On 31st December the Silver Fawn Club held their annual dinner dance to welcome the New Year. The year 2020 is the dawn of a new decade and it was a night of joy and excitement.

The decorations in the hall were of a high calibre with a theme of red and white. The tables looked magnificent with twinkling lights on the red cones in the middle and red and silver balloons on either end held up by shimmering weights with lights. The serviettes in red and white diagonal stripes added more colour to the theme. The buffet tables too were illuminated with coloured lights and beautiful floral arrangements topped off with the backdrop of a black curtain with rays of flickering bright blue lights. The roof and walls of the hall too shimmered with sparkling coloured lights. The Hall was arranged in such a way there was plenty of room in the middle for dancing and it looked very spacious. Everybody commented on the transformation of the Hall.

By 8 pm most of the guests had arrived. The Cool Daddies and DJ DarknTall1 provided splendid music to suit everybody and people did not hesitate to take to the dance floor as soon as the music started. Cool Daddies provided enchanting and vibrating music and DJ DarknTall1 was at his best providing scintillating music which kept the dance floor crowded throughout the night.

Time was ticking away and Ruvan introduced some old favourites with a sing-a-long before the countdown to midnight. Everybody was in full swing and after the kissing and hugging for 2020, the dancers continued in circles around the hall at times hand in hand and at other times hands to shoulders. It felt as if everybody was part of a BIG family.

Thilani Catering provided a most scrumptious buffet to suit all tastebuds. There was food overflowing and delicious desserts too. Well done Thilani and team, everything was perfect including your beautiful decor.

A big thank you to Ruvan, Hiranya, Ray, Tyronne, Susan, Fyri, Gerard, Thomazine, Ushi, Danushi, Kelli, Samitha and Preethi for helping with the decorating and other arrangements on the day.

Lastly thank you to all the guests who attended the function and I could see from the happy and smiling faces that everybody had a fantastic time.
Andy Weerasinghe
Vice President


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