“BAILA, AS I LIKE IT” – By Des Kelly

  “BAILA, AS I LIKE IT” – By Des Kelly




 Sometimes, a video comes to me, with content that I would love to share around, with as many people as possible, the reason being that I think it could bring a little happiness into what is a chaotic World, at the moment.

          “Baila”, or to be more precise, Party Music of Lanka,

has been a favourite style of entertainment for thousands of people since the Portuguese introduced it into our homeland eons ago. 

          Walter Bastiensz, a former Police Constable of the “Ceylon” I lived in, came to be known as the original King of Baila, and there have been many others, myself included, who carried on the tradition of Baila singing, as tge years passed by. The present favourite with Sri Lankan people & others is my friend & yours, Desmond de Silva.

          However, although I am completely unaware of the names of the young couple doing what I reckon is a brand new number, baila-style. Because I enjoyed it, I decided to use it on eLanka, for not only our ex Sri Lankans, but everyone else around, to give them an idea of how enjoyable this music is. 

          If anyone can furnish me with the names of this young couple, plus the title of the song, and also who wrote it, I would  appreciate it very much. I feel certain that all our readers out there, will love this new song, the dancing, and Baila, as I like it.

          Desmond Kelly.
(Editor -in-Chief)  eLanka.



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