Why do they have to bring any poor monkeys into it ?.

Monkeys would never be silly enough to snort, inhale, or ingest in any manner, shape or form, any DUST, whatsoever, that is likely to make them go mad. Some of the rhesus macaque monkeys that I knew lived in Ceylon, were a little bit crazy, I know, but I cannot ever remember them sniffing at any dust around. They were too clever for that. 

People who use any sort of “party drugs” are just plain stupid. Prescribed drugs are bad enough, although necessary for patients with specific ailments, but sometimes these medications cause other problems, ones even worse than what the medicines are taken for. Fortunately, we have Doctors & Specialists around who can then recommend other drugs to counteract drugs already being taken, and so it goes, round and round like a merry-go-round. My firm belief is that the less drugs you take, the better-off you are. See your G.P. periodically, by all means, have the necessary blood tests once a year as you grow older, check your blood-pressure regularly & WORRY about everything, if it helps to keep you fit. Unfortunately, it will not, so why worry ?. Another famous “Burgher quote of old”

” What happens to Hepponstall happens to all”. 

Anyway, where was I ?, yes, getting back to this new rubbish called  “Monkey-Dust”, M.D.P.V. is so named because these “Monkey-Dust-Puerile-Victims” seem to want to “ape” monkeys (pardon the pun),scramble up trees, and if there are no trees around, climb walls, act stupid (like they actually are), get hostile and bite anyone who tries to catch them before they fall off. The problem here, is that even real monkeys don’t do stupid things like this. Give THEM a few peanuts and they’ll settle down.

 Monkey Dust is the newest, cheap drug on the World market, at the moment. It seems that Australia is trying to “talk it down” at the moment, indicating that, in comparison to other drugs such as “ice”, this one is hardly used. 

However, ice became a vice in Oz., because in comparison with heroin, IT was cheap. Now, Monkey Dust is cheaper still, and even a bigger temptation to the thousands of addicts who seem to have nothing better to do than to partake of this powder that will eventually kill them before they get too much older, and, the sad part of it is the fact that they just do not seem to care. Also, as I have said (& written), so many times, the “laws” that were written into the Australian Constitution a little over 200 years ago are now ARCHAIC. They need to be changed and much tougher laws brought in, especially in relation to “illegal drugs” 

As everyone knows, if one is even found to be carrying drugs in the Philippines, there is every possibility of being either shot or having their necks stretched. Is it any wonder that so many refugees want to come to Australia ?. You sell a few drugs here, get a light rap on the knuckles with a feather-duster and be told ” Go out, son, and don’t do it again”. A million times, I have said it, and I’ll say it again.

There is NO proper DISCIPLINE in Australia. Toughen up on the laws. These new drugs in OZ., may still be irrelevant, but, we must never forger that what “MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO”. 

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief). eLanka. 


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