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123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya – Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka


RS: 1,250,000 per perch Negotiable 


123 perch land with a 3-story house

Spaces 5-bedroom house with a 123.5 perch land located in Kelaniya

100-year-old clean title to the land

3 phase electricity / water and telephone connection.

 Land ideal for residential or commercial purposes


– Access to Kandy road, Colombo Katunayake Highway and Negambo road in less than 5 mins

– Less than 30  minutes to the Katunayaka airport

– 20 minutes to Colombo Fort

– Less than 20 minutes to Colombo 7

– Road access to heavy vehicles thought Kandy and Negambo road  

– 5 minute walk to the railway station


Name: Sanjeewa Edirisinghe

Number : +61 430 591 272

Email: andi.s.edirisinghe@gmail.com

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya Sri Lanka

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Good advice by Dr. Harold-Why do most people neglect to check their blood pressure regularly?

Strokes, cardiovascular events, peripheral vascular disease among others, are quite prevalent among our people, as they age.

One question to be asked is,” Do you check your blood pressure regularly?” and the answer would be in the negative, in most cases.

Preventable diseases lead to death due to ignorance and being not health conscious.

Investing in a digital blood pressure monitor should be the responsibility of every household.

Most people would say there were no symptoms to see the doctor. That is quite right, because high blood pressure does not occur overnight to give symptoms. The onset is insidious, and the body gets used to the higher pressures until one day a shocking complication occurs, as described above.

High blood pressure is called the silent killer, because, as mentioned, gives no warning signs or symptoms until a stroke or heart attack occurs. I have repeated this to emphasise the importance of knowing what blood pressure is and take precautionary measures to prevent illnesses, caused from hypertension: the simplest action would be to check your BP regularly with your own monitor in home surroundings.

How does one get high blood pressure? When you are young, your peripheral arteries are tender and elastic and not resilient to the pressure from the contractions of the heart (left ventricle). Their inner lining is smooth so the blood flows with no friction.

As one gets older the peripheral arteries become thickened and we name that condition, “arteriosclerosis”. In addition, plaques tend to build up in most vessels atjunctions, bifurcations and curves where the pressure of the blood turbulence is maximum. This condition we call, “atherosclerosis”, or simply plaques.

Both these conditions develop as one gets older, and the blood vessels become more resilient to the pressure from the contractions of the heart.  More forceful contractions of the left ventricle will result to distribute the oxygenated blood to the periphery. These resulting forceful contractions cause the high blood pressure.

Increased persistent blood pressure can cause aneurysms- a bulge at some weak point of the arteries. They can rupture and cause life-threatening internal bleeding.

One could easily assess the thickness of coronary arteries due to high blood pressure and other causes, by palpating the radial artery at the wrist joint. When you roll two fingers over your radial artery you could feel whether the artery is soft, more elastic, or thickened and feels firm. The latter findings reflect the situation of the coronary arteries, indirectly.

Taking fish oil capsules daily seem to keep your peripheral vessels more elastic. Lifestyle changes, such as less alcohol consumption, eating a low fat and low carb diets, regular exercise, meditation and less stressful life all contribute to keeping your blood vessels more elastic.

Medications could cause high blood pressure

Certain medications can cause high blood pressure. For instance, certain pain and anti-inflammatory medications can cause retention of water, resulting in kidney problems and increasing your blood pressure. Examples are non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs),

Certain antidepressants may cause your blood pressure to raise. These antidepressants work by changing your body’s response to brain chemicals, including serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and others. The chemicals in these drugs can increase your blood pressure.

Birth control pills and other hormonal birth control devices containing hormones may increase your blood pressure by narrowing smaller blood vessels.

Those who drink coffee, many cups a day can increase their blood pressure caused from caffeine. 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine can temporarily raise your blood pressure.Medicine taken for colds such as decongestants seems to narrow your blood vessels, increasing your blood pressure. Good examples are Sudafed and neo-synephrine.

Be aware that most herbal supplements can increase your blood pressure. Good examples are Arnica, bitter orange, gingko, ginseng, liquorice, Senna, St. John’s wort and so on.

Certain immunosuppressants can raise your blood pressure, possibly because of the ways immunosuppressants affecting your kidneys.

Taking long term cortisone tablets orally, like prednisone can increase your blood pressure due to water retention.

There are in total about 22 medications that can give you high blood pressure. If you are on any of the above and other medications (not mentioned), it is advisable to record your blood pressure, weekly. Any changes, please contact your doctor.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can weaken your blood vessels of the brain. Then, they can get narrowed, or rupture with a slow leak. High blood pressure can cause blood clots in the arteries and lead to a stroke, and dementia.

With uncontrolled high blood pressure, your left ventricle muscles of your heart can increase in size (hypertrophy), leading to an enlarged heart seen on plain x-rays of the chest (cardiomegaly).

With further uncontrolled blood pressure, the strain causes your hypertrophied heart muscles to weaken and work less efficiently. Eventually, the muscles weaken and leads to irreversible heart failure.

Just by checking your blood pressure regularly you could avoid life threatening heart failure.

Damage to the brain caused by high blood pressure

Atherosclerosis, a condition that thickens your blood vessels, as described earlier can cause a mini-stroke called Transient ischaemic attack (TIA). It is caused by the release of a blood clot from an atheromatous plaque in the inner lining of the carotid arteries in the neck. TIA is a warning that you are at risk of a full- blown stroke.

The symptoms of TIA are the same with a full-blown stroke, but it can be reversed by prompt medication. You need to be admitted to your local hospital without delay and the clots in the brain can be dissolved with blood thinners (heparin).


This is the most frequent illness caused by neglecting to check your blood pressure regularly. It occurs when part of your brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, causing brain cells to die.


In this situation one finds it difficult to think, speak, reasoning, memory loss, vision problems and unstable movements. This occurs due to narrowing and blockage of arteries due to uncontrolled high blood pressure.


Doctors classify high blood pressure as primary (essential) and secondary causes due to other pathological situations. What has been discussed so far is the primary situations where underlying causes cannot be found, other than the factors mentioned earlier.

Among the causes of secondary high blood pressure, kidney disease ranks highest. It can be triggered by tumours of the adrenal glands (glands sitting on each kidney like caps). These tumours secrete hormones that elevates the blood pressure.

Renal artery stenosis

When doctors cannot find a cause for the underlying high blood pressure, narrowing of the renal arteries needs to be ruled out. Stenosis is the word we use for narrowing of blood vessels, and the commonest cause is atherosclerosis, a process in which plaques made up of cholesterol and other material builds up on the inner lining of the blood vessels. If you suffer from primary hypertension, your doctor should investigate and rule out renal artery stenosis.

Abdominal scan studies are done to rule out renal artery stenosis.

Normal blood pressure

If you are diagnosed having high blood pressure you need to bring down the pressures to normal range – less than 120 (systolic) and 80 (diastolic).

In stage 1 hypertension the BP may be 130-139 (systolic) and 80-89 (diastolic)

In stage 2 the systolic is above 140 and diastolic above 90.

In a crisis your systolic pressure could be over 180 and diastolic higher than 120.

If you are diagnosed that you have high blood pressure, it would be your responsibility to take measures to reduce it.

Remedial actions

Walk regularly- Do 20,000 steps a day.

Reduce your sodium intake. Eating tasty restaurant foods are full of salt. Avoid them as much as possible until your p is controlled.

Drink less alcohol

Eat foods containing potassium

Reduce your coffee drinks

Learn to manage your stress

Lose weight

Eat veggies that brings down your BP, such as beetroot, and a variety of other foods and fruits.

Bottom line

Controlling your blood pressure is simple.  Purchase your own BP monitor and check your BP regularly.

Checking your BP regularly can avoid other chronic illness mentioned before.

The author’s personal experience is that walking 30,000 steps at intervals daily, would dilate your blood vessels to reduce your high blood pressure, without medication. Further, that would be the quickest way to get rid of your accumulated ‘triglyceride’ stores in your fat cells to reduce weight. The best way to wash off your unhealthy visceral fat that cause heart disease, would be that way.

Hope this article was of value from a health-point.

About the author: Dr Gunatillake-Health editor is a member of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Member of the Australian Association of Cosmetic Surgery. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (UK), Corresponding Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Member of the International Societies of Cosmetic surgery, Fellow of the International College of Surgery (US), Australian diplomat for the International Society of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, Board member of the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic & restorative Surgery, Life Member of the College of Surgeons, Sri Lanka, Batchelor of Medicine & Surgery (Cey). Government scholar to UK for higher studies








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 “The Haunting of Hill-House”, a very recent “horror-movie”

that is supposed to be so spooky, people are passing-out in fright, even as they watch this “flick”. What is this World coming to ?, I ask you. Nowadays, one does not have to spend money, going to theatres to watch these miserable films, only to go back home and, instead of making love, to some romantic music, go to bed, only to recapture these nightmarish movies in their dreams.

Enough is enough. Even our television stations in Australia (and there are plenty of them, at the moment), seem to have forgotten all the beautiful, happy, musical-movies of days gone by, movies such as “Anchors Aweigh”,

“The Jolson Story”, “Singing in the rain” and dozens of others of the same ilk, that leave viewers feeling at peace with the World. Instead, we have even the very young playing computer-games featuring 90% violence, leading them to think (quite naturally), that THIS is the way to go.

Lately, in addition to the horror movies, Programme-Managers of most television stations are now featuring movies about the end of the World, as we see it. Armageddon, Earthquake, etc., etc., I am beginning to wonder if there is some truth that a huge meteor which is supposed to be heading our way, will, after all, be the swan-song for Earth. According to the Scientists following the direction of this huge rock, the meteor is now plummeting toward us at about 50 thousand kilometres a second, but is still a few ‘light-years” away, so we do not have to worry or have nightmares about that!!, at least.

My dear eLanka readers, & thousands of others, who are now “getting on-board”, this is a true story (& part of my still unfinished autobiography), which I will share with you, right now. If you are interested, read on, if not, go, jump in the Yarra. Your’s truly is now 82 years of age, am in the departure-lounge, even as I write this, live alone & have never ever worried about ghosts, the “undead” & such, as I, me & myself was mistaken for one, (a bloody ghost, mate)!

In Ceylon, when I was about 16 years old.

To make a long story short, I was touring the little Island with an English Circus Troupe under contract to the late great Donavan Andree, doing a show entitled ” Continental Non-stop Revue”, 3/2 hour shows 24/7, when, dressed in an off-white tussore suit (+ black bow-tie), my usual costume worn on stage, I meandered one night, shortly after midnight to a little “kade” (boutique), to get myself something to eat & a cup of plain tea, after which I had to get back to the Communal hall in the little Village, to get some sleep. Being new to the area, with hardly any Street lighting, I lost my way back, took a wrong turn in the Road & walked into a fenced-off area of land, which I soon noticed, was very “bumpy”. I walked on, coming to an old barbed-wire fence, where I stopped, wondering where the hell I was.  I then heard the tinkle of a bicycle bell. It was a Villager, going back home, after a shift, I suppose.

I wanted to find out where I was, so I raised both my arms and accosted this man, who screamed something in Sinhalese, calling his mother for help. “AMMAY”, he yelled.

I didn’t know what he was screaming about, forgot all about asking for directions, the hairs on the back of my neck standing straight up, at the sound of his screeching, I screeched back. What I didn’t know, then, was the fact that I had accidentally walked into a little Village Cemetary and this poor guy thought that this must have been a bloody “Holmung”(Ghost), he was seeing, white suit, white face and all, & somehow, after his shock  he peddled his bicycle away, still screaming, of course.

I was too panic-striken by now, still did not know that I was in a cemetary, so I just sat down to get my breath back.

The grass was soft, beneath me and I was just beginning to feel more comfortable, when I saw about ten bare-bodied men, carrying what was called a  “polatthu-torch” (a blazing coconut-tree branch, used as a torch, come looking for the ghost that had their “aiya”(brother) almost coming in for a nervous breakdown, after reaching home.

There was nothing I could do. I tried to explain, in broken- Sinhala, that I didn’t know what was happening. These angry Villagers gave me a sound thrashing, probably thought that it was absolutely useless, killing a ghost, and left me totally unconscious on a grave-mound for the rest of the night. When the “Kossas” (Cops) found me the next morning, they did not know whether to believe me or believe the group of thugs who attacked me. Naturally, they all lived in the same little Village, so we just let it go.

What I am trying to say is that if ANYONE had to see a ghost, in their life, it was your editor, himself. I spent a whole night in a bloody cemetery & anyway I do believe that  compared with the spooks and undead nestling in your necropolis’s anywhere, the “undead” roaming the Streets outside could be far worse.

The only difference in my “Sinhala-Song-Clip” is that I wasn’t carrying my guitar with me, when “mama-bohoma-bayawunaa” (I got very frightened, indeed).






Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka



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Be Real – Be You!

Fathima Zeenath

Marie PieterszStory and pics by Marie Pietersz, Melbourne





Fathima ZeenathFathima Zeenath, young entrepreneur, title holder in the Miss Sri Lanka Australia Pageant in 2017 and owner of Style by Zee styling service and fashion event organiser is holding an inspiring styling and networking event to celebrate the uniqueness of women. She invites you to join her on the 10th November at The Manningham, 1 Thompsons Road, Bulleen, from 10 am to 3 pm where you will be inspired to celebrate your own uniqueness.


“When I tap in to the styling world, I find it so hard to find events that are inspiring and focus on feeling beautiful both inside and out. Keeping that in mind, I started to host styling events that inspire women and men to do better. This is so far the best styling collaboration I have put together and I am so looking forward to meeting you all at the event,” says Zeenath. 

Most of the money from ticket sales will go towards supporting Make A Wish Australia, a charity partner she has chosen because she can identify with the charity’s mission of granting children’s wishes. She is reflective as she ponders on her mission for women.


“How many times as women have you been told to look a certain way, act a certain way, and be a certain way? But do you ever wonder what will happen if you don’t follow any of these rules and let your authenticity make you true to yourself?” Zeenath asks. “What will happen if you choose to look at your life story in a completely different way and start celebrating your own uniqueness? If you are one of those incredible people who wants to make this change, then this event is for you!”


Your ticket will include-


Inspirational talk by keynote speaker

Molina Swarup Asthana, is a respected Victorian lawyer and winner of the Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence 2014-2016 and many other community awards for her work with the Indian community in Melbourne and women’s leadership. Molina will share her wisdom and inspire you to act on finding your true potential.

Inspiring and Educational Styling workshop

Lucy Owens is a woman with a great styling knowledge and has worked for international styling brands like Kathmandu, French Connection and Just Jeans. She will inspire you to upgrade your styling game for life.


Health and wellbeing workshop

Shavita Kotak has a great understanding of how to live a mindful life. She gave up her lucrative business role to find out her true alignment of life and will inspire you to live a happy and healthy life.


You will also have the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people and check out skin care products, have your photos taken by professional photographers, choose from a variety of food options from The Manningham, and even showcase your business merchandise.


For all enquiries, contact the Style by Zee team at


Text: 0469861542

Tickets are priced at $20 and also available through Eventbrite.


Fathima Zeenath

Style by Zee services include:      

Motivational workshops

Styling and networking workshops 

Styling and organising for fashion events 

Personal styling / wardrobe upgrades. 





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Ian Kiernan

Photo Source: News.com.au

“Breaking News” Ian Kiernan, a famous, former Australian of the year, Order of Australia Medal winner, Yachtsman, and all-round Gentleman, has just died of cancer at the age of 78. Millions of people around the World should remember him firstly, as the Founder of “Clean-up Australia” & later as “a shining example” to dozens of other like-minded Countries around our Planet, where it has become the custom to, not only clean-up the Land they live in, but also the Oceans that surround them.


It all started very simply. As a yachtsman, sailing around the World, Ian Kiernan could not help but notice all the rubbish strewn around the wide expanses of the Oceans he was sailing on. This unsightly garbage made him decide to firstly, make the effort to have the Seas around his great Wide Land cleaned up as much as possible, following up with, what had to be one of the most important decisions in his life, his desire to clean-up ALSO the LAND that was girthed by the sea, for those who are not aware of  the lyrics of “Australia-Fair”.
Strangely, as things would have it, quite apart from the cleanliness factor, Ian Kiernan was also involved in protecting the father of Prince Harry, who, with his new, now pregnant wife, Meghan, is touring Australia at this very moment. On one of his many visits to this Country, the Prince of Wales, Charles, Harry’s dad, was suddenly attacked by some idiot, who was immediately brought down by security that included Ian Kiernan. Not only was this Sailor a Yachtsman, he was “tough” as well. 
The reason for the “title” of this article is because I do feel that Countries like India AND Sri Lanka must take a lesson from dinkum Aussies like Ian Kiernan. Both, wonderful Countries vying for as much tourism as they can get, have to remember that “outward show, inward woe” is certainly & poetically, as I say, not the way to go, as I know, many areas, in both Countries, sadly lack the cleanliness of places like Singapore, for example. Ian Kiernan’s advice here, would certainly be a boon, if carefully followed.They say “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, and I am sure that this great Australian thoroughly believed this.
  On behalf of all Lankan Aussies, I would like to send our deepest sympathies to his family. Ian Kiernan, rest in peace, now. You will always be remembered for trying to make the World a cleaner place to live in. God bless you, Sir.
Ian Kiernan
Photo Source: News.Com.Au
Desmond Kelly
Desmond Kelly
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.
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Sri Lankan Over 50s squad profile and Match fixture

Name Gavin Mallawaratchy
Nickname Gavsta
DOB 6th May 1966
Current Club Blacktown Warriors Cricket Club NSW
International Former Sri Lanka U19 Player
First Class Clubs Blacktown Warriors Grade Cricket Club
Specialist Type Opening Batsman , Wicket keeper
Strengths Can bowl a few overs when called upon, decent slip fielder

Name Boyd Parsons
Nickname Boydy
DOB 10th March 1967
Current Club Sri Lanka Lions Cricket Club, Auburn Cricket Club Sydney
First Class Clubs None
Specialist Type Right Hand Batsman, Right Arm off Spin
Strengths Very effective with Bat & Ball, Fast and safe in the field. Handy wicket keeper

Name Senarath Antonius Seneviratne Secretary
Nickname Senna
DOB 10th May 1966
Current Club Sri Lanka Lions Cricket Club, Auburn Cricket Club Sydney
International Former Sri Lanka U19 Player

Former St Peter’s Frist XI Captain

First Class Clubs Bloomfield Cricket Club & Colts Cricket Club Sri Lanka
Specialist Type Left Hand Batsman, Right Arm off Spin Bowler
Strengths Very effective with Bat & Ball, Fast and safe in the field.

Name Marlon Von Hagt Captain  
Nickname Marl, Brando
DOB 31st March 1965
Current Club Represent Colombo in the A division Veterans (over 40) – Box Hill District Cricket Association in Victoria Bo Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
Internationals Former Sri Lanka & Singapore player
First Class Clubs Moors Sports Club – Sri Lanka
Specialist Type Opening bat
Other Can trundle a few overs of slow medium when called upon, brilliant fielder


Name Roshan Ismail
Nickname Roshi , Issa
DOB 14th December 1963
Current Club Represent Colombo in the A division Veterans (over 40) – Boxhill District Cricket Association in Victoria Bo Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
International None
First Class Clubs Div 2/3 Mt Waverley CC – Sub District, Div 3 Negombo CC, Wattala CC
Specialist Type Opening Bowler
Other Can Field in any position







Maxwell LaBrooy Vice Captain

Nickname Max , Maxie
DOB 26th Oct 1966
Current Club Auburn Cricket Club, Lanka Lions Cricket Club Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
International None
First Class Clubs Colombo Cricket Club, Negombo Cricket Club
Specialist Type Left arm finger spin, middle order batsman
Other Field in any position


Name Russell Ingram
Nickname Rusty
DOB 15th October 1968
Current Club Lanka Lions Cricket Club
Other Clubs Lanka Lions Cricket Club – Sydney (Masters), Silverton Cricket Club – Dandenong, Springvale South Cricket Club – Springvale South (Div. 2), Lanka Lions Sports Club – Dubai (Div. 1), HSBC Sports Club – Sri Lanka (Mercantile ‘A’ Div.).
Specialist Type Top/Middle Order Bat, Opening Bowler
Other Oakhill Old Boys Ruby Club (current) – Castle Hill. Represented Dubai Exciles Rugby Club and Lanka Lions Sports Club (1st Grade) Dubai in 15’s and 7’s Rugby. A UAE N


Name Janaka Rambukwella
Nickname Jay
DOB 03rd September 1963
Current Club Represent Baulkham Hills Sport Club in the B division Parramatta District Cricket Association and represent Sydney Lions over 50’s in Sydney. Bill Reporter District Cricket Association
International None
First Class Clubs None
Specialist Type Medium fast bowler
Other Middle order Bat and brilliant fielder


Name Richie De Silva
Nickname Richa
DOB 24th May 1963
Current Club Represent Mandalong Lawyers in Sydney Classics
International None
First Class Cricket Clubs Sinhalese Cricket Club (SSC) & Colombo Cricket Club (CCC) Sri Lanka
Premier Clubs Waitemata Cricket Club , Auckland , NZ

Cornwall Cricket Club, Auckland , NZ

Pennant Hills Cricket Club, Sydney

Specialist Type All Rounder (Middle Order Bat , Off Spinner)
Other Slip Fielder, Fields in any                       position

Name Shane Fernando
Nickname Shano
DOB 21st October 1965
Internationals UAE 1994-96
Current Club Sinhalese Sports Club Veterans Cricket
First Class Clubs Sinhalese Sports Club Sri Lanka, Lanka Lions Dubai
Specialist Type Opening Batsman
Other Medium Fast Bowler, Field in any position


Name Kesara De Costa
Nickname Kaysee
DOB 8th November 1960
Current Club Captain of St. Claire United SC Masters (over 40) – Sydney Masters Cricket Association in NSW Bo Hill Reporter District Cricket Association
First Class Clubs CCC, Tamil Union CC and BRC – Sri Lanka
Specialist Type Right arm leg spin
Other Right hand middle order bat, brilliant slip fielder


Name Lalin De Silva
Nickname Lalla
DOB 5th February 1968
Current Club Pennant Hills District Cricket Club & NSW (Shires second grade)


First Class Clubs NCC

Royal College first XI (Sri Lanka)

Brighton Cricket Club – 1st grade (Adelaide)

Specialist Type Stylish Top order bat & opener 
Other Handy Right-arm bowler/cutter and off spinner Cricket coach




Name Andre Garfield Gunesekere
Nickname Gary/Gaz
DOB 4th October 1961
Current Club





Represent Colombo in the A division Veterans (over 40) – BoxHill District Cricket Association in Victoria

Victorian O/50’s Championships 2018



First Class Clubs Div 2/3 Mt Waverley CC – VSDCA, Saracens & SSC in Colombo


Specialist Type # 3 or 4 Bat or later if required
Other  Can Field in any position and some occasional Off Spin


Name Duminda De Silva
Nickname Dumi
DOB 26th August 1964
Current Club Represent Auburn Eagles Over 40’s in Masters Competition, Sydney

Represent Lanka Lions over 50’s in Classics Competition, Sydney Bill Reporter District Cricket Association

International None
First Class Clubs None
Specialist Type Off Spin bowler
Other Middle Order Bat

Fast Runner/good fielder

Name Harry Nagendran
Nickname Hazza
DOB 3rd February 1968
Current Club Mount Waverley Cricket Club
International None
First Class Clubs None
Specialist Type Medium Pace Bowler
Other Middle order Batsman, Good Fielder


Name Shafeek Rahim
Nickname Shaf
DOB 9th June 1967
Current Club None
Internationals None
First Class Clubs None
Specialist Type Wicket Keeper
Other Represented St Peter’s College First XI Cricket

Name Shantha Gunesekara
Role Team Manager
Nickname Shantha
International None
First Class Moratuwa Sports





Maharaja XI



Sponsorship towards the Sri Lankan team and advertisement opportunities are available through the publication of a souvenir magazine to commemorate this inaugural event. Please contact Team Manager or Social/Media Officer.

Name Duke Ramachandran
Role Social/Media Officer & MC
Nickname Dukey
Current Club Life member SCG
International None
First Class Clubs None

SL Lions NSW

Contact ramach@bigpond.com





Assistance Manager/Scorer: Kapila Jayasuriya

Mobile: +61 414352668  Email: kapilaj@hotmail.com


Editor: Chitran Duraisamy

Mobile: +61 403296162  Email: chitran@rocketmail.com

All matches start at 10:15 a.m. except where noted. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, 21 November – ROUND 1
South Africa vs. Wales (Rosedale Oval, Warwick Farm)
Australia vs. Canada (Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne) 
Sri Lanka vs. England (Hurstville Oval, Hurstville) 
Pakistan vs. New Zealand (Old Kings Oval, Parramatta)

Thursday, 22 November – ROUND 2
South Africa vs. England (Jubilee Oval, Glebe)
Australia vs. New Zealand (Bexley Oval, Bexley)
Pakistan vs. Wales (Alan Davidson Oval, Mascot)
Canada vs. Sri Lanka (Pennant Hills Oval, Pennant Hills)

Sunday, 25 November – ROUND 3
Australia vs. England (Manly Oval) 
Sri Lanka vs. Wales (Airey Park, Strathfield)
New Zealand vs. Canada (Rosedale Oval, Warwick Farm) 
South Africa vs. Pakistan (Pennant Hills Oval)

Monday, 26 November – ROUND 4
Australia vs. South Africa (Hurstville Oval, Hurstville)
Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka (Joe McAleer Oval, Glendinning)
Canada vs. England (Alan Border Oval, Mosman)
Wales vs. New Zealand (Glenn McGrath Oval, Caringbah)

Wednesday, 28 November – ROUND 5
England vs. Wales (Petersham Oval, Petersham)
New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka (Kings School Parramatta)
Australia vs. Pakistan (Mark Taylor Oval Waitara)
Canada vs. South Africa (Old Kings Oval, Parramatta)

Thursday, 29 November – ROUND 6 (11 a.m. start) – (Away-to-the-Country Round)
England vs. New Zealand (Bradman Oval, Bowral) 
South Africa vs. Sri Lanka (Owen Earle Oval, Richmond) 
Canada vs. Pakistan (Benson’s Lane No. 2 Oval, Richmond) 
Australia vs. Wales (Mandalong Oval, Mandalong)

Sunday, 2 December – ROUND 7
England vs. Pakistan (Coogee Oval)
New Zealand vs. South Africa (Joe McAleer Oval, Glendinning) 
Australia vs. Sri Lanka (Old Kings Oval, Parramatta) 
Wales vs. Canada (Raby No. 1 Oval, Campbelltown)

Monday, 3 December – SEMI-FINALS/PLAYOFFS
Cup: 1st vs. 4th (Hurstville Oval, Hurstville) 
Cup: 2nd vs. 3rd (Rosedale Oval, Warwick Farm)

Plate: 5th vs. 8th (Old Kings Oval, Parramatta)
Plate: 6th vs. 7th (Merrylands Oval) – TBC

Tuesday, 4 December – PLATE FINAL
Plate Winner 5th/8th vs. Plate Winner 6th/7th (Memorial Oval, Bankstown)

Wednesday, 5 December – Grand Final (11 a.m. start)
11 a.m. start – Drummoyne Oval






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Sri Lankan Over 50’s ready to rumble with the emblem


Cricket fans are in for treat this summer with Australia playing host to the inaugural over 50s World Cup tournament featuring teams from England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Wales and Canada.

Under the auspice of Cricket Australia and with endorsements from Australian and NSW Over 50s Cricket Association and Veterans Cricket Australia, all matches will be played across noteworthy venues in Sydney.

The organising committee has announced an opening meet-and-greet for all teams on November 20th at a picturesque harbour view location in North Sydney. All teams will be welcomed and briefed on tournament protocols and procedures. “It will be an extremely colourful occasion where all participants dressed in their national clothing will meet each other for the first time before doing battle on the hallowed cricket fields of Sydney”.

Despite the festival feel of these games, all teams will be coveting and wanting their country name etched on the trophy as the first ever team to win this championship. Host nation Australia is ready for the challenge and have undergone a gruelling selection process where players were picked on merit at the completion of the recent over 50s national championship that concluded in Brisbane. Notwithstanding a small pool of players to choose from, the Sri Lankans are ready to roar with predominantly cricketers of local repute and “former” glory. The clash against Canada will provide much banter when former compatriots clash!    

It is envisaged that this tournament will spark more countries to join in the years ahead and what better way to get the ball literally and figuratively rolling by being a part of this celebration of cricket. Looking forward to seeing many fans and supporters along with your “papare bands” cheering squads and drums. Watch this space for match fixture and player profile.  

Click here for the Player profiles and match fixtures


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Whispering Hope’s Christmas Fundraiser Drive

Story by: Marie Pietersz, Melbourne

Philanthropic organisation Whispering Hope (Australia) Inc is once again asking for support to help boost its deflated coffers after some much needed equipment was purchased for its beneficiary, the Badulla Hospital in Sri Lanka, and funds are required to continue to provide the hospital’s medical and surgical needs.

President Philomena Mather is hoping that its Christmas Party on 25 November will be fully subscribed. If unable to attend, taking out an advertisement in the function souvenir or making a donation are other ways to support this worthy cause.

Philomena has provided a history and chronology of the partnership between Whispering Hope and the Badulla Hospital to inform donors where their funds will be channelled.

Book your tickets from ticket sellers in the Christmas Party brochure attached and read about the amazing work done by Whispering Hope detailed in the President’s story.


Philomena Mather, President
Whispering Hope








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