BAGGAGE – By Natali Perera

The first of January, the start of a new year, brings in new things. New year resolutions, a new mind set, a new look! But it also brings with it the potential need to cancel out the things that are not need in our lives. I always thought of January as the month of cleansing, in every aspect of my life!

My friends and I have a few unspoken theories. One, is that if anything bad happens in January, it is the universe’s way of trying to make you a path filled with great things for the rest of the 11/12 months. For example, if work is not going as smoothly as you would like, no worries, the mistakes you made, are in the past, you made them and that’s done, you have 11 more months to make up for it so utilise them all. If your fitness goals have been declining since new year’s, no matter, just make sure that you know where you went wrong, and take small steps thorough January to fix your goals. If things romantically are not heading in the direction that you thought they were, well honey at least you realised it in January!

What is HIGHLY IMPORTANT (I feel) is that you REALISE the problem! Then take action! Our second unspoken rule is that if you let it go till February well… just don’t. Cut the cord! It’s hard but very necessary. If you are not happy at work, talk to your colleagues and see how you are able to contribute more, show them that you are trying to better yourself. If you felt like you were slacking in the gym, find yourself a gym buddy to help you be accountable for your fitness goals. If you are in a toxic relationship why would you want that negative energy around you draining your energy in the new year? You don’t.

What I have noticed is that dragging unwanted situations into January is not acceptable but it is tolerated. Carrying it into February is just like packing a woollen jacket with you to central Australia, it’s questionable, irrelevant and accumulates space. Space which you could have used to fill up your suitcase with breathable cloths, comfortable shoes and protective sun cream.

If you haven’t entered January feeling like you can breathe in peace, be comfortable with where you are in life, and are sure that you have “cleansed” yourself from anything negative, you should 100% try to feel that way when February approaches.

I mean not everyone believes that a new year is cause for change, but nevertheless, imagine what you are able to do with all that new-found energy! Enthusiasm!  And sense of self! You literally have the ability to shape your entire year.

Natali Perera

Author: Natali Perera

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