Feels like home: This fragrant Sri Lankan beef smore marks a celebration-By Pilar Mitchell



When Augi De Hoedt was a boy, day-to-day life was shaped by ritual. Each morning, the eldest of four would get up before anyone else and start the fire to make tea.

“We didn’t have any gas, it was a wood fire. I would be the one to light the fire and boil the water for mum,” he tells SBS Food. “We would have black tea with milk and sugar. It’s what everyone drank in Sri Lanka, even the kids.”

Twice a week, he and his mum would go to the local food markets. “You can get all the local produce. The villagers bring fish, vegetables, condiments, plants, spices, chilli, everything.”

The abundant variety of fruit is something De Hoedt recalls with relish. “There were all kinds of bananas, mangoes, wood apples. It was absolutely amazing,” he says.

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