Helmut Lotti – Time To Swing – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Helmut Lotti – Time To Swing – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Helmut Lotti - Time To Swing - by Patrick Ranasinghe



Patrick_RanasingheHelmut Lotti   Time To Swing      Helmut Lotti dedicates himself, body and soul, to the artistic genre of which he is a master: The romantic song. This is Helmut Lotti at his best, a born crooner. This video captures the essence of the great era of crooning in this wonderful 90 minute concert featuring classic songs from the genre such as Bobby Darian Frank Sinatra, L.O.V.E. – Danchone Bert Kaempfert, King on the road Roger Miller, Cabaret, La Mare , Perfidia, Fever, Bad bad Leroy Brown , songs he wrote Nat King Cole. Included as well are romantic ballads composed by Helmut Lotti that could have been written during the heyday of crooning. Sumptuous songs, each one beautifully brought to life by Lotti’s well-established Golden Symphonic Orchestra – irresistible.

Patrick Ranasinghe

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