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Address by the Right Honourable Sir John Kotelawala, K.B.E., M.P.,
Prime Minister of Ceylon, at the Distribution of Prizes,
S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia, Saturday, 31 st July,1954

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When I played for Royal against S. Thomas’ many years ago my intention, which was shared by my team-mates, was to give the Thomians a good drubbing, and, if that was not possible, at least to give them a test of endurance. Much as I value the opportunity which I now have of presiding at your Prize Distribution, I shall endeavor to do neither this afternoon. I mist congratulate the Warden on his Report, which illustrates what opportunities school like S. Thomas’ have of continuing to play a leading part in the training of our youth and the moulding of their character.

    I am glad that the Warden’s Report did not follow the usual pattern of Principals’ Report on such occasions, when the Government’s policy on education is taken up for microscopic examination and dissection. Our policy on education was born of the county’s needs, and does not claim to be a perfect solution to the Problem that confronts us of providing the best possible education for the rising generation without cost to the parents. Now that we have Free Education we have 6,561 schools and 1,570,000 school going children. Our high standard of Literacy, no doubt, enabled us to obtain our freedom at an earlier date than we otherwise might have, and in an atmosphere of calm. Peace, and quiet, Since then , however, various problems have cropped  up like little mushrooms, and one hears it said that  education in the mother-tongue is likely to put the clock of political progress 50 years back, and that the next generation will see the ugly monster of communalism rear its head amongst us, The problem of taking education to the masses and giving equal opportunities to the sons of rich and poor parents alike could not have been tackled unless children were given instruction in the only language they knew, which was their mother-tongue.

    We have two major linguistic groups in this country and education has, therefore, to be conducted in both these languages. But education in one language does not necessarily mean that people must not learn the other language, or cease to enjoy the obvious benefits which the knowledge of the English language brings with it in science and cultural subjects. One must not under-estimate the role of language in a child’s life during his formative years, or forget that language is a child’s chief means of making social contacts and influencing others. In actual use, language plays an important role in thinking and the solving of problems. Bi-lingualism, and even tri-lingualism, should therefore be encouraged as far as possible, if the communal harmony which we pride ourselves in having today, is to be preserved for the future; because, unless we understand the other man’s language and talk to him in his mother-tongue we would have failed to reach his innermost thoughts and have merely succeeded in creating a barrier between ourselves and our neighbours. I would welcome, therefore, every opportunity a Sinhalese takes of learning Tamil, and vice versa.

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Fr Dushantha Rodrigo appointed next Bishop of Colombo

Fr Dushantha Rodrigo


The Archbishop of Canterbury announced that the next Bishop of Colombo will be Father Dushantha Rodrigo.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was requested by the Diocesan Council to select the next Diocesan Bishop. 

The Archbishop stated that Fr Dushantha will find the strength he will need to lead and reconcile this lively church “at such a time as this” in united witness to the love of Christ amid all the social, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in the communities that will be in his care.

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inspirational message for the month of September 2020


There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So, as she was getting her business affairs in order, she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at the funeral service, what scriptures she would like to be read, and what outfit she wanted to be dressed in for her casket.

Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her.

“There’s one more thing,” she said excitedly.

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eLanka Newsletter – 30 Sept – 9th edition – Sri Lankans in Australia

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Former Australia batsman Dean Jones dies

“Have you ever seen the rain” – By Des Kelly

Business to get $800m in government’s digital push-by Phillip Coorey

Pirate Life and Dilmah partners to produce alcoholic beverages

SL’s first ever homegrown electric bicycle ‘Rhoda’ hits local streets

Coronavirus: ‘We’re Australian but we’re trapped in the UK’-By Mary O’Connor

Nine Arch Bridge – spectacular architectural marvel in Ella –By Arundathie Abeysinghe

Your fingernails may give clues to underlying disorders-by Dr Harold Gunatillake

Sri Lankan priest builds houses for the poor-by Quintus Colombage

Annual General meeting of the S.Thomas’ College Old Boys’ Association, New South Wales Branch Inc

The Jetliners–courtesy of Patrick Ranasinghe

Fighting the Fires of Climate Change Through Art-by Anoma Wijewardene

Living in the Present – by Oscar E V Fernando

Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo

Fife and Drum Band of St. Peter’s College & Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando – Rector (1956 – 1963) – Upali Obeyesekere – Editor, JPNN

Profiling young entrepreneurs – Part 1: COVID-19 is an opportunity for innovative minds-by W.A Wijwarhdena

S.P. Balasubrahmanyam succumbs to COVID-19

Michael Jayasekera ruggerite par excellence-by Althaf Nawaz

රීලෝඩ් | sinhala full movie

JIIVA Tamil Thriller Full Movie

Mervyn Rodrigo was a fine cricketer and athlete-by Upananda Jayasundera


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Fife and Drum Band of St. Peter’s College & Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando – Rector (1956 – 1963) – Upali Obeyesekere – Editor, JPNN

Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando

Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948, and by this time the education system was firmly in place thanks to British-Ceylon influence during the period 1815 – 1948. The first school established by the British in Sri Lanka was ‘The Galle School’, now known as Richmond College, in Galle.

Archived history tells us that St. Joseph’s College, Colombo was established in 1896 and will be celebrating its 125th or Quasquicentennial Anniversary in 2021.

St. Peter’s College, Colombo was established in 1922 and will be celebrating its centenary year in 2022. From 1922-1926, the founder Rev. Fr. Maurice Le Goc overlooked the administrative and operational functions of St. Joseph’s College (South), later renamed as St. Peter’s College.

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Kolitha excellent hooker and captain-by Althaf Nawaz



A person who never thought of becoming a top Rugby player in his career was none other than Kolitha Gunatilleke, who ultimately turned out to be one of the brilliant players from school level who graduated to International level with some sterling performances

Kolitha well known as ‘Koli’ in the sporting circles is the son of famous businessman Thomas Gunathilleke, who was in the Pharmaceutical business since 1935. He has one brother Ananda Gunathilleke another sportsman and four sisters. He was a great product of S.Thomas College, Mount Lavinia and continued his studies as a hosteller in the Miller House,

He enrolled as a student at S. Thomas in the year 1971 at junior school and his school’s career spanned up to 1981, where he completed his higher studies. He was very fond of engaging in Athletics at college and became a regular member of the 4×100 and 4×200 relay teams from the inception.

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Pirate Life and Dilmah partners to produce alcoholic beverages

Pirate Life and Dilmah partners to produce alcoholic beverages2

Photo Source: Dilmah Pressroom 

Pirate Life Brewing and Dilmah Tea will work work closely together to produce a series of alcoholic beverages for the Australian market.

The ‘Tea and Biccies Brown Ale’, which is the combination of fresh beer and Sri Lankan Black Tea is a Australian-first collaboration.

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SL’s first ever homegrown electric bicycle ‘Rhoda’ hits local streets

electric bicycle


Sri Lanka’s first ever homegrown electric bicycle made its debut last evening with local startup ‘Rhoda’ unveiling the first of the 50 ‘founder’s edition’ in Colombo.

Designed and assembled in Sri Lanka, the bicycle range launched under the ‘Rhoda AT’ brand are conceptualized to promote the cycling habit in the country.

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Rugby star Rohantha Peiris sportsman par excellence-by Althaf Nawaz

Rohantha Peiris

Rohantha Peiris


It is very rare to see a person participate in so many sports while excelling in studies to reach the top level. Rohantha Peiris is one of them who had a sound academic background while engaging in all sports at school and even now to keep him fitter and healthier

One of the great products from Royal College, Colombo he is well known as ‘Rohi’ in sporting circles. He hails from a sports loving family as his father Dante Vier Peiris was a former Royalist and die hard supporter of Rugby while receiving college colours for athletics. He has two brothers Nilhan Peiris the elder brother was another rugger player who played for CH and FC and Havelocks while younger brother Premraj Peiris played for College and Havelocks

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