Only joking, folks. This is Rhonda Vincent & Gene Watson

I am talking about. Rhonda would have to be one of the finest female Country Singers, I have had the pleasure of listening to, recently. As for Gene, well, there isn’t a single song,recorded by this man, that I have not enjoyed. 

As everyone knows, there are hundreds of very good Country Singers, most of them, from America, but then, the very best Country Musicians also hail from the U.S.A., and their “backing” of people such as Rhonda & Gene only help them to sound even better (if this is possible). 

As I have said (& written), many times, my taste in Music

is catholic. I live for the love of good music, but as all my eLanka readers will already know, Country Music is my forte’. Still, good music abounds in this World of ours and we are lucky indeed to have such a variety of it.

 Because my “Series of Song” 2019 is all about Music, we, at elanka have decided to make our “Introductions” brief, & to the point, providing our readers with only the very best “Music-Clips” via You-Tube (& there are thousands of them),

that 75 plus years of experience gives me the honour of presenting to our Members (& there are 1000s of them too),

the “pick of the bunch”. I promise you folks, you will NOT be disappointed.

Besides “Gone for good” by Rhonda Vincent and Gene Watson, I would like to present Rhonda, together with mum, Carolyn & brother Darrin singing “Teardrops over you”.

They also say that  “good things run in the family” and this is ample proof of that. Ladies & Gentlemen, please enjoy Rhonda Vincent & Gene Watson, plus,,the Vincent family.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.



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