“Our World is such a small place” – By Des Kelly


Lyrics & Music:- Clarence Wijewardena

“Cover Version”-  Lohan Samaratunga  

How many times have we heard this phrase ?. This is a very special Sri Lankan song, composed by the late, great Clarence Wijewardena to portray the loving relationship between Father & Son, and now, many years later, what I think is a beautiful “cover” version of this song,done by Lohan Samaratunga, for his Dad, Kirthi, is a video that I felt would be appreciated by all our eLanka members & readers around the World.

What was even more surprising to me, is that Kirthi Samaratunga is the Son of a certain Lieut.Comdr. Samaratunga of the Royal Ceylon Navy during the 1950 era, that I served under, so now, here am I, nearly 60 years later listening to his grandson singing on you-tube. I repeat, it is a small World, isn’t it ?. 

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   Once again, they say “you live & learn”. Marcus Cicero (43BC) of the Roman Empire, wrote these amazing words of wisdom. I would like to pass this Sarstharakaraya’s message onto each & every member of eLanka in (2020 AD) in the hope that THEY will live & learn from it. BTW, this little beauty of a “post”was sent to FB by Dal de Rozairo, a Burger from Ceylon then, Sri Lanka now, to The Burgher Connection with a touch of Madness (and sometimes, more than a touch of it) I’m afraid. Anyway, cut the chatter Des.,and let’s get down to it.

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Juggler like no other – By Des Kelly


She certainly is. An amazing performer, if ever there was one. Also brings back memories of another “Circus-Girl” I knew, back in the 50’s.

Donavan Andree booked them to tour Ceylon, and I was lucky enough to join this group in a show titled Continental Non-stop Revue, & toured Ceylon with them. The Juggler/Contortionist in this show was an English beauty-rose whose name was Lily. This is another story for eLanka, another time, but I do wish we could have featured this Juggler like no other on our Revue. 

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“THE OLD C.G.R.” – By Des Kelly

I remember the old poem Anguru kaka, watura bibi, kolomba dhuwana yakada yaka, very well. It seems like yesterday, really, and brings back many memories of the old Steam Trains, the Moratuwa Railway Station, a mere stone’s throw away from where I lived, as a toddler, where these magnificent Steam Trains used to have their bellies filled with water from the huge steel tanks (pictured), via equally huge rubber hoses, then, especially as it was just getting dark, we would hear the distinct whistle, as the train driver indicated that he was leaving the Station. Brother Ian was about a year old, and I was just four in 1940, when we were treated to a “firework-show” at eventide each evening, when, out of it’s main smoke turret at the front of the engine, a shower of sparks would burst forth, giving us a “show” that many would pay to see. The engine driver would do the easy part of simply driving the train. If was the second guy on board the engine, the fireman, who had the difficult physical job of shoving showels of coal into the engine furnace to keep the steam up, and the train going. I remember that it was a special kind of music, to hear the “chug-a-lug” of the engine wheels, slowly, at first, then gathering speed, as it left the Station.  

          The C.G.R. was a large part of our life.  My uncles, on my Mother’s side, the Demmers were all respected members of The Ceylon Government Railway. Alan Demmer was on the Senior Executive Staff, as I remember, 

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Life in the Australian Army – By Des Kelly

Hi folks, this hilarious little account of 

Life in the Army was sent to me by one of my friends, who also thrives on good comedic material. Arthur Speldewinde, needs no introduction at all, especially to us Burgher buggers from Ceylon then, Sri Lanka, now. I had to share this true story with thousands of eLanka members and readers, all over the World.

This is, as I often say, on FB. etcerera,

“Especially for you”. Please read it and have a bit of a chuckle.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
 (Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.     

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                     “COMEDY IS” – By Des Kelly

  Just a short while to go, before all Victorians in Australia will be able to move around freely, once more. We have been trying our very best to keep ourselves occupied for the past few weeks, in lockdown, because of C.V.19, and it has been extremely difficult, but now Charles Schokman has been kind enough to present the Irish Comic genius Dave Allan who, in turn, is trying to teach us how to tell the time. 

          This also tells us a few things. Dave should have been here with us in Melbourne, teaching some NITWITS that THEY will be responsible for a longer TIME in  restrictions if they keep going to the beach, breaking the contact rules,  and being stupid.

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“PETERITES AROUND THE WORLD” – Appointment of Desmond Kelly, an old Peterite, as Administrator on the Forum



Desmond Kelly









This was a recent Article sent in to the “Captain” of S.L.S. eLanka on 1st Oct., 2020.

Interesting, to say the least.

Hi Neil, (Jayasekera), 

I believe that Desmond Kelly is the Editor of eLanka, Main Website for all Lankan Australians, and now the Special Website for all Lankan Britishers as well. 

We are happy & proud to announce that we have decided to appoint Desmond, also an old Peterite, as Administrator on our Forum

“Peterites Around The World”, with immediate effect. The reasons for this appointment are varied. 

Firstly, we believe that due respect has to be shown to all Peterites & others who are now in the twilight years of life. Secondly, as an advisor to younger generations of Peterites who are the hope of our future, & thirdly, last, but by no means least, is the fact that Desmond Kelly has had quite a full and satisfying life so far, himself. During his early teens, he was recognized as a vocalist at St. Peter’s College, and sang regularly in the Choir, even learning all the Latin Hymns sung each day at Benediction. In addition, he became a leading character with the Music, Art & Drama Society at College. 

          He left College & home, to join an English Circus Troup, touring the Island at the time, then later, joined Radio Ceylon and started to write his own musical compositions, one of which was the first local English song accepted by the huge Philip’s Corporation of the Netherlands, from where the very famous Blue Diamonds duo, were sent on contract to Ceylon to perform their own show. Desmond was their guest-star. Later, when television was being introduced into Ceylon, he was again, the 1st local Artiste to be featured on T,V, with his hit of that era, called Dreamworld.

          Later still, Desmond Kelly joined the Royal Ceylon Navy, then becoming known as the Singing Sailor, leaving the Navy after eight years, to migrate to Australia. He then continued his Showbiz career on a part-time 

basis, did recordings both in English & Sinhala, finally retiring from stage & screen, to continue, on an honorary basis, the roles of both an Editor-in-Chief of eLanka & now an Administrator for his ex- Alma-Mater. 

          We are very proud to include him on our Forum, where his knowledge & skills, especially in music, will be a great advantage to all ex-Peterites, everywhere.

Desmond Kelly is a proud ex-Peterite who has brought honour to our great School, St. Peter’s College. We wish him the best, and blessings in his new position as an Administrator in our globally popular Forum for Peterites, everywhere.

Thank you, truly,

                                   Sunanda Jayasekera


                            “Peterites around the World”.

eLanka wishes Desmond all the very best and thank him for the continuous support to eLanka too!

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 “THE BOSUN’S PIPE” – By Des Kelly

Not necessarily something smoked, the Bosun’s pipe was a special little metal whistle “piped” by the Quartermaster on board any Navy Vessel in order to get the attention of the Ship’s Crew, before any announcement was made, (sounding like a thin long shriek of a demented mouse), or simply to announce the arrival of an Officer on the Quarterdeck of a Ship. The Officer in question, would then stand at attention, salute no-one in particular, and “come aboard”, so to speak. 

          What has all this got to do with this most interesting article on a gifted Novelist named Somasiri Devendra ?, well, everything really, because it is all about his latest Novel.

“A Man Called Ceylon”, has just been published and undoubtedly will be on the shopping list of any avid reader. As everyone probably knows, this writer was also in the Royal Ceylon Navy, before resigning to migrate to Australia, but unfortunately did not get the chance to meet Somasiri Devendra personally. He is a superb Writer, one who has written a few other popular books as well, following in the footsteps of both his Father and Grandfather, Somasiri has “been there & done that”, from being a proud Navy Man, elevating himself into the field of Marine Archaeology. The Man Called Ceylon will be an exceptional read, I am sure.

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Oxymoron ? – By Des Kelly


Image Source: ReviewHippie

 English is a strange, but sometimes a very humorous language as well. 

We are all well aware that there are many morons around these days. Of course, without Oxygen, any morons would not exist, so this is why the wordsmiths have decided to bring in this strange word that I have never heard of, until now. 

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                     “COUNTRY – COPS” – By Des Kelly


George Strait & Alan Jackson – Amarillo By Morning The Cowboy Rides Away Live from AT &T Stadium

          Two great Country Vocalists of around the 1980s, George Strait (the older of the two), first came to my attention with his 1st big hit, “I wanna dance with you”, a song that I loved and even did a “cover” version of. George undoubtedly held his ground among many former Icons like Merle Haggard and yet another George (Jones), and Alan Jackson, the younger, then hit the showbiz Scene with a big bang. He is a fine Country Act, with a huge following, but why do I refer to this duo as “Country-Cops”??.

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