The Burgher Association of Australia Centre is available for private hire



Burgher Association (Australia)
358 Haughton Road, Clayton VIC 3168

The Burgher Association of Australia Centre is available for private hire (Dances, Birthday parties,
Anniversaries etc). The BAA Centre is located within a short walk from Clayton railway station. The hall
is licensed to hold 150 people. Tables and chairs for this number of attendees are provided. There is
usually plenty of parking across the road and a few spaces on the property. Disabled access via ramps
is available to both the front and rear doors and a disabled parking space is available. There is also a
‘horseshoe’ driveway permitting the dropping off of attendees under cover.

Commercial kitchen facilities are available including stainless steel splash walls, a commercial glass
washer, dishwasher, stove, oven, hot water boiler, large freezer, refrigerator and a bain-marie. There
also is an alfresco area at the back that can be used for making the famous Sri Lankan Hoppers, BBQs
or other activity that requires a shielded outdoor space. There are multiple reverse-cycle heating and
cooling units servicing the main hall and kitchen. There are separate male, female and disabled toilets.
More pictures are available on our website

How to make a booking: Call Breeda Foenander on 0423 844 101 to enquire whether the date, you
wish to hire the hall for is available.

If you are a member of the BAA, the price of hiring the Centre costs $350 per day; Non-members $400 per day. Minimum booking is 5 hours $300. Hours of operation Friday/Saturday 11AM to 12 Midnight, other days 10AM to 10PM. All bookings require a bond of $250 that is refunded if the centre is handed back to management clean and undamaged. ($1000 for age 21+ and under). A payment of $100.00 will be deducted from the Security Fee deposit for cleaning of the premises, for the next day’s Events. Hiring Agreement. NB: To book the hall, payment has to be made via the BAA Bank Account – details available on request. Depending on whether you are a
member or non-member the full fee plus the deposit of $250 must be paid to secure the date booked.





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