Tastes of Sri Lanka – Recipes by Curry Mad

Tastes of Sri Lanka – Recipes by Curry Mad


eLanka are proud to be associated with ‘Curry Mad’ to bring you a small selection out of this great recipe eBook. We will publish a few recipes on eLanka and also carry a recipe on our eLanka weekly newsletter for you.

Curry Mad III 

What are your taste buds like?

Are they stuck with the same old `Beef ‘n’ Veg’ routine?
Break out of your `Comfort Zone’
Curry Mad III is NOT just a collection of “curries”. Do you know that you can have a `Chilliless’ Curry with NO Chilli at all?
Curry Mad III is a collection of Sri Lankan dishes that have been prepared right here in Melbourne (Australia).

I have tried very hard to include a picture of every recipe in this book, mainly to give you an idea of what the dish looked like when we cooked it. Curry Mad III” is a fabulous (Even if I may say so myself) collection of over 200 mouth watering Sri Lankan recipes for you.


Download Curry Mad 3 for a small fee of $5 now. Click on the image below (or click here)


Curry Mad III 



(Chili, Pepper, Fennel, Galangal, Goraka, Gamboge, Garlic, Horseradish, Mace, Mustard, Saffron, Tamarind, Turmeric)


Recipes  of Curry Mad III  







This edition of Curry Mad, Curry Mad III is also a totally home grown version where all the recipes have been tried and tested right here in Melbourne, Australia using locally available ingredients.

Some might argue that some ingredients have been imported, but remember that they are available right here for us to enjoy!

An interesting idea to consider is that although the recipes here specify quantities of various ingredients to be used, they are only `suggestions; for the dish. You can use your very own imagination to create any dish; remember these are merely to give you some ideas of what you might cook, NOT a hard and fast set of rules to follow; make cooking a bit of fun!

Cooking here, It is not a competition, a `Status Symbol; or anything of the sort, it is an enjoyable experience. That is why although I watch a selective number of `Cooking Shows; I actually despise some of these so-called `Experts; as it is ONLY their OPINIONS!

I am almost sure that there are no such `beings’ as `Perfect’ chefs or cooks around, their `judgements; are merely their opinions.

To me, the fewer the ingredients and the easier the preparation is, the better the `recipe; which is merely a suggestion; similar to the amount of Salt one may use! You cook to suit YOUR taste, or don’t you?

I doubt very much that, if there are two, or more, people who use the same recipe, with the same ingredients and method, they will taste different; Get some friends together and give it a try.

I have heard of little groups of food enthusiasts who get together once a month or so and exchange recipes and cook various dishes, just for fun, not as a competition! If you have got some ideas on these lines, please do not hesitate to send them in.

The image of a warm climate, tempting beaches, tropical fruits, estates filled with the fragrance of rich high grown tea, curries, and naturally, lavish foods and, the traditional warm hospitality of Sri Lankans dominate. One also sees in the mind herbs and spices. It would be impossible to cover, even briefly, visions
of all these pleasant things here, however, as Curry Mad is a small sampling of Lankan recipes, we will look at the more commonly used spices that are included in customary preparations.

Some data is derived courtesy of Wikipedia.

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