Seeking to contact Boris Schrader and Glen Scharanguivel

I would be ever so grateful if you could ask your readers for information about two friends who were at school with me. Boris Schrader and Glen Scharanguivel They were both from the Salvation Army in Slave Island and joined the boarding at Wesley College Colombo and remained with us from 1950-57.

 Friendships are one of God’s finest creations. Those that are made at school during our formative years remain strong in our hearts and minds throughout our lives. The great dispersal at the end of our school careers come as a shock to us all. We then embark on our journeys through life in the wider world getting on the treadmill to carve ourselves careers and raise our families. It is not until these life’s obligations are fulfilled do we get the time to look back and trace our school friends who meant so much to us. Good communications in the 21st Century, internet and telephone services have made these easier. But these still remain an alien culture to many of us who grew up in the fifties. This great dispersal and my own destiny has brought me to the UK where I have lived for the past 45 years. A distance of 6000 miles is a hindrance and a barrier to my efforts to trace my closest friends. In sheer desperation I seek the help of your readers.

Thank you

Kind regards


Please email Dr. Nihal D Amerasekera at if you can assist.

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Seeking to contact ROHAN PEIRIS

Dear Train man

Thank you very much for all your assistance to reach people.

I am now looking for ROHAN PEIRIS.

He was a guitarist. Should be over 70. His father and my father were in the first batch of people who joined the RAF during the second world war and flew spitfires.

I think he is in Melbourne. Sisters Sheila, Melany and Viveka.

Blue skies

Plane man. Please contact Elmo on email:

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Seeking to contact Dr Wijesiri Dantanarayana

To the readers of eLanka,

I would be grateful if you through your contacts are able to trace for me the whereabouts of my close friend  Dr Wijesiri Dantanarayana (PhD) and his wife Sunimal.

He was with me in College House during our university career, He is from St Sylvesters Kandy. He retired as Professor of Zoology.

He was Professor at Armidale University and was in the Tea Research Institute in Ceylon, before he moved here.

I can be contacted on

Dr Venki

15,  Perkins Avenue,  Newington,  NSW  2127,

02 97370127 or 0434100087

Thanks ever so much

May the Good Lord bless all of you at home.


I lost touch.

His tell no has changed. His address was His address was in Clayfield , Qld 4011 (Please note, the full address is not provided for privacy reason. It will be provided the person once Dr Venki is contacted using the above details.

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No.3 field Ceylon Engineers Corps 1941

Your assistance is needed……

‘How do we find out the names of this Regiment?

Twin brothers Aelian Lynne and Richard Dalton Smith born 24/9/1921 are in the Front Row of the photo.

Their father was James Willard Smith m Dorothy Bartholomeusz.

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Looking for a link to the late Capt St Elmo Muller

I am looking for any family member or friend of Capt St Elmo Muller.

He joinhed the RAF with my father and was a bomber pilot.

He died in a plane crash taking off from Lanarca airport, Cypress  I think in the 60s

Please help me to get a link

Elmo Jay (Please email me if you have any information:

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Seeking to Contact – Amahl Siriwardena

Looking to contact Amahl Siriwardena, son of well-known Regi Siri

the arts and political commentator in Cbo in the 70s to the 90s?     He was a few years our junior.

If you know, and if you know his contacts,  do please let me know.  Thank you so much.  I asked

Regi’s artistic mate in Ena de Silva’s batiks,  Laki Senanayake, but he has no clue.  Laki is now

running that unique small boutique hotel in Dambulle called Diya Bubula.  Gives me the impression therefore that Amahl

Must be away from SL.  Any clues?  There still should be surviving friends of Regi Siri around. 

Thanks and bye !____________________Prasanna.


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Please help in contacting Geoffrey Wijesinghe for Trevor Jayetileke

Please help in contacting Geoffrey Wijesinghe for Trevor Jayetileke with a contact number preferably Mobile. He was a Journalist I think for Sport at Lake House., now possibly retired.

He was a wicket keeper for St.Thomas’ Mt.Lavinia.

He is from our Kotte clan and one of the very few now living like me (late 70’s)



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Please help me to get contact ANURA NIHAL MARASINGHE  German tec  old member from Kegalle, now working in Sydney.

I am Ranjan Wijayarupa tourist chauffeur from sri lanka.  #  + 94 777 40 23 73  [ What’s  App ]


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