“Accomplishing a Plebiscite” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

Accomplishing a Plebiscite

by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

Recently, I wrote an article on “phishing”, primarily on the use of rods & reels or “phishing boats” by the Sinhalese People who unfortunately lack the letter “F” in their “Alphabet”(let us leave it at that).

Today, all the “news” is on a possible plebiscite on “same-sex” marriage. So now, my Lankan readers, one & all, my “in-word” has been altered to “plishing”& thus, my article on “Accom-plishing a Plebiscite”, or a “Public Vote” by each & every Citizen of a Country on what should ONLY be IMPORTANT decisions affecting them. Plebiscites cost money so we cannot go having plebiscites for EVERYTHING.!

Most importantly, any GOVERNMENT in Australia should, in my opinion, concentrate on much more important subjects like “running the Country” or winning the next “America’s Cup”, wherever the race is run. New Zealand have had their turn.

For goodness sake, POLITICIANS, everywhere, are paid huge sums of money each year to “look-after” the ordinary Citizens of their Country & rather than just sit in their Parlimentry seats, on their Parlimentry “bums”, smile,nod their heads, & listen to “their” leaders sling mud at each other, for want of something better to do.

IF it is imperative that a Plebiscite is brought into operation, then, by all means, bring in the best “surgeons” for the job, THE PUBLIC. ! At the moment, it has to be “the topic” that is “Same-Sex” marriage”.

Now, here is something that a plebiscite IS the only way a fair decision will be made on the subject. !!

My next “preferred-plebiscite” would quite certainly be “Retirees’Vs “Retirement-Villages”. We MUST have a plebiscite on whether we get back the thousands of dollars we retirees have been cheated-out of.

After these two, I will decide what the next plebiscite should be all about. Maybe, it will be about whether “Movie Stars” from Hollywood should be permitted to bring their “pepper & salt pups” into Australia. All of us “dip-sticks” will have to decide this. My own vote for it would be that the “Stars” stay out and the dogs be allowed in.

So, “If we can’t go phishing, not a phish in sight,
                  we should be accomplishing a bloody plebiscite”

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka.

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