This lovely little Country, that we lived in
Filled with “natural beauty, up to the brim
She attracted “tourists” from near & far,
and was simply called, our own Sri Lanka.

She was a Country that, beyond any doubt
There was really SOMETHING to talk about
Take her “other name”, to say, in the least
Ceylon was the famous “Pearl of the East.

Take Colombo, Kandy, or even Galle
Just take any place in Lanka, at all
The “motto” in our Land was “Simplicity”
Interlaced with warm “Hospitality”.

We have had some very “good years” of life
We have also had our “trouble & strife
But, however dismal, was the outlook
Peace came always first, in our Country’s book.

After everything is all said and done
There can never be another Ceylon
With her elephants and coconut trees
Where, flowers in profusion, sway in the breeze.

Every word in this “Calypso” is true
Otherwise, I would not sing it to you
Now that all her banners I have unfurled
Our Homeland too, will take her place in the World

CEYLON too, will take her place in the World
SRI LANKA too, will take her place in the World.


These “LYRICS & MUSIC”, written in the past
Presently, I am happy, are exactly the same
Peace has ALWAYS been meant to just last
Harmony, is ALWAYS “the name of the game”.

Desmond Kelly- K.F.C.(for ELanka).

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