She was cold in California, she was cruel in Tennessee,

She made it plain as day to see, she never needed me,

Now, I owe you for everything, & I always pay my debts,

For, you’re the reason I forgot,

Who I came here to forget.

This, in itself, tells us the story of a broken love affair.

“Country-Style” lyrics & a beautiful simple melody, sung by

“The Voice” in Country Music, Vern Gosdin, gives us a picture of what life is all about, Further goes to prove that there is no music better than “Country” when it comes to heartfelt lyrics that say it, as it is.

As I have always said (and written), my “tastes” in Music are very “Catholic”. I love music of many sorts, be they Classical or Jazz. However, with my first choice, I prefer the Semi-Classical, and, as far as Jazz is concerned, I prefer Traditional, or Trad.Jazz. Popular Music or “Pops.” are fine, just as long as the songs concerned are melodic, with meaningful lyrics, because we have to remember that a song is just a condensed “story”. I ‘ve said this a dozen times, and at the risk of sounding repetitious, I’ll say it again. An Author writes in paragraphs, what a song-writer writes in verses & choruses, just as a Poet does.

Just as a well-written book must ALWAYS be meaningful (or no-one is going to read it), a song must also be always meaningful, PLUS melodic into the bargain. It may contain superb lyrics, but if the “tune” is not “easy on the ear”, forget it. Nobody will want to listen to it. Music, and/or Lyrics, one, is just as important, as the other.

Please sit back folks, and enjoy yet another beautiful, yet sad story told Country-style, by one of my favourite “Stars”, singing about the one who “I came here to forget”.

Desmond Kelly


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“Chiseled in Stone” by Des Kelly

Born in Alabama, Vern Gosdin was known around the World of “Country Music”, as “The Voice”, and it is easy to see why. He had no less than 19 top ten solo “hits” from 1977-1990, three of them ending on the top rung of the “Country” charts.

Taking them in order, as I see the story-telling capabilities of my favourite music, they were :-
“Set em up Joe, I’m still crazy”, & to his beautiful dancing partner (of the night),”I can tell by the way you dance (you’re gonna love me tonight). Now, if that isn’t “telling a story'”, I wouldn’t know what is.!


Typically, as it was with so many other great “Stars” of Country Music, Vern & brother Rex were born into a very poor family, both loved Gospel Music with a passion, idolized the “Louvin Brothers”& Vern, as a young man, first sang in a Gospel Quartet in Alabama.

He might not have been as “big” & famous as people such as Merle Haggard, George Jones. and Ray Price, but to me, Vern Gosdin has the pure sound of a true story-teller of Country Music, and I am certain that anyone out there who loves good music and the singing of “The Voice”, will agree with me.

Vern Gosdin was born on the 5th of August 1934, sang his heart out, with brother Rex, as “they” were hangin out, as the Gosdin Brothers, & that just about does it, as he left a huge hole in Country music, when he died of a stroke on the 28th of April, 2009, at the age of 74, but, folks, his name will always be “CHISELED IN STONE” as far as I am concerned.


Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka

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