Versa Robes
Versa Robes

Feel free to have a look at our products on offer; however, if you feel you want a design specifically tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle, we have specialists who will exceed your expectations with design, ability and service.
(03) 9360 0123
Supreme Dental Care
Supreme Dental Care

Supreme Dental Care is a popular clinic based in Glen Waverley VIC 3150, Australia, established in 2012. Services offered include General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics and more! 

Supreme Dental Care
(03) 85952628 is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and island wide.

virtual shopping mall
076 670 0716
Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers

Based in Melbourne, Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers are a team of dedicated and experienced legal professionals specialising in a wide range of legal services. Get in touch today.
+61 1300 424 452
Owl and The Pussycat Hotel

Our small, luxury hotel sits at the water’s edge with 17 suites. We dreamed of a simple, fun and unpretentious place.
Omni Tables
Omni Tables

The Strongest and Most Versatile Chiropractic drop piece Adjusting Tables NOW MADE IN AUSTRALIA
Extreme DJs
Extreme DJs

Extreme DJs is a premium DJ hire service that's been operating for the past 14 years. We service professional DJs, MCs, Lighting and Special Efx for any occasion with a dedicated department for weddings at affordable prices and we personalize the services for your needs.
Demolition Melbourne
Demolition Melbourne

Demolitions Melbourne is the expert company to call for a wide range of residential & commercial demolition services, site cleanup, concrete removal, earth moving & excavation service.
0416 610 105
Safal Finance
Safal Finance

Your local mortgage broker from Melbourne to help you achieve finance goals.

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 Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia

Sri Lankan Businesses In Australia

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Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia

eLanka advertising Frequently asked questions

1. Is my advertisement flyer only on eLanka website? No. We display your ad on eLanka website, we send your ad in our eLanka Newsletter and also display your ad on eLanka Facebook page. See different pricing options above on how you can promote your ad on eLanka website.

2. What is your member base? eLanka member base in all channels has been growing rapidly!. We have approx. 400 visitors to eLanka website per day, we have 10,000 eLanka member’s who receive the eLanka email newsletter EVERY week. We promote your flyer on eLanka Facebook page as well which has over 1000 subscribers.

3. What my advertising options? Your flyer (advertisement) will be promoted as follows:

Option 1 – If you have the ad on the main Home page then we will run the ad for 1 year for AU$ 400
Option 2 – If you have the ad on the Classifieds page then we will run the ad for 1 year for AU$300
Option 3 – If you have the small advertisement and you are a home based business, we will post your ad on our Business Directory, then we will run the ad for 1 year for AU$50. 

4. How frequently is my ad sent in eLanka newsletter? The eLanka Newsletter is sent out Every Week. If you pay for Option 1 we will send your ad in the newsletter once a month (12 times in the year), If you chose Option 2 & 3 we will send your ad 3 times a year.

5. Do we get any delivery reports? We do not send out specific reports to you other than to the main sponsors of the website. The reason for this is we are obliged to provide them with visitor stats due to their sponsorship of the website. This is one of the reasons why for everyone else the advertising price is very low. 

6. What basis is my ad rotated on eLanka website? eLanka’s main objective is to provide a very low cost entry to EVERY Sri Lankan business irrespective of the size or brand. This is the reason why advertising is very low price to give an equal entry point to any business – large or small. So we rotate the ads on a monthly basis on an algorithm such as: when an ad is first paid for, it is posted at the top of the respective page (eg: home page, classified page etc) for a week, then it moves down to position 2 or 3 next week. And moves down towards the bottom of the page until end of month and then every 6 weeks it moves back to the top. So an ad on average is at the top of the page about 6-7 times an year. So this is why the amount we charge is a flat rate, and not based on ‘if you pay more you get a higher spot concept’.

7.Compared to other websites and advertising eLanka advertising appears to be very cheap. Why is the price so low? eLanka is about giving every Sri Lankan and Businesses wishing to promote their product & service to the Sri Lankan Community, an equal opportunity to promote their product or service to the large eLanka visitor & member base. Our main revenue is via sponsorship by large organisations & well-wishers. This way, we can provide a low cost advertising option to help grow your business – product of service to every person who wishes to advertise on eLanka.

8. I would like to talk to someone to get further information. How can contact you to have a chat? We would always welcome a call or email from you.

· If you are based in Australia, please contact our Australian office: Email: ; phone Neil on 0402 905 275 or 02 9630 5362 (within Australia) (from overseas: +61 402905275 or +612 9630 5362)

What the different advertising options mean

Sri Lankan Businesses in AustraliaSri Lankan Businesses in Australia


Phone: Neil on 0402 905 275

(from overseas: +61 402905275)

eLanka website is open all cultured personnel to  advertise your product or service to the Sri Lankans in Australia to interact and conduct productive business!

Sri Lankan Businesses in Australia