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“She’s venom, wearin’ denim” is the name of the song.
This is another PLUS for Country Music. “Song-titles”, the likes of which, would never be seen in any other genre of music. Clever titles, clever lyrics, stories in song, as I always call them, this time, telling us that we males should always be careful with these pretty “Ladies of the night”, whether they wear denim or silk. Of course, they are not all venomous, but do the wrong thing, boys, and you’ll know exactly what Junior Brown is trying to tell us. WHO IS Junior Brown ?, you ask. Well, I didn’t know either, until I heard this particular song which was included in my huge library of music. On doing a bit of research, I find that, here IS another unique character. Born in 1952, he came out of Austin, Texas, complete with a double-necked guitar he had invented himself. To accompany himself, he not only had the usual six-string electric guitar, but ALSO his own “Steel- Sound” sitting up there within ease reach. An astounding new ” Instrument” that had nevet been seen before. This was not all, folks, he could PLAY both instruments with a skill, seldom seen in the present era, and is still very much in demand in America. I am therefore proud to present Junior Brown to my readers. Please sit back & enjoy.

Followed, as usual, with something entirely different.
This one is just a little Spanish advice to all & sundry. The song, “Viya-con-dios” literally means “Go with God”, something that every one of us, especially in this day and age must think about more often, in a World that GOD created, but, must be getting thoroughly fed-up with.
I have listened to many versions of this song, as I do, with every one, I offer as entertainment, to all eLanka readers, and Anne Murray’s version, to me, is absolutely superb.
Anne has a beautiful “contralto” voice, and when she sings, one always seems to get that “peaceful easy feeling” so common with good Country Music. Need I say more ?.

Desmond Kelly.
 Star of eLanka

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Julius Ferdinands lived his life as a fierce competitor in his life’s work or on the cricket fields or Golf courses around Melbourne.

But life outside the passions of this caring dad, husband and wonderfully warm friend was tragically cut short at the age of 57, cruelly taken away by Cancer which left a distraught family and hundreds of friends grieving his demise.

A passionate Collingwood fan who wore his heart on his sleeve, Julius was known to let the neighborhood know who he barracked for whenever his beloved Pies were in battle. He fought his own battle similarly when challenged with the dreaded disease.

A fun-loving man who made inroads into culinary fare that delighted thousands in Sri Lanka, where it all began, then the Middle East and finally in Australia at restaurant and ending as a Chef at the prestigious Crown Casino in Melbourne, Julius was a much-loved man who helped many in the field progress and his outgoing personality and caring nature of others endeared him to many.


Married into a family that mostly delved into Catering and other related matters, brothers-in-law Desmond Foulstone (Silverline Catering), Chabo De Kauwe, Chas Cabin Restaurant in Hallam, it was a challenge at the family functions too although they were a close knit and harmonious group. Wife Romayne runs a Prestigious Travel and tours group, Jet Travels and Cruise, which he latterly got involved in as his health deteriorated.


The massive turnout at his passing was clear testament to Julius’s popularity among Sri Lanka’s expatriate community and with wife Romayne, their generous hosting of anyone and everyone and donations to worthy causes with no expense spared has gained them numerous grateful friends both here in Australia and overseas.


Struck down with the dreaded disease for about a year, Julius, a humble God-fearing man battled valiantly against the odds to the last until death sadly grabbed him away.


May his soul rest in peace.

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A former founder-member of the “Sinatra Ratpack”,but, even more importantly the “Stand-up” man of the Jerry Lewis comedy duo, he was the happy-go-lucky type of bloke that anyone would have liked, to have had at their parties and celebrations. Tall, good-looking, always, it seems, with a drink in his hands, a typical Italiano, Dino Martino (born Dino Paul Crocetti on April 7th 1917), was indeed one of the most popular Actor/Producer, Singer/ Comedian entertainers of his era. He had the special charm and charisma of a genuine “Star” whose version of the beautiful memories, gleaned from “Under the bridges of Paris” will never be forgotten.

Dean Martin, “The King of Cool” died on Christmas day, of 1995, aged 78. To all my eLanka readers, please enjoy Dean’s “top” version of a song dedicated to one of the loveliest Cities in the World which, like so many other such Cities, is presently in turmoil. I am happy to present this song, because, to me also , Cities such as Paris & Vienna have always conjured up imaginings of love & beautiful music.

This is followed by yet another superstar, Bette Midler, Actress, Singer, multi-award winner, whose song, “Under the Boardwalk” (down by the sea), tells us that even in days gone by, just like most of the young ones, in old Ceylon & later, in Australia, are passionately fond of the seaside, and, as a matter of fact, if I remember correctly, one of Bette’s famous films was also titled ” Beaches”.

Anyway, here she is folks, Bette Midler, goes “Under the Boardwalk” for you.

Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLank

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Wounded Lions seek solace in New Zealand and Australia – Trevine_RodrigoBY TREVINE RODRIGO IN MELBOURNE






 Gunatilleka has much to prove.

Dimuth Karunaratne

Dimuth Karunaratne will be key to Sri Lanka’s revival.


Sri Lanka’s wounded Lions desperately seek some form of solace on their tour of New Zealand that has just begun after a humiliating home series drubbing by the Englishmen recently.


And if New Zealand looms large, the Lankans face the acid test of pitting themselves against Australia followed by similar hostilities in South Africa in the beginning of next year.


Two Tests against the New Zealanders followed by three one-dayers and a T20 game will set them up for the tougher encounters against the Australians , two Tests before they depart to the African leg which will test their worth.


Indifferent form, bad selection and a huge question mark hanging over coach Chandika Hathurusinghe who promised much and has delivered nearly nothing has the Island nation’s cricket in a head spin much akin to the political situation gripping the country as its leaders valiantly attempt to wade through the blundering process of ascertaining the true meaning of democracy and the cricketers the meaning of sportsmanship.


A reasonable showing in New Zealand away from political meddling may yet see an unlikely turnaround although that seems an uphill task against a home team that has been making giant strides at home and away unlike the Lankans who are currently on an all time low in the past few years.


Hathurusinghe left Bangladesh with the credentials to steer a Sri Lankan turnaround and the prospect of a home-grown coach for once taking them to the top of the world game. But the ploy appears to have backfired so far and the popular belief is that internal meddling or some form of interference in the Coaches direction has pushed the talented nation back further than they have anticipated.


With their confidence destroyed at home which the impregnable fortress of visiting teams was once, where to from here is the question on every Sri Lankan fans lips as they ponder what needs to be done to restore lost pride.


Obviously, it is in deciphering where the weaknesses lie and rectifying it. But their inconsistency with the bat and a mediocre bowling attack further compounded by atrocious fielding has them in a position where everything cricket must be addressed. Huge task for a new coach and a fragmented support team from reports coming here which is a clear recipe for a bad brew.


History suggests that a local coach will always struggle to come to terms with having his way in Sri Lanka due to overbearing influences from outside the coaching staff. Furthermore, there is questions lying around the roles of the batting and fielding coach who are said to have extreme views on some players whose natural style is being tampered with creating uncertainty and failure among genuine young talent.


Fielding is crucial to Sri Lanka’s revival considering the few opportunities their limited attack possess.

It is understood that Australian legend Steve Rixon has been roped in to fill this important void and though critics challenge the validity of his selection due to him being a former wicket keeper, he has proved to be invaluable in this role and should be given the opportunity to prove his worth.


Sri Lanka’s on going commitments in New Zealand and Australia will benefit from Rixon’s inclusion to the coaching staff due to his important input into local conditions.


What they need to establish in faster and bouncier conditions in this part of the world will be for the young breed to adapt quickly and find consistency or the tour may end in major embarrassment.


There is plenty of talent in the current Lankan squad but harnessing it and getting them to perform on a consistent basis is the key as the Australians are currently finding out against the world’s best Indian side.


Australia unlike Sri Lanka have natural fighting qualities and will give their all in any situation as was witnessed in the first Test in which they went down narrowly.


Much will depend on Skipper Dinesh Chandimal who has been impressive on previous tours to this part of the world with Angelo Matthews and they should find support from Dimuth Karunaratne, Niroshan Dickwella, Dhananjaya De Silva, Roshen De Silva and Dhanushka Gunatilleka who are showing clear signs of being the future generation.




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Measuring your waist-line reflects your state of health and risks – Good advice by Dr. Harold Gunatillake

“Our people would live longer, being healthier, solving hospitals overcrowding, reducing morbidity and mortality stats. by just measuring your waistline and taking remedial measures, if required”

It is a shocking observation that most adult people are ‘pot-bellied’ in Sri Lanka, especially those who lead an affluent lifestyle.

Contract workers, those wearing helmets seen sweating on top of new building constructions in the urban cities, poorer strata of people and farmers in the rural areas toiling in their rice fields seems to escape this phenomenon.

The reason is obvious, the hard-working outdoor people are the poorer lot, and thrive on meagre salaries, unable to enjoy calorie dense foods the richer enjoys, moving about in vehicles. Stand in front of a five-star hotel one evening, you see the lucky affluent men, including their family members getting out from their luxury vehicles, whizzing eagerly for a delightful evening meal. Most of these adult people including their kids are over-weight with pot bellies.

There is no media recognition of this situation and advising people to take remedial measures to stay within the normal BMI range, instead more exposure to TV channels focusing on weeping sad soap operas during prime time.

Occasionally, good health programs do appear on tele, but unfortunately, the medical personnel who discusses health issues use a language that the average person does not understand: more suitable for a medical audience.

Most people tend to eat processed foods because they are cheaper and tastier on the taste buds. Foods made of processed wheat flour and rice flour are being sold on the streets and in most food outlets. Indulging in this sort of foods is a risk factor for obesity.

Such facilities like the gyms and walking paths are available, and it’s the shapely young ones patronize those gyms for better looking bodies, and daily walks are mainly seen by those who have had heart episodes, or on doctor’s advice.

Most of these adult victims have had no time before the cardiac event to go for walks daily, because they don’t create the time for it. After the cardiac event they seems to find the time.

Importance of measuring your waistline

My advice is that all adults- men and women should measure their mid-waist-lines at some stage in their life. This is easy and is not about your clothing size.

You need to measure with a tape round the circumference of your belly at the belly button level (narrowest area of the trunk).

You need to stand up straight.

Make sure it’s not too tight or too lose when you take the measurement.

Don’t hold your breath and take the measurement after you exhale. Do not suck your abdominal wall muscles into your cavity.

Men should have a waist less than 40 inches around your waist line, and less than 35 inches for women.

If your measurements are above those, you are carrying excess weight around the middle, chances are you’re harbouring a potentially dangerous amount of visceral fat in your tummy and you should start on a health plan to reduce to the normal range

Having bulges on the sides of the abdomen (love handles), having fatty thighs and backs and upper arms are harmless, other than for cosmetic reasons. They are just under the skin fat (subcutaneous fat) and are quite innocuous

Having a pot belly above the healthy waistline measurements carries risks of certain chronic diseases that can shorten your life.

The pot belly is mainly due to the loads of visceral fat within your abdominal cavity. This visceral fat is dangerous, and you are exposed to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnoea, atherosclerosis (thickening of blood vessels with plaques), colo-rectal cancer, breast cancer, and linked to erectile dysfunction in men over 60 years of age.

Visceral fat is now considered to be an endocrine organ secreting hormones and other chemicals that carry the risk of chronic diseases, including coronary heart disease.

  • To lower your risk of the above diseases, start on a diet plan lower in kilojoules and saturated fat. Eat more proteins and fibre, reduce your starch and added sugar beverages and foods.
  • Do some daily exercise: walking 10,000 steps daily (takes one and a half hours) burns over 200 kilocalories. You may gradually increase your steps to 20,000. Wear a pedometer or a Fitbit watch to keep a record of your exercise level and as an impetus to do more.
  • If you are more enthusiastic do some aerobic exercises, bicycle rides. Bicycle crunching seems to help: crunching the stomach while extending your legs.
  • Daily swimming is another way of reducing your belly fat and toning your body.

It is so simple to assume that by measuring the abdominal girth as a routine by both men and women, taking remedial measures if excessive, may reduce the health costs and ease the burden on hospital beds in private and public hospitals, and further create a healthy nation. Health administrators in Sri Lanka needs to think on those lines and take remedial measures in public awareness and education through the mass media.

Bottom line

So, the above lifestyle changes will inevitably reduce your waist circumference and your risk of many chronic diseases, including diabetes type 2 enhancing insulin sensitivity. Even the incidence of bronchial asthma can be reduced by overweight sufferers by taking simple remedial measures.

Most of all you could prolong your longevity and prevent risk of premature death.

Please take my advice seriously and measure your abdominal girth, today and see your doctor if above the range of measurements mentioned before.

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Anton Swan JP (Qual) Hon. Consul for Sri Lanka in Queensland with the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk

Anton Swan - Consul for Sri Lanka - Qld with Loard Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk

Anton Swan JP (Qual) Hon. Consul for Sri Lanka in Queensland with the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk (in the Middle) at his Christmas Party held in the Brisbane City Town Hall. Also with Anon Swan is the Consul General for Russia, Uruguay and El Salvador.

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Our very sincere “BEST CHRISTMAS WISHES” to everyone out there in ‘I.T’ Land. On behalf of eLanka, I hope that the year 2018 has been good to you, and 2019 will be, even better. Many things have been happening, not just in Australia, but around this Planet we call home. Good things, bad things, happy things and sad things. Christmas, as we know it, always seems to bring to a a close, each particular year, even though it is really only 52.143 weeks, that have elapsed, and we still have one week to go before we start counting down the clock to midnight on the 31st of December, before we start cheering, embracing each other, sometimes kissing, sometimes being kissed, and waiting for the band on-stage to start off playing “Auld lang syne”

(Times long past), an original “poem”written by Scottish Icon Robert Burns in 1788, then set to music, to eventually become one of the very first tunes to be played at the start of each new year, in English-speaking Countries.

Because we have decided that our “wishes” to all readers of eLanka, everywhere, should be accompanied by good “you-tube” clips, wherever possible, I have chosen what is, in my opinion, the very best version of “Auld lang syne” for those of you who, perhaps, could go nowhere else, to welcome in the New Year. This said, let me now wish every one of you, a very happy Christmas, and a happy, safe New year for 2019. Whatever happens in the new year, let us not forget that we are Sri Lankans, born & bred, let us be proud of who we are, notwithstanding the fact that many of us are now Lankan Aussies, Lankan Pommies, or Lankans/ wherever. Whether we are Christians or not, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, because HE was born in Bethlehem, according to most Christians, on the 25th of December, but certainly between the years 6BC- 4BC.

Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka

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“Alphabetically Yours”: Series 20. (T) – By Des Kelly

It almost did. The bottle, that is. When I served my Country in the Royal Ceylon Navy from 1953 to 1961, give or take a few weeks, “bending the elbow” or “hitting the bottle”, call it what you like, was part and parcel of being a member of the “Senior Service”. If one did not “participate” in everything one should NOT participate in, one could not boast of being a Navy-Man. Yes, I have to say it, as it WAS.

I have to blame it on my “grandfather” Jack, who drank anything but water. In the Navy, it was quite common to drink. The only problem was, how MUCH we drank.Speaking for myself, at least my head never had to have a close look into the toilet bowl, after any lengthy boozing session, I could “hold” my liquor. Coming to Australia in 1962, did not stop my habit of drinking AND smoking either. I am certainly not proud of writing all this, but then, I finally realized (after my left kidney was “removed” because of my bad habits, due to Cancer), that I would not have recorded the fact that “THE BOTTLE LET ME DOWN”, in fact, I would not be writing for eLanka at all, so folks, please take my advice. Do not SMOKE !, at all, and if you like the odd drink, make sure that you restrict the number of drinks to no more than a couple, AT HOME. Never drink & then drive any vehicle. In Ceylon, the bottle did let me down (on several occasions), but I am proud of the fact that, for the last 15 years, at least, I neither smoke or drink any alcohol, at all.

“The bottle let me down” by ” your’s truly, is followed by a
“TRIBUTE” to Vince Gill, yet another favourite Country Singer of mine, whose “key” chosen for his beautiful rendition of “Look at us” was much too high for me (as I am getting on a bit, myself), so I decided to “cover” Vince Gill’s version of the song, singing a complete octave LOWER. eLanka readers, please listen to, and hopefully enjoy my version of the song in TRIBUTE to Vince. Thank you very much. Here I go.

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka
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A father & daughter combination that is second to none.
Frank Sinatra, “old blue eyes”, “cranky Frankie”, call him what you will, Sinatra (R.I.P.), was well known as technically, the best Vocalist in the entire World. He had his “good points”, he had his “bad”, but so does every one of us. During his “younger days”, no-one could touch him, in the entertainment stakes. He had his choice of beautiful women, mainly because, when he sang a song, he would pick a “beauty” in his audience and sing TO HER. He once said that he’d rather stay in bed than sing a few songs at the “Sands” hotel & casino in the Las Vegas Strip, in Nevada
for 50 thousand dollars offered to him, one weekend in the mid 1950’s, and this was a huge amount of money, even in the old days. Colour meant nothing to Frank Sinatra, who once refused to enter a hotel unless his buddy Sammy Davis Jnr., could go in, with him. To add to his musical talent, he also became an Oscar-winning Actor in the film ” “From Here To Eternity”, Starred, in ” The Man With The Golden Arm” & received critical acclaim for his part in “The Manchurian Candidate”.

Frank Sinatra’s daughter, “Nancy with the laughing face”, as he called her, was also a singer, although, not half as famous as her dad, still idolized him and recorded a song with a title that I would NEVER have chosen, myself. However, this father/daughter combination was so special that I forgive them for doing ” SOMETHING STUPID”.

This will be followed with the man HIMSELF, singing a tribute to another Nancy, (his first wife), Nancy Barbato, saying “SHE’S FUNNY, THAT WAY”. Please enjoy Francis Albert Sinatra, folks, one of the best singers who graced our Planet.

Desmond Kelly
 Star of eLanka


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