“Did U Smoke BDs in SL.?. – By Des Kelly

So, it ‘s come down to this ?. Well Sir, I didn’t have a clue that they were Indian Cigarettes, however, I do know that they used to “roll their own” in Ceylon, while my “cheapest” brand was “Peacock” @ 20 cents for a packet of ten. 
Beedies (or Beedis), were left aside for the less affluent folk. Unfortunately, I started this rotten habit of smoking, when I was around the 15 year mark. At home, in Lorensz Road, Bamba., although dad never touched alcohol, he did smoke a few 3 Roses, a day, while mum always preferred Bristol Cigarettes. Neither smoked beedies. 
     My first cigarette however, was a Player’s Navy Cut, filched by my good friend David Swan,God rest his soul, from his dad’s tin of fifty. His dad was one of the very affluent folk in Bamba. He was Judge StClair Swan (R.I.P.), 
and, as such, had many tins of fifty, of the best fags around, so David figured that he would not miss a couple, now & then. He wanted “company” to smoke with (what’s new ?!!), 
and so, we would meet, at the little ” thosai-kade” up the Street, and it was ” neat’, or “cool” as they say, these days.
     Anyway, it seems that we are talking about an Indian cigarette now, so I’ll leave it there, for the moment. My advice to everybody out there, is DO NOT SMOKE AT ALL, 
if you can help it. At least, Beedies & Peacocks in the old days, did not contain a fraction of the rubbish in the cigarettes of today, cigarettes that cost around 40 dollars, Australian, a packet. It would be cheaper and BETTER to smoke a few Beedies, if you must smoke at all.
Desmond Kelly
 Desmond Kelly.
   (Editor -in-Chief)  eLanka.
A beedi (BiDi) is a thin cigarette or mini-cigar filled with tobacco flake and commonly wrapped in a Tendu leaf tied with a string or adhesive at one end. It originates from the Indian subcontinent. The name is derived from the Marwari word beeda—a mixture of betel nuts, herbs, and spices wrapped in a leaf.

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