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DRIVER EDICATE – By Natali Perera

So, because my previous article was dedicated to passenger edicate, I thought it was only fair that I talk about drivers edicate as well. Most of the habits I have picked up have been from my dad, and naturally after getting my licence, that has not changed.

What I did not realise prior to passing my driver’s licence is that driving come with A LOT of responsibility. Not just the obvious be safe on the road stuff, but the number of things you keep in your mind when you’re not driving alone is immense!

Driving slower than usual, breaking quicker than usual, accelerating smoothly so no one jumps in their seat, making sure you have a rout mapped out if you have multiple people to pick up, making sure you are on time! The amount of times I have been late to pick up my friends is crazy! By now, they should all be used to it, but no. I still get the moody sighs when I arrive 15 minutes before schedule and the backseat calculations “ok because we are 15 minutes late, we shall be 20 to 30 minutes late to arrive at the event”.

These are just some things I like to keep in mind when driving with passengers:

  1. Road rage, is not cute. When you’re in a car with a bunch of people and all you’re doing is yelling about all the vehicles around you, there comes a time where everyone else in the car is just going to think you’re crazy. No one can yell about other people for so long, there will come a time where they’ll realise that “if maybe you do this, you could avoid his problem” but they’ll be too afraid to say anything cause you’re screaming your head off.


  1. Driving like the rules don’t apply to you, there are naturally fast drivers and then there are drivers who drive to show off, swerving through cars, speeding like the red-light camera is not going to catch you. That camera catches everyone! And your passengers face when they see the camera has caught you, is not pretty!


  1. Drivers without consideration. Ok this one gets to me, drivers that drive as if they have no passengers in their car. They ignore them, they don’t take into consideration that perhaps just because you don’t have a curfew, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. Personally, if I am the driver I consider it to be my responsibility to get everyone one home happy and safe. If that means cutting the night short because someone is sick or someone has a curfew then that is what I signed up for. Dropping someone home at 2am when their curfew was at 1am unless unavoidable circumstances is something I try to avoid.

 So, the next time you’re driving someone around, just be normal, you wouldn’t go the extra mile to show off to yourself? Likewise, I’m pretty sure they too aren’t expecting to be taken on a rollercoaster ride. The extra yelling and swerves on the road are not worth the minor heart attacks your passengers are getting in the back seat.

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Getting my licence made me think about what type of passenger I was. I would look at various people who got into my car and think to myself, do I act like that? Do I do what they’re doing right now? Small things like wanting to open the window instead of turning on the aircon in the car; that makes a difference to the driver! That drumming noise the wind makes when you don’t have all your windows open the right amount, that’s enough to burst a drum.

So this made me think, is there such a thing as passenger edicate? Are there just some things that passengers should avoid doing when they are being driven around?

With exception obviously, these are the rules that I believe all passengers should be considerate about:

  1. Lateness complaints, you are being given a lift. At least you’re getting to the venue! They don’t need to pick you up, the fact that they are picking you up is going to make them even more late! So, shouldn’t they be the ones that should be complaining because you can’t drive, don’t want to drive or can’t Uber it there yourself?


  1. Pretending to be the driver, nothing gets me more nervous while driving than when my friend is in the passenger seat also looking at whether the right lane is clear for me to merge, or WORSE, when the left lane is clear! It doesn’t matter how many times you (as a passenger) looks out into the road, the driver doesn’t have your eyes! What you see is not the same as what they can see, and their judgement is not the same as yours either.


  1. Changing car settings, with most car owners, each setting is usually preadjusted to exactly the way they like it! The aircon temperature, radio, seat and even the light; all set to exactly to the right setting they are comfortable with, so if the aircon is set on cold, ask before you start pressing on bits and bobs trying to figure out why you want hot air and only cold is coming out.


  1. Backseat drivers, this is, the worst (for me). People who get overly sensitive about everyone around them. I know a lot of friends who are car fanatics, so driving with them is as if you are resitting your driving test again. The foot tapping, gasping, and the “you shouldn’t have taken this road” after you have already turned, as if they were waiting this whole time to say that to you, because why would you not tell me that back when you realised that I was going to turn here. I know you didn’t just realise now! It gets me on edge! If you want to get so angry at all the cars we’re passing, then take their number plate down and tell them! Don’t ask me to press my horn, because you want to teach them a lesson, teach them while you’re driving your car.

This all may sometimes stem from a good place. However, just think about how you feel when someone in the back seat of your car is enraged by the driver in front of you, and is shouting at you to horn at them. It’s not your car and therefore not your rules.

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How much talking is too much talking? How do you know, when they’re calling you as a friend, and when they’re calling you because they want to hear about your day? This is such a fine line.

Personally, I feel like if talking exceeds to once a day, then there may be some feelings involved. I mean, I don’t even talk to my best friends every day…if you think about calling someone after work, when you’re driving or when you’re bored then you should be thinking about why you want to talk to them so much, because I don’t think you just want to call in a friendly way anymore, you want to call in a freeeeeendly way. If you catch my drift.

Now days, with social media and texting, there isn’t really any reason why people would need to call unless it was an emergency. So even now, subtly exchanging numbers and getting that call is a pretty exciting thing. My friend (for the purpose of this article, let us call her) Jenny, is currently seeing a boy, they are both in the ‘getting to know each other’ phase. She called me the other day to update me on what has been going on. She said that last week they had not been able to catch up with one another but they talked for the first time on the phone for 2 hours! That is a long time! I squealed on phone because I was so excited for her. 

But as far back as I can remember, getting a phone call from your crush was a BIG THING. Before mobiles, they would have to get your home phone number, call your house, possibly speak to a member of your family “Hi is Stacy home, this is Nathan, we go to school together”, you would finely get the phone, but your family would be keeping table on the duration of the call, and maybe even if you had two phones, your siblings would be listening in through the other phone.

Even in tv shows! It was such a bit thing for the main character to be getting a call from their crush, they would talk for hours! Daily! And eventually, it was just a given that they would receive a call at 6pm.

See now what happens when the calls stop? This is when things start to get confusing. I mean, everything was going well. You have been calling the same amounts as they have, it has been consistent. You have been exchanging laughs, talking about interesting thing, but then suddenly, nothing. I mean you could always call, but you don’t want to look desperate, and they have a phone too, they could call if they wanted. You are literally stuck in a rut.

I usually land on one of the next three options

  1. Don’t call them. Just see what happens, he may be busy. But if you don’t call, this may give you a chance to see if they eventually call you. However, you do risk the chance of not getting a ring, in which case you both may have been waited for each other and nether of you made the move so the chance of having a great conversation was missed.


  1. You send them a text. Just to see how they reply back, usually, when someone has gone all quiet after being so open it’s because something is going on, this may be related to you, or it may not be. But regardless, it’s something that is consuming their thoughts enough for them to not feel like talking to you. A quick text allows you to sus them out, see how they respond and if they sound different, maybe just let it be, don’t force anything. If things sound normal, slip in a “let me know when you’re free, I have a story to tell you” and that way the ball is in their court.


  1. Call them. They aren’t going to bite you through the phone! The most they might do is hang-up or let it ring into voicemail, either way, you tried. Someone not picking up the phone is not the end of the world. Just think of it as you have more time to do the things that you would have originally been doing, and they just missed out on a fab conversation with you!

So, if you’re someone who is interesting is someone as more than a friend, if things are going well, don’t be afraid to call them, and if you’re someone who is trying to find why someone fell off your grid, don’t be afraid to subtly let them know you’re interested, they may just be a bit unsure, your interest may be the push they needed.

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BAGGAGE – By Natali Perera

The first of January, the start of a new year, brings in new things. New year resolutions, a new mind set, a new look! But it also brings with it the potential need to cancel out the things that are not need in our lives. I always thought of January as the month of cleansing, in every aspect of my life!

My friends and I have a few unspoken theories. One, is that if anything bad happens in January, it is the universe’s way of trying to make you a path filled with great things for the rest of the 11/12 months. For example, if work is not going as smoothly as you would like, no worries, the mistakes you made, are in the past, you made them and that’s done, you have 11 more months to make up for it so utilise them all. If your fitness goals have been declining since new year’s, no matter, just make sure that you know where you went wrong, and take small steps thorough January to fix your goals. If things romantically are not heading in the direction that you thought they were, well honey at least you realised it in January!

What is HIGHLY IMPORTANT (I feel) is that you REALISE the problem! Then take action! Our second unspoken rule is that if you let it go till February well… just don’t. Cut the cord! It’s hard but very necessary. If you are not happy at work, talk to your colleagues and see how you are able to contribute more, show them that you are trying to better yourself. If you felt like you were slacking in the gym, find yourself a gym buddy to help you be accountable for your fitness goals. If you are in a toxic relationship why would you want that negative energy around you draining your energy in the new year? You don’t.

What I have noticed is that dragging unwanted situations into January is not acceptable but it is tolerated. Carrying it into February is just like packing a woollen jacket with you to central Australia, it’s questionable, irrelevant and accumulates space. Space which you could have used to fill up your suitcase with breathable cloths, comfortable shoes and protective sun cream.

If you haven’t entered January feeling like you can breathe in peace, be comfortable with where you are in life, and are sure that you have “cleansed” yourself from anything negative, you should 100% try to feel that way when February approaches.

I mean not everyone believes that a new year is cause for change, but nevertheless, imagine what you are able to do with all that new-found energy! Enthusiasm!  And sense of self! You literally have the ability to shape your entire year.

Natali Perera

Author: Natali Perera

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I love Valentine’s day! What is there not to love! Everyone is in a cheerful mood, love is literally all around you, and you can’t help but think about the potentially amazing things that will hopefully soon be coming your way.

Well, I mean that is if you do not die of patience while waiting for your prince charming. Having never had the opportunity to celebrate this loved up holiday my best friend and I have come up with some interesting ways of getting us through the week without feeling like we are missing out.

  1. Choose a valentine – my best friend and I have continued to be each other’s valentine since the age of 9.
  1. Discuss how you both will spend valentine day – make a list of potential date options; places you have wanted to visit, restaurants you would like to try out.
  2. Will presents be exchanged? – this is always awkward. When one person has purchased a present and the other has not so we have always for most holidays had the standard “hey, are we exchanging gifts this year?” conversation. Some may think this is unnecessary but sometimes things get in the way, finances, time commitments and so on, so we find it is best to be safe than sorry.
  1. Select an option – one year, we both woke up early to hit the shops to buy matching Pandora for one another (She purchased me the Luminous Heart Openwork Charm and I purchased her the matching ring), next, we visited Myuna farm where our outfits did not correspond to the scorching weather but we were having so much fun with all the animals that we barely noticed the heat.

But most of all, just have fun with the day. Just because you do not have a significant other to celebrate with, does not mean you cannot celebrate the day with those that you love!
Natali Perera

Author: Natali Perera

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Honesty is the best policy


Recently, I have been thinking about where the phrase “honesty is the best policy” originated from. At first, I thought maybe it was through trial and error. One day, many years ago, someone somewhere decided to lie about something. The outcome was negatively related, and hence, the individual decided that honesty was the best policy for future similar situations. Obviously, a quick search into google informed me that it was in fact a proverb from Benjamin Franklin.

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