“Goodbye Gina” by Des Kelly


She was born on the 8th of May, 1959, eldest daughter of Maureen (Neliya) Hingert, & Mario Zamparelli, grand-daughter of Mabel (Lorna) Hingert, nee de Run, & Leslie Hingert. Her Father, Mario was a celebrated designer to movie mogul, the late Howard Hughes, her Mother Maureen was a model & beauty queen, the very first to “put Ceylon on the map”, as a runner-up in the ” Miss Universe” contest of 1956.

Gina died on the 21st of May, 2018 aged just 59, but not before she made her own “name” by becoming the very first female American, L.A. based Concert Promoter, Pasadena’s best “Citizen of the year”for her work with the “Preservation Foundation” of California, and she sat on the “Board of Directors” for “Hollywood Heritage”. She also formed a non- profit organization “Friends of the Raymond Theatre”, whose mission was to save this historic building. She waged a long 20 year battle to preserve this theatre, which, as a historian, she loved. The Los Angeles Times Newspaper of the 25th of October 1990 wrote thus:, “Raymond Theatre has a Champion in Gina Zamparelli”

After a short illness, Gina died after being diagnosed with “Glioblastoma” , an aggressive cancer of the brain & her funeral will be held at a local Roman Catholic Church on the 16th of June, after which a celebration of her life will probably see hundreds of her friends and fans come together to reminisce about a great lady, taken away much too soon.

As the Editor of eLanka, & “The Lanka Times” in Melbourne, I take this chance to send our deepest sympathy to Gina’s family in America, especially to her Mum & Sister, Marisa, plus everyone in Los Angeles & America who thought the World of Gina Zamparelli.

May she now rest in peace. “Goodbye Gina, God bless you”.

Desmond Kelly.

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