Dedicated to the memory of Gerard Nihal Lionel Pancratius 1951-2020 – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Dedicated to the memory of Gerard Nihal Lionel Pancratius 1951-2020 – by Patrick Ranasinghe

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Patrick_RanasingheNihal Joseph Pancratius, was a leading light among the Tamil diaspora in the United Kingdom. He was a Tamil pop musician, a composer and a performer. An artiste par excellence in the music field, he was yet a very humble Old Boy of St.Patricks College Jaffna where he received his secondary education in the 1960’s.

He came to the United Kingdom to further his career and he was often seen with his sound equipment and musical instruments mainly at concerts and charitable fund-raising events, raising moneyfor charitable causes and his College.

Especially during the difficult times of the civil war, when the College was more than an educational was a place of refuge, Nihal used his guitar to entertain the Old Boys of the College at all occasions, to liven memories of his school days. More than a musician of repute, he was a singer. His voice was unique, a mesmerising voice that no other had and was most welcome at social functions. Nihal was a charismatic personality. He had a special trait to help his friends in need. His faith, respect, openness and appreciation of the good in others, made him an inspiration to others.

During the latter part of his life, he became blind but was still wanting to continue his career to bring cheer to the lives of others. He has left a lasting legacy. He will be missed for his music, but more for his humanity.

He passed away peacefully on 5th January 2020. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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