Poems by Oscar  E. V. Fernando

Poems by Oscar  E V Fernando


Be still and know that I AM God, said He.
Seek me first for you and I are Eternity.
Seek within-you will find me in stillness.
Then you know you are well within wholeness.
You will not clasp Him-till death you depart.
But nearer the clasp, you feel well in your heart
You saw Him-and came from Him, to your mother’s womb
You will search for Him till you rest in your tomb.
That’s what the sculptor, painter, artist the singer does.
Searching the Perfect with talents they possess.
Search till you are no more-for then, Him you will see.
Yes, all will see Him-the good the bad and the ugly.
Choose at all times the right thing in life to do.
For only then, after life, you see Glory through and through.
If the wrong thing is willed and done in this life,
Being damned, you see no more of Beauty even in strife.
Seeing Him for ever in death is what is called heaven
For ‘tis the design when you first came down from heaven.
Not seeing Perfect Beauty forever-is that you are damned.
Hell the reward as with sin, this life you have shammed.
In meditation and seeking deep within,
His spark you will see-the Kingdom of God therein.
More you seek the spark the closer to divine you become.
Till you are a wonder to the world around.
Meditation! ‘tis no selfish exercise!
For that spark of the Divine will make you clever and wise.
What and where is this wisdom thy lament?
Seek God within-call Him what you will-to wisdom you relent.
Divine Intelligence within makes you love neighbor as self.
For wisdom speaks loud to go to your neighbors help.
Wisdom will dawn to him that dwells within.
In meditation you will hear Wisdom’s voice ringing.
In wisdom you know the reality of self.
Why you are on earth you will know in stealth.
For one purpose alone you are here on earth behold,
And that is to know to love and to serve God we are told.
Serving God is to serve your neighbor.
The void of life is filled when you do your neighbor’s labor.
Love your neighbor as thyself-said He.
Wisdom prompts to love self and then feel free.
Meditate to get closer to God and be still.
For then you will know that which He wills.
That you do in concert with your will.
Do this-Lo and behold your needs will be filled.

Oscar E V Fernando




Talent! The special skill, aptitude or ability,
That can touch the conscience: may end in eventual vanity.
Vanity caused human race to fall from paradise.
Vanity it is that dulls man’s talent in so sudden a surprise.

The disciples asked-who among-st us is first?
With all wise leanings on love and charity, they had a thirst
To test their own human pride for want of humility.
But alas, God’s priority is to test one’s humble ability.

Fame finds its way to those with latent talent.
Talent is God given-fame is man given.
Be grateful to humankind for fame so gladly lent.
Behold! With ingratitude-mankind from Paradise was indeed driven.

Conceit! Self given was the first onslaught by the eager Ego.
Eating the apple, they earned that doomed downfall.
Ego it is that causes conceit to follow,
The talented to its sad end; and human race to its destined fall.

Oscar E V Fernando
8th April 2014

Greeting from Australia


Sunshine and Blessings are in the air we breathe
To those with eyes and hearts open.
To him who shuts and he that un-yield,
Much is lost for want of will to share thereon.

Who focuses blessings on others in the secrecy of his being!
He receives abundance overflowing with measures unseen.
Bless another in your heart in silence-the entry is made in the Book
A Blessing is sent in turn with no bargains brooked.

A Blessing of wealth that comes may not be hard in the bank
But a sharing of happiness, contentment, joy for blessings so yielded
The table filled with abundance in great measure far beyond the brink
To those who give with right unknown to left but given fully measured.

The receiving arms will stretch out to others
To give of what they received-with no blocking fetters.
With eyes open in thanks-he received while in tatters
From the Great Giver-to those with open eyes which only matters.

Dam the waters flowing to the sea-it forms a reservoir of power
Dam the river of Blessings ! It sure will corrode the Blessings blocked
For nature is a two way flow that comes and goes like the river.
Allow the river of blessings to flow out-more will flow in keeping you ever shocked.

A blessing can be a thought wish or desire for another in distress or in stealth
Telepathy! Yes it works though never seen or heard
The giver is blessed thereon a hundred fold in wealth or health
Never in want, in fullness will he abide in pleasures wedged.

Oscar E V Fernando
8th May 2013

ity Railway Station

Morning! Expectations bright and heavy.
Students, officers-nary a thought-rush to save time.
Men in ironed shirt-lip sticked damsels in bevy.
Blocked at ticket check-soon out in God’s due prime.

Sellers none, to accost the busy rush.
Nod of Morning here, Hi there to friends-acquaintances.
Office work, school lessons in minds of busy rush-
Energy and sprite preserved for oncoming circumstances.

Next train comes repeating God’s routine
Another and another-coming from suburb to city.
Sabbath behold-station sighs-no buoyant cruising
Bides time till evening-a straggler strolls with bags draggy.

Schools over! Prangs from children annoying!
Officers tired-some day dreaming.
Some doze to awake on siren
Others read papers minding business in silence.

Sweet and sweep sellers have roar of trading
Serving munches-sweep tickets to those day dreaming.
Some in friendly chat-some coyly mating
Some glued to music-some others just observing.

Repeated trains for routine pick up
Sabbath again-night falls-ghosts descending.
Cleaners to make things newly spruced up
Welcoming a new day with trains belching.

Day in, day out repeat goes unabated.
Who watches this? Master, checkers and collectors all in monotony?
They watch the rush and flush of world thus departed
Quibble with wife and siblings- were their day the same old ditty?

God’s omniscient routine-goes on and on
Same routine as creation-follows anon
Sun rises, sun sets daily in patterns plain
The moon looms high and descends low in same wane.

Eternal River flows and flows in mountainous terrain
Winter to autumn summer to spring in god’s own domain.
Toddler to old man in rhythmic cycle ordained
God’s intelligence-this repeated plan-why not accept and acclaim?

Cosmic Journey of a Pencil

A particled beam in cosmos as my master was,

Till he got life force and soul-I have not.

Made me a cause-

For writing as he ought.

Graphite and clay made into a pigment,

With protective casing for use at tandem.

Sharpened for discipline and use till death

Master took me in hand to be forthwith dealt

First assignment-a poem with abundant sway,

Of self that came from graphite and clay.

His thoughts came down to the tip of the pigment,

To write in rhythm octave and segment.

Times there were, I was pressed down and churned,

When his thoughts were cluttered, battered and spurned.

Took to memory what he said of me.

It rhymed within in minute style and glee.

One day he wrote to his lover dear.

Moon stars and flowers were words I could hear.

Oh that I too had a lover in graphite and clay!

I would stay close to her the whole wide day.

Surprise! I came in touch with a red headed blonde.

We talked and talked the whole night through.

She touched me with her tip of red so soft and sponge-

Thrilled from tip to spine-held her close to me like glue.

He wrote his long-long thesis,

Felt it was not meant for my species.

Life shortened when it came to an end,

Master felt my life span is now spent.

To dust we shall go, my lover master and me.

Will I meet her and master in cosmos particled beam?

Master, sans soul, which per thesis goes back to its Author-

To live eternally or not-if free will were used as he ought to?

The Tree

Frolics the stream, mid farm dale and dell,
Succoring the tree for ages past.
Leafy arms spread in raptured swell,
Midst lamb, sheep, birds amply spread and cast.

A heaven of rest for birds at nests
Homed in bushy branches tending young
In watchful eye of father-mother at best
Branches succor birds from pests-stream the trees around.

Its hungry mouth pressed on earth to suck.
Food and water from Mother Nature’s muck.
It gives and receives and receives and gives
Gas to human breath and other self retrieved

Soaked at times with rain all day.
Braves the scorching sun-the heat.
Reminiscing a thousand years with the stream’s spray
Beseeching shade from the clouds that fleet

Inspires landscape artists to portray
Landmark and rest to passers by on weary stride
Created by God in His Genesis foretaste
Revere Ye Man! For sustenance and pride.

Leafy arms towards Almighty-
Protect Mother Earth from possible calamity.
Come the poaches cruel and fell with one blow-
Disturb the ozone flow-causes tsunamis, floods and great sorrow.

Nature succors each other-will inhuman humanity see?
How he should share and sustain in his short mortality
With no cruelty to vandalize trees so divine
Let them live-and that in peace we opine.

The Scream of the Babe

Oscar E V Fernando

Babe was in Mary’s womb: in a manger before the stable manger.
Warmth cocooned him in the womb as well in the manger.
Behold! No anguish on his face in both womb and on straw.
Care bestowed by this woman with love and with sanctified awe.

Of million ways the Almighty can come down to earth-
He chose this humble caring woman to come by birth!
Perhaps to show womankind love and care for a foetus child-
In the womb, at birth and thereafter as in Jesus’ life and strife.

Mary the woman showed care to babes born and not yet born-
And to those crushed to death whilst yet not born!
To those wantonly crushed, anguish is felt and shown.
Sensing danger-peaceful babe distorts face in an anguished spawn.

An instrument forced in to burst open the fortified lulling sac-
The babe was cradled in: the manger repulses and slides back-
As in an instinctive run to preserve dear life for keeps.
No doubt a scream is uttered and the baby weeps.

Another instrument inserted to tear organs from toes to top:
Babe is seen struggling and perhaps screaming Stop! Stop!
All this, while the brain functioned said the doctor.
A larger instrument for the head: the rest by now is butchered.

Skull is now crushed-babes mouth opens for a final cry of despair-
Let me live! Let me live! But the demonic ritual goes unimpaired.
The once peaceful face wreathes in pain when it’s done-
By the doctor, a convert, swearing never again will this be done.

Imagine this happening to an adult able accept challenge-
The onslaught with fist weapons and might to avenge.
And then to escape and live another day for his human right!
Did this brain have a chance in Hade for a tempered fight?

Contrary-wise shouldn’t couples follow the rhythmic cycle?
And others-avoid exposure for rape and traumatic debacle!
Teach children to use free will wisely in making choices-
To distinguish and be cautious on rape and embryo sale devices.

Technology will discover eventually no doubt-
A technique to hear the scream of the babe in its shout.
The impact, more obnoxious for the mother to hear the wail-
Of the scream of the babe!

According to the presenter of the video the heart beat of the human being in the womb is felt eighteen days after conception.
Based on the videos “The Silent Scream”, and “The Brutal Truth” available on the internet.

Sermon On the Mount

Humanity, though Divine, led Jesus to the mountain for contemplation.
Closer to the skies, in silence, His Father prompted Him on our Redemption.
People gathered around Him to listen to His Divine Wisdom.
He spoke in parables, yet millions follow Him to earn His Kingdom.

His teachings were surely not in the realm of logic to be reasoned out.
Logic and Faith are two realms-the twain will never, never meet, no doubt.
To one who finds Faith-behold-this in turn becomes the most logical.
None blind as those not wanting to see nor believe in the Boundless oracle

He admonished all to be poor in spirit-also encouraged them to use talents,
To advance themselves and help those in need with complete abundance.
To be poor in spirit is to empty self will and preconceived notions,
Not to rely on own judgment nor take selfish pride in academic distinctions.

Be poor in spirit-so as not to have fear of that inevitable public ridicule.
Stand up for the righteous with no pride-steadfast in self rule.
Yes-easy it is for a Camel to pass the eye of a needle in stealth,
Than for the rich-not poor in spirit-to gain heaven possessive of wealth.

Mourn! He says, to be comforted in due time and place.
Endure suffering till you encounter presence of God and his grace.
Be in anticipation of the resurrection that follows the crucifixion,
All the time: asking-seeking-knocking for his redemption.

Be meek to inherit the earth-implying-to merit due desires of life,
A willingness under pressure to allow God’s will to take place with no strife.
Be bold to allow his will to come about whilst we do our best.
Be meek as Moses-we also know how bold he was at God’s behest.

Undergo hunger and thirst for righteousness so as to be filled,
Surrender to a mental search for right thinking in life to be distilled.
Think positive in concert with God’s will to be filled with what we seek.
For the righteous will succeed and overcome if they continue meek.

Be merciful of others so as to obtain mercy he says.
Meaning to be merciful in thought before action is in place
Kind action with unkind thought is hypocrisy,
Only done for self glory and worldly vanity.

Be merciful in judgment of the other’s actions and their stand.
No one’s perfect-be merciful and react with right thought and understand.
With no loss of temper and in pursuit of the said goal,
Be merciful and know that to err is human but to forgive is divine and bold.

Be pure in heart he said to be able to see God and be kind.
Implying spiritual perception as God is spiritual and benign.
Be pure in the subconscious-as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.
Keep thy heart with diligence for out of it are the issues of life said he.

Be peacemakers with self and others so as to be called children of God.
Commune with God to bring peace serenity and accept the rule of the Lord.
Each time you commune your character will change and peace will evolve,
Until all stress and strain accumulated in your mind will eventually dissolve.

Be ready for persecution-be righteous to possess the Kingdom of heaven.
Persecute self in using free will to do that which he would beacon.
Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven,
Inside you-awaits you on the last day in full glory when you’d be reckoned.

Marriage-A Contract-Three Cornered
By Oscar E V Fernando

Marriage-a contract with Self Spouse and God Love Eternal-meant forever as Husband and Wife

A state that is volatile over time and strife.
Starting with “life’s so wonderful-couldn’t live without the other”
Small differences ignored-cradled with ‘mutual hypnotism’ so dreamed and ordered.

Time goes by-trifles irritate each other.
Why? Why? can’t the spouse be like me and live life without a bother!
Thus disillusioned-Big Dream falls apart  and so get disappointed.
Is this the person I had oh so long anticipated?
Deeper the romance, greater the disillusionment,
Over expectations of perfection they had with no discretion.
This revelation breaks one’s heart and in a moment of indiscretion-
Decide on separation or divorce-though best done on quiet deliberation.
Many stick to problems and work through disillusionment.
Seek advice from friends, clergy and God-the Third Spouse’s Intervention.
And find solace and solutions from this Mighty Resource.
Some struggle alone-troubles worsen with self as Only Recourse.
With self as the savior-resort to drugs and other addiction,
Or even extra marital affairs resulting in further degradation.
Children loath the ordeal and some meet with forbearance.
Others see it as their fault and take to own addictions for sustenance 
Can the effects of divorce on a child be exaggerated?
One partner is for divorce and the other is not so exasperated.
Where can the child turn to other than misery and vice?
Parents being Godless and Selfish have no patience to end the strife
If they so break and remarries another,
Nothing’s there is to prevent impatience with this other.
Beings made to the image and likeness of God cannot be bad.
If each saw the good within the other-they wouldn’t end up so sad.
Prior Knowledge and Present Understanding are needed for a happy marriage.
People do plunge onto marriage with no learning and no courage.
To be in the others shoes when things go awry and the road dark-
Is the course obvious to follow and maintain the Marriage Spark!      
 If one is learned on struggles of married life and be prepared
 One does not marry with only ‘romance and happiness’ ever after’ to be shared.

 Such will not dive into a world of Make Believe-
 With no preparedness for sacrifice as Christ Taught-
That Is the Three Cornered Love in Marriage Bliss!

Present Moment

The Presence or the present moment is a point in time,

In the busy stream from past to a future that is all thine.

Past memories keep flowing on in mind skipping the present,

And to the future it flows in a barrage of thoughts dominant.

Thoughts so dominant take over the mind in an endless passion,

Of a past and future-controlling one’s being in seamless fashion.

Until one perceives this passion to be one’s real being in motion,

The real being is dormant to blossom in meditation.

Meditation and contemplation brings one to the eternal present,

When the real mind opens itself to the being so blossomed.

The Being releases the ego-ed mind that skipped the present.

Opens the virgin mind spotless for dynamic thoughts dominant.

Behold the vacant mind now allows the being to think constructive

Untrammeled by past and future it is now dynamically effective.

It must be so, as the being dormant is The Spark of the Divine

That kindles the person with image and likeness of Love Divine.

Present moment-here and now-is the kingdom of heaven within

Revealed by Christ in fulfilling the testament prophesies therein

Old Testament as old as the mountains-spoke of stillness

Perfecting rhythms of meditation in the realm of conscience.

Let the dead past bury its dead said Jesus in the scriptures

Morrow will take thought for it self said he in the same scriptures

Salvation is now said He-neither in a past nor in a future illusion

He went to the mountains for stillness devoid of delusion.

Free Will and Suffering

Human being has faculties both mental and physical.

The organs, the senses, the intellect that makes all that is social.

Imagine the man with no free will to make choices in life.

It will be a vegetable or robot with no responsibility and spice.

The thrill of life is being able to make choices.

Unknown to many the will it is that makes all choices.

Use free will and then reap what you sow with clarity

Then will you know that what happened is not fatality.

It is the free willed choice that earns your due reward.

For if it wasn’t willed with sacrifice, what use of that award

Use your will righteously at all times

For your reward awaits you when the last bell chimes

To the individual using free will in accordance with that of the Maker

Suffering is minimal and with good conscience life is made easier.

Where-they ask is the Maker’s justice when the world is full of suffering.

The free will collectively misplaced brings universal misery unending.

Why blame the Maker if free will is not righteous on every choice?

Suffering will follow each decision adding to the woes of the vice.

Take the child in the womb willed to distort and end life,

But struggles to survive-be born deformed-continue to pass on in style.

The mothers had free will to choose and avoid the debacle

And even before that-to avoid pleasure beyond rhythmic cycle.

Suffering will continue with free will not righteously used.

Don’t blame the Maker-with no free will the final reward cannot be abused.

Collective free will shouted crucify-crucify to Christ

This collective psyche with un-righteous will paid a future price

For Christ said-weep not for me but for generations to come,

Implying wrong use of will has collective repercussions as humanity is one.

Oscar E V Fernando

(Retired Director Finance/Administration/Board Member Sri Lanka Foundation/Member Human rights task Force.)

The Inevitable

Inevitable situations unable to avoid, certain to happen,

Have to be accepted in normal fashion.

They cannot be otherwise-we have our choice,

To accept and adjust or rebel in a nervous hoist.

Be willing to have it so-avoid consequences of misfortune

As first step on the road to recoup in a way that is opportune

Accept fate but certainly not be fatalistic

As taking the road to recovery is fantastic.

Neither cry for the moon nor over spilt milk

That has gone down the drain collecting all filth

Circumstances do not decide our happiness

But our reactions to circumstances make all the difference.

Kingdom of heaven is within you and so is the kingdom of hell

Either is determined by the free will used well.

Two men looked out from prison bars-one saw mud the other stars.

You have the choice to accept inevitable and look above for stars.

You lose your sight-but is that the end of it in life

If you lose all five senses yet you could live in the mind in style

For it is in the mind we see-in the mind we live

Whether you like it or not till the last the breadth we release.

Nothing in life is beyond endurance for in any case you endure

Now or shortly after and that is the meaning of life for sure

This does not mean that you must give up and be a recluse

Look around for opportunities to overcome the inevitable deluge

If we rail and kick against the inevitable and grow bitter

We won’t change inevitable-would change-not for the better

Refuse to accept inevitable-turn nights into hells of insomnia

After self torture you accept what you had to accept-now-with no mania

Mother Goose rhyme says: For every ailment under the sun

There is a remedy or there is none

If there is one try to find it

If there is none never mind it!

Prayer by Dr Reinhold Niebuhr:

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Oscar E V Fernando – November 2010


Love! Is it a feeling of great affection
A feeling which is almost a compulsion
Or is it something that you enjoy
Absorbed wholly with what you employ.

Is it affection for friends’ kith and kin
A feeling you get when things go at your whim.
Is it falling in love with great sexual attraction
That falls apart with the slightest distraction

Love at first sight they say-designed never to part
With newer designs it tumbles-falls apart.
A concept to be left at the mercy of one’s feelings
Or a decision to be made enfolding life’s dealings,

Deeply in love when they meet at first sight
Marry they must with haste and delight.
Bed of roses they feel as time goes by
Till the woman feels pangs of pain by and by

Man begins to feel displaced from centre stage
Behold feelings of love at first sight begins to fade
It is now or never that love really would show
When spouses take that grip for sacrifices to bestow.

Love therefore is essentially a decisive sacrifice
And a resurrection to both after being ‘crucified’
Love needs patience to be in the other’s shoes
Certainly not easy feelings to be misconstrued.

With no sacrifices-love flies through the window
Sans sacrifices love becomes both dim and mellow
The siblings grow up with dread and frustration
Till the matter ends up in courts and compensation

Is love therefore a feeling or a decision of consent
For sacrifices to make when love at first sight descends
Love oh love is never a feeling abstract
But down to earth sacrifices to be exact.

Parents have ambition to teach children all sorts
Sacrifices mutual are never in their radar of thoughts
With no preparation they face the marriage blast
Then fall asunder with nothing at all to clasp.

God therefore comes to the partnership equation
For love and marriage to go on with devotion
Didn’t Christ show the way to love divine
With crucifixion and resurrection he restored humankind.

Whence we came and Whither we go!?

A Still Void it was, and Lo! What darkness before He summoned Light,

When the Ocean, Firmament and a Vault of Blue above-shone Bright.

The Eternal Breath breathed into to the slime–Yes! Be it dust or beast!

There we were in the Breath of Spirit-no beginning no end no retreat.

Somewhere between The Soul and ours-a quirk of pride occurred.

The soul fell from Grandeur and thereafter in sweat we labored-

To earn back that Grandeur, He sent His Son to expiate and suffer.

From thence it was-we see glimpses but await the Final Grandeur 

In that Soul Divine was an atomic strand with no matter and form-

Floating in Blissful Grandeur, till its consummation in womb with genes so formed.

T’is whence we came-now we search Whiter we go in spirit therein.

Searching from womb to tomb that Grandeur we earlier dwelt in

To this spirit He breathed a sense of Right and Wrong.

Left it with Free Will for that discerned Right or Wrong.

If right we do, the departing strand will see Heavens Bliss in Grandeur

If wrong we do He shows His Grandeur and says-depart to everlasting Non Grandeur

Whence we came we thus know-Whither we go too we know and we must endeavor-

To live according to His Will-only then behold we see this Grandeur forever.

If wrong, we do the oppose happens and we see non-Grandeur forever-we and only we are to blame!

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa-the parting strand thus accepts flame.

Brother Sister why be lost?-know the truth of whence and whither.

And also we know what we are, within and without-this accept with no whimper.

Resort to whence ye came-that Ageless Wisdom-when in distress.

No drugs-no vengeance no killings-go within and meet the Light that Destroyed Darkness.

Oscar E V Fernando

26th March 2018

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