Immune booster for Sri Lankans, globally- humble Rasam

Dr. Harold Gunatillake FRCS, MBBS, AM(Sing), FICS (US), FAICS
Health writer

Dr. Harold Gunethilake

“Rasam for the Asians and Chicken soup for the Westerners are recommended during flu epidemics

In my you tube circulated last week, I did mention that coconut that we all Sri Lankans enjoy in our daily rice and curry, and the spices that go into it, could be the answer to combat and prevent contracting the COVID19.

Coconut kernel (meat) has a fatty acid called Lauric Acid. This is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) when consumed gets converted into mono-laurin in the liver, which has anti-microbial properties. This molecule can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

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Pakistan to host Sri Lanka for limited-overs tour
Pakistan to host Sri Lanka for limited-overs tour

Karachi and Lahore to host ODI and T20I series respectively in promising sign for Pakistan, but Tests to be held elsewhere

Pakistan will host Sri Lanka for six limited over internationals starting next month, the two cricket boards announced Friday, in another step towards reviving international cricket in the security-troubled country after years of isolation.

In a joint statement, the cricket boards said the one-day interantional series will begin on September 27 in Karachi where they will play the other two ODI matches on September 29 and October 2.

The Sri Lankans will then move to Lahore for three T20 matches starting on October 5 and the final match will be on October 9, with the second match scheduled for October 7.

This will be Sri Lanka’s second tour of Pakistan since their team bus was attacked by militants during a Test match in Lahore in March 2009.

Eight years later, the Sri Lankans returned to Pakistan for a Twenty20 international in Lahore in October 2017.

The two boards said the teams were due to play two Test matches in October and follow it up with the six shorter form matches in December, but decided to swap them.

The dates and the venue for the two Tests were not announced, but Sri Lanka’s Sports minister Harin Fernando told reporters in Colombo Thursday that the Tests will not be in Pakistan.

Citing safety fears, Fernando said two Tests could instead be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where Pakistan has held many of its home series.

Since the 2009 attacks, a majority of international teams including Australia have refused to tour Pakistan over security fears, forcing Pakistan to play their home matches at neutral venues.

But since hosting Zimbabwe for a limited over series in 2015, Pakistan have been gradually normalising cricket activities and have also hosted matches for its Pakistan Super League T20 tournament for the past three years.

They have also hosted a World XI and the West Indies for limited over matches in 2017 and 2018.

Pakistan’s two Tests against Sri Lanka will be their final tune-up for their tour of Australia this summer, with matches to be played at the Gabba and then under lights in Adelaide.

Australia haven’t toured Pakistan since 1998.

Series schedule:

27 Sep – 1st ODI, Karachi

29 Sep – 2nd ODI, Karachi

2 Oct – 3rd ODI, Karachi

5 Oct – 1st T20I, Lahore

7 Oct – 2nd T20I, Lahore

9 Oct – 3rd T20I, Lahore

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By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

desmond kelly

“Sri Lankans, all, having a “ball”,
Most are short, but some are tall,
A few are rich, but many are poor,
But all are Lankan, that’s for sure.
The “count” was on, in the “census” that “crashed”,
The “Sinhalese” top-scored, “Burghers” abashed,
The “Tamils” were there, somewhere in-between,
Sri Lankans, all, God save the Queen.”

As per usual, to coin a phrase, a general census was carried out in Australia in the year of 2016. General Censuses (hope I got that plural right)!
Anyway, it could have been “Censui”, who cares? .

As far as Lankans are concerned, “knowing people only know, we are who, are”!.

Before, I go any further (with the broken-English), let me “invite” Sri-Lankans, all, to simply “print in” the name eLanka on your latest “technical-device”, and join “our mob” on a “Website” that is primarily for ALL Sri Lankans in Australia. We have a few thousand right now, who receive a regular “Newsletter” EVERY WEEK, giving us News, Views, & Interviews that matter to us.

I remember that, not too long ago, I did not want to have anything to do with all this “new technology”, but, had I not, you would not be reading (post-haste), all the interesting stuff I write, especially for you.

So, Sri Lankans’ all, throw out all those old hair-nets, fishing nets, & mosquito nets & join the “Internet”.

I promise you, with the “rat-race” moving along, as it does, EVERYTHING will be “faster”. Want to write a letter or send a message to someone you love? , forget Australia Post. Far too bloody SLOW.!!. Get on your “Tablet”, ipad, iphone or whatever and send it by “electronic-mail” (e’mail). Forgive me, I am now addressing the “oldies” among us Lankans. I can just imagine ANY young Lankan/Aussie reading this & saying to me, “don’t try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs” (another favourite Lankan phrase).

Anyway, please join Neil Jayasekera & “your’s truly” on eLanka, a.s.a.p. & get your FREE weekly Newsletter.

I promise that you will not be disappointed. You might well be on the scrapheap now, but,
We welcome you to the “fold”
Even though you’re now quite old”.

Now, let us get back to the 2016 “Count-Down”. Sorry, Molly, but, although I was severely criticised by a fellow Sri Lankan, who is now in the middle of cooking a crab-curry, he now knows that I was right and he was wrong about that particular “SUSNEC”. It was, to put it mildly, “arse-about-face”. However, with the “Lion-Race” leading the “Rat-Race”, in the year 2016, this is what took place.

DEMOGRAPHICS. In the 2016 Census it showed that :-
150,880 people in Australia identified with a Sri Lankan Ancestry, the MAJORITY, an estimated 105,000 were Sinhalese & an estimated 45,000 were Tamil.
In addition, and not a part of the total above, there were also an estimated 20,000 people of Burgher Ancestry (part Portuguese, Dutch, German or British).

BIRTHPLACE. In the 2016 Census, 98,340 people who identified with a Sri Lankan Ancestry, were born in Sri Lanka, followed by 41,075 people who were born in Australia, 2,716 who were born in Malaysia, 1,713 who were born in England & 1,160 who were born in Singapore.

RELIGON. In the 2016 Census, 54, 146 people who identified with a Sri Lankan Ancestry indicated their religon as Buddhism, followed by 48,830 as Christianity & 29, 073 as Hinduism. There were 11,325 people who claimed no religon.

It is now 2017, We are living in a Country that opened it’s arms & gave us the succour that we needed from time to time. We must pay them back for this by being exemplary Citizens, & proving, beyond any doubt, that Australia is lucky in “adopting” us. If called upon, we must gladly fight for this great Country, as, no doubt, many have previously done, some, even giving their lives in the process. I salute them. We are all in the Commonwealt of Australia, still under the “Rule” of Queen Elizabeth II, of England.


Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka.

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