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Victor MeldorThe Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) recently computed the prices of residential, commercial and industrial lands, using per perch bare land prices (collected from the Government Valuation Department) and determined that the overall land price in the Colombo District has gone up by 16.3%, year-on-year. The computing of the three sub-indices has taken into consideration the diverse ways of land-use and the comparability of the quality of lands. The CBSL periodically compiles and analyses several indicators in order to monitor the developments in the real estate sector. Accordingly, the Land Price Index (LPI) (base year 1998) had been compiled annually from 1998-2008 and bi-annually from 2009-2017, covering 50 centres of five DS divisions in the Colombo District. With the increasing importance of monitoring land prices, geographical coverage of the LPI has been expanded to 82 centres covering the District and revising its base period from 1998 to 1st half of 2017 to accommodate this expansion. Areas included in determining the Land Price Index were; Seethawaka, Padukka, Homagama, Kaduwela, Kolonnawa, Colombo, Thimbirigasyaya, Dehiwala, Ratmalana, Moratuwa, Kesbewa. (Daily Island, 2.11.2018)

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All Saints Church, Borella: Where the carillon chimes




Source: Sunday Observer, November 4, 2018

The residents around Campbell Park have grown up with a familiar tone, the glorious pealing of the bells of All Saints Church. For decades this sanctuary has spiritually empowered thousands of Catholics. One of her unique distinctions in terms of worship is that her parishioners and clergy have celebrated 3,000 novenas to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in 2011. One can visit this church via Baseline Road or the turn off at Punchi Borella Junction.

Fr. Ivan Perera, the resident priest explained the history of the church and her rewarding novena.




Early beginnings

A majority of churches in Sri Lanka are the fruits of spiritual labour of dedicated friars and priests. Such is the story of this church, as well. The building dates back to the latter part of the 18th century. It was Fr. Bonjean who laid the foundation stone on June 22, 1886.

The enthusiastic clergyman behind the building process was Fr. Collin. He was able to acquire two acres of land with the intervention of Lady Arthur Gordon (wife of the Governor of Ceylon) and Lady Johanna Thompson (wife of the Superintendent of the Convict Establishment, today, referred to as the Welikada Jail). It is said, Sir Arthur Gordon brought some documents written in Latin placed in a glass jar and buried them with the foundation stone.

To collect funds for the construction Fr. Collin is supposed to have organized carnivals. The construction work was further enhanced by the dedicated leadership of Fr. Jayamane.

3,000 Novenas

The roots of the first novena date back to 1951, when an Irish priest, Fr. Christopher McCarthy came to Ceylon. He had joined the Redemptorists Novitiate (Dundalk, Ireland) in 1929, aged 19.

Fr. McCarthy had undertaken missionary journeys to India and Australia, and is said to have visited many churches in Ceylon wanting a sanctum to place our Lady of Perpetual Help. It was during this time that Fr. John Pascal Herat was associated with All Saints Church. He was a native of Kurunegala, was ordained as an Oblate of Mary Immaculate, and served as secretary to three Archbishops.

Fr. McCarthy met Fr. Herat and the two men were keen to begin this novena. With the consent and blessing of Archbishop Thomas Cooray the first perpetual novena was held on December 8,1951. Every Wednesday evening people came in earnest. Initially, there were about 100 and eventually, 2,000 people were attending. Fr. Christopher McCarthy was very satisfied, and after serving God for almost five decades, entered into eternal rest aged 72.

Since its inception the novena had inspired many Catholics. One of the young men was Fr. Bertram Dabare.

He has recollected that in 1952 he attended his first novena as a schoolboy, wanting his athletic team to achieve victory at the Public Schools Meet held in Colombo. Years later, young Bertram joined the seminary and was ordained. He returned to All Saints Church as assistant parish priest. Subsequently, he succeeded Fr. John Herat as parish priest, a remarkable journey of faith.

Another young student from the Kynsey Road Seminary who came here for prayer was Nicholas Fernando.

He went on to become Rev. Dr. Nicholas Marcus Fernando, Archbishop Emeritus. The congregation of All Saints Church celebrated their 3,000th novena on July 6, 2011, which drew the attention of Pope Benedict XVI.

Mother of Perpetual Help

The outer structure of this church is painted in cream with light brown borders accentuating her beauty. Both sides of the aisles are adorned with statues of venerated saints. Gazing upwards your eyes are mystified by the florid stained glass windows.

At the altar a crucifix stands in solitude, reminding us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, as he yielded his life on Calvary’s cross for the remission of our sins, Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi – Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. His outstretched nailed hands, challenges us mortals to let go of material possessions, for this life is transient to the true believer. Rising gently above her son is the Blessed Mother, conspicuous in a stained glass mosaic.

This image of the Madonna (a replica) has its origins in the 15th century, drawn by a Greek artist. It was enshrined in the Church of St. Alphonsus, in Rome. It was then brought to the Church of St. Matthew on the Esquiline Hill.

During the 18th century the church was gutted by a raging fire, but the painting remained intact.

The portrait was taken to St. Eusebius Church. Papal approbation of this sacred image was acknowledged by Pope Pius in 1867. It was ceremoniously crowned by the Vatican chapter. As we walked closer to the altar the entire vista behind the original painters’ vision began to make sense. This Byzantine era image of Blessed Mary on the stained glass has many details. She is carrying Jesus. The Greek abbreviation ICXC there denotes Jesus Christ. The angel on the left is Archangel St. Michael and Archangel St. Gabriel stands on the right side. The background in hues of gold is symbolic of heaven. Virgin Mary is adorned in a red tunic – the colour worn by virgins in that era.

The dark blue mantle is a reflection of the colour worn by Palestine mothers, after all Mary was a good mother. Salve Regina, Mater Misericordiae – Hail holy Queen mother of Mercy.

As we walked back Fr. Ivan gave me permission to climb the old wooden steps to the choir loft, to take a photo of the ancient pipe organ. The view from this height of the inner sanctum takes your mind to celestial realms.

The Singing Tower

Most churches have a belfry. But the tower at All Saints is unique. Some opine it is the only one of its kind in the Asian region. Fr. Ivan explains, “The distinction behind this tower is that it does not have one bell, but 25 bells. In 1957, the church was celebrating her 300th novena and the dedicated churchmen and women made tremendous sacrifice and installed a carillon chiming system”.

The 25 bells were made in Germany and sent to Ceylon. (The heaviest carillon bell system in the world is at Riverside Church, New York). The carillon is actually a musical system where the chords of each bell are connected to a keyboard, which has to be played manually. Levers and wires then activate ‘clappers’ to hit the bells. The person chiming the bells was called a carillonist.

With time the manual operation was converted to an electric system. A wooden board has the names of the 25 men and women who donated a bell each to this amazing bell tower.

The beauty of this church and her service to the community is captured in a poem by Fr. Marceline Jayakody in his text, “Pearls and Roses”.

All Saints Church Borella is a testament to God’s continuing grace. Dominus Vobiscum – the Lord be with you.

Victor Melder
Sri Lanka Library

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                                                              SRI LANKA NEWS IN BRIEF – (OCTOBER)  2018)

Victor MeldorCompiled by Victor Melder.

The total number of tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka during September reached 149,087, posting a 2.8% year-on-year growth, while pushing cumulative arrivals to over 1.7 million, latest data released by the Government said.. In September the largest source market for tourists was India, followed by China and the United Kingdom. As at 30 September, 1,731,922 tourists had visited Sri Lanka for this year – an 11.6% growth over last year when 1,551,931 tourists had visited the country during the same period. Asia and Pacific continued to be the largest source of tourist traffic to Sri Lanka with 47% of the total traffic received in September 2018, while Europe accounted for 43% of the total traffic, America 6%, Middle East 3% and Africa 1%. India, China, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany were Sri Lanka’s top five international tourist generating markets in the month of September this year. India was the largest source of tourist traffic to Sri Lanka with 22% of the total traffic received in September. China accounted for 13% of the total traffic, while the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany accounted for 9%, 6% and 6% respectively. Cumulative earnings amounted to $2,160 million during the first half of 2018. Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga said he was hopeful that by the end of this year the country would be able to increase its numbers to 2.5 or three million. Tourist arrivals rose 3.2% to 2.1 million last year. Tourism revenues rose by a similar percentage to an all-time peak of $ 3.63 billion. (Daily Financial Times, 5.10.2018).

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SRI LANKA NEWS IN BRIEF – SEPTEMBER 2018 – Compiled by Victor Melder
Victor Meldor                                                   

Wildlife officials will be armed with Russian-made Kalashnikov AK 47 assault rifles under a Rs. 42 million project to protect elephants from poachers and to save human lives in the human-elephant conflict, the Cabinet has decided. These weapons, more sophisticated than the standard issue of Chinese-made T-56 assault rifles, are to be bought on a recommendation by Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Regional Development Minister, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka. The total number of AK 47s to be imported is 2,568. Field Marshal Fonseka’s Deputy Minister, Palitha Thevarapperuma, told the Sunday Times that the purchase of assault rifles would be connected with the human-elephant conflict, caused mainly as a result of people encroaching into the jungle habitats of elephants. “At present wildllife officials are reluctant to intervene when civilians and elephants are threatened,” he said. The proposal is for the purchase of 1,500 firearms this year, each valued at Rs.16,000 with the total cost at Rs. 24 million. Next year, 1,068 weapons, each valued at Rs. 17,000 would be bought at a cost of Rs. 18 million. Of these, 2,334 firearms will be issued to small maintenance groups at wildlife parks, while 234 will be issued to Assistant Rangers. The new proposal envisages the construction of a 2,651 km long electric fence in places identified as having elephant threats. This will be connected to the existing electric fence of about 4,349 km. The Deputy Minister said they had identified the cadre requirements of around 1,000 new personnel for the Wildlife Department, including 20 veterinary surgeons, 117 wildlife rangers, 234 assistant rangers, 234, wildlife guards, 19 development officers, 150 heavy machinery operators and 200 drivers. He said they would also deploy Civil Defence Force personnel and maintenance officers for around-the-clock surveillance.
In the past five years, some 375 people have died in incidents related to the human-elephant conflict, with 1,177 elephant deaths and 5,800 instances of property damages also being reported. (Sunday Times, 2.9.2018).

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SRI LANKA CRICKET NEWS (AUGUST 2018) – Compiled by Victor Melder



Victor Meldor - eLankaThe touring South Africans beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets to win the second One-Day International, played at Rangiri International Stadium, Dambulla. Scores:

Sri Lanka – 244/8 in 50 Overs (Mathews 79no, Dickwella 69, Phehlukwayo 3/45, Ngidi 3/50, Mulder 1/26, Rabada 1/48)

South Africa – 24/6 in 42.5 Overs (de Kok 87, du Plessis 49, Amla 43, Duminy 32,Dananjaya 3/60, Perera 1/34, Lakmal 1/39, Rajitha 1/44)

Player of the Match: Quinton de Kok (South Africa)


The touring South Africans beat Sri Lanka by 70 runs to win the third One-Day International, played at Pallekelle International Stadium, Kandy. Scores:

South Africa – 363/7 in 50 Overs (Hendricks 102, Duminy 92, Miller 51, Amla 59,  Perera 4/75, Kumara 2/67, Dananjaya 1/81)

Sri Lanka –  285 in 45.2 Overs (de Silva 84, Dananjaya 37, Mathews 32, Mendis 31, Ngidi 4/57, Phehlukwayo 3/74, Shamsai 2/62, Mulder 1/34

Player of the Match: Reeza Hendricks (South Africa)  


Sri Lanka beat the touring South Africans by 3 runs (Duckworth Lewis Method) to win the fourth One-Day International, played at Pallekelle International Stadium, Kandy. Scores:

Sri Lanka – 306/7 in 39 Overs (Shanaka 65, M.Perera 51, N.Perera 51no, Tharanga 36, Dickwella 34, Duminy 2/35, Ngidi 2/65, Maharaj 1/37, Phehlukwayo 1/45, Mulder 1/51)

South Africa – 187/9 in 21 Overs (Amla 40, Duminy 38, de Kok 23, Miller 21, Lakmal 3/46, N.Perera 3/32, Shanaka 1/20, de Silva 1/26, Dananjaya 1/30)

Player of the Match: Dasun Shanaka (Sri Lanka)


Sri Lanka beat the touring South Africans by 178 runs to win the fifth and final One-Day International, played at the R.Premadasa Stadium, Khettarama, Colombo. Scores:

Sri Lanka – 299/8 in 50 Overs (Mathews 97no, Dickwella 43, Mendis 38, de Silva 30, Mulder 2/59, Phehhlukwayo 2/60, Maharaj 1/32, Rabada 1/47, Dala 1/57)

South Africa –  121 all out in 21.4 Overs (de Kock 54, Markram 20, Rabada 12no,  Dananjaya 6/29, Kumara 2/34, de Silva 1/21, Lakmal 1/22)

Player of the Match: Akila Dananjaya (Sri Lanka)

Player of the series: Jean-Paul Duminy (South Africa)

South Africa won the 5 match Series 3-2.


Sri Lanka beat the touring South Africans by 3 wickets to win the one off T20 International match, played at the R.Premadasa Stadium, Khettarama, Colombo. Scores:

South Africa – 98 all out in 16.4 Overs (de Kock 20, Hendricks 19, Klaasen 18, Miller 14, Dandakan 3/19, de Silva 2/22,Dananjaya 2/15, Udana 1/9, Rajitha 2/27)

Sri Lanka – 99/7 in 16 Overs (Chandimal 36no, de Silva 31, Shanaka 16, Dala 2/22, Eabada 2/24, Shamsi 2/26, Duminy 1/2)

Player of the Match: Dhanjaya de Silva (Sri Lanka)

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                               ACQUISITIONS   FOR  THE  MONTH  OF  AUGUST  2018



  1. Worm’s Eye View by Ransiri Menike Silva, 2012 (Donated by Dr Quintus De Zylva, Moorabbin, Vic)
  2. Iron Roads in the Outback, The Legendary Commonwealth Railways by Nick Anchen, 2017.

      (Donated by Udaya Peeligama, Baulkham Hills, NSW)




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        (Donated by Mrs Beulah Nathanielsz, Broadmeadows, Vic)

  1. Lanka Railway Digest (LRD), Vol 6, Issue 1, April – July 2018.
  2. The ‘Ceylankan’ – Journal of the Ceylon Society of Australia, Journal 83, Vol XXI, No 3, August 2018.



  1. “The Vine”, Evergreens Newsletter, August 2018.
  2. News Mag, Journal of the Old Aloysians Sports Club (Australia) Inc, August 2018.
  3. “The Harbinger”, Family Magazine, Australia / Sri Lanka Welfare Guild Inc (ASWG), Vol 43, No 4, August 2018. 



  1. CD – Ceylon Roll of Honour, WW 1, 1914-1918, Part 1, A – K & Part 2, L – Z, compiled by Eileen Hewson, Kabristan Archives, UK.

      (Donated by Windsor & Jacky Morris, Croydon, UK) 

  1. Serendib Treasures, SriLankan Airlines Duty Free Catalogue.

      (Donated by Kevin Melder, Dalkeith, WA)

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SRI LANKA NEWS IN BRIEF (AUGUST 2018) – Compiled by Victor Melder : Melbourne

Victor MeldorIn 2017 Sri Lanka’s motor vehicle population grew by 7% to 7.2 million. This is one of the many facts and analyses  in the latest edition of the annual report on the country’s motor vehicle market published by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. 2017 saw a rise in import expenditure (5%) despite a fall in import volume (11%) with yearly new registrations declining by 9%. This report prepared by the Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, provides a detailed statistical analysis and industry overview of Sri Lanka’s Motor Vehicle Market, featuring the latest information on registration; vehicle population; imports of vehicles by vehicle category, top brands imported under each vehicle category and overview on the global motor vehicle market and global electric vehicle market.  (Daily Island 1.8.2018)

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(JULY 2018)

Compiled by Victor Melder


Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) released the Test squad that will play against South Africa in the two-match series, which begins from July 12.  Sri Lanka has named 16 members in the squad, which includes two players — Kusal Janith Perera and Rangana Herath — who are yet to prove their fitness levels. The virtual side that last played in the West Indies has been retained as Dinesh Chandimal makes his comeback after serving a one-match ban. The first Test will be played at the Galle International Stadium from July 12 to 16 followed by the second Test at the SSC in Colombo from July 20 to 24, before the two sides engage in a five-match ODI series and a one-off Twenty20 game.  Sri Lanka Test squad: Dinesh Chandimal (Captain), Angelo Mathews, Dimuth Karunaratne, Kusal Mendis, Kusal Janith Perera, Danushka Gunathilaka, Dhananjaya de Silva, Roshen Silva, Niroshan Dickwella, Rangana Herath, Suranga Lakmal, Dilruwan Perera, Akila Dananjaya, Lahiru Kumara, Lakshan Sandakan, Kasun Rajitha  Stand by: Asitha Fernando, Dasun Shanaka, Malinda Pushpakumara, Shehan Jayasuriya. (Times onliine 7.7.2018)

The match between Sri Lanka Board XI and the touring South Africans, played at the P.Sara Oval, Colombo, ended in a draw. Scores:

Sri Lanka Board, 1st Innings – 287(Mathews 92, J. Silva 76, Gunathilaka 53, Shamsi 5/45, von Berg 2/82, Elgar 1/13)

South Africa, 1st Innings –  338 (du Plessis 79, Amla 78, Bavuma 58, Elgar 43, p. de Silva 3/72, D. de Silva 2/9, Ambuldeniya 2/83, Sanjaya 1 /4,  Gamage 1/57)

Leg-spinner Jeffrey Vandersay has been charged by Sri Lanka Cricket for breach of the code of conduct. He was sent home from the tour of West Indies ahead of the third Test match in Barbados. The 28-year-old has seven days to respond for the charges. If he accepts the charges, SLC’s Management Committee will determine a penalty and a possible suspension. However, if he challenges the charges, then the disciplinary committee will conduct an inquiry. (Sunday Island, 8.7.2018)

Sri Lanka defeated the touring South Africans by 278 runs, to win the first Test played at the Galle International Stadium. Scores:

Sri Lanka, 1st Innings – 278 (Karunaratne 158no, Gunathilaka 26, Sandakan 25, Mendis 24, Rabada 4/50, Shamsi 3/91)

South Africa, 1st Innings – 126 (du Plessis 49, Philander 18, Bavuma 17, Perera 4/46, Lakmal 3/21, Herath 2/39, Sandakan 1/18)

Sri Lanka, 2nd Innings – 190 (Karunaratne 60, Mathews 35, Lakmal 33no, Gunathilaka 17, Maharaj 4/58, Rabanda 3/44, Steyn 1/35)

South Africa, 2nd Innings – 73 (Philander 22no, Markram 19, de Kock 10, Perera 6/32, Herath 3/38, Sandakan 1/1)

Player of the Match: Dimuth Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka captain Dinesh Chandimal and coach Chandika Hathurusingha have been suspended for four ODIs, in addition to the two Tests they are already sitting out, after receiving the maximum possible punishment for their spirit of cricket offence. Team manager Asanka Gurusinha also receives the same sanction. Following a ball-tampering row, the trio had been charged with the level 3 offence over Sri Lanka’s refusal to take the field on day three in the second Test in St Lucia last month, a refusal that resulted in a delay of roughly two hours. Although they had pleaded guilty, and made the case that the entirety of the delay was not their fault, and that ICC match officials had failed to follow correct protocol, judicial commissioner Michael Beloff has imposed the harshest possible sentence, of eight suspension points. This is the severest sanction the ICC has handed out since the demerit points system was introduced in September 2016. Six demerit points have also been added to the records of all three men, which, for Chandimal, brings his demerit point tally to 10, having received four demerit points over the original ball-tampering offence. This means Chandimal is on very thin ice for the next 24 months. If he collects two further demerit points – for anything from slow over rate, to a breach of the code of conduct – he will be suspended for a further three Tests, or six limited-overs internationals, or a combination of the two depending on the schedule.  Sri Lanka had hoped for a much more lenient sentence, with the board expressing regret, and Chandimal publicly expressing remorse over refusing to take the field, labelling that decision an “emotional” one. The hearing had gone on for over five hours, in which Sri Lanka had made the case that although they were guilty of breaching the spirit of cricket, the circumstances that led to that breach were exceptional, but Beloff did not buy this argument.  (ESPN, Cricinfo, 16.7.2018)

Cricketer Jeffrey Vandersay was given a one-year suspension from all forms of international cricket, which will stand suspended for one year, for misconduct reported against him during the concluded West Indies Tour, the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) announced today. It said Vandersay was also fined with 20 per cent from his annual contract fee over the misconduct. “He was imposed with the punishment, following his admission of guilt over the incident. The SLC also informed him that during the period of serving the suspended sentence, any breach of the contractual obligation shall be severely dealt with together with the suspension,” it said. (Daily Mirror, 20.7.2018)

Sri Lanka defeated the touring South Africans by 199 runs, to win the second and final Test played at the Sinhalese Sports Club Grounds, Colombo. Scores:

Sri Lanka, 1st Innings – 338 (D. de Silva 60, Gunathilaka 57, Karunratne 53, Dananjaya 43no, Herath 35, Maharaj 9/129, Rabada 1/55)

South Africa, 1st innings – 124 (du Plessis 48, de Kock 32,  Dananjaya 5/52, Perera 4/40, Herath 1/32)

Sri Lanka, 2nd Innings – 275/5 dec (Karunaratne 85, Mathews 71, Gunathilaka 61,  Maharaj 3/154, Ngidi 1/9)

South Africa, 2nd Innings – 290 (de Bruyn 101, Bavuma 63, Elgar 37, Herath 6/98, Dananjaya 2/67, Perera 2/90)

Player of the Match: Dimuth Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

Player of the Series: Dimuth Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka won the 2-match series 2-0.

Sri Lankan opener Danushka Gunathilaka faces an uncertain future after Sri Lanka Cricket charged him with breach of Code of Conduct during the second Test match against South Africa at SSC. SLC officials said that they will launch their own inquiry after an ongoing Police inquiry into misbehaviour. Gunathilaka is alleged to have booked two additional rooms in the Five Star team hotel on Saturday. While the Police have cleared him of serious misconduct, his friend, for whom Gunathilaka had booked the second room is under arrest. Gunathilaka, who hit twin fifties in the second Test that Sri Lanka won by 199 runs, is believed to have turned up at his SLC booked room at 2am on Sunday, breaching team curfew. Sri Lanka’s senior players are believed to have put down their foot and demanded maximum punishment for the batsman. A previous disciplinary issue is sure to invite more trouble. Gunathilaka was suspended last August for being drunk, skipping training and arriving on the match day without his kit bag. The incident happened at Pallekele during India’s tour last year.SLC withheld his payment for the second Test and suspended him from all forms of international cricket until an inquiry was conducted. A regular in Sri Lanka’s white ball team, Gunathilaka was not named for the five match ODI series that gets underway later this week in Dambulla. Angelo Mathews will return to the side as captain as Sri Lanka’s ODI specialists such as Dasun Shanaka, Upul Tharanga and Thisara Perera were named in the 15 member squad. Uncapped left-arm spinner Prabath Jayasuriya was named in the squad along with all-rounder Shehan Jayasuriya, who last represented Sri Lanka two years ago. Test opener Dimuth Karunaratne was named as one of the four stand-bys after a prolific Test series against the Proteas. The 30-year-old scored an unbeaten 158 in the first Test in Galle and into the bargain scored three half-centuries completely dominating the series. He was Man of the Match in both Tests and walked away with Player of the Series award as well. Sri Lanka have an axe to grind with the Proteas after being whitewashed 5-0 in the last series between the countries in South Africa. Sri Lanka Squad: Angelo Mathews (Captain), Dasun Shanaka, Kusal Janith Perera, Dhananjaya De Silva, Upul Tharanga, Kusal Mendis, Thisara Perera, Niroshan Dickwella, Suranga Lakmal, Lahiru Kumara, Kasun Rajitha, Akila Dananjaya, Prabath Jayasuriya, Lakshan Sandakan and Shehan Jayasuriya. Standbys: Dimuth Karunaratne, Isuru Udana, Nishan Peiris and Jeffrey Vandersay. (Daily Island, 25.7.2018)

The touring South Africans beat the Sri Lanka Board President’s XI, in the one-day warm-up match, played at the P.Sara Oval, Colombo.


South Africa – 293/10 in 49.4 Overs (du Plessis 71, Hendricks 59, Mulder 56, Miller 40, Jayasuriya 2/46, Peiris 2/47, A. Fernando 2/48)

Sri Lanka – 230 in 44.1 Overs (Udana 53, Karunaratne 50, D. de Silva 36, Mulder 3/12, Shamsi 3/41, Dala 2/15, Duminy 1/16. Ngidi 1/37)

Sri Lanka’s cricket board Friday slapped a six-match ban on batsman Danushka Gunathilaka for breaching player rules as police investigated the alleged rape of a Norwegian woman in his hotel room. Gunathilaka, 27, was questioned by police on Tuesday after his associate Sandeep Jude Selliah, 26, was accused of raping one of two Norwegian women with them in a room at the team hotel.Police said Gunathilaka was not an accused, but a cricket board hearing found him guilty of breaching team discipline and violating his contract. The incident is said to have happened in the early hours of Sunday just before Sri Lanka completed a Test win over South Africa. SLC rules stipulate that during matches players must be in their hotel rooms by midnight and cannot have guests. “Sri Lanka Cricket decided to suspend Danushka Gunathilaka from six international cricket matches for breaching the ‘Player Code of Conduct and Contractual Obligation’,” said a board statement. Gunathilaka will now miss five one-day internationals starting Sunday against South Africa and a one-off T20 match.  He had already been excluded from Sri Lanka’s ODI squad pending the disciplinary hearing. Gunathilaka was already on probation for another transgression when the new charges were slapped over his conduct at the weekend. The six-match ban takes into consideration a misconduct offence in October last year. Local media said that punishment came after he missed a training session following late-night partying. Sri Lanka Cricket said he will forfeit his match fee for the second Test against South Africa and any other bonus payments for winning the two match series. Gunathilaka and Selliah were with two Norwegian women at the team hotel in Colombo during the 2nd Test. One woman later accused the Selliah, a British passport-holder of Sri Lankan origin, of raping her. He was later arrested by police. (Daily Island, 28.7.2018)

The touring South Africans beat Sri Lanka by 5 wickets to win the first one-day International played at Rangiri International Stadium, Dambulla. Scores:

Sri Lanka – 193 in 34.3 Overs (M.Perera 81, N.Perera 49, Shamsi 4/33, Rabada 4/41, Ngidi 1/29)

South Africa – 196/5 in 31 Overs (Duminy 53no, de Kock 47, de Plessis 47, Dananjaya 3/50, Lakmal 1/37, Sandakan 1/74)

Player of the Match: Tabraiz Shamsi (South Africa)

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  2. The Class M 2 Diesel Electric Locomotives in Sri Lanka –The “Canadian Warriors”, by Dr Frank Wingler, August 2016, 16pp, with colour photos.
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