(Dedicated to all women & would-be “Fathers”).

A little baby-girl was born, not very long ago
So tiny, innocent “& warm, she set our hearts aglow
Lying there, her dark & lovely eyes
Still had to learn to see
She was the cutest, most important thing
Both to her mum & me

A “toddler” then, she’d crawl around
She never could be “still”
We loved then, we love her now
I guess we always will
She’d frolic in her bath & when we tucked her into bed
She’d smile at us & gurgle
Then lay down her sleepy head.

Chorus. The many stages of a woman
All through her entire life
From baby to teenager
Then to a mother & a wife
There is’nt anything more certain
The most precious treasure found
Is undoubtedly a woman
She makes this great big world go round

Time passes by, this little girl is a sweet teenager now
She “wears” her hair in a pony-tail
And the boys all whisper “Wow”!
The ‘phone rings and!” that special one”
Will ask her for a date
It’s her first, a funny feeling
As she walks out through that gate.

Then suddenly & all too soon
She’s walking down the aisle
She’s as pretty as a picture
And she wears a happy smile
There’s no reason for two breaking hearts
As we’re standing by her side
But we join the crowd & take our turn
To kiss the lovely bride.

Chorus The many stages of a woman etc.

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.

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