Girl, 12, with an IQ higher than Einstein is crowned Britain’s brightest youngster after smashing the competition in front of her adoring Sri Lankan parents – and viewers are left in awe following her ‘feminist’ acceptance speech

Nsihi Uggalle, 12, from Manchester, was crowned Britain’s brightest child on Channel 4’s Child Genius. Her father Neelanga works in IT security and her mother Shiromi is an accountant.

  • Nishi Uggalle, 12, from Manchester won Channel Four’s Child Genius last night
  • Series saw Britain’s brightest youngsters compete to be named cleverest child 
  • Explained she was keen to dispel stereotypes that girls are not good at maths
  • Viewers were ‘gobsmacked’ as she correctly spelled the word neurohypophysis

A 12-year-old girl with an IQ higher than Einstein was crowned the winner of Channel 4’s Child Genius 2019 on Saturday after impressing with her exceptional spelling.

Dubbed the ‘human calculator,’ Nishi Uggalle, from Manchester, who attends a top grammar school, correctly spelled the word neurohypophysis to run away with the title. 

Her Sri Lankan parents Neelanga Uggalle, who works in IT security and is a Vice President in Barclays Bank, and her mother Shiromi Jayasinghe who works as an accountant, watched on from the audience. 

The Stephen Hawking superfan inspired viewers with her feminist attitude, and used her acceptance speech to celebrate women in science, technology, engineering and mathematic subjects.

‘I was clapping when Nishi won,’ enthused one viewer. ‘So deserved, self-motivated and excellent,’ while another added: ‘I sat gobsmacked watching Nishi on Child Genius. She was wonderful. Well done to her.’ 

Nishi Uggalle

Nishi Uggalle, 12, from Manchester, was crowned Britain’s brightest child last night and widely praised for her acceptance speech, in which she said she wanted to prove girls could do mathematics 

Nishi Uggalle

She ‘gobsmacked’ viewers as she went head-to-head with fellow competitor William, 11 in a lightning buzzer round 

Viewers said the Stephen Hawking was ‘wonderful’ and ‘magic’, after she took the Child Genius trophy 

In the first round of the final last night, Nishi achieved an incredible score of 16 out  of 20, and flew through to the head-to-head nail-biting finale. 

Cheered on by her parents, she competed against 11-year-old William Harwood.

It featured a quick fire buzzer round which included questions across an array of topics including science, mathematics and spelling. 

While her competitor’s were behind on a score of five, Nishi reached the vital 10 point-mark first by spelling the word neurohypophysis – meaning she was crowned this year’s Child Genius.

Nishi Uggalle

Nishi stunned viewers with her ‘human calculator’ style and lifted the trophy after dominating the final round of the competition 

Nishi Uggalle

The Child Genius winner was cheered on through each stage by her Sri Lankan parents. Neelanga Uggalle (left) works in IT security and is a Vice President in Barclays Bank, while her mother Shiromi Jayasinghe works as an accountant

Nishi Uggalle

Pictured, 12-year-old Nishi constantly surprises her father Neelanga Uggalle with her knowledge. Above, she can be seen teaching him the theory of quantum physics 

And she followed her win with an inspiring acceptance speech that touched heart’s across the nation. Explaining her reason for entering the intelligence competition, the genius told the audience:

‘It’s been really incredible and William put up an incredible fight. One of the main reasons I entered myself in the competition was to show that there are a lot of stereotypes about girls not being able to do maths or physics for example,’ she began. ‘I’d like to show that that’s not true at all. 

And viewers were stunned by the little girl’s attitude. ‘You’re a star and inspiration to all young girls!’ one commended the youngster. ‘Some of the other contestants could have learned from your humanity.’ 

Another simply penned: ‘Bravo Nishi absolutely deserved. As you’ve proved – this girl can.’  

Hundreds of children applied from across the UK, with a total of 19 appearing across the Channel 4 programme. 

When Nishi initially put herself forward for the competition, her parents admitted: ‘I don’t think we call ourselves pushy parents simply because I think Nishi is the pushy one.’

But the determined youngster declared: ‘I’m going to show girls they can win things and do anything they want to,’ the young girl said as she started the process. 

And she did just that as the well-deserved praise for the 12-year-old continued late into the evening.

‘Awesome Nishi – well done – and a really positive message about women in STEM in your acceptance speech’ penned one, while another wrote:   

‘Nishi is a star, doing it for the northerners and the girls and doing it off her own back. It was so refreshing to see her passion for physics. What a future she has ahead of her.’ 

The contest, open to children aged from eight to 12, has aired every night this week, culminating in the grand final with competitors challenged on spelling, maths, memory, vocabulary, geography and science. 

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“I WISH YOU WELL” – By Des Kelly

Anyone who has heard about Raul Malo & his backing group “Mavericks” will probably immediately imagine up-tempo music that sets feet tapping, dancing in the aisles, etc., etc., and you wouldn’t be too far wrong, folks, these guys, with Raul as a great “front-man” are a group of superb musicians who know the real meaning of the word “entertainment”, just take a simple song with lyrics that say,

“You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t,
  damned if you will and damned if you won’t”, these Mavericks perform them with such gusto, it makes you want to listen to the song over & over again.

Most of the songs, fast, slow or in-between, performed by this wonderful group are Commercial to the extreme.
Three or four chords, many with just TWO Major or Minor Chords, make the songs very easy to remember. It’s not the Chords that matter, folks, it is the style in which good Musicians PLAY them, the “feeling” that is incorporated in the hands of truly professional “Masters of Music” that matter. 
     I have just been listening to one of their Albums entitled “Brand New Day”. It convinces me, that no matter what is happening in the World around us,there is NOTHING like Good Music that can help someone like me, to tide-over the frequent bad or sad news that seems to inundate our lives nowadays. I certainly hope that my readers feel the same.
Life goes on, regardless. All the money, power & privileges that engulf some of us, some of the time, (hopefully), still does NOT compare with being able to enjoy good Music.

We must not forget this famous quote.
“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak”!. Please enjoy some of the “Musical-Moods of the Mavericks”.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
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A HISTORY OF HONOURS IN AUSTRALIA – By Harry de Sayrah  OAM  J.P ( Life Member of the Order of Australia Association)



Each year of Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday come the announcements of the latest appointments to the Order of Australia

Since the Order of Australia was created in February 1975 new awards have been announced on Australia Day in January and on the Queen’s Birthday in June but the tradition of a January honours listed has existed since much earlier. Before 1975 Australians were eligible for British honours which were announced each January and June at New Year and on the King’s or Queen’s official Birthday

The number of Australians honoured increased considerably in the 20th Century after the Order of the British Empire (OBE) was created in 1917 as an instrument for rewarding many people who had contributed to the War effort during WW1. Importantly the new order allowed women to be members

In 1957 Pastor Doug Nicholls was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) perhaps the first appointment of an Indigenous Australian to the Order. Nicholls was later elevated to OBE and in 1972 was the first Aboriginal person appointed Governor of an Australian State

Another longstanding issue in the history of Honours in Australia as in other former British Dominions in Australia was the creation of a unique National award to replace the Imperial one such as OBE

It was’nt until 1975 that the National Honours System took shape. Its key component was the Order of Australia modelled on the Order of Canada (OC) with 3 grades Companion Officer and Member

In the years that followed a dual system operated some States and Federal Governments

Making use of British Honours and others preferring the Australian Awards

After no recommendations were made in 1990 The Queen suggested that Australia abandon Imperial Honours in favour of the Order of Australia. The last list of Imperial Honours were announced in January and June of 1989 although Australians are still eligible for a small number of British Honours which are in the Queen’s personal gift such as the Order of Merit and The Royal Victorian Order

In 2014 another chapter in the history of the Australian Honours system opened. On March 25th the Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the reinstatement of Knighthoods and Damehoods  in the Order of Australia – for many people the announcement was unexpected as they opposed the introduction – This chapter has been abandoned since

However it has been restored in New Zealand in 2009

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Monday, 4 March 2019


More than 400 students will receive fully funded scholarships to study interpreting at NSW TAFE thanks to the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams and Minister responsible for TAFE Adam Marshall announced $650,000 over four years for the Multicultural NSW Interpreter Scholarship Program. 

Mr Williams said there was a demand for interpreters who spoke key languages to support with the delivery of government services including health, education and justice.

“In NSW we speak more than 275 languages and dialects, which is an immense social and economic asset,” Mr Williams said. 

“A few months ago, we launched the Interpreter Pilot Program and have been overwhelmed by the response with more than 750 applications received for 45 positions.

“That is why we have extended the program to ensure more people across NSW have the opportunity to become qualified interpreters and give back to the community.”

Mr Marshall said he was delighted TAFE NSW is delivering training to the State’s next generation of interpreters.

“These scholarship winners will benefit from TAFE NSW’s world-class training, which will equip them with the skills they need to get a job and give back to the community,” Mr Marshall said. 

Course graduates will be eligible to become Recognised Practicing Interpreters with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

People who speak Assyrian, Armenian, Arabic, Burmese, Chaldean, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Gujurati, Hebrew, Italian, Kirundi, Korean, Khmer, Kurmanji, Maltese, Macedonian, Nepalese, Portuguese, Tamil, Tibetan, Tigringa, Thai, Tongan, Pashto, Rohingya, Samoan, Spanish, Somali, Swahili, Bengali, Urdu and Vietnamese are encouraged to apply.

All candidates must successfully complete an English language proficiency test. For more information about the NSW Interpreter Scholarship Program, please see:

MEDIA: Nomiky Panayiotakis | Minister Williams | 0418 680 775

Jackson Busse | Minister Marshall | 0447 949 718


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The Birth of the Sri Lanka Navy Band (Source: Island Newspaper)

Once again, personal memories with regard to the above.This writer was already in the Navy, known then as the Royal Ceylon Navy, working in conjunction with the Government Stores, in an effort to get the Navy’s supplies with the minimum of delay. I was a “Supply Assistant”with the official number E635 (signifying the 635th entrant into the Senior Force), shortly before the very first Royal Ceylon Navy Band was formed. Being a musician myself, I could have quite easily joined the Band, but decided that the job I already had was one that suited me fine.

Anyway, I had many friends in the Band as well, George Burdette (Saxophonist) & George Van Cuylenberg R.I.P., who was especially chosen as the Drum Major for the band. He certainly looked the part. Tall, handsome, and handling the “Mace” as though it was a toothpick.

The “article” was a very well written one by Chief Petty Officer Fonseka and eLanka is also grateful for this nteresting “story” via the Sunday Island Newspaper in Lanka. Thank you for the memories.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly

The Birth of the Sri Lanka Navy Band (Island Newspaper)

Layout 1

by cpo rjc fonseka (retired musician)

My memory goes back to February 2, 1956 the day 23, of us were signed on with the Royal Ceylon Navy (as it was known then) as trainee musicians with the emphasis on establishing a permanent band. According to knowledgeable sources this was the brainchild of the late Rear Admiral Royce de Mel, Captain of the Navy at the time. Routine work finalized we were drafted to RCYN (Royal Ceylon Yeoman’s Navy) Rangala, the Naval base that was located at Diyatalawa for our relevant training.

The moment we set foot on this soil, the instructors at Rangala lost no time in taking charge of us and our Naval basic training commenced right on schedule. After a hectic and interesting period of three months we successfully passed out as recruits to the relief of all concerned.

Thereafter 10 other sailors from the seamen branch who had opted to change their branch also joined us as band trainees. Altogether we were placed at the disposal of the two lecturers from the Royal Marine School of Music in the United Kingdom, who had already joined the staff at Rangala to fulfill their assignment with the Royal Ceylon Navy. In overall command was Band Master J H Reynolds, training of the buglers, drummers and bag pipers came under the purview of Bugle Major E. G. Close guiding us on various drill movements and the selection and the selection of a suitable candidate as the prospective Drum Major was also vested with Bugle Major Close. The eagle eyes of Major Close spotted in trainee musician G. V. E. Vancuylenburg as a Drum Major in the making and promptly selected him for the post.

All on board the ship set sail on its maiden voyage with Reynolds as Captain and Reic Close as Navigating Officer. Initially it was familiarization methods of blowing and maintenance of musical instruments. Thereafter we learned theory of music. Once we were thorough with all these, the allocation of instruments which by then had arrived from the United Kingdom was completed. We were first made to blow single long notes. Gradually we were trained to play scales, Arpeggio movements and simple tunes.


Our practices were conducted in the open air under the Cyprus trees. By this time the misty atmosphere in and around the entire base was filled with the menacing sounds produced by the brass instruments and the drums.This may have caused a headache to some and a welcome change for others. Undeterred, we continued with our practices. Two months later we were able to play the March on The Quarter Deck most appropriately selected by Band Master Reynolds and parade up and down the training ground as a band to the amusement of all around us. Our gritty determination, enthusiasm and quest to learn more bettered our playing standard and within one and a half years were able to perform like mature artists.

The confidence of both Reynolds and Major Close had in us increased further when they found that we had gained control of our instruments and were playing with much more authority. Immediately Jim and Eric (as they were so fondly known) took steps to teach us the advanced techniques of playing and soon we were performing like maestros. A happy and contented Reynolds who by then had the trumps in his hands was prepared to place before the Navy a fully fledged Band. The next thing we knew was that Band Master Reynolds had flashed the green light to Naval Headquarters. Before long we were back in Colombo ready to deliver the goods.

Accomodation was found for us in a building facing the sea along Marine Drive(now Chaithiya Road) in close proximity to NHQ and there we settled down. Then plans got under way to present our inaugural public performance.

One morning on a working day the Ceremonial Band dressed in blue drill order mustered opposite the Baur’s Flats spearheaded by Bandmaster Reynolds and flanked on either sides by Bugle Major E. G. Close and Drum Major G.V.E. Vancuylenburg elegantly attired in their respective uniforms. After a customary inspection of the band, Bugle Major Eric Close executed the word of command “forward march.” Immediately we got off to a thunderous start to the roaring sounds of the drums and playing martial music marched along the streets of Colombo Fort taking everyone by surprise. Pandemonium prevailed in the heart of town. Traffic came to a sudden halt as the enthusiastic public crowded on either side of the roads to get a glimpse of what was going on.

Unperturbed we kept on marching blowing our hearts out to the continuous applause of the masses. All eyes were on both Major Close and Drum Major Vancuylenburg who kept the crowd spellbound by their fantastic artistry with the Maces they were carrying with them. Finally we ended our triumphant route march at Naval Headquarters to the strains of the Band playing the ever popular march “Colonel Bogey on Parade”

NB: CPO R. J. C. Fonseka a fine musician passed away a few years ago but up to the age of 90. He never forgot his music and remembered many verses to songs and music taught to him from those times. He and George Vancuylenburg remained close friends to the end.

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South Africa bounce back in the first onedayer as the Lankans discover the good, the
bad and the ugly.

south africa


Sri Lanka can celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly since their fantastic Test series win over South Africa after a dismal batting performance gave the home team a morale boosting effortless win in the first one-dayer in Johannesburg.

That Test success appears to be quickly fading into a distant memory unless the plucky Lankans can discover a winning combination to be competitive in the four games ahead.

The good was the discovery of a brilliant new talent in debutant Oshada Fernando who followed his Test series heroics with a masterly 49 before being unfortunately run out. His stroke play and cool , calm confidence overshadowed many of the more experienced campaigners in the squad as he deftly handled the South African attack smacking them to all parts in his entertaining knock. He is certainly a player to watch over the years.

The bad was the batting which recovered from the quick exits of Niroshan Dickwella and Upul Tharanga to irrational shot selection and then going on to 195 for 5 in 36.2 overs before they folded to a measly 231 in 47 overs which was almost unforgivable. Only three batsmen, Oshada Fernando (49), Kusal Mendis (60), and Dhananjaya de Silva (39), made score worth a mention as the others looked lost at sea
on a track that seemed to have no terrors.

A score of 231 always suggested that the game would not go the distance as South African Skipper Faf du Plessis 112 off 114 balls and Quentin De Kok 81 off 72 balls raced to the target with more than 11 overs remaining

The ugly was the evidence of the spat between skipper Lasith Malinga and experienced Thisara Perera appeared not over and done with. Perera who is capable of turning a game on its head with his incredible talent appeared listless while batting with Malinga and the shot he offered to get out looked like fielding practice to David Miller at short cover. This, when the team urgently needed an injection of runs to lift them from a domino effect as wickets fell around him in quick succession.

The fact that they did not bat out their allotted overs is a disturbing statistic which needs to be addressed by the coaching staff. It appears to suggest that there is a lack of genuine all-rounders in the squad or the selection process needs some tampering.

As they move to Centurion for game two it is hoped that they will show the qualities Dimuth Karunaratne’s men displayed and take the series to a competitive level. They certainly don’t lack the talent to beat anyone if they are in the right mindset.

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Cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield – photos & report are by Jon Karu

The annual cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield, which was postponed in 2018, was finally played on Sunday 24th February 2019 at Ollie Webb Reserve, Merrylands, NSW.

The game was played under the usual special rules of 35 overs per team of 13 players but only 11 were allowed to field at any one time, maximum of only five (5) overs per bowler and a Maximum of 30 runs per batsmen.

The official Head umpire was Michael Dunn

The two teams that took to the field were…..

For the Sri Lanka Lions: ( disappointingly only 11 turned up !!! )

Prasanna Kariyawasam ( ex- Royal, Colombo ), Ruwan Atukorale ( ex- Issipatana)

Lalith Fernando ( ex-Wesley), Nihal Ramanayake  ( ex –S Thomas, Mt Lavinia )

Jit Kumarage ( ex- St Anthonys, Katugastote ), Gamini Jayawardena ( ex-Richmond, Galle )

Janaka Ranawaka  ( ex – Mahinda, Galle) , Gamini Samarasinghe ( ex –Mahinda, Galle)

Priya Mudoon ( ex – Ananda , Colombo), Yohan Wijesinghe  (ex– St Peters, Colombo) 

Siri Kamalasuriya ( ex– Sri Jayawardenapura M. V., Kotte ). 


For The  Instant Cricketers

Jerome Gasperson ( ex -S.Thomas, Mt.Lavinia),  Stanley Jayanthakumar ( ex -S.Thomas, Mt Lavinia),

Raj Karunairatnam ( ex -Royal, Colombo), Janar Weerasingham ( ex-Royal, Colombo),

Shantha Kulasingham ( ex-Wesley), Maximus Anandappa ( ex- De Mazenod College, Kandana)

Mathi Chelliah ( ex-Colombo Hindu),  Mani Manimaran ( ex-Hartley, Jaffna), ), 

Macky Rajakone ( ex-St. Johns, Jaffna), Ashok Punnudurai (ex-St .Johns, Jaffna),

Mark Ravindran ( ex-Jaffna Central), Milson Sivagadadchham ( ex-Jaffna Central)

Santhan Pathmanandavel (ex- Kamwala Secondary school , Lusaka, Zambia)


The toss was won by The Instant Cricketers and they opted to bowl.

The Sri Lanka lions (skippered by Gamini Jayawardena) after a slow start (thanks to one of the openers, who happened to be an ex Royal skipper  J ) ended up scoring 132 all out in their allotted 35 overs .

The main contributors to the score :

Priya Mudoon 33 retired ( inc.2 fours & 7 twos), Gamini Jayawardena 23 ( inc.3 fours & 1 two), Gamini Samarasinghe 16 (inc.1 four & 4 twos), Janaka Ranawak 12 (inc.2 fours),

 Pras Kariyawasam 12 ( only 2 twos in that score !!!! ) & Jit Kumarage 11

Wicket takers for “The Instant Cricketers” were:

Jerome Gasperson 3 for 12 off 3 overs, Mark Ravindran 2 for 12 off 5 overs,

Max Anandappa 1 for 13 off 4 overs, Ashok Ponnudurai  1 for 12 off 4 overs &

Janar  Weerasingham 1 for 08 off 3 overs.

In reply The Instant cricketers chased down the required runs for the loss of only 5 wickets in 29 overs.

The main contributors to the score

Stanley Jayanthakumar 30 retired ( inc.2 sixes & 2 fours),  Jerome Gasperson 26 retired (inc.3 fours),

Ashok Ponnudurai 26 retired ( inc. one four), Mani Manimaran 11 and ….wait for it…  21 “sundries


Wicket takers for “The Sri Lanka Lions” were :

Priya Mudoon 1 for 05 off 4 overs, Gamini  Samarasinghe 1 for 12 off 5 overs,

Lalith Fernando 1 for 19 off 5 overs, Siri Kamalasuriya 1 for 24 off 5 overs &

Ruwan Atukorale 1 for 28 off 4 overs.


The awards were given at the end as follows:  

Best Batsman: Priya Mudoon ( Sri Lanka Lions )   

Best Bowler: Mark Ravindran ( Instant Cricketers )   

Man of the Match: Jerome Gasperson ( Instant Cricketers ) 


Winning team captain Macky Rajakone, accepted the “Non Benders Shield” on behalf of his team from the Guest of Honour Mrs. Kalindi Mudoon.

In conclusion, the hard work put in by both Prassanna Kariyawasam & Macky Rajakone to ensure this postponed social game to be organised & played in such a “friendly” atmosphere was not lost amongst the players from both sides and they unanimously echoed the sentiment that this fixture should continue in years to come.  

Click here or on the photos below to view the full album on eLanka Facebook page

cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield cricket game between Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club & Instant Cricketers for the “Non Benders” shield


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Watch Cricket Highlights: Sri Lanka vs South Africa ODI Series 2019

1st ODI Match Highlights | SA vs SL 3rd March 2019


2nd ODI Match Highlights | SA vs SL 3rd March 2019


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Welcome to eLanka News – for the Sri Lankan Down Under!  – eLanka Newsletter: March 2019 1st edition: Sri Lankans in Australia – News, Photos, Events & Articles


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eLanka - Sri Lankans in Australia

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  • Photos from the Ceylon Society of Australia – SYDNEY – First General Meeting on Sunday 24th February 2019 + Was Saradiel a Robin Hood or plain criminal? – by member of the audience

Was Saradiel a Robin Hood or plain criminal? – by member of the audience
That was one of the queries posed by a guest at the Ceylon Society of Australia’s first general meeting for 2019 held on 24 February in Sydney. The guest speaker Mr Thiru Arumugam, who kindly agreed to step in when the advertised speaker was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, chose to talk on Deekirikevage Saradial, better known as the hero of the Utuwan mountain……

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  • “PELL”S APPEAL” – By Des Kelly

    Desmond Kelly – ‘the Star of eLanka”

So, after quite a “spell”, a final appeal from the lawyers of Cardinal George Pell will be heard, to determine whether the highest rating “Catholic Cardinal” in Australia IS guilty, (he still denies the charges), and everyone knows that the Legal-System in Australia is a long, drawn out affair, but, after this appeal is heard and if it fails, then Cardinal Pell would possibly be sentenced to a term in prison, a huge “come-down” from the Vatican in Rome, where he was the third top-ranked Official of the Church, and could have possibly ended up as the Pope in a few years time, such was his standing there…………………….
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  • New look Sri Lanka in historic series win over South Africa – BY TREVINE RODRIGO IN MELBOURNE

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One Kusal spelt trouble for South Africa in the first Test but two Kusal’s spelt double trouble as Sri Lanka stunned the hosts and the rest of the cricketing world to pull off a sensational series victory in Port Elizabeth against all odds………….

  • Sri Lanka Association – Seniors’ Annual Luncheon & HSC Awards – 2019

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  • SRI LANKA NEWS IN BRIEF – FEBRUARY 2019) – Compiled by Victor Melder

State Finance Minister Eran Wickramaratne, Guest of Honour at the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka ( NCCSL) AGM recently said the political coup of October 26 last year cost the country in excess of 21 billion rupees. Reflecting on current economic developments he said that considering some reparation action taken by the government to correct the position of revenue which was 33 percent of GDP in 2008, this was drastically reduced to 12.6 percent of GDP by 2015..

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  • Sri Lanka Kidney Foundation in the UK – Dinner Dance with Desmond De Silva

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Photos from the fund raising event in British Midlands UK on 9th February 2019.

This event was a resounding success with a total of 12,504.67 pounds sterling raised to fund the needs of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) sufferers in Sri Lanka. In fact Desmond donated half his fee for the cause.

  • TO SIR WITH LOVE – Bernard VanCuylenburg

The history of any business enterprise will reveal that success was possible due to the will of the entrepreneur, tenacity of purpose, and defiance in the face of any challenges or adversity. Sri Lanka recently lost a doyen of entrepreneurship who strode the business world like the proverbial colossus. His passing leaves a void in the business ranks of the nation, and an even bigger void in the hearts of his family and all who knew and love him. On my shoulders fell the task of writing and delivering a tribute at the memorial Mass held for George Ondaatjie on the 4th February at St.Mary’s Church, Bambalapitiya…………….

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  • Loneliness & Social connectivity – BY Dr. Harold Gunatillake – Sydney Australia

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  • The resplendent island; behind the curtain – By Raj Gonsalkorale

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly a beautiful island. Its natural beauty is spellbinding. Its history mesmerising. Its multi ethnic and multi religious culture is mystic and rich. Its people its best assets. The country was rated as the top country for travel in 2019 by Lonely Planet. Those who have not been to Sri Lanka in the last ten years or so would see a remarkable transformation of a country moving well into the 21st century. ……

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eLanka Events – MELBOURNE
Rhythms and Tastes of Serendib (Gamen Liyumak)

15th March 2019

Oba Wenuwen Api
(Melbourne event)

23rd March 2019


Menzies Hall – 41 Menzies Avenue
Dandenong North
From : 12 Noon To: 5 pm
Lunch: Delightful Smorgasbord
Caterer : Tamarind “8” Finest Tastes of The East
Music by: Sam De Silva – Mr smooth & Cool
10th March 2019

Kandy Girls High School Past Pupils Association Melbourne Dinner Dance 2019

16th March 2019

Rhythm & Grooves at The Walawwa (Bungalow) – Dance the Night Away – Friday 15th March

15th March 2019

Burgher Association Australia presents Buriyani Lunch

7th April 2019

Burgher Association Australia presents – Yummy Rotti & Pittu Lunch

23rd June 2019

Trinity/Antonian OBA Cricket Encounter in Melbourne

24th March 2019

The Peterite annual Dinner Dance “A Night in Paris”

27th April 2019

Autumn Soiree – 2019 – Old Paulines 13th Successive Annual Dinner Dance – organised by the St Paul’s Kelaniya Benevolent Fund (Australia) Inc (in memory of the late Teacher & Vic e Principal, Mrs Florence Senewiratne)

1st June 2019

Night of Hope – Fund Raising Dinner Dance – Organised by Operation Hope

16th March 2019

Dhamma Reflection by Most Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Nayaka Thero

8th March 2019

eLanka Events – SYDNEY
The Bellbirds Club Inc Presents Glitz & Glamour – 1st June 2019 (Sydney event)

1st June 2019

Black & Gold of NSW-DS.Senanayake College OBA – Sydney Chapter, Presents 2019 Black & Gold Masquerade Ball

25th May 2019

Sing-Along with Ranil Mallawarachchi

11th May 2019

Thora Paan Party for your Family – 30th March in Thornleigh

30th March 2019

Old Josephians Association of New South Wales Peerless Pearl – 30th Anniversary Ball

16th November 2019
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK – SYDNEY – CDF Patient Transport Annual Ball 2019

24th August 2019

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eLanka Events – Brisbane


Option 2: 18 – 22 April or
Option 1: 19 – 22 April 2019

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The Burgher Association of Australia Centre is available for private hire

Burgher Association (Australia)
358 Haughton Road, Clayton VIC 3168
The Burgher Association of Australia Centre is available for private hire (Dances, Birthday parties,
Anniversaries etc). The BAA Centre is located within a short walk from Clayton railway station. The hall
is licensed to hold 150 people. Tables and chairs for this number of attendees are provided. There is
usually plenty of parking across the road and a few spaces on the property. Disabled access via ramps
is available to both the front and rear doors and a disabled parking space is available. There is also a
‘horseshoe’ driveway permitting the dropping off of attendees under cover.

Westminster College – Study in Sydney, Australia

Blue Ocean Group of Companies


Johan and I provide the best music for any function on the night, with the best variety of music required by the clients.
We cater for all Club Functions, Birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Christmas functions and any function that client may require , we are versatile. Additionally we have the best quality powered EV Speakers , mid range and Top , additionally we have special effects lightning and a smoke machine, which provides excellent settings and atmosphere for the occasion.We have many very satisfied customers on our records and can provide references if needed. Should you require more information please feel free to contact by email or my Mobile 0419807486 Ron
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Properties For Sale

The Castle Residence – Superlative Properties – Colombo, Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3 story house in Kelaniya – Sri Lanka

123 perch land with a 3-story house
Spaces 5-bedroom house with a 123.5 perch land located in Kelaniya
100-year-old clean title to the land
3 phase electricity / water and telephone connection.
Land ideal for residential or commercial purposes
– Access to Kandy road, Colombo Katunayake Highway and Negambo road in less than 5 mins
– Less than 30 minutes to the Katunayaka airport
– 20 minutes to Colombo Fort
– Less than 20 minutes to Colombo 7
– Road access to heavy vehicles thought Kandy and Negambo road
– 5 minute walk to the railway station
Name: Sanjeewa Edirisinghe
Number : +61 430 591 272

Catalina – Exclusive “Second Home, Back Home” residential country club

Nuwera Eliya, Sri Lanka – Prime Land & House, 174 Perches, Fenced and Gated

Nuwera Eliya
Prime Land, 174 Perches, Fenced and Gated.
There is a house, security room, tube well, walking distance to Town. Beautiful view of Nuwera Eliya town. Clear deed, U.D.A. approved Property Plan, Clear Title Report, Fertile soil for cultivation too, 10×10 water tank on top of land. Ideal for holiday home or circuit bungalow.
Please contact by email or phone.
Phone: 61 409 909095 or US 323-327-8903

Willows Real Estate – Bella Vista, Sydney, NSW

4 adjacent sub-divided plots with serviced water and electricity – Located on Tewatte Road in Ragama

1 plot, 14.6 perches (369.27 square metres). @ 6 lakhs per perch (LKR 8, 760, 000) (AUD 74,871), with small house.
3 plots, 12 .4 perches (313.633 square metres). @ 6 lakhs per perch (LKR 7,440,000 each) (AUD 63,589 each). House with 5 bedrooms
Call Paul on 0419 034 855 (or +61 419 034 855 from overseas) to discuss in more depth.

Blue Ocean Group of Companies

IVY Residencies – Mt’Lavinia, Sri Lanka –
Home away from home in paradise

Benefit Property Group

House for Sale in Ja Ela

Fully furnished 3 bed bungalow – Rs 7,200,000

7 Perch land extent.
3 Bedrooms
Fully fitted pantry/kitchen equipped with 4 burner gas cooker/oven, Fridge-Freezer,
Microwave, Kettle and Utensils
Shower Cubical with Hot Water
Metal Grills on all windows, fanlights, front and back doors, for added security
In built concrete pillars for easy upstairs conversion
Brick construction
Off street parking for two cars
Well maintained throughout
24 Hr Security
Access to Swimming Pool
Clear title deeds
10 mins to Colombo-Katunayake Highway
Sold with all furniture and appliances.
Will consider unfurnished sales.
Contact: Jude


Tel: +44 7990 530442

in a Teak Plantation at Vanathavilluwa on Puttlam
District Sri Lanka

A beautiful Teak Plantation located in Vanathavilluwa on Puttlam District for sale. Its located just 158 Km away from Colombo


A large fully furnished & tenanted 3 bedroom apartment in the 4th floor of the park wing facing the swimming pool & the children’s park for sale.

– Area: 1,800 Sq Ft (largest size/corner)

– 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms

– Separate Maid’s quarters

– Fully Furnished

– Walking distance to British School in Colombo

– Able to sell with or without tenants

Sale Price: Rs. 55 Million (or equivalent in AUD)

Contact – +94 77 1061451/ +94 77 1061328


Contact eLanka : email: or call +614 02905275
if you like your property to be advertised on eLanka



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Only in Sri Lanka – By Gloria Meltzer
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My latest book, titled ‘ONLY IN SRI LANKA’, was published by Jojo Publishing in September this year. This story is based on my introduction to Sri Lankan life, its culture & customs, as experienced by my Singhalese daughter-in-law, my Australian son, and my three Aussie/Sri Lankan grandsons. It’s the story of village life, the time of the civil war and the tsunami. It’s the story of coming to terms with losing my family to another culture and another country.

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Compiled by Victor Melder

Victor Meldor

Australia beat the touring Sri Lankans by 366 runs to win the second and final day/night Test, played at Manuka Oval, Canberra. Scores”
Australia, 1st Innings – 534/5 dec (Burns 180, Head 161, Patterson 114no, Paine 45no, Fernando 3/126, Karunaratne 1/130)
Sri Lanka, 1st Innings – 215/9 dec (Karunaratne 59, Thirimanne 41, De Silva 25, Dickwella 25, Starc 5/54, Lyon 2/70, Cummins 1/32)
Australia, 2nd Innings  – 196/3 (Khawaja 101no, Head 59no, Rajitha 2/64, Fernando 1/43)
Sri Lanka, 2nd Innings –  149 (Mendis 42, Thirimanne 30, Dickwella 27,  Starc 5/46, Cummins 3/15, Labuschagne 1/6, Richardson 1/29)
Australia won the 2-match series 2-0.
Man of the match: Mitchell Starc (Australia)

The touring Sri Lankans beat South Africa by 1 wicket to win the first Test played at Kingsmead, Durban. Scores:
South Africa – 1st Innings – 235 (de Kok 80, Bavuma 47, du Plessis 35, Fernando 4/62, Rajitha 3/68, Lakmal 1/29, Embuldeniya 1/51)
Sri Lanka – 1st Innings –  191 (Perera 51, Karunaratne 30, Embuldeniya 24, de Silva 23,  Steyn 4/48, Philander 2/32, Rabada 2/48)
South Africa, 2nd Innings –   259 (du Plessis 90, de Kok 55, Elgar 35, Embuldeniya 5/66, Fernando 4/71, Rajitha 1/54)
Sri Lanka, 2nd Innings –  304/9 (Perera 153no, de Silva 48, Fernando 37, Thirimanne 21, Maharaj 3/71, Steyn 2/71, Olivier 2/35)
Man of the match: Kusal Perera (Sri Lanka)

World Cup-winning skipper and Minister Arjuna Ranatunga failed to take control of Sri Lanka Cricket, yesterday. Ranatunga, 55, contested for one of two vice-president posts but only came third in voting. His brother, Nishantha, who was nominated as secretary, was also defeated. Ranatunga ally Jayantha Dharmadasa also failed in his bid to become Sri Lanka Cricket president, losing out to Shammi Silva a loyalist of former SLC chief Thilanga Sumathipala, Ranatunga’s arch-rival. Ranatunga, who led Sri Lanka to victory at the 1996 World Cup, had vowed to clean up the board, which the International Cricket Council recently described as the sport’s most corrupt national body. The former skipper had hoped to wrest control of the SLC ahead of the World Cup tournament, which commences in England on May 30. Former SLC chief Sumathipala was in power for more than two years until early 2018 and decided against contesting again. He backed Silva and other candidates opposed to Ranatunga. Ranatunga had promised to “kick out” players he accused of being corrupt. (Daily Island, 22.2.2019)

The touring Sri Lankans beat South Africa by 8 wickets to win the second and final Test played at St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth. Scores:
South Africa, 1st Innings – 222 (de Kok 86, Markram 60, du Plessis 25, Rabada 22, Fernando 3/62, Rajitha 3/67, de Silva 2/15)
Sri Lanka, 1st Innings –  154 (Dickwella 42, Thirimanne 29,  Perera 20,  Rabada 4/38, Olivier 3/61)
South Africa, 2nd Innings –  128 (du Plessis 50no, Amla 32,  Lakmal 4/39, de Silva 3/36, Rajitha 2/20)
Sri Lanka, 2n d Innings – 197/2 (Mendis 84no,Fernando 75no, Olivier 1/46, Rabada 1/53)
Sri Lanka won the 2-match Test series, 2-0.
Player of the match: Kusal Mendis (Sri Lanka)
Player of the series: Kusal Perera (Sri Lanka)

Cricket legend Sanath Jayasuriya has been banned from all cricket for two years after admitting two breaches of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Corruption Code, the sport’s governing body announced. The 49-year-old — regarded as one of the greatest One Day International batsmen of all time and was pivotal in winning the 1996 World Cup — accepted the punishment. “This conviction under the Code demonstrates the importance of participants in cricket cooperating with investigations,” said Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager of the Anti-Corruption Unit in a statement. “Compelling participants to cooperate under the Code is a vital weapon in our efforts to rid our sport of corruptors. These rules are essential to maintain the integrity of our sport.” Jayasuriya was charged in October after failing to provide his mobile phones to the ACU. He was also accused of obstructing or delaying any investigation into corruption in the game. Jayasuriya in a statement said he had pleaded guilty to the charges expecting a mitigated punishment. “Consequent to correspondence between the ICC ACU officials and my lawyers we agreed to a sanction of a period of ineligibility of two years, which period is to take effect from the 15th of October 2018,” Jayasuriya said. Jayasuriya who also captained the country played 110 Tests, 445 one-day internationals and 31 Twenty20s during his illustrious career between 1989-2011. Sri Lankan cricket has been mired in corruption allegations in recent years, including claims of match fixing ahead of an international Test against England last year. In November, former Sri Lankan fast bowler Dilhara Lokuhettige was suspended for corruption linked to a limited-over league in 2017. Lokuhettige was the third Sri Lankan player charged for violating the ICC’s anti-corruption code, following those levelled against Jayasuriya, and former paceman Nuwan Zoysa. (Daily Island, 27

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