“IDLE CHATTER” by Des Kelly

Plenty of it going around at the moment.All the “big boys” accusing each other of one thing or another.President Trump, still “twittering” away some of his most influential “buddies”, till it seems that all, of any substance, around him now, to help him “make America great, again”, now number around twenty, every single one, not certain that he/she, will still have their jobs next week.

The Russian President has been “Put-in”, accused of being “the master-mind” behind the murder of two unfortunate Russians in England.These are serious ,accusations, but, the problem with the “idle-chatter” on this one is that President Putin has still to be “proved guilty”.

Many Russian Ambassadors have been “kicked out” of England because of this & it is NO “idle-chatter” to expect speedy retaliation on this one, by Russian King Putin..

He certainly was not “put-in” that position for nothing.

The English, of all people, should know that one is “innocent until proven Guilty. I do not think I will go any further with this one, suffice to say that I hope “calm heads”will prevail” & justice will be served, in due course. Condolences to the families & loved ones of two people who suffered a most horrendous death. It seems that innocent families and children always suffer the worst psycological damage from cases of this nature & THAT isn’t fair.

President Kim of North Korea is very “silent & subdued” these days. No “idle-chatter” from him, recently. He is probably “drilling-up” an Army of North Korean Marines to meet with those of President Trump, IN SPACE!!.This is the latest -idle–twitter from Trump.  He now wishes to build what he terms, a “Space-Force”, because the American Marines must be sick & tired of fighting on the ground of “Mother-Earth”. Cannot blame them, I suppose, because America AND Australia always seem to be fighting wars in other Peoples’ Countries.

President Gin-Ping of China has absolutely no time for idle- chatter. He is now “President for life” over there & if he wants it to be “a long one”, he will have to concentrate on the millions of little Chinese people being born there EVERY SINGLE DAY. A male contraceptive “pill” will be coming on the market, in the near future, but I really do not think that this will help. As far as China is concerned “the more, the merrier” seems to be their “thing” & they do their “thing” with natural Chinese ability. When they are not “making babies” they are taking over “sections” of other Countries in the area. I will not go into idle chatter here, because I have to finish this particular “story” with, would you believe, “My Lovely Island Home”, a tiny part of it, “Hambantota” , now taken over by the Chinese, in payment for structural work carried out there. The Chinese are excellent “businessmen”.Nothing for nothing, is their motto. We enhance your Country. If you cannot find the “payment” for our labours, we will take part of that enhancement for ourselves. Not only the South China Sea c/w all the surrounding little atolls, will BELONG to China, but parts of your Countries will do, too.

Finally, I am going to find it extremely satisfying to finish this “idle-chatter” with another favourite Lankan Entertainer, by the name of Keerthi Pasquel. I am proud to say that I have known him personally, over the years. He came to Australia on a tour many years ago & I was privileged to meet him. A simple, down-to-earth type of guy, a superb musician, & Keerthi, let me use the VERY BEST Version of another beautiful Lankan song with the title that fits in well with my story..”BOLANDA KATHAA” (“IDLE-CHATTER”).

Please listen folks, & enjoy. Don’t worry, all you Lankans, if you cannot understand the Sinhala lyrics. The music is beautiful & Keerthi definitely does the best version. I promise you that.







Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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