RupeesExpress – Online Payment Services in Sri Lanka

RupeesExpress Online Payment Services in Sri Lanka


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We cover all your bills and services  |   Family benefit and donations    |    Wagers and Salaries to your  contractors    |   Business Operation and payments


*We take care of payments for all your utility bills,
*Family benefits & all other payment-related services.
*Payments for wages & salaries to all your service providers.
*For emergencies, use your Credit card payments up to AUD2000 plus a surcharge.
*Payments can be transferred to your favorite any major bank in Sri Lanka

Same day Express Service. Between 9.30 am to 3.00 pm SL Time.

We are partnering with all major bank in Australia
Please visit our site for registration


Call Us :-

Chrishantha – 61 452524376 

Erosha – 61 450330376

Arjuna  –  94773427371

Romesh- 94777629926

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