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Colombo City Guide

House of Nirvana

NAMASTE! Namaste! Welcome to our store! Here, we present to you ethnic and classic products. Our store is a product variety store . Explore our website 'House of Nirvana' to know everything about our products. Our store is also an artists' dominant store. We buy products directly from artisans and home based small producers/manufacturers. Our e-store is a simple medium to maintain the passion for such small scale trade and create employment.

Importation of vehicles under Gift Scheme

We will help you to get this your dream vehicle under this “Importation of vehicles under Gift Scheme” category. We will select your vehicle from Japan as per your choice and make arrangements to ship it to Sri Lanka. We take the responsibility for this process. For more details you refer the following web link of vehicles under Gift Scheme modified.pdf For any clarification kindly contact Srimantha on 0094 72 7842863 or e-mail : Skype: buddika.mallawaarachchi

Mrs India Australia-My Name is woman!

Are you a married Indian woman who respects her individuality!Likes her financial independence!Who balancesemotions and decisions smartly! We offer you an opportunity to tell us your success story!

Nirvana Destinations

Travel Packages & Tours to Nepal,India,Tibet & Bhutan

Nirvana Events

Nirvana Events is focused only on.....Infotainment with a Cause! Our vision is a platform that creates opportunities and possibilities for people to achieve their aspirations. It can be dream of a fresh artist to get that taste of limelight.... dream to become aspiring dancers/singers/models.....dream to perform on a stage like a true professional....dream of housewives to be on the centre stage......dream of speakers or people with different sexual preferences to express themselves on a stage. We at Nirvana Events also visualise our sincere support to many human causes that needs mankind's strong back up and attention ........ Therefore....all events have social themes based on the human sensitive issues faced by the target audience of today. We have hosted infotainment based events programmed to help communities with social & economic inclusion and to inculcate the mindset of Possibilities! Our events supported the orphans in Nepal. We have been contributing earnestly to Educ Nepal since our association with them, we have raised funds for the needy children at Sydney Children Hospital and contributed to Victorian Bush Fire Appeal, Australian Red Cross. Our time and resources would be our factor of support for and tomorrow.

Party Hire

All Party needs, such as Tables chairs, cutlery, Crockery, Serving ware, Glass ware, Table deco, Table cloths, can organize Catering services as well.

Rupali’s Mandaps

Australias Leading Indian and Srilankan wedding and special events decorators providing a Range of Mandaps and wedding Decorations

Send & Receive Money Now

Send & Receive Money to your loved ones with more confidence now. Send & Receive Money to your loved ones with more confidence. PFG Money-Xpress Money offers the best exchange rates starting from as low as $ 7.00 transfer fee. The recipient can receive money from any of the 1000 pay out agents in Sri Lanka. Our major partners are Bank Of Ceylon, Hatton National Bank, Sampath Bank,National Savings Bank, Ceylan Bank and more... Dont just send, Xpress it!!!!!!!!

Sri Lankan Yellow Pages

St Peter’s OBA – Australia

The New Phase of Bridal Fashion

Bridal Designing, Dressing & Tailoring

The World Clock – One stop e shop

"Ganu Denu" in Singhalese is the broader meaning for "TRANSACTIONS". This web site has been designed to cater to do a wide range of transactions, such as buying & selling, renting or leasing of property, automobile, to meet prospective brides and Grooms, also to cater meeting or rather a market place for finding numerous services to Sri Lankan's and expatriates. At "Ganu Denu" you can purchase, advertise or meet the prospective candidates or the service provider, the services and the suppliers who appears on this web site have been screened for the quality and for the credibility to give you a great assurance

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