“Common Knowledge” – by Des Kelly

To all our special eLanka readers. Sometimes we forget important people, dates, events, etc.,so, as your Editor, I feel that it is my responsibility to keep all of you informed.

As we all know, His Royal Highness Prince Harry got married just recently, but how many of you know, that, after his “bachelor-party” he uttered what could well be the “quote of the year”. He said “It’s really weird, stuffing money into a stripper’s G-string when every note has a picture of your grandmother on it”!!

In addition, folks, here are a few” trivia” questions that I would like to throw your way. If you could answer any, obviously, your I.Q. would be envied, but, please do not worry, the answers follow, plus the “common” advice given gratis, which you must follow.

In the year 1923, who was,
1 The President of the largest steel company?
2. The President of the largest gas company?
3. President of the New York Stock Exchange?
4. The greatest “wheat” speculator, ever?
5. Pres. of the bank of International Settlement?
6. The “great-bear” of Wall Street?

These men were considered some of the most successful in the World, of their era.

Now, 80 years later, history books inquire as to what ultimately happened to these tycoons? .
1. The President of the largest Steel Company, whose name was Charles Schwab died a pauper.
2. The President of the largest gas company whose name was Edward Hopson went insane.
3. The President of the NYSE Richard Whitney was released from prison, only to die at home.
4. The greatest wheat speculator, Arthur Cooger died abroad, penniless.
5. The President of the B of I.S. shot himself & died.
6. The “great-bear” of Wall St., Cosabee Livermore, also committed suicide.

All the above gentlemen worked their arses off to hopefully become multi-millionaires, while, back in 1923, the P.G.A. Champion & winner of the most important golf tournament, the U.S Open, whose name was Gene Sarazen, enjoyed his life, doing everything that we folks generally do, became financially secure in later life, played golf until he was 92, & died in 1999, at the ripe old age of 95.


Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka


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