Lankans slip sliding from World Cup heroes to near zero



Sri Lanka’s triumphant Test match euphoria has quickly dissipated into the previously familiar role of eating humble pie as the South Africans exacted revenge for their embarrassment in the Tests by grinding their opponents into the dust leading 3-0 in the one-dayers in a relentless display of ferocity.

Already, the series has moved into a dead rubber situation with two games remaining as the struggling Sri Lanka lineup find that their horses for courses squad does not match up to the heroes that dethroned the hosts in the two Test series a few weeks prior.

One- day skipper Lasith Malinga’s desperate move to publicly scorn his squad for their lack of respect at being given national selection and reminding them of the pride associated with donning the Sri Lanka cap appears to have added more fuel to the fire rather than douse it judging by the reaction in the third game. Factions within appear to suggest that a change at the head may yet bring out the best from this talented but currently dysfunctional team.

Port Elizabeth and Cape Town beckons in the next two encounters which will be of academic interest before the Lankans figure in three T20’s before departing the Southern Hemisphere with little comfort but plenty to dwell on for their efforts.

What has been clear in the whitewash is that the current squad lack the temperament and depth in their batting as they clearly squandered a chance of winning games they could have after the bowlers did a great job in containing the strong South African batting line- up.

Niroshan Dickwella has failed as an opener and should move down the order for better impact and experienced Upul Tharanga should be made to prove his worth in the squad by filling that role or consider his career over.

The Sri Lankan fielding which was exceptional in the Tests, was appalling to a point where fielding coach Steve Rixon was visibly wincing as if in pain at the morass of mistakes.

Everything fell apart in the rain hampered third match where they let the South Africans get away to a huge total thanks to sloppy fielding and erratic bowling mainly by proven specialists like Thisara Perera whose form or motives need questioning.

With the World Cup fast looming on the horizon Sri Lanka desperately need some wise heads and proper direction in a hurry if they are to avoid humiliation after their proud record in previous editions which included that historic victory in Lahore in 1996. They are winless in six encounters in 2019.

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Names of the Months and their Meanings


The 12 months of the year are some of the first things we learn to name. But once we get used to these names, they become as familiar as a primary color or a favorite food. A month’s name is hardly ever given any thought. Let’s take a look at where these names have stemmed from:  


Named after Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways. It is represented with two heads that are back to back, signifying that he is looking back at the past for perspective, or looking forward to the future for hope. This duality perfectly coincides the end of one year and the start of the next. 


Derived from the Roman period of Februa, back in the day this was a festival of purification, also called the festival of Lupercalia. February was named after the Roman God Februus who represented purification. This festival took place on the 15th day of the month. It included some cleansing rituals which were believed to improve health and fertility. 


In the Roman calendar, the third month of our calendar was their first month. It was named after Mars, the Roman god of war and identified with the Greek god Ares. It was a time to resume war after the winter had thawed out. 


This month is considered to be the month of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The word itself comes from the Latin word apeire. This means to open, and is usually referred to in connection with flower buds opening to bloom in the spring. 


Derived from the French word Mai, and named after Maia, the goddess of spring and growth. Maia is the daughter of Faunus, one of the oldest Roman deities and the wife of Vulcan. In Greek mythology, Maia is known as the mother of Hermes. Both the Greeks and the Romans considered Maia to be a nurturer filled with warmth.


June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of love and marriage. According to Roman mythology, Juno watched over pregnant women and children, ensuring their safe births. For this reason, getting married in June is considered good luck. Not only is June an ideal time for weddings, it is also a good month for renewing vows and conceiving children. 


Initially known as Quintillis, or the fifth month, this month was named in honor of Julius Ceasar after his death in 44 B.C.E. as he was born in this month. July is the first month of the calendar which is named after a real person.  


Originally called Sextilis, from the Latin word sextus, meaning six. Its name was then changed to honor the Roman emperor Augustus, Caesar’s great nephew. Augustus brought peace to a conflicted area and inspired growth, reform and a stronger infrastructure within its cities. 


September comes from the Latin term septem, meaning seven, as it was originally the seventh month in the ancient Roman calendar – which until 153 BCE was originally ten months long. September depicted the celebration of Ludi Romani, which lasted several weeks and featured chariot races, gladiatorial contests and lots of feasts. Spiritually, September can be thought of as the month we celebrate our personal victories and accomplishments. 


Derived from the word octo, which means eight – as this was the eight month of the Roman calendar, which then became the tenth month with the Gregorian calendar. October is marked by many festivals that take place around the world, including Oktoberfest in Germany.


Derived from the Latin word novem, meaning nine. Its name stuck, just as the other did, even after January and February were added to the calendar. November is associated with Thanksgiving in the states, a four day weekend that includes a lot of eating, Black Friday and the start of the Christmas holiday season. 


Coming from the Latin word decem, which means ten, this month of the Julian calendar is the tenth month, while it is now the 12th month of the Gregorian one. The Latin name is derived from Decima, the middle Goddess of the Three Fates, and the one who personifies the present.


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Monday, 11 March 2019


More than 5000 young people and 160 teachers across 80 schools in Western Sydney will benefit from Sydney Thunder’s Western Sydney Community Partnership Program.

The NSW Government will provide $450,000 over four years to support the program — an investment made possible thanks to the strong economic management of the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams said the program will target multicultural and special needs communities in Western Sydney.

“Sydney Thunder is a popular club with many families in Western Sydney, particularly amongst members of our multicultural communities,” Mr Williams said.

“The funding will support programs such as the Thunder Leadership Program, Professional Development for Teachers, Junior Thunder Nation Cup and Multicultural Cricket Gala Day.”

Member for Seven Hills Mark Taylor said the funding demonstrated the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government’s commitment to supporting young people in Western Sydney.

“In NSW we come from more than 300 ancestries and speak more than 200 languages,” Mr Taylor said.

“Cricket plays a crucial role in bringing communities together and promoting social cohesion.”

Cricket NSW CEO Lee Germon, welcomed the funding announcement.

“Cricket NSW and Sydney Thunder are thrilled to see the NSW Government partnering with us on this important initiative to promote social cohesion in Western Sydney,” Mr Germon said.

Over the last year, the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has provided more than $23 million to multicultural communities.

Nomiky Panayiotakis I Minister Williams I 0418 680 775

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eLanka Newsletter: March 2019 2nd edition: Sri Lankans in Australia – News, Photos, Events & Articles

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eLanka - Sri Lankans in Australia

eLanka Newsletter: March 2019 – 2nd edition
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Welcome to eLanka News – for the Sri Lankan Down Under!
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eLanka Articles

Sri Lanka on the way to successfully achieve UN SDGs – Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Norway Prof. Arusha Cooray (from Sydney Australia) addresses the event marking Sri Lanka’s 71st Independence Day celebrations in Oslo – Ambassador in Norway Prof. Arusha Cooray highlights Sri Lanka’s successes at 71st Independence Day celebrations in Oslo

-Says bi-lateral relationship between two countries has grown significantly in the recent past
-Asks Norwegians thinking of a holiday to make SL their next destination
-Sri Lanka has been a strong promoter of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has successfully achieved a number of them, which include universal primary education and gender parity in school enrolment, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Norway Prof. Arusha Cooray noted recently.untain……

“I WISH YOU WELL” – By Des Kelly

Desmond Kelly – ‘the Star of eLanka”

Anyone who has heard about Raul Malo & his backing group “Mavericks” will probably immediately imagine up-tempo music that sets feet tapping, dancing in the aisles, etc., etc., and you wouldn’t be too far wrong, folks, these guys, with Raul as a great “front-man” are a group of superb musicians who know the real meaning of the word “entertainment”, just take a simple song with lyrics that say,

“You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t,
damned if you will and damned if you won’t”, these Mavericks perform them with such gusto, it makes you want to listen to the song over & over again………

South Africa bounce back in the first one-dayer as the Lankans discover the good, the bad and the ugly – BY TREVINE RODRIGO IN MELBOURNE.

Sri Lanka can celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly since their fantastic Test series win over South Africa after a dismal batting performance gave the home team a morale boosting effortless win in the first one-dayer in Johannesburg………


Sri Lankan-born Jayamali Arambewela appointed to top post in Canadian green energy producing company

Sri Lankan-born Jayamali Arambewela has been appointed as the Vice President of Potentic Renewables, a major Canadian company specializing in solar and wind energy.

Jayamali who was born in Matara and studied electrical engineering in China said her company is a leader in the development of green energy resources in Ontario and in her new job she is in charge of operations which she describes as ‘a new and challenging experience in her 20-year career’…………..


30th UK vs SA Oval
31st Windies vs Pakistan Trent Bridge
1st NZ vs Sri lanka Cardiff 2nd SA vs Bangladesh Oval 3rd UK vs Pakistan Trent Bridge
4th Afghanistan vs SL Cardiff
5th SA vs India South Hampton 5th Bangladesh vs NZ Oval
6th Australia vs Windies Trent Bridge……………………..

Desmond De Silva in Dublin – Performs to a great crowd of Sri lankan fans in and around Dublin: Ireland

We know Sri Lankan’s migrated for studies and better job opportunities and also a better life in places like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Yet it does come as a surprise when we find a strong Sri Lanka community 3 hour drive from Dublin. This is what Desmond De Silva & his wife discovered on a recent trip to Dublin with friends last November………………………

A HISTORY OF HONOURS IN AUSTRALIA – By Harry de Sayrah OAM J.P ( Life Member of the Order of Australia Association)

Each year of Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday come the announcements of the latest appointments to the Order of Australia

Since the Order of Australia was created in February 1975 new awards have been announced on Australia Day in January and on the Queen’s Birthday in June but the tradition of a January honours listed has existed since much earlier. Before 1975 Australians were eligible for British honours which were announced each January and June at New Year and on the King’s or Queen’s official Birthday…………

Health & Views March 2019 – 1st issue – By Dr. Harold Gunatillake


Philip Ruddock – An Honorary Sri Lankan?
By William de Silva
Co-ordinator of Sri Lankan Over 55 Community Homes

Sri Lankan Senior’s Day 2019: Over 250 Sri Lankans have come to celebrate at the Thornleigh Education and Leisure Centre, and the venue is packed. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a grey haired, fair skinned man joyfully tucking into a rather spicy Sri Lankan curry. I look a little closer and realise it’s Philip Ruddock, our guest of honour…….


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eLanka Events – MELBOURNE

Rhythms and Tastes of Serendib (Gamen Liyumak)

15th March 2019

Oba Wenuwen Api
(Melbourne event)

23rd March 2019


Menzies Hall – 41 Menzies Avenue
Dandenong North
From : 12 Noon To: 5 pm
Lunch: Delightful Smorgasbord
Caterer : Tamarind “8” Finest Tastes of The East
Music by: Sam De Silva – Mr smooth & Cool
10th March 2019

Kandy Girls High School Past Pupils Association Melbourne Dinner Dance 2019

16th March 2019

Rhythm & Grooves at The Walawwa (Bungalow) – Dance the Night Away – Friday 15th March

15th March 2019

Burgher Association Australia presents Buriyani Lunch

7th April 2019

Burgher Association Australia presents – Yummy Rotti & Pittu Lunch

23rd June 2019

Trinity/Antonian OBA Cricket Encounter in Melbourne

24th March 2019

The Peterite annual Dinner Dance “A Night in Paris”

27th April 2019

A Taste of Sri Lanka with Wantirna Lions

30th March 2019

Night of Hope – Fund Raising Dinner Dance – Organised by Operation Hope

16th March 2019

The Voluntary Outreach Club together with The Grand on Cathies presents – Happy Mother’s Day – Sunday 12th May 2019 (Melbourne event)

12th May 2019

eLanka Events – SYDNEY

The Bellbirds Club Inc Presents Glitz & Glamour – 1st June 2019 (Sydney event)

1st June 2019

Black & Gold of NSW-DS.Senanayake College OBA – Sydney Chapter, Presents 2019 Black & Gold Masquerade Ball

25th May 2019

Sing-Along with Ranil Mallawarachchi

11th May 2019

Thora Paan Party for your Family – 30th March in Thornleigh

30th March 2019

Old Josephians Association of New South Wales Peerless Pearl – 30th Anniversary Ball

16th November 2019
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK – SYDNEY – CDF Patient Transport Annual Ball 2019

24th August 2019

Blacktown’s brightest Holi

10th March 2019

Thora Paan Party for your Family – 30th March in Thornleigh

30th March 2019

Black & Gold of NSW-DS.Senanayake College OBA – Sydney Chapter, Presents 2019 Black & Gold Masquerade Ball

25th May 2019

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eLanka Events – Brisbane





Option 2: 18 – 22 April or
Option 1: 19 – 22 April 2019

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Burgher Association (Australia)
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Westminster College – Study in Sydney, Australia

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Properties For Sale

The Castle Residence – Superlative Properties – Colombo, Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya – Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3-story house
Spaces 5-bedroom house with a 123.5 perch land located in Kelaniya
100-year-old clean title to the land
3 phase electricity / water and telephone connection.
Land ideal for residential or commercial purposes
– Access to Kandy road, Colombo Katunayake Highway and Negambo road in less than 5 mins
– Less than 30 minutes to the Katunayaka airport
– 20 minutes to Colombo Fort
– Less than 20 minutes to Colombo 7
– Road access to heavy vehicles thought Kandy and Negambo road
– 5 minute walk to the railway station
Name: Sanjeewa Edirisinghe
Number : +61 430 591 272

Catalina – Exclusive “Second Home, Back Home” residential country club

Nuwera Eliya, Sri Lanka – Prime Land & House, 174 Perches, Fenced and Gated

Nuwera Eliya
Prime Land, 174 Perches, Fenced and Gated.
There is a house, security room, tube well, walking distance to Town. Beautiful view of Nuwera Eliya town. Clear deed, U.D.A. approved Property Plan, Clear Title Report, Fertile soil for cultivation too, 10×10 water tank on top of land. Ideal for holiday home or circuit bungalow.
Please contact by email or phone.
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Willows Real Estate – Bella Vista, Sydney, NSW

4 adjacent sub-divided plots with serviced water and electricity – Located on Tewatte Road in Ragama

1 plot, 14.6 perches (369.27 square metres). @ 6 lakhs per perch (LKR 8, 760, 000) (AUD 74,871), with small house.
3 plots, 12 .4 perches (313.633 square metres). @ 6 lakhs per perch (LKR 7,440,000 each) (AUD 63,589 each). House with 5 bedrooms
Call Paul on 0419 034 855 (or +61 419 034 855 from overseas) to discuss in more depth.

Blue Ocean Group of Companies

IVY Residencies – Mt’Lavinia, Sri Lanka –
Home away from home in paradise

Benefit Property Group

House for Sale in Ja Ela

Fully furnished 3 bed bungalow – Rs 7,200,000

7 Perch land extent.
3 Bedrooms
Fully fitted pantry/kitchen equipped with 4 burner gas cooker/oven, Fridge-Freezer,
Microwave, Kettle and Utensils
Shower Cubical with Hot Water
Metal Grills on all windows, fanlights, front and back doors, for added security
In built concrete pillars for easy upstairs conversion
Brick construction
Off street parking for two cars
Well maintained throughout
24 Hr Security
Access to Swimming Pool
Clear title deeds
10 mins to Colombo-Katunayake Highway
Sold with all furniture and appliances.
Will consider unfurnished sales.
Contact: Jude


Tel: +44 7990 530442

in a Teak Plantation at Vanathavilluwa on Puttlam
District Sri Lanka

A beautiful Teak Plantation located in Vanathavilluwa on Puttlam District for sale. Its located just 158 Km away from Colombo


A large fully furnished & tenanted 3 bedroom apartment in the 4th floor of the park wing facing the swimming pool & the children’s park for sale.

– Area: 1,800 Sq Ft (largest size/corner)

– 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms

– Separate Maid’s quarters

– Fully Furnished

– Walking distance to British School in Colombo

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Sale Price: Rs. 55 Million (or equivalent in AUD)

Contact – +94 77 1061451/ +94 77 1061328


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LOVE & FRESH AIR – By Des Kelly

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How Great Thou art – by Desmond Kelly
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Only in Sri Lanka – By Gloria Meltzer
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My latest book, titled ‘ONLY IN SRI LANKA’, was published by Jojo Publishing in September this year. This story is based on my introduction to Sri Lankan life, its culture & customs, as experienced by my Singhalese daughter-in-law, my Australian son, and my three Aussie/Sri Lankan grandsons. It’s the story of village life, the time of the civil war and the tsunami. It’s the story of coming to terms with losing my family to another culture and another country.

Especially for You
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“Especially for you” my friends & fans everywhere, proudly presented by eLanka & “your’s truly”, a series of CDs featuring songs I have hand-picked from the hundreds I have sung, composed & recorded over all these years. Each “single” CD contains at least 20 songs. Additional ones are just a bonus.


Become part of Australia’s largest Online Sri Lankan community

You can also call Neil on 0402 905 275 (Australia) or +61 402905275 (from overseas)
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eLanka - Sri Lankans in Australia

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Sri Lanka on the way to successfully achieve UN SDGs – Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Norway Prof. Arusha Cooray (from Sydney Australia) addresses the event marking Sri Lanka’s 71st Independence Day celebrations in Oslo

Prof. Arusha Cooray

Source: the Daily FT Sri Lanka

  • Ambassador in Norway Prof. Arusha Cooray highlights Sri Lanka’s successes at 71st Independence Day celebrations in Oslo
  • Says bi-lateral relationship between two countries has grown significantly in the recent past
  • Asks Norwegians thinking of a holiday to make SL their next destination

Sri Lanka has been a strong promoter of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has successfully achieved a number of them, which include universal primary education and gender parity in school enrolment, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Norway Prof. Arusha Cooray noted recently.

“We met the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of halving poverty at the national level, seven years before the 2015 MDG deadline. The Blue-Green Budget of 2018 is further evidence of Sri Lanka governments’ commitment to addressing key dimensions of sustainable development,” Ambassador Cooray said, while addressing the gathering at an event held to mark Sri Lanka’s 71st Independence Day celebrations in Oslo.

Following are excerpts of her speech:

It is exactly 71 years, since Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain. Since independence, Sri Lanka has faced a number of challenges: a 26-year-old ethnic war, a civil conflict and last year, we were confronted by a constitutional crisis.

As we celebrate independence, we are thankful for what we have overcome, and, for how far we have progressed. Today therefore, we will not dwell on our challenges, but focus on our achievements. Sri Lanka is named ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, not without reason. It is so named due to its incredible beauty and biodiversity. It is home to eight UNESCO global heritage listed sites, and has been voted the No. 1 destination to visit in 2019, by Lonely Planet. So, if you are thinking of a holiday, SL should be your next destination. Sri Lanka additionally has vast agricultural potential and is currently the world’s biggest exporter of cinnamon, and the world’s second largest exporter of tea.

Ladies and gentlemen, something that SL has in common with Norway is its strong welfare state. Although a low middle-income country, we are proud of ranking high in terms of numerous social welfare indices, with long life expectancy, low infant mortality, and high levels of literacy. Sri Lanka’s classified as a ‘high human development index’ country by the United Nations, with a human development index above the average of 0.76 for countries in the high human development group. This has been due to the commitment of successive governments to the welfare state. Sri Lanka’s governments have also been strong promoters of the SDG goals, and we have successfully achieved a number of SDG goals, which include universal primary education and gender parity in school enrolment.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we celebrate Sri Lanka’s Independence, I should mention that Norway occupies a special place among our international partners. Therefore, today, also gives us the opportunity to thank the Norwegian government and the people of Norway, for the support that was given to us during the reconciliation process, and the continued support to us in our developmental and rehabilitation efforts.

The bi-lateral relationship between SL and Norway has grown significantly in the recent past entering a new phase of friendship and cooperation. The past three years have seen a number of high-level visits between the two countries, including those at the Prime Ministerial level. Another bond linking our countries is the significant presence of Norwegian citizens of Sri Lankan origin, who actively engage in many spheres of Norwegian life. Norway, will therefore, continue to remain a valued partner of Sri Lanka. Let us work together to further strengthen our political, economic and global partnership.


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Sri Lanka Flag


30th   UK vs SA          Oval

31st  Windies vs Pakistan   Trent Bridge


1st    NZ vs Sri lanka       Cardiff                                          

2nd   SA vs Bangladesh   Oval                                         

3rd   UK vs Pakistan      Trent Bridge                                          

4th  Afghanistan vs SL  Cardiff                                       

5th SA vs India  South Hampton                                      

5th Bangladesh vs NZ    Oval

6th Australia vs Windies Trent Bridge

7th Pakistan vs SL          Bristol

8th UK vs Bangladesh   Cardiff

8th Afghanistan vs NZ Taunton

9th India vs Australia   Oval

10th SA vs Windies    Southampton

11 Bangladesh vs SL      Bristol

12th Aust vs Pakistan  Taunton

13th India vs NZ          Nottingham

14th UK vs Windies    Southampton

15th SL vs Aust           Oval

16th India vs Pakistan Manchester

17th Windies vs Bangladesh Taunton

18th UK vs Afghanistan  Manchester

19th NZ vs SA                 Birmingham

20th Aust vs Bangladesh  Nottingham

21st  UK vs SL                  Leeds

22nd India vs Afghanistan Southampton

23rd Pakistan vs SA           Lords

24th Bangladesh vs Afghanistan – Southampton

25th Aust vs UK                Lord

26th NZ vs Pakis              Birmingham

27th Windies vs India      Manchester

28th SL vs SA                  Durham

29th Pakistan vs Afghanistan – Leeds

30th UK vs India             Birmingham


1st SL vs Windies           Durham

2nd Bangladesh vs India  Birmingham

3rd UK vs NZ                  Durham

4th Afghanistan vs Windies Leeds

5th Pakistan vs Bangladesh    Lords

6th SL vs India                  Leeds

6th Aust vs SA              Manchester

9th  July Semis 1 vs 4     Manchester                                   

11th July Semis 2 vs 3    Birmingham                      


14th July at Lords

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Stories in Song Series. 2019 – “ON THE OTHER HAND” – By Des Kelly

Randy Travis, born Randy Bruce Traywick born 4th May 1959, American Country singer songwriter guitarist plus actor as well, active since 1978, recorded no less than 20 Studio albums has toured worldwide and married Elizabeth Hatcher; a film producer in 1991 but they parted company in 2010. Liz Hatcher was 20 years older than Randy, actually meeting him when he was still a teenager (17 years old), after a long engagement of 9 years they tied the knot, only to undo it 19 years later in 2010. Liz was the manager of a night club and helped promote her famous husband to Stardom. He then met Mary Beougher & they were engaged in 2010.She was with him when he suffered a massive stroke in 2013, but fought back even after the doctors advised that he should be taken off life support. Mary,  I believe, is still with this great singer. Good luck Randy, here’s hoping that the Almighty will bring you back to good health.

This writer was lucky to see Randy Travis on tour in Melbourne. This was many years ago, of course and much water has flowed under the bridge since then, but, “on the other hand”, Randy has also been voted one of the best Country Singers in his Country and my readers will agree with me when they see this superb Artiste in action on eLanka, quite definitely the best website for all Lankan/Aussies, plus patriots all over this World of ours. Please listen folks, and enjoy Randy Travis.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

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Sri Lankan-born Jayamali Arambewela appointed to top post in Canadian green energy producing company


Jayamali Arambewela appearing on Roopana Web Magazine

Sri Lankan-born Jayamali Arambewela has been appointed as the Vice President of Potentic Renewables, a major Canadian company specializing in solar and wind energy.

Jayamali who was born in Matara and studied electrical engineering in China said her company is a leader in the development of green energy resources in Ontario and in her new job she is in charge of operations which she describes as ‘a new and challenging experience in her 20-year career’.

Speaking to Manjula Wickeramaratne of Roopana weekly web broadcast, Jayamali said her company’s top priority is developing renewable energy to generate electricity. “Our firm has so far undertaken about 600 projects, also including the installations of solar rooftops in 300 public schools in the province. The power generated by our projects is directly transferred to the electrical grid,” she added.

After graduating from the University of Tsinghua in China where she specialized in power generation and distribution, she worked  for projects in Ormazabal, a Europe-based medium voltage switchgear company, focussing on power distribution.

“When I chose electrical engineering many of my friends were opting to study computer science because it was thought to be  the technology of future that time. They advised me to switch on to IT but I listened to my own heart. I knew electrical engineering was my calling and from my childhood I was fascinated by the magic of physics and therefore I followed my instincts,” Jayamali said adding that her experience in China was a tremendous help when she was looking for employment opportunities in Canada.

Her fluency in Chinese and English in addition to her knowledge of cultural sensitivities were the factors that worked in her favour while working in China. She is still using Chinese when she interacts with certain clients in Ontario.

She came to Canada one year after her husband who is also an electrical engineer and ‘opened the door for me’. She had to face some challenges initially. She had to get the licence to work as an engineer in Ontario but was confident of her chances as the field of green energy is a fast developing area in the Canadian economy.

After coming to Canada she worked for companies like General Switchgear and Crown Technical Systems continuing to develop technical and leadership skills in switch gear design and manufacturing. She was able to use her experience with the German company in China to design commercial and industrial designs. “The Ontario companies gave me lot of freedom and as a result I was able to develop certain areas that were neglected in the consumer service field. Potentica Renewable considered all my achievements in my work history in China and Canada when they hired me to head their operations. There was a also move to patent one of my designs I did for a company but it did not happen due to some professional reasons. My designs won many projects for these companies and I got lot of funds to test the efficiency of my creations.”

She leads a team of 18 junior and senior engineers designing the systems, creating detailed drawings and specifications for utilities, external consultants and contractors. “My job satisfaction rises sky high when I see my simple pencil sketches become real projects to serve the people”.

Setting up of wind turbines and solar panels does not end with the installation alone. Her company provides engineering support throughout the life cycle of the equipment. Her company’s most ambitious project in the recent past is 25 MW solar farm which was launched in the Dominican Republic.

One of her designs won her a prestigious award from the Association of Professional Engineers in Ontario. Her design came only second to the mega project of Highway Seven renovation program.

Talking about gender gap in employment, one of her pet areas, she said engineering is usually not considered as a woman’s job and only about 20 per cent women are engaged in the energy sector. Explaining about electrical engineering Jayamali commented there are many opportunities in this field and its demand never goes down and she encourages more women to study engineering, emphasizing that it is no more a man’s prerogative. “North America figures prominently in global initiative of ‘Equal by 2030’ to close the gender gap where equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities will be targeted by raising women’s participation. North America predicts that its use of green energy will increase to 80 per cent by 2050 and this will create more employment opportunities for women”.

“I attend many symposiums, seminars and other events and I see how only a few women are engaged in engineering. Sometimes I am the only woman taking part in these public events”, she said. She is encouraging more girls to study engineering and is prepared to help and guide voluntarily anyone willing to get the Canadian certification. “The only requirement after graduation is four years’ experience in the field”.

Jayamali describes green energy as the technology of tomorrow. “It is encouraging to see that global giants like Google and Apple generate electricity in their headquarters only through renewable sources and when Japan hosts 2020 Summer Olympics the games will completely depend on green energy. They have already started lighting up the roads with wind and solar power. 2020 Games will be something to watch for where green energy is concerned!”

(Roopana is a Toronto-based weekly Sinhala web magazine which has run into 117 episodes so far. The broadcast covering Sri Lankan community news and personalities contributing to the success in various areas of Canadian life is presented by Weeratech Creations). – Somasiri Munasinghe

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Sri Lankan artist wins first prize in Toronto ice carving competition


Nandasiri and his award-winning ice carving with Sri Lankan motifs

Sri Lankan ice carver Nandasiri Meegoda won the first prize of the Bloor Yorkville Ice Fest last month, beating 12 other Canadian competitors in Toronto.

Nandasiri who saw real ice and snow for the first time in his life after migrating to Canada in 2012 won his first-ever ice carving honours by grabbing the third prize, also at the Bloor Yorkville Fest, in 2013. Three years later he won the first place in the same contest adding to his trove of trophies that include three first place finishes at the Peterborough Polar Bear Ice Competition in addition to half a dozen second and third places in other contests in various parts of the country.

Asked what differentiated him from the other Canadian competitors at the Yorkville Festival, he says he believes the secret is his creativity which he combines with proper planning and also the unique traditional Sri Lankan native designs he used to beatify his creations.

“Before I begin carving I pay special attention to the prevailing weather conditions,” says the 58-year-old, who depends largely on his unerring eyes and accuracy of his arms while wielding his five-pound electrical drill to create masterpieces in ice. “I take special care to place my pieces angled according to the behaviour of the sun because light is a major factor to project the fantasies of ice artworks in an effective way. I didn’t learn it anywhere, and it is a technique I discovered on my own.”

Another secret of his ice arts is his use of traditional Sri Lankan designs for his creations. For example, his exhibit in February has native Sri Lankan decorative motifs, known as ‘liyawel’ in Sinhalese, portrayed in ancient temple carvings. “Other competitors use symbols like lines and circles to embellish their work but when people see my creations they find something really unique and different, though many of them know little about our traditional arts”, he tells in an exclusive interview. The theme for this year’s festival, organized to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, was Medieval Art. Nandasiri created a knight on horseback borrowing from his native country’s popular ancient designs decorating his award-winning carving. “Fine art has no geographical boundaries and it is even more eye-catching when the art of east and west are fused,” he says.

Nandasiri who has not learnt art formally in school believes he has acquired the skill from his birth. As a kid he watched how village artisans created decorations for festivals and other local events in Meegoda where he was born. As a boy of eight he watched an artiste creating a traditional wedding dais for a relative’s wedding. When his sister got married a few years later he created an exact replica of the dais adding his own innovations, becoming something like a village celebrity. From that day onwards he was in high demand in his native village to paint at temple festivals, to decorate weddings and also to paint pictures and banners at funerals.

After leaving school he joined an advertising company and a few years later decided to launch his own graphic design company and in a short time became one of the most sought after designers in the country. He designed  advertisements, billboards for films and commercial products, television and print advertisement, at the same time pursuing his passion for painting in oil, acrylic and water colours. He is also an excellent sculptor adept at handling creations in clay, plastic, fiber and cement. Nanadasiri is a well known fruit carver in Toronto.

He is the first artist in Sri Lanka to change the way screen printing was done. “Earlier, many people used to limit it to one sheet but I discovered a method to print a bigger design on four different sheets and combine them for larger billboards,” he said.

Nandasiri has also mastered the use of Adobe Suite software and animation. A fact many may not be aware is that he has written lyrics for about 20 songs which are being played on Sri Lankan radio stations and available on Youtube. Nandasiri says he came to Canada mainly to avoid unhealthy political atmosphere in Sri Lanka and also for the benefit of his two children. His eldest son is studying at the University of Waterloo and daughter is studying arts, following in the footsteps of her dad.

“Relocating to Canada made me confront lot of problems initially. I was unable to build a proper portfolio of my work acceptable in Canada and also my English needed improvements,” he said.

He had been looking for jobs but there had been many setbacks. Nandasiri started doing odd jobs here and there and developed an interest in ice carving. One day he walked into a company, met the owner and inquired whether there were openings for artists. The owner politely said that there were no openings. Then he sat at the owner’s table and sketched his face. The owner was impressed with what he did, called his chief ice carver asking him whether he had any job for Nanadasiri. Though there were no opportunities the company hired him on a temporary basis to work only when there was work.

“I am still grateful to the chief ice carver of Iceboy company, Frederick Marquita, a Filipino-Canadian. He is the person who taught me the art of creating magic from blocks of ice. I took part in carving competition of Bloor Yorkville annual ice festival in the same year. Frederick came first in the contest while I won the third place.” In this year’s competition which was held on February 24 and 25 Nandasiri won the first prize.

He says ice is closely connected to the culture of Canada and every year he is invited to demonstrate ice carving in cultural festivals in distant villages. Some of the areas he has covered include Thunder Bay, Kawathra, Niagara, Peterborough and Barrie.

At the moment he is getting ready to hold his first one-man painting exhibition in Toronto. – Somasiri Munasinghe



Masterpieces in Ice: Left: Nandasiri’s creation to mark Canada’s 200th birthday. Centre: A dais for Katina (Rainy Season Retreat) festival created at Scarborough Buddhist temple last year in the shape of an ancient pagoda. Right: Ice elephant is embellished with Sri Lankan motifs.

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