eLanka Newsletter – 20 Sept – 6th edition – Sri Lankans in Australia

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International Peace Day – The Rotary Club of Chennai Towers, RID 3232 and the Rotary Club of Granville RID 9675 organises an International Peace Day event on Sunday 20th September 2020


Tomb stone of Dr Hayman at Bournemouth – Warden of St Thomas’ College – A man who was a real benefactor of S. Thomas’ Mount and Gurutalawa –by Renuka De Silva


Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo

5-minute home kidney health test wins three uni awards-By Rhea Nath

Royal Palace of Kandy – By Arundathie Abeysinghe

Health & Views – September 3nd Issue – by Harold Gunatillake


The Ocean in 3D

Nalin-the iron man of Sri Lanka rugby-Althaf Nawaz

Refugee detained in Brisbane for seven years pleads for government not to take away his phone – By Peter Bugden

Life lessons from RC’s Dramsoc – 50 years ago: By Imtiaz Muhsin

Sunrise and Sunset – by Oscar E V Fernando

Zuckerberg wants to “Change” the World with his Philanthropy: by Zeenat Khan

C.D.L. Fernando, M. E Marikar, two outstanding sportsmen-By Hafiz Marikar

Lafir and Stevens the famous Antonian opening pair – by Upananda Jayasundera

Opinion: Studio 10’s Replacement For Joe Hildebrand Shows Australia Still Isn’t Ready For A Diverse Face Of Its Own On TV-by By Alicia Vrajlal

Sri Lankan born Actor Ranjeet Singh – British Sitcom ‘Mind Your Language’ – By Des Kelly

Suba Theraniyo Sinhala Full Movie

Tamil Action Movie – Om Sakthi

Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory

Obituary: Mr Randy Peries – Past President of St Peters College OBU Sydney NSW

Obituary: Mr Randy Peries – Past President of St Peters College OBU Sydney NSW

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Max Gerreyn draws a sketch of the Queen and Irangani

pencil lined sketch of Irangani

This pencil lined sketch of Irangani as Tea Queen 1967, represented Ceylon at the Glasgow Centenary wholesale Cooperative Stores declared open by her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, when Irangani had the opportunity of chatting with the Queen for over 20 minutes, just the two of them, was drawn by no other person than our famous cartoonist in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) who lives now in Perth. He learnt the art of drawing in his young days from his school art master K.S.Perera, Mudaliyar ACGS Amarasekera and David Paynter.

Whilst employed at the Bank of Ceylon he free-lanced as an artist-cartoonist for the English media newspapers, and contributed a daily and a weekend strip exclusively for the ‘Sun’ newspaper for over fifteen years.

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Two great Queen’s Counsel: Father-son duo in rare feat-By Ranjan Gooneratne



Several years ago, I read an article about two great father and son lawyers — the Tiruchelvams. I had intended to write an article about another father and son combination — Guy Wikramanayake and his son, Nimal, but could not get round to writing it. It was only recently when 1 learnt that Nimal had been appointed a Queen’s Counsel in Victoria, and accordingly throughout Australia, that I decided to write a few words about these two great lawyers.

Guy Wikramanayake was one of the greatest trial lawyers in Ceylon (as it was then known). He was called to the Bar in September 1929 and was appointed a King’s Counsel in October 1950. In 1941, he was retained as Junior Counsel to R.L. Pereira KC in the celebrated

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9. Joseph Emmanuel Wickremasinghe


Having recorded the services of the two pioneering rectors, Rev. Frs. Maurice Le Goc and D J Nicholas Perera, in our opinion, the notables of St. Peter’s should include the longest serving Rector whose period at St. Peter’s is best described as the “renaissance period” or the “golden era”. Comparing the lengths of Rectorship of Fr. Nicholas Perera to Fr. Joe Wickremasinghe, Fr, Joe pips Fr. Nicholas by 3 months (Fr. Nicholas Perera’s 16 years and 5 months versus Fr. Wickremasinghe’s 16 years and 8 months)

For a change, instead of penning our own article on the much loved Rector we publish excerpts from a tribute paid by Rev. Fr. Saman Hettiarachchi, a nephew Fr. Joe.

Born on 31st January, 1935 as the fifth child in a family of six, Rev. Fr. Joseph Emmanuel Wickremasinghe or ‘Fr. Joe as he was affectionately known, had his early education in his home town of Pamunugama.

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Your large Bowel & your Health-by Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake


Let us talk about your large bowel and health, today

Maintaining a healthy gut contributes to better overall health and immune function.

You have over 17 feet of small bowel gyrating in your abdominal cavity, sometimes making loud sounds. The width of the lumen is about 2-3 cm. The wall is thin and elastic so that it can expand.

On the other hand, your large bowel is thicker in the wall, larger in width, stuck to the back of your abdominal cavity, except the transverse colon which sags and swings.

Digestion of your food occurs in your small gut from the enzymes made in your pancreas, and then absorbed into your body.

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Our Father in Heaven– By Fr Gregory Frank



A beggar came along asking for food. I told him to come around to the back door and asked him to sit on the floor while I went in and brought the left over food.

After bringing him food I said, let’s pray. Now repeat after me, “Our Father in heaven”. He said, “Your Father in heaven”.

I said.”No, say OUR Father in Heaven”. He again said,  “Your Father in Heaven”!!!

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         “GUYS OR GALS” – By Des Kelly


 He keeps sending out these “Special-effect” posts, he does. Problem is that as we grow older in lockdown, we “oldies” seem to discover certain tidbits that the younger generation seem to miss completely. Arthur Schokman has sent me this group of guys & gals, the test being to pick out the males from the females. Believe me, this is not easy to do. As we go through this “modern age” where both SOME men and women wear earrings, don wigs, & sometimes even wear make-up, even if it is just a bit of rouge to hide the paleness of facial skin, it is perplexing, to say the least, in picking out the guys from the gals.

          I found it extremely difficult to do, and failed miserably. Please don’t cheat, however, and give it a go.

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Nico de Silva was an outstanding ruggerite of Trinity-by Hafiz Marikar

Nico de Silva

Nico de Silva


Old Trinitians S.C. Ruggerite Nico de Silva was a knowledgeable rugger player, who played for Trinity College way back in ‘1961 and 1962 as a ‘lock’ and ‘third-row’ forward. In 1961 he played under Jayantha Jayawardena, That is the year he won the rugger colours with N.M. Ameraeekara, A.H.C de Silva, Tyrone Howie and U.M. Weerasinghe and in 1962 played under the leadership of Noel Brohier. Some of the other players who played with him for the school were Tyrone Howie, S.M. Zacky, N.T. Madugalle, C.D. Elhart, Mohan Sahayam, M.T.M. Zarook, Sarath Illangatilake, R.G. Geddes A.R.M. Faizer. Ananda. Piyasena, .Later Nico played for Kandy Sports Club and moved over to the CR & FC in 1964, he also had an opportunity of playing for the Havelocks SC under his friend and teammate of Trinity College Noël Brohier against his former club CR & FC.

In 1965 he took up to planting and first played for Uva Gymkhana Club Later he turned out for the Kelani Valley Club (KV) which at one time was a top rugby playing club situated by the banks of the Seethawaka River at Talduwa that has a history going back to 1884. Later when he was planting at Ukuwella, he gave a big hand to his former club Kandy Sports Club, at that time in late 1970’s, the ruggerites used to travel to Colombo by Bus or train, Nico came forward with Allien Wanigasekara and helped the club by providing their vehicles for players to travel out of Kandy. He was one time president of the Old Trinitians Sports Club and gave a big hand to promote sports.

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Baratha Hegoda the Rugby Legend-Althaf Nawaz

Bharatha Hegoda


Rugby Football has become one of the top sports in the country with more and more academies and schools enrolling young kids to take up the game to transform them into highly skilled players. A man who contributed three decades of his life to the game, which apparently is an unbroken record in the Lankan Rugby history was none other than Baratha Hegoda, well known in the rugby circles as ‘Bari’, is a legend who will be remembered for a long time both as a player and as a gentleman,

Bharatha Hegoda a rock solid third row player later matured as a utility player, who could fit into any position in the Pack. Bari’s three-decade career as a forward for Sri Lanka and CH & FC was due to his sheer determination, dedication and perseverance.

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“BRITSPEAK” – By Des Kelly


An excellent one-word title for an excellent topic.

After everything is said and done, English IS the very best

International Language around, and has been, for quite a while now. Correct English has been given an alias, naming it “The Queen’s English”. My guess is that this alias refers to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, former Empress of India and Regent of the Commonwealth of Nations, covering a large percent of the World’s Countries, including HUGE Australia and TINY Ceylon (then), Sri Lanka (now), before both India and Ceylon gained their independence in 1948.

          Getting back to the subject in hand, it is most disappointing to note that, no matter what *BRITSPEAK* has to say on the matter, and taking just one example, to avoid writing a book about Her Majesty’s language, let us now delve into the word LABOUR. 

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