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas, US

The Mrs. World 2020 Pageant was held on December 6, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Caroline Jurie from Sri Lanka has been crowned as Mrs. World 2020. Jurie becomes the second Sri Lankan to win the title after former Mrs. World Rosy Senanayake. Senanayake won the title in 1984.

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High Commissioners HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane

Photos of our New High Commissioners HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane, Queensland Dinner Hosted by Anton Swan JP(Qual) Hon. Consul for Sri Lankan in Queensland Australia and the Sri Lankan Community in Brisbane.

Click here or on the photos below to view the full album

High Commissioners - HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane - Queensland High Commissioners - HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane - Queensland High Commissioners - HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane - Queensland High Commissioners - HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane - Queensland

High Commissioners - HE JC Weliamuna PC Official Visit to Brisbane - Queensland

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The Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister

Minister for the Public Service

The Hon. Peter Dutton MP

Minister for Home Affairs


Friday 6 December 2019


The Morrison Government is increasing counter-terrorism measures across nine airports by boosting the Australian Federal Police’s capability to disrupt and deter high-risk-incidents.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said 135 additional police and protective service officers, as well as firearm and explosive detection canine handlers, would be rolled out over the next 18 months.

“My first priority is to keep Australians safe and these new measures will help protect thousands of Australians that travel and visit airports every day,” the Prime Minister said.

“We will take no chances when it comes to keeping the community safe and these new enforcement officers will now have increased firearms and protection capabilities to respond to a changing crime environment.

“These highly trained officers run towards dangerous incidents, not away from them, and it is vital they have every resource necessary to help them do their job and protect the community.” 

The new AFP Protection Operation Response Team (PORT) officers will be armed Mk18 Short-Barrel Rifles barrelled rifles, have new body cameras and receive training in hostile threat and behaviour assessment, alongside new teams of firearm and explosive detection canines.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said this action was based on longstanding ASIO threat assessment advice.

“Recent global events serve as an important reminder that the threat posed to the public by terrorism and other crime types hadn’t diminished,” Mr Dutton said.

“This national roll-out is a necessary and timely measure to counter aviation security threats and will support the dedicated officers of the AFP in protecting our community.

“We know that Australia is at risk. In July 2017, a major terrorist plot was disrupted targeting a passenger flight departing from Sydney and just this week our law enforcement agencies have arrested a 21 year old who is alleged to have been involved in advocating and preparing for terrorist acts.

“I want to pay tribute to the AFP and all frontline law enforcement officers who dedicate themselves to preventing potential tragedies here on Australian soil – the Morrison Government is committed to ensuring they have the best training and are equipped with the necessary capability to keep Australian’s safe,” Mr Dutton said.

Today’s announcement is part of $107 million package to strengthen aviation security, with funding announced in the 2018-19 Budget.

The rollout of this capability across the nine designated Australian airports will be phased in over the next 18 months. 

Australian’s travelling through Canberra or Brisbane will see these new officers patrolling

before Christmas.

Over the next six months officers will armed with the new capability will be present in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast, followed by, Cairns, Adelaide and Darwin Airports in 2021.

The travelling public should be aware while there won’t be any changes to the way they move through Australian airports, they will start seeing PORT members patrolling alongside general duties members, specialised firearm and explosive detection canines and rapid appraisal officers, who are responsible for rapid, targeted assessment of potential explosive threats.

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A translation of the lyric is shown below:

Might The Fires of War Be Quenched in this World – One Day?

Might Peace Reign Supreme – One day?

Might the Whole World Stand United – One Day?

Might A Day of Peace Arrive One Day – The Entire World Banding Together – One Day?

Might The World Unite to Become One Country – One Day?

Might The Boundaries of Cages & Fences Crumble Away – and

Might Religious Divides Disappear – One Day?

Might Hearts Filled with Humanity Spread Across the World?

This Is the Simple Dream of All of Us

The Power of Kindness – What We All Wish For

Might Want & Hindrance be Distanced From Us  – One Day?

Might People The World Over – Be Those Who Have & Are Able  – One day?

Might This Dream See The Light – One Day?

Might A New World Order Filled With A Spirit of Kindness See The Light – One Day?

Might Our Mother Land Be Free – One Day?

Might All Parties Unite for the Sake of the Country – One Day?

Might There Be A Day When Thieving Politicians are No More?

Might The Honest & Educated Become Our Peoples Leaders – One Day?

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        “THE JAM-FRUIT TREE IS NO MORE” – By Des Kelly

Carl Muller, born 22nd Oct.,1935, died 2nd Dec., 2019, at home in Kandy, Sri Lanka, surrounded by his wife & family.

He had just turned 84, wanted, and got a quiet funeral, with only family & close friends attending, and now lies in a Cemetery in the Town where he was born

     One may ask, what is so special about this ?, people are dying every day, and where does the Jam-fruit tree fit in ?.

Well, although I did not know Carl personally, he, together with Denis Roberts, a good friend of mine, joined the Royal Ceylon Navy as Signalmen, serving under Rear Admiral Royce de Mel, the Captain of the Navy of that particular Era.

     Where does the Jam-fruit tree fit in ?, well, in addition to Serving in the Navy, and later, in the Army, Carl Muller was a brilliant writer/journalist, whose trilogy of books, Under the Jam-fruit Tree, Yakada Yaka, and Once upon a tender time, gained International recognition, so, Carl became famous, especially for his Jam-fruit tree depiction of how the minority of Ceylon Burghers lived & loved in Ceylon, in the good old days. This tongue-in-cheek description won him the much coveted Gratiaen Memorial Prize of 1993. He also wrote “Children of the Lion” which earned him the State Literary award, plus many more books on various subjects, all beautifully written with his natural flair for writing.

     I write this on behalf of eLanka, sending our sincere sympathy to his wife & family, on their sad loss. It is simply a brief introduction to a touching Vale’ tribute to his father, from eldest son, Ronnie. Carl Muller, you may be gone now, but your “words” live on. May you rest in eternal peace.

Desmond Kelly
 (Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.

Carl Muller – In memory of our father   

At two o’clock on the morning of the 2nd of December 2019, Carl Muller breathed his last.

He had been suffering from dementia that was getting progressively worse during his last years. He lost the ability to write, to figure out numbers, to differentiate dreams from reality. He forgot our names and he could become erratic and angry and things he could not understand, but more when he could not make himself understood.

He was cared for up until the very end by family. My mother would not send him away to a home and she stayed by him and cared for him stolidly until his last breath – concern for her own health pushed away in sacrifice to Dad. Minette, my sister, was there too… helping, caring and praying. Michelle, the eldest of my two sisters, lives next door and her prayers for Dada’s health and recovery were insistent.

I was not there by his side when he breathed his last, but my mother and my sister Minette were. I got the call at a few minutes past two in the morning, and I knew with a sinking heart that the call would be to tell me that my Dada was gone.

There is a painful weight on my chest as I write these words, knowing I will never see him again. It started when I saw my sister’s name on the screen of my that morning, and it hasn’t subsided yet. It feels like a painful breath that I cannot quite catch.

My father, Carl Muller accomplished much in his life. He was a seaman, then a military man. He married young and when that marriage ended, left him, quite literally, holding the baby. He brought up his first son, Ronnie, more or less on his own.

He did not marry again until he turned 35. I remember him laughingly telling us how my Mum’s parents did not know whether they were sitting or standing with how quick he married my mum. He met her in April, was engaged in May and married in June. He knew he had found his bride and wasted no time tying the knot.

If Dada were with us, he and Mum would have had their 50th anniversary this coming June.

He had a temper, and could instill the fear of God into us, yet he also had such heartfelt compassion that he could calm our fears with the tenderness of his voice.

He was a musician; played the piano by ear and had a gift for being able to play anything that he heard. He had a wicked sense of humour and a rare gift of writing satire and comedy. He was prolific in his writing, words were always his friends, and he could string them together to tell stories or expound facts as he saw fit.

Carl was the kind of man that could still a room with the sound of his voice, he was well read and extremely knowledgeable and his writing eventually got him recognition as a veteran journalist, first Sri Lankan author to be internationally published with his book ‘The Jam Fruit Tree’ and this same publication winning him the Gratien Award. He was honoured by the State, being bestowed with the title ‘Kala Keerthi’. He also won numerous State Literary Awards which still hang proudly on the walls of our home today.

He was a serious and disciplined man, but he could never resist the opportunity to have a laugh with friends and loved ones, given half the chance.

My father was this famous person that we grew up with – well-known, respected, much talked about – but to us he was just ‘Dada’.

There is sadness, yes, but there is also relief. Just before his dementia set in, he opened himself to the possibility of redemption and, eventually, accepted Christ into his life. My father’s intellect has always been his strength but had also been his adversary. He would argue for and against a God that blessed us as a family, yet also took away my younger brother Destry at a very young age many years ago. He blamed God for taking my brother away yet pleaded with the same God to give him the assurance he would see Destry again.

It is with this assurance that we laid him to rest. He was known to say that he always wanted to go out with a bang, but eventually he shared with us his wish to have only his dearest and closest around him when he was finally ready to go.

It is in respect and honour of his wishes that we held his funeral quickly and quietly, with only his family and close friends around him.

It was a simple ceremony where he was finally laid to rest at the Mahaiyawa Cemetery at one o’clock in the afternoon on the 2nd of December 2019.

He lived 84 years and he is finally at peace. He leaves behind his wife, Sortain Muller, his eldest son, Ronnie Muller, eldest daughter, Michelle and her husband Udaya Chandra and, his second daughter Minette and her husband Derek Melder, his second son, Jeremy Muller and his wife Roshella, and his grand-children Judy, Marlon, Brandon, Shalini, Alina, Kian, Shane, Angelina, Vivienne and Jessie, and we will all miss him dearly.

Goodbye Dada. You have gone to finally meet Destry who we said farewell to those many years ago, and we will all meet you again someday, when our time too will come.

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