Sri Lankan Recipes by Curry Mad – Hot Salami Bread Roll

Sri Lankan Recipes by Curry Mad – Hot Salami Bread Roll


1-2 Banana Chillies
1 Bread Roll
2-4 Slices Cheese
4-6 Slices Hot Salami
1 Tblsp Oyster Sauce
1 Red Capsicum
1 Tblsp Red Wine Vinegar
2-3 Sprigs Spring Onions


I tried this for dinner one night without too much fuss and too many ingredients. The main ingredients were obtained from a local supermarket.

Most times I have a small stock of Asian ingredients such as the various sauces and vinegar; comes in handy!

These Italian bread rolls are tasty and quite filling; don’t be guilty of your eyes being bigger than your stomach (as an aunt of mine used to say). I could only manage just one roll.

Wash and cut the Banana Chillies, Red Capsicum and Spring Onions into pieces about 1-2’/2-5 cm and put aside.

Put the cut Banana Chillies, Red Capsicum and Spring Onions and Hot Salami slices into a fry pan with the Red Wine Vinegar and Oyster sauce and toss for a couple of minutes on low heat and put aside.

Cut the Bread Roll into 2 halves (I used the Italian rolls called `Thabitha’, I think, but any bread roll can be used). Apply some butter on each half of the bread roll (I don’t use Margarine). Spread a couple slices of Cheese on each half of the bead roll. Put the bread into the microwave oven for about 30 seconds, or enough to lightly melt the cheese.
Spread the lightly fried items on the bread rolls with the cheese.

There are other ingredients you can use such as Mushrooms, Tomato and Egg Omelette (cut up) lightly fried to spread onto the bread rolls; or whatever else tickles your fancy! Enjoy!

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