by Desmond Kelly, “the Star of eLanka”

Another Latin/Swing song composed by someone who, through life, has met many such angels. This is why, I suppose, most entertainers, bandsmen, us men, (especially), musicians & composers, cannot seem to “settle down” to a normal life expected in the “happily-married stakes”. I have just been watching a “doco” on one of the top-most, technically-perfect, singers of our time, Frank Sinatra. He was “linked” romantically with at least half a dozen beautiful American women, including Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall & who can ever forget Ava Gardner? . Beautiful, to the enth degree.

In “old blue-eyes” case, it was indeed Ava who was the “angel in disguise” She loved him and left him, to finally marry Barbara Marx. The sad part of this story is the fact that Nancy Barbato, Frank’s first wife (he married her when he was nineteen years old) & had two children by her, Nancy, with the laughing face, his beloved daughter & Frank Junior, his only son.

Frank Sinatra passed on to the recording studio in the sky at age 82, his son, unfortunately did not even attain the age of his famous dad, Nancy is still alive &
Nancy Barbato, her mother would soon be going into her 101st year. God bless you Nancy, sooo many memories I guess? .

These are the lyrics to a song, I feel certain, that Frank would have recorded, had I been able to contact his managerial staff many years ago. Frank Sinatra would have liked some of the songs I have written and I would have been so very proud for him to sing this :-

(In Latin tempo)

You were an angel in disguise
And when I looked into your eyes
I thought I saw a glimpse of heaven
I knew I’d really won a prize
And whenever you were near
All my cares would disappear
In my arms you used to linger
Whispering words I long to hear

(switch to Swing tempo)

Sweetheart, I need you, more & more, every day
And may God speed you, back forever, to stay

(back to Latin tempo)

Cos you took me by surprise
And though you told me all those lies
I know I’ll always keep on longing
For my angel in disguise.

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.

P.S. Above song is available for a Sinatra-style singer.
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Desmond Kelly
” Star of eLanka”.

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