Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter

Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter


Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter

About Us

The Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter has come a long way from its small beginnings. In our formative years we were focused on building a community of alumni in Victoria who had enjoyed the Peradeniya experience. In the years following the alumni association has been successful in bringing the Peradeniya university community together. This has enabled us to feel comfortable and secure in our adopted land. We continue to derive much emotional fulfilment and enjoyment from the community we continue to build and nurture.

The Victoria Chapter provides a number of events for its members. Some look forward to the annual dinner dance to meet, greet and have some fun together. Others derive much pleasure from cultural events we present from time to time. Yet for others a weekend away together with their friends is an ideal time to relax and leisurely enjoy each other’s company. We have also conducted relevant and valuable seminars over the years, to assist the recently arrived alumni here to better approach employment prospects, to provide valuable information towards healthier living, awareness and access to Government funds, home loans, small business needs and so on. On occasion the chapter has harnessed its access to the Peradeniya alumni community to assist individual members in dire need.

While we continue to make our community stronger and more closely bonded, we have given such occasions more meaning by utilising any excess income towards the betterment of the current students at Peradeniya University. In this respect the Victoria Chapter has over the years provided text books to the libraries at Peradeniya, provided instrument boxes for the first year engineering students, funded requirements of students with special needs and assisted in transporting equipment to laboratories at Peradeniya. We also have a well structured scholarship scheme towards providing studentships and scholarships to the current students

If you have not already done so, we welcome you to join us. you could register at this site at no cost to you. This will enable you to find your friends from Peradeniya days living here and ensure that you are kept informed of our activities and events. alternatively you could become a financial member of our chapter by writing to our secretary.




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