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“A LIFE IN DREAMS” – By Des Kelly

Now, “A life in dreams”,(heena walata panak thibenawa),

featuring Sri Lankan Singer/Songwriter Senaka Batagoda, and his daughter, who accompanies her dad on guitar, sings with him and presents a pretty picture, to compliment the you-tube clip which I hope my eLanka readers will enjoy.


These video clips from Lanka are ample proof of the loads of talent emanating from my lovely Island home at the moment. It seems that the entertainment industry over there keeps on getting better and better with each passing year. I know, for a fact, that the “Sooriya Village”, in Havelock Town(I believe), has got the facilities to cater for any International Artiste or Band, not only for “recording” purposes, but also for residing & rehearsing their music on the same premises. I did have the pleasure of knowing the

“Founder” of Sooriya, Gerald Wicramasooriya & his lovely Lady, &, as a matter of fact, my first original “hit” Dreamworld, was first marketed & sold via the Childrens’ bookshop, in the Fort, owned by Gerald W. & his wife. Both have now “passed-on” , but Gerald’s dream of the Sooriya Village is still alive & well.


I did try to get more information on both Senaka and his young talented daughter, Sareena. Unfortunately, none was forthcoming, so far, but seeing that both are already featured on you-tube, I have decided to feature both father and daughter on eLanka, and hope that thru our top website these Artistes (with more to come as well),will gain more publicity than ever. Senaka & Sareena are an excellent combination, so here’s hoping & wishing both of them, only the very best for the future. Lankan/ Aussies please enjoy:-




Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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Sinhala Comedy – Sinhala Movie – Vinoda Samaya 3 –
We dont teach English on Fridays සිකුරාදට ඉංග්‍රීසි උගන්වන්නෙ නෑ


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