THE WORLD WEEPS” (While Pariahs Prosper) – by Des Kelly

Armistice day, 2018. One hundred years since the guns of the first World War (supposedly the war to end all Wars) were silenced, hopefully to fulfil the supposition above, but what happens ?,

A little pariah Corporal, failed artist, charisma of a gnat, moustache & all, BUT, with the gift of the gab, suddenly takes over, forms a “Party” under a geometrical sign, named the “Swastika”, seduces a Nation that was going through difficult times, with shouted promises from atop his soapbox, gets promoted to the top of his class, gains the trust of his people, gathers a bunch of like-minded pariahs, and, instead of being satisfied with everything they now have gained, decide to put a finish to the entire Nation which previously boasted Jesus Christ, among others, and having almost accomplished this nefarious act, then becomes the brother of Narcissus, wanting to take over the rest of the World, but ends up shooting himself.

I have related the above story in one lengthy paragraph only because I do not really think that Adolph Hitler deserved any more than that. This was the start of World War Two.!!

Now, in the 21st Century, everyone in the World remembers the Centenary of the Armistice, and rightfully so, Every single “life” extinguished in the cause of defending one’s Country should be forever in the memory of each and every one of us who have survived not only the 1st & 2nd World Wars, but plenty of other useless ones, in between, including, of course, the absolutely stupid one that lasted for over 26 years in the Island Paradise that is Sri Lanka.

Once again, everyone blessed with even half a brain, has to now fight these no-brain pariahs calling themselves terrorists. Using “Religon” as a “front-piece”, these terrorists think (like Hitler did), think that in the future, they will rule the World. They are SO WRONG. Some battles ?, perhaps, but NEVER this War.

To finish with the latest Bourke Street incident in Melbourne, just last weekend, my eldest son & his partner were only MINUTES away from the terrible terrorist incident that killed an ionic restaurant owner, and wounded, by stabbing, two more innocent people before, he, the terrorist was shot by a police officer and died later on, in hospital.
My son may well have been killed himself, and even to think of this makes me very angry indeed. I do not intend to try and teach the Police Commissioner his job, but why were the two young cops just trying to defend themselves against this mad man ?. According to what was shown on television, this guy was NOT wielding a PEN-KNIFE !!.
He was carrying what looked like a ” butcher-knife” fully intending to stab and kill them. Why didn’t this cop shoot him sooner, rather than later ?.

What are our Governments doing, as regards the safety of the people who put them there ?. This terrorist was “known to police”. As a matter of fact, a while ago, this same man wanted to leave Australia to go to Syria, quite possibly to join the terrorist movement over there and kill everyone who didn’t believe in terrorism. Australia STOPS him from going. WHY ??!!, I say, let them go, cancel their Australian Citizenships and do NOT let them back in.

Is this so bloody difficult to do ?. Had he gone, when he wanted to go, an innocent man would not have died & this pariah would probably still be living, himself.

Governments, State & Federal, in Australia are, in my opinion, pussy-footing with these terrorists. DISCIPLINE, TOUGH, HARD DISCIPLINE is what is sorely needed in this Country. Strike the first punch and knock out these pariahs, sending them, and their families (if they choose to), BACK to where they came from, never to be permitted to set foot in Australia again. Granted, we may never be able to eradicate terrorism completely, but why make it EASIER FOR THEM to bring their vile practices into this Country ?.

Yes, the World Weeps for heroes, now long gone, but NO Pariahs should prosper, under any circumstances, whatsoever.

Desmond Kelly.
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“HUNG UP”(On you) – By Des Kelly


Don’t “hang-up” on me, folks. Not just yet, anyway.
Here is a remarkable good-news story, closely following another “crazy” one, with some idiot running amok in Melbourne, very recently, indeed, stabbing people to death, setting a vehicle alight in the heart of the C.B.D., trying to stab a couple of Policemen, when a third one came up and shot the S.O.B., unfortunately, in that hospital resources had to become involved, caring for this idiot, using Melbourne taxpayer money, to do so. People can now “watch” these things as they happen (on television), with the technology we now boast about. This crazy episode had people screaming “Oh God”, not another terrorist attack, is it”?.

I certainly do not intend to publicize this bad news any more than I have to, people have only to switch on their T.V. to get further details, but here is the “good-news” story.

Once again, in Melbourne, at the Royal Children’s Hospital, beautiful conjoined twins Nima & Dawa have now been surgically separated, involving about 6 hours, plus about eighteen wonderful Doctors, Surgeons & Staff, doing their superb work to give two little girls a chance to live separate lives, in future. Heartiest congratulations to everyone concerned.

Why this stupid terrorist-style man even had to steal an atom of thunder from what was happening within a stone’s throw away, from the Children’s Hospital is anybody’s guess.President Trump is hinting on twitter, that he is seriously thinking about the “Death-Penalty”, after what happened over there, quite recently, and I totally agree with him.My only draw-back on this, is that this “penalty” is too quick and easy for these bastards. They should be made to suffer as much as they have made their victims suffer, and then die. Good riddance of bad rubbish, I would say.

Now, to get back to my “telephone talk”. Something completely new, probably unheard of, in Australia is this phenomenon titled “Country-Jazz”. We have all heard of Country Music in general, beginning with Gospel, going on to the “Old-Opry” style, then to “Nashville”, Country-Rock, and ending up in ” Modern- Country”.

Junior Brown, also unheard of, in Australia, very much, BUT one of the finest Country/Jazz guitarists I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Until now, it has always been people such as Chet Atkins & Les Paul for me, but, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce Junior Brown, singer, songwriter, guitarist/steel guitarist, etc., etc., for your enjoyment. Especially for the members and readers of eLanka, everywhere, I’M HUNG-UP, ON YOU.

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka

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“ANOTHER DAWN” – by Des Kelly


There has to be something about THIS particular name!
Talking about “Dawn”, the one to whom I dedicated a song, a most beautiful, loving, caring, woman, who would “light-up” any room she entered, with just her smile and personality, but was sadly taken away from us, in 2016, at 73 years of age. God bless you, & may you rest in peace, Dawn.

Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann Summers of the television sitcom Gilligan’s Island, is, at 80 years of age, the “last” Dawn, who still survives from the “Cast” of that show which was quite popular during my early years in Australia. She was an American teenager whose “bad knees” prevented her from becoming a ballerina, yet, she did become Miss Nevada in 1960, and was a very pretty addition to the “Island”. Good luck Dawn & God bless you too.

Dawn French, actress, comedienne, writer & presenter of “The French & Saunders Show”, plus the lead Star of the “Vicar of Dibley” television programme, also enjoyed by “yours truly”, a British Actress, born in Wales, 61 years ago, and still “going-strong” as the saying goes. This Dawn is also a good-looking woman, in addition to being highly talented. Keep going, Dawn. As the Vicar of Dibley, you certainly know what to do.

There are a few more “Dawns”, much younger, and, mostly involved in Sports, still famous in the present era, but unknown to old fogeys like myself, so, I leave them to their accomplishments and wish them well.

Now, yet “Another Dawn”, this time, another SUPERB
Country Music Artiste, another Patsy Cline, in my book, chosen by Vince Gill (a STAR, if ever there was one), as his female backing vocalist for about 22 years. Dawn Sears, a very pretty teenager, started her career as recently as 1975, (she was born in 1961), a highly under-rated Country singer,who was, in my opinion, just as good as Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn, did not get much of a chance to prove herself to be on the top rungs of “Country-fame”. She died, sadly, at just 53 years of age, after suffering lung cancer for two years.

Everyone who reads my “stories” around the World, via eLanka, the “top” website for all Lankan/Aussies, plus also thousands of Lankan expatriates, around the Globe, know, by now, that, when it comes to Music, I pick ONLY the very best “you-tube” clips for my readers to listen to (& watch), as they read. Around 75 years in “showbiz”,myself, gives me the necessary experience to do this, and ONLY eLANKA gives our readers the added pleasure of “reading” to a musical background. Please listen to (and enjoy), “ANOTHER DAWN” (Sears, wife of Country-fiddler Kenny), now gone, but never forgotten by everyone who LOVES REAL COUNTRY MUSIC. Goodbye Dawn, we love you.

Desmond Kelly.

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eLanka Cartoons by Max Gerreyn

Thanks to Max Gerreyn eLanka’s latest additions to the long list of great contributors, we are proud to bring you weekly eLanka Cartoons from one of Sri Lanka’s greatest cartoonists! – Max Gerreyn

Cartoons_by_Max_Gerreyn  Cartoons_by_Max_Gerreyn



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Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala 

Diwali is perhaps the most important festival celebrated by Hindus all around the world and it symbolises the spiritual “Victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”.

In our effort to honour all religions around the world, Lyceum International school organised a grand Diwali Celebration on 7th of November with full of enthusiasm. 

Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala Diwali Celebrations at Lyceum Kurunegala

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Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians – Photos thanks to George Rupesinghe

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The evening of Sunday 28 October was set with some 100 attending the post-golf dinner and the award ceremony at the North Ryde Golf Club. It was yet another occasion for the Old Joes to meet, mingle and enjoy the company of friends.

An interesting addition to  the proceedings was the continuous projection of a variety of photos of our Alma Mater reflecting the changes and additions of new facilities in recent years.

Among the visitors was Mr Anton Swan, consul for Sri Lanka in Brisbane.

Earlier in the afternoon the Annual Josephian Golf Open, organised by the Old Josephians’ Association of NSW, got off with 48 golfers teeing off on the fairway. As usual, there was keen competition rewarded by an array of prizes for the winners in various categories.

For the second year in succession, Alan Homes, (pictured left) with a score of 76 scr, emerged as the winner of the 2018 Old Joes Golf Open Championship and the Blue and White Challenge Cup, with Troy Graham, 78 scr, runner up. 

Selva Saverimuttu (right) took out the Best Josephian Golfer Trophy and Dilini Saverimuttu emerged as the Ladies Champion.

Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians Another Golf Day success for Old Josephians

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“Aiyho, what to do men”? – By Des Kelly

Nothing, really. Although this this “exclamation” is most popularly used in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, & Tamil-speaking parts of Sri Lanka, generally, also Malaysia & Singapore, believe it or not, the word originates from China. How it would actually be “written” in Chinese, I would not know, but what I do know is the fact that China, as a Country, would have very little reason to utter this quote, as their population seems to be growing twice as fast as any of the other Nations involved & they certainly know what to do (men), without us, from Sri Lanka providing the answer

Desmond Kelly.
 Star of eLanka.



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