Over 50s Veterans clash at the inaugural World Cup Cricket– Team Sri Lanka outclass the South Africans with 2 hat trick bowling spells – Chitran Duraisamy

SriLanka Over 50s Wold cup team

Sri Lanka claimed an impressive 106 run win over South African with a superb all-round effort; going into bat first, dynamo Lalin De Silva produced a stylish knock of 61 including 3 sixes and a subsequent partnership stand of 60 runs with Max Labrooy (28) set the Lankans up – 187 runs all out in 44.5 overs.

Determined to climb the leader-board, the Sri Lankan Lions then took to the field and out-classed the South African Rhinos with exceptional bowling and fielding.  A hat trick as any level of the game is noteworthy but 2 hat trick spells followed –   Roshan Ismail 3 for 24 and Janaka Rambukwella 5 for 18.  Roy Meesar and Warne Rippon showed some resistance with 16 runs each for the South Africans who were bundled out for 81 off 27.5 overs.  Pumped up with this 106 run win, Team Sri Lanka will be taking on the Mighty Australians this Sunday.

For more information, highlights and score cards (Kapila Jayasuriya reporting from every event), follow the Over 50s Sri Lankan team on

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ALSTON KOCH & JACQUI FERNANDEZ’s  performance draw thousands to the cinema!


The film critics and the public acclaim the long awaited ‘ACCORDING TO MATTHEW’ that opened in Sri Lanka this week as a ‘Star Studded’ romantic thriller and an ‘Eye opening cinematic experience’ directed by Chandran Rutnam.

Recently completed in Hollywood with a new edit and the latest in post production & recently accepted by theACADEMY AWARDS 2018 has placed this engrossing film in a very enviable position.

Jacqui Fernandez in a sensual performance and a brilliant acting debut by the Richard Burton of the Asian Cinema Alston Koch has attracted the cream of the Colombo social elite to cinemas across this island paradise.   

Reviews across the board call it a ‘revolutionary cinematic experience ‘ for the Sri Lankan 

cinema while others call it a transcendent theatrical experience.

A majestic performance by Alston Koch who in the past 2 weeks carried away the ‘SRILANKAN OF THE YEAR’award in Sri Lanka and the ‘EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT award in the USA stunned cinema goers with his amazing portrayal of Fr.Matthew Peiris that is better or on par with the best out of Hollywood.

The film will open on the 14th December in the USA.



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Compiled by Victor Melder

(E & O.E.)

(NOVEMBER  2018)

PEREIRA – JOAN, (nee Muller), wife of Joy (dec), mother of Brian and Adrian. Sister of Gerard, Marie, Fred, Ladi, Huburt, St Elmo, Ruth, Dr Bede (Syd), Louis, Daphne and Brian Walter, in Sri Lanka, on October 4, 2018, aged 99 years.  (Contributed)

DANIELS – EDWARD GERALD (GERRY) MERVYN  (27.09.1922 – 22.10.2018), husband of the late Enid Grace Adeline (nee Evarts), father of the late Gene Susan Mangold and of Wendy Anne Daniels, grandfather of Vanessa and Andrea Mangold and Hayley and Russell Daniels-Lake, great grandfather of Lewis, Lilly Rose, Ella, Reece and Cory. Brother of June Tytler and of the late Noeline Daniels, Doris Wijesinghe and Ben Daniels, in the UK.  (Contributed)

LA’BROOY – ARTHUR EDGAR, husband of Felicia, father of Cheryl, Jerome, Corrina, Caryl and Dessrie, father-in-law of Viraj, Damian, Gorden and Sudath (Saudi), in Sri Lanka. – A/A-1/14, Ranpokunagama H.S., Nittambuwa, Sri Lanka. (Daily News 1.11.2018)

THEURING – WILHELMhusband of Anna Bona, father of Isabel, father-in-law of Cecil Herft, grandfather of Austin, Daniel, Kathleen and Michael. Brother of Marie (dec) and Lawrence, brother-in-law of Joseph (dec) and Rosy, in Sri Lanka. (Daily News 2.11.2018)

PATERNOTT – FELIX  OSWALD, Desiree, father of Alan (Dubai), Dave (Aust), Shane (Aust) and Kendra (Qatar), father-in-law of Kaushi, Cynthia, Suzanne and Kenneth, in Sri Lanka. (Daily News 2.11.201)

 FERNANDO – RANEE (nee Ferdinando), wife of late Richard, sister of Joyce, sister-in-law of Lionel de Mel (both dec), in Melbourne. (Daily News, 6.1.2018)

HERFT – REBECCA, daughter of Anne & Ryan, sister of Alison, sister-in-law of Darryn, in Brisbane on October 30, 2018, aged 34 years. (The Brisbane Courier Mail, 7.11.2018)

MELDER – LORNA (POLLY) MILLICENT (28.9.1927 – 8.11.201), wife the late Joe Melder, mother of Deanna, Suzi and Ryan, in Sydney.


ISAACS – LORRAINE JUNE, in Adelaide on November 7, 218. (The Adelaide Advertiser, 12.11.2018)

REIMERS – MURRAY, son of Ted and Pat. Father of Sammy-Jo and Kylie. Brother of Greg, Lindee, Jason, Craig and Michael in Bunbury, WA on 12 November 2018 (The West Australian, 14.11.2018)

JONKLAAS – MATTHEW, Perth. (The West Australian, 15.11.2018)  

SPITTEL – THERESE, wife of late Elmo, mother of Robert, mother-in-law of Savithri, grandmother of Ryan (Aust) and Jan (UAE), in Sri Lanka. (Daily News, 17.11.2018)   

 PARANAWITANE – ERROL FLAVIAN DE ALWIS, husband of Rosemarie, father of Davinia, Natalie and the late Everton. Son of Joyce and the late Oswald, brother of Loretta, Terrence, Desmond, Gerrard and Rebecca, father-in-law of Brett and Arnaud, grandfather of Blake, Alyssa, Crystelle and John Paul, in Perth, WA. – 18, Direction Pace, Morley, WA 6062. (Daily Island, 27.11.2018)

THEILE – FELICE AGNES, wife of late Granville Theile, mother of Trevor (Can), Errol, late Jerome (Can), Suzette and Darrel, mother-in-law of Jennifer (Can), Sumath, Lennie (Can), Dexter Rodrigo and Malki in Sri Lanka. (Daily News 29.11.2018)


Note: All spelling of names as taken from Sri Lankan newspapers

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Good advice by Dr. Harold – Vegans are disadvantaged – Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is essential to promote your immune system, bone growth, health and well-being, maintain a moist skin, assist in growth and many other metabolic functions including night driving.

Deficiency of vitamin A can result in dry skin, dry eyes, infertility and trouble conceiving, delayed growth, frequent throat infections, poor wound healing and acne breakouts

Vegans should look out for these symptoms.

Animal foods and products, including eggs have vitamin A as ‘Retinol’. Retin A (retinoic acid) cream is derived from retinol used as a mild peeler on your face and promoted as an ‘anti-aging skin cream’.

Most plant foods do not seem to contain fat soluble vitamin A known as retinol, instead exists as a pre-cursor called beta-carotene mostly found in vegies.

Retinol (vitamin A) from animal foods are absorbed readily in the gut, but vitamin A derived from plant-based beta-carotene is more limited, meaning you lose Vitamin A in the process of converting beta-carotene to retinol.


The richest sources of beta-carotene are yellow, orange, and green leafy fruits and vegetables (such as carrots, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, and winter squash). In general, the more intense the colour of the fruit or vegetable, the more beta-carotene it has.

In our intestines beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A by an enzyme.

Vegans may lack the enzymes that play an important role in helping to produce vitamin A from plant-based foods.

Furthermore, our genes (beta-carotene gene-BCO1) also play an important role in helping to produce the enzyme that converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

Animal foods, by contrast supply vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate which is converted to retinol in the small gut, which doesn’t require any gut enzymes for the conversion.

The other source of vitamin A is from antioxidants known as ‘carotenoids’

Beta-carotene mentioned earlier as found in yams and carrots are derived from this antioxidant carotenoids

The bad news is that certain gene mutations can stop enzyme activity and prevent beta-carotene being converted to retinol. The enzyme that does this conversion is-15,15′-monoxygenase (BCMO1)—

There could be several gene mutations that can prevent conversion of beta-carotene to retinol. A host of non-genetic factors can lower beta-carotene conversion in the gut to retinols leading to vitamin A deficiency.

Further, the lack of this conversion can affect thyroid function, alcoholism, liver disease and zinc deficiency.
In the Western world, 70 percent of the vitamin A is provided from animal foods and only about 30 percent from carotenoids.

Foods that are particularly high in vitamin A include: carrots, sweet potatoes. winter squash. cantaloupe. apricots. spinach, kale, and collard greens.
Eating these veggies will prevent vitamin A deficiency among Vegans.

Vegans need to be aware of vitamin A deficiency and for peace of mind the blood levels should be checked by the pathology labs. Meanwhile those vegans who don’t lack the enzyme BCMO1 can produce enough vitamin A from plant foods to stay healthy.
Ref: Echo Watch article By Denise Minger

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Business News – Johann Jayasinha – SNNI

The Aus-Lanka Business Council together with the Deakin Business School, hosted a business meeting for the visiting Trade Delegation from the National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) from Sri Lanka at the Deakin Corporate Centre.

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“WHAT A LOT OF BULL”? – By Des Kelly

We have some “BREAKING NEWS” which is not just “bull” in any sense of the word. This “good news” comes especially to members of eLanka, from someone who could be trusted to “enliven” the lives of mainly Lankan/Aussies, plus many Lankan/Pommies, plus ANY Lankans, anywhere, who are feeling a bit despondent at all. I refrain from divulging the name of this crazy person, and will leave it to my many readers to figure out who it is.

There is a well-known “quote” that tells us that ALWAYS !
“A Woman comes first, even to the gallows”. I firmly believe this, only, this time, it’s a COW we are talking about.
In the Land that breeds a hell of a lot of Cows,”Knickers” is a
COW, NOW, in the news. “HOW NOW” ?, you ask. It is certainly not a silly question, my friends. This lady Cow is a Holstein-Friesian beauty, born in W.Australia on the 27th November, 2011, (it was a Caesarian-section, I believe), so she has just celebrated her 7th birthday, as the West Australian Abattoirs cannot seem to handle such a large Cow. (I do not blame them). How did she get this endearing name ?. Ask a silly question and you’ll get a silly answer.
Sweet Knicker’s owner had Knicker’s mother play around with a BULL named “BRA” (which was short for Brahman, I suppose, but Knicker’s owner was thinking about other more interesting things than a common Brahman bull, thus the consequences). Knickers weighs in at nearly 1.400 kilograms, stands at almost 6’4″ tall, only slightly shorter than Michael Jordon who, as everyone knows, or should know, is 6’12” tall, and now stands (Knickers, that is), as a bodyguard for all the other cattle on this Myalup farm, owned by a lucky farmer by the name of Geoff Pearson.

So much for beautiful Knickers (if I say so, myself), but my story does not end there. Although they are now featuring this “breaking news” with a COW of a tale, ONLY readers of eLanka will now be introduced post haste, to
Field Marshall, a giant BULL OF BRITAIN. This Charlois British Bull, 4 years older than Knickers, about 2 tonne in weight and standing 6’4″ tall (slightly shorter than Knickers, because, as one grows older, one grows shorter, and don’t I know it ?), was given the rank of “Field Marshall” for some reason, but no name, and so, in my wisdom, I have decided to call him KNACKERS, simply because, with the enormous distance between them, KNACKERS would NEVER be able to get into KNICKERS, and should not, if you know what I mean. “Tough Titties”, as the late Bhagwan’s Sheela (based on the Sanskrit name), would say. What a lot of BULL ?!!!.

Desmond Kelly.


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In appointing a Prime Minister, President cannot exercise his powers arbitrarily – By Sunil de Silva, President’s Counsel

It would be useful to examine how and from what source the President derives the power to appoint a Prime Minister.
Unlike a monarch or dictator, the President derives his authority solely on account of the ultimate sovereign, the People of Sri Lanka, having chosen by exercise of their vote to elect and duly authorise the President to exercise the powers designated by them, and on their behalf. The people do not say ‘do whatever you have to do, for as long as you like’, they stipulate, by the Constitution, what power the elected person may exercise and for what period he or she enjoys that trust.

Regarding the power to appoint a Prime Minister, the President may genuinely be of the view that a corporate businessman who has taken over a crumbling business and, with his dynamic enterprise, turned it into a gigantic corporation, as being the best person to be the Prime Minister, but the people by their Constitution have not given the President that discretion.
Article 42(4) of the Constitution provides that “The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament, who, in his opinion, is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.”

The words are mandatory, ‘The President shall appoint’ a Member of Parliament who in the opinion of the President ‘is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament’ regardless of the President’s opinion that the person who has the confidence of Parliament is not fit to hold the office of Prime Minister.

If the Constitution wished to provide otherwise, words such as ‘in his opinion the most suitable person…’ would have been used to qualify the Member to be appointed.
Clearly, the opinion of the President with regard to suitability of the person is not the governing factor.

When the President forms the opinion that a particular Member of Parliament ‘is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament’, the President cannot lawfully exercise the assessment arbitrarily or capriciously.

It is obvious that the President could arrive at that decision from the numerical supremacy of the Members of Parliament who have been elected from the political party that the Member leads. If no single political party enjoys a majority in the Parliament, a Member of the political party which has won the largest number of seats could provide evidence that one or more political parties would support that Member with the numbers of Members from their party or parties that can provide to reach the ‘magic number’ of 113 Members of Parliament.

This ‘evidence’ may be conjecture based on verbal assurances given to the MP wishing to be considered for the post of Prime Minister.
Let’s assume that the President honestly forms the requisite opinion on the basis of the ‘evidence’ provided by the person and appoints that person as the Prime Minister, who then proceeds to suggest the names of the Members of Parliament who should constitute the Cabinet of Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

If subsequent to making the appointment the President realises, either on further reflection or ‘counter evidence’ that he had formed an incorrect opinion when he made the appointment, what are the options available to the President under the Constitution?
Firstly, can he remove the person he appointed in error or mistaken assessment of the likelihood of the appointee having the ‘confidence’ of Parliament?

There is no power given under the Constitution to ‘remove’ the Prime Minster on the President realising that he had made a mistake. There would be even less authority for the President to arrive at a conclusion that his appointee was a ‘corrupt’ person who should not have been appointed to that position.
The situations in which the person ‘lawfully’ appointed Prime Minister, would cease to hold office, appears at Article 46(2) of the Constitution.

That provision reads, “The Prime Minister shall continue to hold office throughout the period during which the Cabinet of Ministers continues to function under the provisions of the Constitution unless he resigns his office by writing under his hand addressed to the President, or ceases to be a Member of Parliament.
It may be useful to observe that the words “Notwithstanding the death, removal of office or the resignation of the Prime Minister ….” found in Articles 47 and 48, appear to have been considered in some articles in recent times, without adequate reference to other provisions of the Constitution.

The words contain reference to the various methods by which the Prime Minister can lose Office, and ‘death’ ‘removal of office’ though not specifically used in Article 46(2), should be interpreted as being contained in the words ‘ceases to be a Member of Parliament’. Since Article 66 provides that “The seat of a Member shall become vacant:-
upon his death, or (d) if he becomes subject to any disqualification in Article 89 or 91″ among the nine causes for a member losing his seat.
In this context what would the President have to do to correct his ‘mistaken opinion’?

If the mistake was in making the assessment that the appointee had the support of at least 113 Members of Parliament, it would be unreasonable to assume that the Constitution provided that the President could ask the Prime Minister to show him the support of at least 113 members. The situation and the error are not beyond correction. Parliament, on the other hand, has a solution, namely a ‘no-confidence motion’, which if carried by 113 members supporting the motion, the beleaguered Prime Minister mathematically cannot claim to enjoy the confidence of Parliament.

If the mistake was in appointing a person who was not qualified to be a Member of Parliament, it would be open for Parliament to take corrective action, by declaring the seat vacant and removing the Member from Parliament and automatically removing the person from the office of Prime Minister. However, honestly motivated, the President cannot arrogate to himself, powers that the ultimate sovereign, the People of Sri Lanka have vested in the Parliament.

(The writer is a former Attorney General of Sri Lanka and a Barrister in New South Wales.)

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Texas is famously known as one of the biggest States in America. In Texas, everything is supposed to be larger than life. However, about 19 km from Fredericksburg, in the hill -Country of Texas, known as one of the best “venues” of good old Country Music, is the little Town named Luckenbach, sometimes pronounced “Lookin bach”, where dwells an uncoordinated Community who decided that both Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson record a song dedicated to them, and this is exactly what happened.

Luckenbach Texas therefore became another “hit” for this famous duo, and, because I love the song, I have decided to share it with our eLanka Community, which is growing, by the day. We now proudly boast more than 20 thousand members who receive personal newsletters every week, and, who, no doubt, will enjoy Waylon & Willie, followed by a Hawaiian lady with ” Lovely Hula Hands” and shows them off to us as she dances to Hawaiian music, yet another type of music that is very pleasing to the ear.
Music like this takes it’s listeners down memory-lane, and, folks, every one of us have memories that do come back to us from time to time. Please read, listen, and enjoy.

Desmond Kelly.
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“Red Planet-Robotic-Push” – By Des Kelly

A few months ago (5th May 2018), to be exact, a rocket appropriately named “Insight” was launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 9.05 pm AEST.,was in “Cruise-mode” for 6 months, got there after a 60 day “Approach to the surface phase”, taking only about 6 minutes during the descent/entry stage to successfully land gently on Mars, the Red Planet at exactly 7 minutes to 7am, Melbourne time.

About 33.9 million miles from Earth, where humanoids are desperately searching for another Planet to “migrate” to,
Mars will now have to be “probed” by some “bloody boring apparatus” to the depth of about 5 miles to find out whether there is any water down there, I suppose, to keep the new migrants living. We are, as everybody knows, heavily over-populated on Earth, at the moment. Every-bloody-where. !!!
In the near future, after my time is over, hopefully, Sri Lanka itself will no longer be called by that name. The English called it Ceylon, in the past, (oh, the precious memories).

It will probably called “Chilon” in the future, because China already “owns” part of the Country anyway. (Hambanthota, to be exact), and unless they study Mandarin until it is coming out of their ears, the Sinhalese folk will have to get ready to meet the little red guys with the antennae & learn “Martian”, as it is now becoming more difficult to migrate to Australia, even, where the population is ever increasing and you have to learn to speak English good.!!

President Trump is calling for help to build his “great wall” around Mexico, the “Rocket-man” is back, firing his own rockets again,(maybe he wants to go to the moon)!!. India is also over-crowded, but as long as they have Virat Kohli, they do not care.!!. Yes, Earth is getting over-populated to the extreme, the result ?, we are now trying to find another Planet to pester, or another World to worry.

Pardon me for digressing, but while our adult “Unions” are now fairly quiet, children are fast becoming unionists and, instead of being at school, are now roaming the Streets of Australia, carrying placards and shouting slogans, about which, they know absolutely nothing. Instead of learning their A.B.C. they are concentrating on “Climate-Change”, and learning to climb onto “over-passes” to chuck big rocks down at trucks passing below them. I don’t call them children, they are nothing but “BRATS” to me. I rest my case.

Desmond Kelly.
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