eLanka Testimonials

16. Ranjan & family.

Dear Sir.
l already got a tour with New Zealand family, in Dec. through Elinka web.
Sir, l am really thanking to you for your kind help, for me & my family, as a sri lankan.
Theruwan Saranai.
Ranjan & family.

15. Palitha Ganewatta

Thanks very much, Neil for your continuing support & appreciate your great community work by maintaining this valuable community website.

Many thanks and regards.

14. Palitha Ganewatta

Thanks very much, Neil.

I really appreciate your help and prompt response.

Many thanks and regards,

Palitha GanewattaJP

Email – pganewatta@gmail.com

Mob. 0425 200 688


13. eLanka Newsletter – 28th June 2023 – 8th Edition – Sri Lankans In Australia

Once again thanks heaps Neil and Team eLanka – you guys absolutely ROCK!!!!! 

kerrigan labrooy

12. Mr, Neil Jayasekara


Mr, Neil Jayasekara.

managing director

Elanka Magazine.


Dear Mr. Jayasekara,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for publishing my letter in your esteemed magazine, E Lanka. As a reader, I have always appreciated the quality of content and the diversity of perspectives that your publication offers.

Having my letter published in your magazine has been a great honor for me, and I am truly thankful to you for providing me with this opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions with your readers. It has been an amazing experience to see my words in print and to know that they have been read and appreciated by others.

I would also like to commend you and your team for the excellent work that you do in putting together such a high-quality publication. The articles, stories, and letters that you feature are always well-written, insightful, and thought-provoking, and I believe that they contribute greatly to the intellectual and cultural life of our community.

Once again, thank you for publishing my letter, and for all that you do to promote good journalism and informed discussion. I look forward to sending more articles to your magazine in the future.

My sincere thanks gore’s to Mr.Wimal , who introduced me to you.



Gamini Kariyawasam


Daehaena Editor

11. eLanka Newsletter provides a vibrant linkage to the Sri Lankan diaspora in Australia and beyond

From Nihal W. GOONEWARDENE, <nihalg2010@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Des,

I have been privileged to receive the e-lanka newsletter from the Sri Lankan community in Australia since August 2022. The wide coverage of the Sri Lankan community in Australia and the burgher community in general, both in reference to its roots in Sri Lanka and its significance in Australia following the migration of Sri Lankan burghers in the 1960s and ’70s. You provide a well received service as the Editor-in-Chief of e-Lanka Newsletter. Thank you. 

Nihal Goonewardene

Potomac, Maryland


(a suburb of Washington, D.C.)

10.Testimonial – Kerrigan Labrooy

eLanka Newsletter – 11th December 2022 – 3rd Edition – Sri Lankans In Australia

Thanks heaps Neil and Team eLanka – you guys always rock 


9. eLanka Newsletter – 7th December 2022 – 2nd Edition – Sri Lankans In Australia

Thanks eLanka. We really do appreciate your support.

Kind Regards

Daeheana Team

8. Hi Neil

The latest edition as always is amazing.  Thank you for compiling such interesting tidbits!


7.  Hi Neil

Just wanted to touch base with you. I thoroughly enjoy some of these articles. This time, the one on our SL Cricket Lone Cheer Squad – Gayan’s story is quite amazing. Keep up the good work.

I might submit something in a month or two.


Kind Regards and Thanks


6. Dear Des, Editor-in-chief,

This is such an excellent service giving interesting, well written, at times thought-provoking SLankan  & Aussie news & views, plus sometimes taking us “old timers”  to days and times of yore with interesting stories/yarns and music.  I find myself often mentioning  to like-minded  friends what “I’ve read” in your newsletter!

Kind regards.

Clare T

5.eLanka Newsletter – 13th October 2021 – 4th Edition – Sri Lankans In Australia

Bravo…..Sunil U are an all rounder  !……U are spreading your wings to the largest Sri Lankan news mag. in Australia too !….. I read your article on the Most Ven. Thero….

Theruwan saranayi!

Bernard Fernando


4.eLanka Newsletter – 13th October 2021 – 4th Edition – Sri Lankans In Australia

Thank you Bernard..the eLanka is a huge site I am happy to share my articles for the the benefit of interested readers ….

Sunil Thenabadu


3.Dear Neil & the eLanka team,

Thank you very much for your support.

Very efficient.

I am so happy to the nice organisation and the quality of eLanka.


Well Done.

 Kind Regards,

 Dr. Kumari


2. Sri Lankan Born Kerrigan, on 20 charts this week including several

Hi Neil & eLanka team

Thanks heaps!!. You guys NEVER fail to support and promote. Means more to me than you probably realize.

Thanks again and trust all of you are staying safe and healthy and BLESSED!!

Kerrigan Labrooy 🙂



Dear Neil & eLanka Team

Thank you for your prompt reply and for the publicity you have given us. I am amazed at your promptness and wonderful largeness of  heart. May God keep on blessing you day after day.

I am sending you a slightly amended appeal. I know you will do your best.

God love you.

Dias Karunaratne