Marvellous. The little “Rocket-man”(branded by Donald Trump), & the “Lunatic”(branded by Kim, bung,) “may” meet in May, this year, to parlay about “fizzling-fireworks” in general. Talking about rocket-men & lunatics, just goes to show what a “crazy” World we live in right now. 

There he was, firing rocket after rocket, across South Korea, across Japan, into the seas around (luckily), UNTIL the “Sanctions” started arriving. The “Rocket-Man” wasn’t worried, one bit. Help kept coming, thru the back door, & the man with the funny hair-cut, kept “firing” once more, while the U.N.watched & waited, wondering what the hell to do next. 

     Then, comes this sudden turnaround. Reminded me of another “firework” from my younger days, in Ceylon, the “Catherine-wheel”. They keep spinning around, until they “fizzle-out”. It seemed to me that “Sanctions” against North Korea were as useless as “tits”(teats) on a bull”, BUT, when “Sanctions” begin to result in “Starvation” to the people, it “Starts’s” to get the necessary result, I suppose. 

     Braggarts, from wherever, mean very little to me. To put it in a more refined manner, “All wind & no faeces”, whatever it is, results in only “big talk” & “little action”, and so it has been, with the “Rocket-Man”. It is no secret that he has been spreading the “big talk” around, threatening everybody about his W.O.M.D. Then the Catherine wheel turns, the Winter Olympics begin, Rocket-Man starts to feel “cold”, his people start to feel, not only cold, but hungry, as well, & so, let’s forget the “squalking” & start “talking”. 

     President Trump does love a full “lunar-moon”, but that is as far as it goes. He did not get the “office” he holds, for nix.

He may decide to meet Kim Jong Un in May, this year, “maybe”. He may decide not to meet him in May, but, come what may, he may decide to meet him, perhaps in May, 2019

However, let us not get too hopeful. Many things could happen between March & May, this year. Still, perhaps they will both “march to the meeting in May”.

     The long & the short of this story is that, what is happening now between N & S.Korea, America, China& the United Nations, as a whole, is HUGELY POLITICAL. It is certainly not as “cut & dry” as it seems. The “meeting”, if & when it does take place, should be in a neutral Country, as far away from both America & Korea, as possible.

Security measures, otherwise, are going to be almost too much to handle. Whatever happens, at this planned meeting, if it DOES stop the threat of Nuclear war, it will all be worth it. I know next to nothing about Australian Politics, even LESS about Politics in general & I usually, write about the subject, simply to give my readers a bit of a laugh, because, other than it being a “back-stabbing”, dirty game, Politics is also a very “funny” one, & you only have to go as far as Canberra, to see the funny side of it. Getting back to the “fizzling-finality” of this story, 

     I would not trust our fat little Rocket-man as far as I could throw him. Everything about him is false. The toothy smile, the sweet talk, the non-nuclear strategy is, to use an Aussie term, all BULLDUST. However, we have to be fair, here. NEITHER America OR North Korea will EVER give up their nuclear arsenals totally. The only hope is that a certain BUTTON will not be pushed in by either Country, starting THE WAR that will really be the one to END ALL OTHERS.

Desmond Kelly

 Star of eLanka


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