We Walk The Walk – 30 km

We Walk-The-Walk – Not just Talk-The-Talk.



Gethsemane is an incorporated not-for-profit community group providing an astounding variety of voluntary services which include:

1. Free food pantry 7 days a week to feed the homeless, the hungry and even privileged families undergoing a temporary set-back, by way of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, bakery-products, eggs, meats and other consumables. Also nappies, vitamins and nutrients.

2. Free opportunity shop, distributing household good, furniture, utensils and clothing to those in need.

3. Free talent school.

4. Free annual event – the Clyde Carols by Candlelight on Dec 1st 2018, from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the Hillcrest Christian College Oval – which is what this walk is for.

Every day, around 400 residents benefit from our services, which promotes social cohesion within the community and improves the health and wellbeing of the public, including children, single parents, the elderly and large families. We are a self-funded organisation who sacrifice our time, premises, vehicles and personal funds in order to keep this service available to the community, not just once a week or once a fortnight, but 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 days a year, including public holidays. Our volunteers are often sleep-deprived and go hungry ourselves, nevertheless we offer our services joyfully and greet everyone with a welcoming smile. We rush around merrily while tending to our own toddlers and infants. Some of us have as many as 6 small children. Come rain or shine, we have the storehouse open by Midday.
Despite our limited resources, we help the community on a mammoth scale. We improve resident’s quality of life and instill a sense of inclusion, harmony and unity across diverse cultures, nationalities and religions. Our services are available 24/7 in the event of a food emergency, to the socially isolated, homeless, depressed, underprivileged and anyone in need. Over Christmas 2017 Gethsemane fed over 5 thousand residents in 2 days. Anyone experiencing financial and other difficulties, including emotional and physical abuse, find refuge at Gethsemane, where they’re treated with respect and dignity, feeling useful and purposeful again. Casey children are taught the Arts at no cost to their families.

Our 30km walk is to host our community to an annual free night of entertainment, providing an opportunity that springboards Local Businesses and promotes Local Talent, in a harmonious carnival-like atmosphere. We’re in the process of launching a free community cafe and hosting a ‘Christmas Miracle’ where every child gets a free toy and possibly the adults as well. Gethsemane is an inspiration to our entire Community, including Casey Council, Work for the Dole and Maternal Child Care Services, who refer clients to our services. Our exemplary sacrifices have motivated residents whose subsequent involvement and participation in our program, have mitigated isolation, depression and even substance abuse. Volunteers work tirelessly, at a cost to ourselves, with no expectation of reviews, ratings or even a gold coin donation. We’re on the road from 6.30 am and often serve till midnight, delivering to immobile families. Some families wish to remain anonymous and in respect of their privacy, we leave our care package on their front doorstep and drive off.

We accept your sponsorship of our fundraising 30km walk with heartfelt appreciation. It will take place on Saturday November 17th 2018. We require the funding as soon as possible because while our Carols event is completely free to the community, it costs us around 20 thousand dollars. Most of this needs to be paid upfront to secure the requirements of stage, lights, sound, insurance, security, ambulance, advertising, traffic control and cleaning. Rather than simply accepting sponsorships, we’re putting ourselves out there and working for it – or in this case ‘walking’ for it.

Thanks immensely and be blessed.

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“PUNYA HEENDENIYA (A true legend of Sri Lanka) – By Des Kelly

Dr.Upul Wijayawardhana, first & foremost, let me thank you Sir, for this most interesting story on Punya Heendeniya, a true legend of Sri Lanka, both as an actress & a person.

For my readers of eLanka, although I do remember Henry Jayasena, the actor who once was also a “temporary-“boarder” at our home in Dehiwala. Sadly, he has also passed on. My recollections as regards the actors, and, more importantly, the actresses of that particular era, was that, although Henry was quite a handsome bloke, it is Rukmani Devi, the actress & “nightingale” of Ceylon, that I remember, to this very day. Rest in peace, Rukmani.

     Punya Heendeniya  was “on-screen” much later, I suppose. Henry Jayasena would have been very proud to have this most beautiful & talented co-star work with him, but I was already in Australia and unfortunately had lost touch with “showbiz” in general, in my Lovely Island Home (as I always call her).

All of us Lankan Aussies & Lankan patriots everywhere in the World should be so proud of “natural beauties” like Punya. For a little Island, we had sooo many. Nationalities mattered not a jot. Suffice to say that “a picture speaks a thousand words” & I only can only say that this “picture” of Punya (with Henry) is sufficient proof of this. 

     Then, we go on to the photograph of Punya at the age of 80!!. I know that most Sri Lankan women tend to “wear their age” so much better than others, but, at eighty ?, !!.

Unbloodybelieveable, as we say, in Australia. All the grace and charm is still obvious. I will leave all of you to enjoy the story of Punya Heendeniya  by the good Doctor, but please let me wish you a very happy birthday, Punya, & many more to come. 

You have been a pride to your Country, not only for your beauty & undoubted talent as an actress, but also for your attitude, in what you do. Congratulations, Punya Heendeniya. 

Desmond Kelly

(Editor-in-Chief)- eLanka, Australia.


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This writer has been a long-time admirer of a bunch of guys calling themselves “The Mavericks”. They are still very much on the Showbiz scene in America, and, as a band, they are superb. Raul Malo, their “front-man” & lead vocalist is also a songwriter and has written many songs.

     On one of their “albums” is a song with the title  “Amsterdam Moon”. Every other song on the album runs for 3 plus minutes, so I was at  loss to understand why the song I preferred (Amsterdam Moon) only lasts for 2 plus minutes. The best song, yet the shortest. I have tried to contact Raul, to no avail (he is probably on tour), so, while I give full credit to Raul Malo, who, I believe, is the composer of the song that I’ve played over & over again (I especially love the musical interlude), I have absolutely no idea about Amsterdam, never having been there, still, I suppose the moon that sheds her light on this City in the Netherlands, is the same moon that shines over Sri Lanka.

     This being the case, I am sure that Raul would not mind if I did a “Cover” of this beautiful song, including simply Sri Lanka instead of Amsterdam, because I HAVE SEEN many a lovely moonlit night in the “Ceylon” of my day.

For all my readers of eLanka, I give you the lyrics, so you can sing along, as I do, just substituting Sri Lanka for Amsterdam. My music-clip for you is the utube version of the Mavericks singing theilr song. Please listen to the musical interlude. It is simple, yet beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Here are the lyrics to:-“Amsterdam Moon (Sri Lankan Moon)

Ever since the world began

She’s been there, to lend a hand

From Galileo, to Van Gogh

She’d shine her light, to let us know

To stand before her, once again

For she’s a wise and kind old friend

She’s always there to see us through, Sri Lankan Moon

If you look close, you’ll see her scars

They’re brought to her, by jealous stars

A guardian angel, she has been

An inspiration, all have seen

I’ll stay with her, throughout the night

Making sure she’ll be alright

Ton8ght’s my turn to see her through, Sri Lankan Moon

A “musical interlude” (that will be unforgettable), & back to:-

I stand before her once again

For she’s a wise and kind old friend

She’always there, to see us through, Sri Lankan Moon.

Friends, here is the Mavericks’ “AMSTERDAM MOON”

Desmond Kelly

 Star of eLanka



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“MURALLY YOUR’S” – By Des Kelly

Matthew (Matt.)Adnate is the Artist who has just completed what is the tallest public housing “mural”, in Collingwood, Melbourne, actually, now, the tallest, most realistic “mural” as far as this wordsmith is concerned, in the Southern Hemisphere. There are thousands of these murals in the World, folks, but to finally see the finished product on television, yesterday, was something I did think, was fully worth writing about. Not only has this Artist accomplished a work that is absolutely superb in itself, 

Matt has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there are “others” who think that they are sending some foolish message in what is loosely termed “Art”, but is nothing more than graffiti, making their “canvases” ugly, & the wonderful City of Melbourne look third-rate, in the World.

     Everywhere one looks, nowadays, graffiti hits the eye, but, while this is now a crime, as in everything, the punishment seems to be too little & too late. These guys & gals who go around with a paint brush at night, dip their brushes in some cheap paint and scrawl their ugly signage all over the place should go to jail, instead of getting a rap across the knuckles, be told to “clean-up” their dirty work, do so, under supervision, but go out again, the first chance they get, to “re-graffitise” somewhere else. Instead of all this, the Victorian Government should pick out those Artistes that just MIGHT have some real talent and have people like Matt

give them some tuition in “painting”. Of course, for those who suffer with vertigo, this type of “muralling” will be impossible, so, to sample the niceties of most Melbourne jails, as opposed to jails anywhere else in the World, these “graffitians”will have to look for something else to do. 

     Getting back to something that is worthwhile. Collingwood may have, once again, been the bridesmaids, as far as the A.F.L.Grand-final this year was concerned, (better luck, next year, boys), BUT, in Matt.Adnate, they have a Champion, who, in my opinion, may never touch a footy, but will still  make this Town a talking-point of anyone who visits, or even drives through Collingwood. Just one important point here, folks. If you are driving through, do not take your eyes off the road to look at this masterpiece. It may well be the last one, you will ever see. STOP!, park somewhere and then feast your eyes on a MURAL that will never have a PLURAL of it’s kind, anywhere. I salute Matt. Adnate, you’re the pride of this State, so let’s not stagnate.

Let us now meditate, before it’s too late. MURALLY YOUR’S,

Desmond Kelly

 Star of eLanka



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