Resumption of burials a high risk the country cannot afford to take – MP Muzammil-By Shamindra Ferdinando

MP Muzammil


‘We shouldn’t seek exclusive rights during a grave crisis’

SLPP (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna) National List MP Mohammed Muzammil yesterday strongly urged the government not to resume burial of Muslim corona victims under any circumstances, though a section of the Muslim community is demanding that Muslim covid-19 victims be allowed to be buried.

Muzammil, who represents the National Freedom Front (NFF), a constituent of the SLPP, said that the country was struggling to cope with the corona pandemic and no one should be allowed to play politics at a time of national health emergency.

The NFF has five elected MPs and one National List MP in the 145-member SLPP parliamentary group.

In a brief interview with The Island over the phone, the former JVP MP emphasised that whatever the religious dictates and sentiments, the Sri Lankan Muslim community should adhere to specific instructions issued by the government as regards the cremation of corona victims.

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The Blood On Our Hands: How You Can Go Vegan To Help The Voiceless & Save The Planet In The Process – By Aadesh Wickrematunge


Source:Colombo Telegraph

Last month, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa submitted a proposal to ban cattle slaughter in Sri Lanka. The Parliamentary Group of the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) approved the prime minister’s proposal. The following article makes an impassioned case not just for the non-consumption of meat but brings to light the horrors of the dairy industry and why human beings should adopt a vegan lifestyle. ‘While we take care of our pets and wince at videos of animal cruelty, we also condemn innocent cows, chickens, pigs, lambs and fish to the slaughterhouse to be cut up into pieces, drained of their blood and sent to the supermarket in neat packages for us to enjoy. We may in our hearts truly believe we love animals, but what that means is we’re suffering a kind of cognitive dissonance where our actions don’t align with our beliefs. Not only do we not intervene in this morally reprehensible crime, we pay and fatten up the industries that are causing it to happen, so that they continue the torture on our behalf.’

By Aadesh Wickrematunge –

Each year some 77 billion land animals and over 100 billion marine animals are murdered for food around the world. It is a holocaust, and it is the longest, most colossal holocaust in all of history. And on what grounds do we, as consumers, justify our contribution to this holocaust? 

Taste pleasure, convenience, personal choice, tradition, because animals eat other animals etc.

On what other issues would we ever even entertain, let alone accept, such asinine justifications? 

The core of the issue is this – if it’s unnecessary to kill and eat animals to survive, what justification do we have for doing so? Animals have been victimised by man to such a massive degree that they aren’t even considered victims anymore. They are mere commodities with number tags, stripped of the inherent value of being a sentient being. But in reality they are living, feeling beings just like us, and they are the most oppressed beings ever. What they are going through is a holocaust of proportions unparalleled. And for what, other than to indulge an insatiable greed for taste pleasure? 

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Royalists elected to Parliament 2020 – Prepared by eLanka


Royalists in Parliament.

The Country is STILL in good hands!!!



Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.


Dinesh Gunawardana

Rinanjith SiyambalapitiyaPhoto

Rinanjith Siyambalapitiya

Mahindananda AluthgamagePhoto

Mahindananda Aluthgamage


Priyankara Jayaratne


Dilan Perera


Kanchana Wijesekera

Vidura WickramanayakePhoto

Vidura Wickramanayake
(Kalutara 1st)

Anuradha JayaratnePhoto

Anuradha Jayaratne

Nipuna Ranawaka (Matara 1st)Photo

Nipuna Ranawaka (Matara 1st)


Anupama Pasqual


Gavindu Kumaranatunge

Jeewan ThondamanPhoto

Jeewan Thondaman (Nuwaraeliya 1st) 


Samagi Jana Balaweegaya


Sajith PremadasaPhoto

Sajith Premadasa

Gayantha KarunathilakaPhoto

Gayantha Karunathilaka

Luxman KiriellaPhoto

Luxman Kiriella

Kabir HasimPhoto

Kabir Hasim

Rauff HakeemPhoto

Rauff Hakeem

Harsha de SilvaPhoto

Harsha de Silva

Harshana RajakarunaPhoto

Harshana Rajakaruna

Kavinda JayawardenaPhoto

Kavinda Jayawardena

Kins NelsonPhoto

Kins Nelson

Imran MaharoofPhoto

Imran Maharoof



S.M. SumanthiranPhoto

S.M. Sumanthiran

G. PonnambalamPhoto

G. Ponnambalam

CV Wigneswaran Photo

CV Wigneswaran


Duminda Dissanayaka



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