Kerrigan’s list of achievements

Kerrigan La-Brooy amongst some of the food he donates. 188504_04.

By Jessica Anstice

Berwick Pastor Kerrigan La-Brooy has been widely recognised this year for his mind-blowing involvement in the local community for the amazing work his does.

Mr La-Brooy won the 2018 Casey Volunteer Pair Award in July, along with his wife, Michelle.

This well-deserved recognition comes in appreciation of the ongoing contributions and sacrifices this couple makes for everyone around them.

Mr La-Brooy is the Senior Pastor of Gethsemane Church in Berwick which he planted in April 2017.

He’s also the founder and creator of Gethsemane Charity, which feeds and clothes over 400 people daily, seven days a week. In addition to the church and charity, together with Mrs La-Brooy and their six children (all 10 years and younger), the

La-Brooy family run a free Talent Academy, an opportunity shop and they host the Clyde Carols by Candlelight each year.

Mr and Mrs La-Brooy work tirelessly, from way before sunrise to way past sunset.

In fact, Mr La-Brooy often operates on two to three hours sleep and one meal a day.

Kerrigan is quick to acknowledge the help and support of his congregation.

“Team Gethsemane give their time selflessly and committedly to make all these services possible and accessible,” he said.

Gethsemane Church was nominated for four awards at the City of Casey award ceremony in July.

Mr La-Brooy was also nominated for Casey Citizen of the year and was the recipient of a Holt Australia Day Award.

“My vision, mission and passion is to spread the love of Jesus throughout the community whether it’s acknowledged or not,” he said.

“I would rather shy away from the attention and I am eager to include Team Gethsemane in everything.

“For Gethsemane to accomplish all this in just over one year is truly a staggering achievement.”

Gethsemane runs a food relief program feeding the homeless and the hungry.

The food includes bread, bakery products, pies, croissants, fruit, vegetables, eggs, drinks, meats and other necessities.

Last Christmas period Mr La-Brooy said he “felt blessed” to put food on the table for around five thousand people.

Gethsemane Charity operates from Gethsemane Church on Sundays and the other six days of the week from Mr and Mrs La-Brooys home, where people stop by and help themselves.

Gethsemane also runs Triple Treat Talent Academy where children are taught to act, sing and dance at no cost.

Mr O’Brooy said he “understands that affordability is often a problem for parents” and he “doesn’t want the children to miss out on an opportunity to harness their God-given talents”.

The opportunity shop operates from their home, where the couple and their children have long run out of space for themselves.

The idea behind the op shop is not to sell anything; so if someone couldn’t afford even one dollar, they could feel free to help themselves to clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac.

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Malinga: A square peg in a round hole – By by Rex Clementine


Lasith Malinga with Thisara Perera, Sri Lanka’s most successful ODI player in 2018.

Sri Lanka Cricket has let Lasith Malinga off the hook with a mere slap on the wrist following his outburst through the social media outlets under his control. The fast bowler made serious allegations against his colleague Thisara Perera.  As the national cricket team suffered a 3-0 whitewash in the ODI and then lost the subsequent T-20 International, it appeared that the captain had lost total control over the proceedings.

His appointment as the captain of white ball teams was done after poor research and his subsequent diatribe against Perera has resulted in divisions within the team, in New Zealand.

Thisara was Sri Lanka’s most consistent ODI cricketer last year. Stats prove it. He was the most successful batsman in 2018 with 415 runs to his name. The 25 wickets that he took last year were the second highest behind Akila Dananjaya’s 28 scalps. His batting average of 34 and bowling average of 20, in 2018, saw him gradually enter Lance Klusener territory. What possessed Malinga to call a proven performer’s credentials into question?

Thisara has always played the game in the right spirit and rises to the occasion whenever the team gets into trouble. He is the one who put his hand out to take the team to war-torn Lahore when the likes of Lasith Malinga chickened out.

Malinga should have been dealt with severely for bringing the game into disrepute. But he went scot free.

Far be it from us to tell Chairman of Selectors Ashantha De Mel how to do his job. Having done the job on several occasions during tougher times of our cricket, he knows what he is doing. His argument that the captain should be an automatic choice in the side is sound. However, Lasith being Lasith, can create an unhealthy environment in the dressing room. With him it’s a case of my way or highway. There are persons that he strongly likes and dislikes and for him the middle path does not simply exist.

Sanath Jayasuriya was one of Sri Lanka’s most successful captains and the secret of his success was that he had the ability to bring the best out of all his charges. That’s something that Malinga sadly lacks.

One of Malinga’s first moves as ODI captain was to demote his predecessor and bete noire Dinesh Chandimal to number five. Chandimal was placed at three for him to bat through the 50 overs as the team had failed to utilise the quota of overs in recent ODIs. But Malinga went and pushed him to the deep end and after Chandimal failed in two games, he was axed for the dead rubber.

Chandimal and Malinga – both southerners – one from Ambalangoda and the other from the neighbouring Rathgama, have a colourful history.

Chandimal was the captain during the ICC World T-20 in 2014. It has been a well-guarded secret in Sri Lankan cricket that Malinga deliberately slowed down the over rate during the competition in a bid to get the captain suspended and then elevate himself to that position. It is still not late for Sri Lanka Cricket to investigate what happened in Bangladesh in 2014.

If an impartial inquiry is conducted, some of our former captains who preach fair play via twitter will get exposed for what they really are – hypocrites.

It also needs to be found out why Sri Lanka has the worst slow over rate in the world. For a team that depends heavily on spin bowling, there’s no way that they are unable to finish their overs on time. Either the players are unfit or some of them deliberately slow down the over rate. Such elements do not deserve to be in the national squad.

Malinga is certainly not the man to take Sri Lankan cricket forward. How can he lead this side? After all, he is someone who turned his back on Sri Lankan cricket having retired from Test cricket prematurely. Malinga was 27 when he quit Test cricket. He preferred the Ambanis in the IPL to his country at a time the team desperately needed him in the post-Muralitharan era.

Angelo Mathews has been groomed for this job but unfortunately some people don’t like his face. So the next best candidate for the job is Chandimal.

True, Chandimal let his supporters down during the ball tampering saga in the Caribbean. But everyone needs to be given a second chance. Chandimal unlike Malinga will be someone who is capable of bringing the side together. With him at the helm, Malinga, Mathews, Thisara Perera and everyone will be treated equally. What we need at the moment is a leader who is capable of going on the middle path rather than the extremes. Let’s give Chandimal his job back.

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In Australia, the name Don immediately brings to mind, the greatest Cricketer (Batsman/Captain) in the World, Sir Donald Bradman, the head of the Italian Mafia was always known as “Don”, no matter what his original name was.

Then, there was the late Don Knotts (Actor), the late Don Rickles (Comedian), & the not so late Don Hinds, only 25 years old & already an “You-tube” Star. Congratulations to the final Don. May you go onto greater things on You-Tube.

Stop digressing Des, & go on with your “Stories in Song”, featuring, this time, the late, great Don Ho, a Hawaiian “great” who started very small, really. His first “hit” in fact, was  “Tiny Bubbles”, born Donald Tai Loy Ho on August 13th

1930, died of a heart-attack on April 14th 2007. Don Ho has the distinction of being, in just two words,  “Mr. Hawaii”.

He was a natural Entertainer, an example for all easy-going Island “Musos”. He was a vocalist, piano & ukelele player, originating from Honolulu in 1959, he started his recording career with Reprise Records and naturally, his first album was titled  “Tiny Bubbles”, a copy of which became one of my favourites, and also of my youngest son, Warren, who obviously loved this song, so we “recorded” Warren’s version of the song, which became a favourite with my family.

Hawaiian Music, a happy carefree example of what good music can be,  when performed not only by Don or Warren, but by anyone who loves “Island Music”. Anyone who prefers spending their spare time by the seaside (anywhere), and, apart from Ceylon, or Serendib, as it was originally known, I cannot think of a better place to enjoy Hawaiian Music than Hawaii, itself. For the members of eLanka, plus anybody else who reads this, I would love to present 3 Don Ho songs, so folks, please get your leis and grass skirts (ladies), ready.?, HERE WE GO WITH DON HO !!.

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief)– eLanka.

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e lanka remember


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

There are two days in every week that we should not worry about,

 Two days that should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

 One is YESTERDAY, with its mistakes and cares,

 Its faults and blunders, its aches and pains.

 YESTERDAY has passed forever beyond our control.

 All the money in the world cannot bring back YESTERDAY.

 We cannot undo a single act we performed.

 Nor can we erase a single word we’ve said – YESTERDAY is gone!

The other day we shouldn’t worry about is TOMORROW,

 With its impossible adversaries, its burden,

 Its hopeful promise and poor performance.

 TOMORROW is beyond our control.

 TOMORROW’S sun will rise either in splendor,

 Or behind a mask of clouds – but it will rise.

 And until it does, we have no stake in TOMORROW,

This leaves only one day – TODAY.

 Any person can fight the battles of just one day.

 It is only when we add the burdens of ,

 YESTERDAY and TOMORROW that we break down.

 It is not the experience of TODAY that drives people mad,

 It is the remorse of bitterness for something,

 Which happened YESTERDAY,

 And the dread of what TOMORROW may bring.

Let us, therefore, LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME!


 ~author: unknown~


*Here’s what God says about TOMORROW:

 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matt.6:34)

“Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring forth.”  (Prov.27:1)

 *Here’s what God says about YESTERDAY:

 “……forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.”


 “forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.”

 (Isaiah 43:18)

 *Here’s what God says about TODAY:

 “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice & be glad in it.”

 (Psalm 118:24)

*Here is what God says about all three…


 (Heb. 13:8)

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Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough – Photos thanks to Trevine Rodrigo


Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church.

Click here or on the photos below to view the full album on eLanka Facebook page 

Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church Christmas carols at Resurrection Church in Keysborough with Fr. Brian Collins, Fr. Yon and Fr. Martin ,and the choirs of the church


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Ray Williams Message -Pongal 2019



Ray Williams MP

நியூ ெவுத் வேல்ஸில் ச ொங்கல் சகொண்டொடும் அனைேருக்கும் என் மைமொர்ந்த ேொழ்த்துக்கனை ேழங்குேதில் நொன் மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்ெி அனடகிவறன்.

இந்த ிரெித்தி ச ற்ற தமிழ் அறுேனடத் திருேிழொ சதன்ைிந்தியொ முழுேதும் ரேலொகக் சகொண்டொடப் டுகிறது, வமலும் இயற்னகயின் ஈனகக் குணத்துக்கொக, அதற்கு நன்றி கூறும் ேொய்ப்ன யும் நம் அனைேருக்கும் தருகிறது. ொரம் ொியமொக, அொிெி, கரும்பு மற்றும் மஞ்ெள் வ ொன்றேற்றின் அறுேனடனய ச ொங்கல் திருேிழொ சகொண்டொடுகிறது; அத்துடன் திருமணங்கள் நனடச றும் மற்றும் அருள் ொலிக்கும் மொதமொக இது அறியப் டுகிறது.

நமது ெமூக மற்றும் ச ொருைொதொர ெொதனைகனை உருேொக்க திறனம ேொய்ந்த புலம்ச யர்ந்வதொனர ேரவேற்கும் அவத ெமயத்தில், அேர்கள் தங்கள் சமொழி, மதம், கலொெொரத்னதப் புதிய நொட்டில் வ ொற்றிப் வ ணுேதற்கும் நியூ ெவுத் வேல்ஸ் அரசு ஊக்குேிக்கிறது.

நியூ ெவுத் வேல்ஸ் அரெொைது நமது ெமூக சமொழிப் ள்ைிகளுக்கு 10.9 மில்லியன் டொலர்கள் முதலீடு செய்திருப் தில் ச ருமிதம் சகொள்கிறது. இது நமது மொநிலத்திலுள்ை செழித்து ேைரும் 12 தமிழ் சமொழிப் ள்ைிகளுக்கு நன்னம யக்கும்.

ச ொங்கல் என் து கலொெொர வேறு ொட்னட ஊக்குேிக்கும் ஒரு திருேிழொேொகும். இனதத் தமிழ் ெமூகம் மிகவும் மகிழ்வுடன் சகொண்டொட
நொன் அன்புடன் ேினழகின்வறன்.


வர ேில்லியம்ஸ் எம்ி.

(Ray Williams MP)

I am delighted to offer my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating Pongal in NSW.

This prominent Tamil harvest festival is widely celebrated across southern India and gives
us all a chance to thank nature for its bounty. Traditionally, Pongal celebrates the harvest of
rice, sugarcane, and turmeric; heralding a month of weddings and blessings.
As we welcome skilled migrants to build on our social and economic achievements, the
NSW Government encourages people to cherish their language, religion and culture in their
new land.

The NSW Government is proud to have invested $10.9 million for our community language
schools, and this will benefit the flourishing Tamil language schools in our state.
Pongal is a festival which promotes cultural diversity, and I wish the Tamil community a very
happy celebration.

Ray Williams MP

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