“BIRDSEYE & EDGELL” by Des Kelly the Star of eLanka

“BIRDSEYE & EDGELL” by Des Kelly the Star of eLanka

desmond kelly


Buy ONLY “BIRDSEYE”, what the hell!,
But if you prefer it, buy “EDGELL”
I write the “slogans”, but let us go forth
Take no notice of me, so do please buy both.!

Written by someone who, not only uses them, but also appreciates the quality of all dinkum Aussie products.
Desmond Kelly
“Star of e’Lanka”
Australian products, grown in Australia, produced in Australia, for Australians who want only the BEST, Both “Birdseye” & “Edgell” roll off the tongue easily because they are the Companies that believe, we, the “customers” deserve a choice of the CHOICEST foods straight from Australian farmers who work their butts off to preserve the authencity of foods grown right here in this Sun-burn’t Country.

“You get what you pay for”, another “commercial” adage that is TRUE, in every sense of the word. There are literally thousands of “products” in Australian Supermarkets that, due to the “sad situation” of the “working-class” in many well-known Countries who are paid annual wages compared with WEEKLY ones of those in the “lucky Country”.

Sure, vegetables & other miscellaneous foods, mostly frozen, are readily available at cheaper prices in your supermarkets but are you willing to risk the health of your family just for the sake.of a few dollars! ?

We are not to know how these vegetabled for example are grown, what chemicals & pesticides have been used before these crops have bee harvested.

Among others, I have taken it up as a challenge to keep hard-working Aussie farmers “doing their thing” for the residents of THIS COUNTRY, therefore, please read and take note of my advice.This is just a sample:-.

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