MARKED FOR MURDER by Bernard VanCuylenburg

The author of “above” has given us a “new name”, one that I accept with pride. ” The A team” consists of, 
a)   the writer of “Marked for murder”himself. The name Bernard VanCuylenberg, whose “Sigiriya-Sagas” have already been read, and thoroughly enjoyed by more than 20,000 members, plus many others, I suppose, of eLanka, the “Premier” Website for Lankan/Aussies, in particular, owned and “operated” in Sydney, Aust. by
b)   Neil Jayasekera, whose “Internet- expertise” is amply obvious, &, in addition, runs a “tight Ship” with
c)   “Yours truly”, taking on the role of 1st Lieutenant,
58 years after leaving the Royal Ceylon Navy, to come to Australia, just to join another “Force” The “A” Team.

      From “reports” we have been getting, Bernard’s “Sigiriya Saga’s” have been read and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who has taken the trouble to ingest what I would term “superb writing”. Hopefully, our readers out there, will not only read “our stuff”, they will then take the trouble to “comment”. We can NEVER get enough of “praise”, but if you are in a bad mood, and your comments are likely to be ” rotten”, take them with you & go “jump into the Yarra”.

     It was rather difficult to find the relevant video for this particular “title” but, your 1st Lieutenant does not wish to be “keel-hauled” Sir, so I have come up with a favourite “Country-Star” of mine, Gene Watson to sing “Ceylon”?, couldn’t have picked a better place to die”!
Please listen to Gene, folks, there is none better, and I would know thousands of girls who would “die” for him.

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka

MARKED FOR MURDER by Bernard VanCuylenburg


The sylvan surroundings, bracing climate and majestic mesmerizing landscapes of the  tea estates in  the plantation districts of Sri Lanka specially in the hill country, are an inspiration to the poet, artist, and philosopher. But beneath this facade  of nature at her very best, lie tales of dark secrets and  murder most foul, four of which I shall set down in this article. The four cases depicted are factual to the last detail. Perhaps one that became famous for all the wrong reasons was the  ‘ The Whitehouse Murder ‘ which took place in 1949. It was the English Bishop Reginald Heber who once said that “Every prospect pleases and only man is vile…….” In the beautiful hill country with its desolate valleys, hills of carpeted green, and flora of every description, every prospect was pleasing to the point of spiritual intoxication, but only man proved to be vile as other human beings were marked for murder………

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