English Nursing Care Services

English Nursing Care Services

UK managed Home Nursing for elders in Sri Lanka

English Nursing


In recognition of the growing need for reliable, expert community Home Nursing services in the Colombo area, English Nursing Care Services was established in 2017 to provide reliable, expert Home Nursing Eldercare.

An English management team developed our training program and methodology. This training was delivered to our Nurse Supervisors in March 2017 and our first Nurse Assistants commenced training at the end of April 2017.

Our UK supervising team includes 3 Senior UK Nurse supervisors, two based in Colombo. This nursing supervison carries out regular training as well as client visits to ensure the high standards of our Home Nursing care for patients.  We are particularly proud of our communication with family members in the diaspora, to ensure their loved ones get the very best care.

We are passionate about developing a service that we can all be proud of and which serves those in need of Home Nursing in Sri Lanka.

Our Services 

When requested to provide our Home Nursing services, we will arrange a mutually convenient date to meet the client and their family members in order to conduct a comprehensive assessment of what services are required.

We will then be able to advise you on how we can meet your needs and document this in a Care Plan for our staff to follow. After receipt of signed documentation and payment we can commence our service of Nursing support.

We have a network of partners that may be called on to provide complementary services.

We see our practice as a team of skilled professionals able to develop bespoke packages of Nursing support to meet your needs.

Do contact us on +94 7631 65079 to discuss your specific needs, and we will be happy to help.

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Whatsapp +94 7631 65079 

English Nursing – A small company that cares.

Web : https://englishnursing.com/

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