Very few, & far, between, these “Diamond Wedding Anniversaries” nowadays. All the more reason for us at eLanka to celebrate a very special one indeed, and we have, as all our readers would have noticed very recently.

“However, Dr. Harold & Irangani, on a personal note, as it is better late, than never, let me wish you & your dear wife, God’s blessings, on this momentous occasion, with many more of the same to come”

Dr.Harold, as he is affectionately known to thousands of our Countrymen, Women, & others, has offered us his wide expertise in everything to do with a healthier life generally.

He is a regular contributor to eLanka as well, and it is on behalf of both eLanka & The Lanka Times, that I take the chance to wish these two fine Sri Lankans only the very best in their future life together. I also take the chance to dedicate the lyrics of an “Anniversary-Song” I wrote, many moons ago. Apologies for the tardy congratulations, Dr.Harold, but I have just spent a month in hospital, so this is my excuse. This is dedicated to Irangani & Dr.Harold Gunatillake.



Another year has come & gone,

since the day our love was born,

though, to me, it seems, not very long ago,

we’ve had good times, we’ve had bad,

sometimes happy, sometimes sad,

but through every passing day, I’ve loved you so.


There were many happy tears,

there were many sudden fears,

so many times I thought our love could never be,

but, through every joy & fear,

fate has made it pretty clear,

all this means, that you were only meant for me.


There were times we had to part,

and it made the teardrops start,

there were times when we were close, yet, far away,

but these were just a few bad dreams,

and, right now, to me, it seems,

you are in my heart, and there, you’ll always stay.

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.


“Happy Diamond Anniversary, Harold & Irangani”.

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