eLanka Website Design Services

eLanka Website Design Services

eLanka website designs


Contact Neil on 0402 905275 (Australia) or +61 402 905275 (from Overseas). You can also email neil@eLanka.com.au for further info.

There is no better time to launch your website presence!. We have been in business for close to 20 years… and have come up with a really cost effective monthly payment plan to support you to take your business online. There is no risk to you!. Check out the frequently asked questions below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Payments – We will deduct the agreed payment from your credit card monthly.
  2. Can I make payments – Yes, you can also pay online using Pay Pal or your Credit Cards. ( https://www.paypal.me/eLanka )
  3. Monthly payment amount – In most cases the payment is a small fee of A$ 40 per month. If there are payment gateway ingratiation and online shops then the monthly payment may increase to about A$ 65 per month
  4. Minimum Contract period – We ask that you stay with us for a minimum of 2 years, but if you are unhappy with the great service we promise to deliver, then you are free to go. If you decide to leave us, we will not continue to charge your monthly fee.
  5. Why is the monthly price so cheap? – The reason is we are there with you for the long term. So we don’t simply want to take ‘all’ your payment and provide a poor service. We will continually add value to the service we provide. So are willing to wear the upfront cost and with the great service we prove hopefully recover the cost we incur in the long term
  6. How do we engage your webdesign services? – Simple!. Simply Contact Neil on 0402 905275 (Australia) or +61 402 905275 (from Overseas). You can also email neil@eLanka.com.au for further info.
  7. Can we talk to you / meet you? If in Australia yes, for overseas customers, please call, we can chat on Skype / What App. The contact numbers are shown at item 6 above.
  8. Are there any other hidden costs? What you get is listed below. This will be more than adequate for close to 80% of our customers. Of course, as stated at point 3 above, if there are any further customised service required, then we will notify you the small increase to the monthly amount.

From A$ 40 per month You get all this……

  • A Domain Name
  • Web Site Designed with images and content
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • We manage all your content
  • Content Management platform
  • Marketing of your website via….
  • eLanka Newsletter, Facebook and Linked In
  • Upload your marketing videos to YouTube


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