“COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO” – By Des Kelly

  No, it’s not about the song, folks, but my You Tube clip is such

  It’s about a “Special Rooster”, let’s simply call him “Butch”

  Twas Farmer Jones who owned him, he was a splendid   sight, 

  The story all about him, was told by an author unknown.

  So far, I have written many “stories” about the abject cruelty of animals, reptiles & birds (including hens)who are locked up in cages, barely able to move, and forced to lay their eggs under the most horrendous conditions. 

   This time, happily, it is a different story, originally submitted to the Newsletter I regularly receive from the C.W.O. (Ceylonese Welfare Organisation), by a lady with a subtle sense of humour.

   As I now do, especially for the thousands of “on-line” readers of eLanka, I first contact the original scribe, in this case, “unknown”, then add-on, a little extra, as I am doing right now, to now bring you the “tale” of Farmer Jones, his favourite Rooster, Butch, his brood of “free-range” hens, “free-range” eggs (the preferred ones for human consumption, as far as I am concerned), Politicians & even hopeful “Peace-Prize” winners like Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Anyway, here’s hoping that all my readers enjoy reading this story, as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

   Farmer John Jones was in the “Fertilized egg business”.

He had several hundred young “layers”, or “Pullets”, as they are called, plus ten Roosters to fertilize all the eggs to come. He kept strict records on their performance, and any Rooster, not performing, was duly sentenced to the “soup- pot” & replaced. All these logistics took too much of his time, and so he decided to attach a tiny bell on the foot of each Rooster, each bell emitting a different “tone”, so that, even from a distance John could tell which of his Roosters was either performing, or not doing his job.

   This was a canny move by John, who could now just sit on the porch of his farmhouse to complete the efficiency reports of his business. He did this now, by listening to the bells on his chook-farm. 

   Farmer John’s favourite Rooster was “Butch”. All was going well, until, one sunny morning, he noticed that old Butch’s bell wasn’t sounding at all, so off he went to investigate the matter. What he found was amazing. 

All the othrr Roosters were busily chasing the hens, bells a-ringin, bluebirds singin, but the pullets were running (for cover), when they heard the Roosters coming. Then John confronted Butch to find his bell firmly lodged in his beak, so it wouldn’t ring. He (Butch) would then sneak up on a Pullet, do his job, walk away to sneak up on another.

   Farmer John was so proud of Butch, he entered him in the “County-fair”, where Butch became an overnight sensation with all the judges. These Judges not only awarded old Butch with the “No-bell” Peace Prize, they awarded him with the “Pullet-sur-prize” as well . Clearly, Butch was a Politician.

Watch out, Trump & Un, who else but a Politician could figure out how to win (by default), two of the most coveted awards on this Planet of ours, by being champions at sneaking up on an unsuspecting populace and screwing them, when they weren’t paying attention !. Think about it.


Desmond Kelly

  Star of eLanka




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“Goodbye Gina” by Des Kelly


She was born on the 8th of May, 1959, eldest daughter of Maureen (Neliya) Hingert, & Mario Zamparelli, grand-daughter of Mabel (Lorna) Hingert, nee de Run, & Leslie Hingert. Her Father, Mario was a celebrated designer to movie mogul, the late Howard Hughes, her Mother Maureen was a model & beauty queen, the very first to “put Ceylon on the map”, as a runner-up in the ” Miss Universe” contest of 1956.

Gina died on the 21st of May, 2018 aged just 59, but not before she made her own “name” by becoming the very first female American, L.A. based Concert Promoter, Pasadena’s best “Citizen of the year”for her work with the “Preservation Foundation” of California, and she sat on the “Board of Directors” for “Hollywood Heritage”. She also formed a non- profit organization “Friends of the Raymond Theatre”, whose mission was to save this historic building. She waged a long 20 year battle to preserve this theatre, which, as a historian, she loved. The Los Angeles Times Newspaper of the 25th of October 1990 wrote thus:, “Raymond Theatre has a Champion in Gina Zamparelli”

After a short illness, Gina died after being diagnosed with “Glioblastoma” , an aggressive cancer of the brain & her funeral will be held at a local Roman Catholic Church on the 16th of June, after which a celebration of her life will probably see hundreds of her friends and fans come together to reminisce about a great lady, taken away much too soon.

As the Editor of eLanka, & “The Lanka Times” in Melbourne, I take this chance to send our deepest sympathy to Gina’s family in America, especially to her Mum & Sister, Marisa, plus everyone in Los Angeles & America who thought the World of Gina Zamparelli.

May she now rest in peace. “Goodbye Gina, God bless you”.

Desmond Kelly.

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“Common Knowledge” – by Des Kelly

To all our special eLanka readers. Sometimes we forget important people, dates, events, etc.,so, as your Editor, I feel that it is my responsibility to keep all of you informed.

As we all know, His Royal Highness Prince Harry got married just recently, but how many of you know, that, after his “bachelor-party” he uttered what could well be the “quote of the year”. He said “It’s really weird, stuffing money into a stripper’s G-string when every note has a picture of your grandmother on it”!!

In addition, folks, here are a few” trivia” questions that I would like to throw your way. If you could answer any, obviously, your I.Q. would be envied, but, please do not worry, the answers follow, plus the “common” advice given gratis, which you must follow.

In the year 1923, who was,
1 The President of the largest steel company?
2. The President of the largest gas company?
3. President of the New York Stock Exchange?
4. The greatest “wheat” speculator, ever?
5. Pres. of the bank of International Settlement?
6. The “great-bear” of Wall Street?

These men were considered some of the most successful in the World, of their era.

Now, 80 years later, history books inquire as to what ultimately happened to these tycoons? .
1. The President of the largest Steel Company, whose name was Charles Schwab died a pauper.
2. The President of the largest gas company whose name was Edward Hopson went insane.
3. The President of the NYSE Richard Whitney was released from prison, only to die at home.
4. The greatest wheat speculator, Arthur Cooger died abroad, penniless.
5. The President of the B of I.S. shot himself & died.
6. The “great-bear” of Wall St., Cosabee Livermore, also committed suicide.

All the above gentlemen worked their arses off to hopefully become multi-millionaires, while, back in 1923, the P.G.A. Champion & winner of the most important golf tournament, the U.S Open, whose name was Gene Sarazen, enjoyed his life, doing everything that we folks generally do, became financially secure in later life, played golf until he was 92, & died in 1999, at the ripe old age of 95.


Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka


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“I need nothing at all” by Des Kelly

He has “made it” into both the Texas & Houston Music Halls of fame, still not inducted into the “main” Country Music Hall of fame, and, for the life of me, I cannot understand why. The year 2005 saw him get the credit he truly deserved in Texas, 2013, in Houston, but, what has he got to do to be inducted into “THE COUNTRY HALL OF FAME”, covering the whole American Country ?.

I need nothing at all, right now, except this music that I love, the respect & admiration of my own family & just a few genuine friends that “keep in touch”, writing for eLanka, still composing the “Country Love Songs” as I have done for well over 60 years now, still reading everything interesting that I can lay my hands on, especially about ” Artistes” like Gene Watson, a vocalist who can take ANY SONG and make it his own. There are hundreds of exceptionally talented Singers & Songwriters in both Australia & America. The only difference being the fact that those in America are much luckier with the “backing” they get for their recordings.

Even having all this, to be inducted into the main Country Music Hall of Fame, over there, seems extremely difficult.

I truly believe that Gene Watson should be in this Hall of Fame & if, during the past 5 years, he has still not been inducted into it, I would suggest that those who are responsible for the induction process, have their collective “hearing- aids” cleaned or replaced with new ones.

I need nothing at all, having the necessary experience to KNOW what a good song sounds like, the melody, the lyrics & the “feeling” with which a good song is sung. I would ask my Lankan/Aussie readers everywhere to “comment” on the Gene Watson “clips” that go with this article, to try and get this superb singer into the ” Hall of Fame”, where he belongs.

desmond kelly

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka



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Jessi Colter, Songwriter, Singer, Pianist beyond par.

The wife of still another icon of “Country Music”, Waylon Jennings who has now passed on to the “stage in the sky”, and mother of their son, Shooter, Jessi never ever took a step back, in showing her love for “Outlaw-Waylon”who, in turn, gave the impression that he could not believe his luck when he made this beautiful woman his wife.

     Watching them together, as they “did their thing” it was always easy to see the love they had for one another, and when Waylon finished his stint on Earth, Jessi wrote and performed songs dedicated to him, songs that proved beyond any doubt that she idolized “her man”. 

    ” I’m not Lisa ” was only one of many top “hits” written by Jessi Colter, and I doubt that any other female star would even come close in “covering” this song, not even “Julie” that Jessi brings into her song. Waylon Jennings was one lucky man of Country Music. He was really “2 Stars in 1”, himself & his wife, Jessi Colter. I feel privileged even to “write” about her. In my “clips” of this beautiful woman, she poses with her handsome young son, Shooter, and a sonewhat older Kris Kristofferson.  “GO, JESSI”, you are one of the BEST in my opinion.







Desmond Kelly

     Star of eLanka


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     Imagine a most beautiful woman, dressed in silks & Satin, in Vienna, the “City of Music”, which was quite possibly, exactly what Carl Michael Ziehrer was doing, as he composed this glorious piece of music in a waltz entitled “The Samt & Seide Walzer”. 

     I have never been there, but I have always envisaged Vienna to be a picturesque City in Austria, associated with wonderful music from the pens of Composers such as Strauss and Ziehrer, among dozens of other superb exponents of light classical music. I have to point out to our good readers of eLanka, with fulltime members now numbering over twenty thousand, the fact that my tastes in music are 100% catholic. I always take  “the middle road”, cannot stand the heavy “Classical, Jazz, Rock, Blues, & what is termed “modern-Country”. My tastes are “Light classics , 

“Trad.Jazz”, “Elvis-style Rock n Roll”, ” Rhythm & Blues” and, most importantly, “American Country” from the 80s era, especially.

I once recorded a CD with the “title” “Stories in Song”, and this is exactly “my cup of tea”. Every song MUST tell a story.

     Carl Michael Ziehrer has written many wonderful pieces of Music &, for a start, I would like to introduce, via “utube”,

this beautiful Waltz. Thus far, I have featured mostly Country Music, this, being my “forte” but folks, when you are in the middle of your evening, after a hectic, busy day, and when you wish to relax at home, with perhaps a glass of wine in your hand, and a loved one nearby, listen to the “Classic Composer” ZIEHRER to make it all worthwhile.






Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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“I’ve got the blues” by Des Kelly

“The proof is in the pudding, at this moment, right now, I’ve got the blues”, folks, my eLanka readers, friends & fans,

This guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd & his “Blues Band” is truly SOMETHING ELSE !. I believe that THEY will be touring Australia in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, Adelaide is not on the agenda, this time & boy !, don’t they have the “blues” about it ?.


     Normally, my “forte” is “Country Music”, but also because I have been kindly given the “title” of “Mr.Music”, which I hope I deserve, I do try to bring to my readers, only the very BEST of every type of Music I think, deserves due publicity.

eLanka & it’s editor try our best to provide our members, now 20.000 & counting, only the “Cream” of the “News” that has just “broken”, not any old “Breaking News” as the Media

are prone to call it, nowadays, the best “Articles” & Stories that would be a source of entertainment for people to read “on line”, the best “Personal Advertising” that costs less, but delivers more, and most importantly, the BEST Music Clips, from “You-Tube” (as chosen by your’s truly), gratis, with absolutely NO financial gain, by this Website. 


     eLanka is already a “trophy-winning” Website, but I’ve got the blues folks, because all I can now do, is write about these “Showbiz Celebrities”, and not even attend their shows, because a Spinal complaint prevents me from going anywhere. I’ve done lost my good thing, as Kenny Shepherd says in his song, but I still revel in the music backing provided by his keyboard player, followed by his lead-guitarist. Folks, listen & enjoy the “best of the best”.

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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Animal Love – By Des Kelly

Received this absolutely beautiful video from my good friend Charles Schokman a few minutes ago. Was so “touched” by it, I decided to e’mail it immediately to eLanka in the hope that Neil Jayasekera who, like Charles & myself is a dedicated “animal-lover”& will publish it a.s.a.p.

With everything that is going on, regarding “live-exports”

of Australian cattle & sheep, dying in agony on ships too small to carry thousands of these beautiful creatures, with hardly room to move, hens, caged up in similar conditions, in order to lay their eggs, even as all their feathers are falling off their bodies, ducks being indiscriminately shot, together with other birds, it is no wonder that some of these wild birds will quite possibly be extinct in the not too distant future.

In addition to the above, many people who cannot even look after their own children, get “pets” who, after a while, are not “looked-after” as they should be, lately, even poisoned by large “Pet-food” Companies who don’t seem to give a damn, excepting making money.

When the readers of eLanka watch this video, they will understand the simple beauty of the “caring”, “loving” nature of animals, big & small. The person who actually “made” this video deserves a medal. They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” A million words will not be sufficient to capture the beauty of this video. Thank you Charles, and also Neil. I loved it, and so will you.

desmond kelly

Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka

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The Drink – 3D – By Desmond Kelly

My dear eLanka readers, one & all, this “video-clip” featured for your enjoyment (only), is not 3 dimensional.

However, forget the foreign “lingo” imprinted on this Masterpiece and please only remember that my song, recorded a few years ago was the “hit” Wadakaha-sudhiya”, or, “The Drink”, as I “titled” it, for the “kalu-puka Suddhas” who followed me to Australia & then completely forgot the wonderful ” Sinhala-language” after being resident here for about 10 minutes. 

     “Stop carrying on like a bloody 2 bob watch, Des & tell us your reasons for this brief “title”.

“O.k, o.k, men, don’t get your amuday in a knot and I will tell”

     “3D” stands for “Dwarf Daniel & Dezabel” (she looks a bit of a Jezabel, but then, who cares?”. Sometimes, even I get my “spelling” wrong !.

     The first part of my song, like many of the “Singlish” ones I have written, always explains what the song is about, in Oxford English.(I pride myself in the use of our Queen Elizabeth’s English), then, of course, there is the “pure” Sinhalese, I can still read, write, & sing in. 

     The “chorus” of  “the drink” for all you new Lankan Aussies who want to “sing-along” with me, means exactly as it sounds. 

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya (she drank this crazy drink)

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya (means same bloody thing)

“Anay magay Emily-panay, kiyanda ko attha anay

“Please, anay, my Emily-life, tell me the truth, anay

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya ( do I have to keep repeating myself”)?,

     Just, as a matter of interest, folks, ANOTHER GROSS VERSION of this same song, sung by the same great singer (guess who)?, is now circulating in Australia.To the unknown producer,  all I can say is, ” If you want to “repeat” these ” classic-clips”, always try to bring your viewers something different. Try to show that you are just a little more intelligent than you look, and try not to be incognito.


Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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“TO ERR IS HUMAN” – By Des Kelly

     To complete the above phrase, “to forgive, divine”.

I begin this article by asking the readers of eLanka, proudly 20.000 + right now,.  to forgive any “typo-errors” they may come across in the “stories” I write. I offer no excuses except the fact that everything I print out on my little Samsung tablet is done on the “spur of the moment”.

There are no drafts, no time whatsoever to re-check or edit anything I write. My “thing” is to “get an idea”, watch the current news, generally on “Aunty” A.B.C., sit on my armchair and “write”, sometimes non-stop, until I finish the “article”. This done, I “forward” it immediately to the Captain of S.L.S.(Sri Lanka Ship) Neil Jayasekera who wastes no time whatsoever in publishing it on-line, on the eLanka website, purely for the reason that you good people out there can read something different, every day of the week.

     Because eLanka is especially for all Lankan/ Aussies in this great big Country, now, I am given to understand, enjoyed all around the World, I feel rather disappointed when I read the published article on-line, sometimes,  and then notice a couple or three small “typo-errors” which never should have occurred. Still, I do feel that an apology is in order, because, “To err is human, to forgive, divine, so I sincerely hope that you are a divine lot, out there.

     Speaking of “Aunty A.B.C., it looks like they are in trouble with the present Government once again. The recent budget finds a substantial “cut” in poor Aunty’s funds. This is not fair, in my opinion, but when a relevant question was put to our “treasurer”, he was quick to give what I would call a Governmental answer. Problem is that the A.B.C. comes out with some “ungovernmental” stories at times which get on the nerves of the present Parliamentarians, resulting in the unpopularity of the ONLY Television Station which give us ad-free programs. Anyway, I think that if “Labour”  wins the next election, new P.M. Bill Shorten will “refund” the funds so cruelly “cut”. Folks, I did not misspell “Labour”. Perhaps Australia now prefers “American spelling” Anyway, what’s in a name ?, Governments are all the same. They make the mistakes & “Aunty” gets the blame. It really is ” A crying shame”. On touching base, I rest my case.

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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