Oscar Fernando

Unconditional Love – By Oscar E V Fernando

Love it is that flows from gentle nature.

Love it was that made us in God’s own Stature.

Love was God’s plan when he made man-

With will so free-to use discreetly- and live His Designed Plan


Mankind ruptured this Divine Love-abusing free will they sinned in greed-

When lured by the tempter-Like God you will be if you eat this seed.

Mankind created by Him to enjoy Paradise designed by Him-

Forfeited chance to earn eternal reward of heaven by disobedience and sin.


Revealing that true love is pure and unconditional-

Sent His Son to deliver mankind-from damnation of His Divine Wrath Eternal.

We now can hope for Everlasting Glory of Paradise Lost-

With foretaste of it on earth through forgiveness taught on the cross in the Divine Blast.


Unconditional love portrayed in Prodigal Son, who despised family warmth and love.

Father yearning to see his return-ran, clasped, hugged the son with unconditional love.

World today needs love unconditionally for peace and war to avoid.

Hatred does not cease with hatred: Love your enemies said they to fill the void.


Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mandela to name a few in history-

Taught that same unconditional love as a lesson for posterity.

Embrace the murderer in prison with Love Unconditional-

Love, buried within through cruelty, will blossom forth overflowing and Unconditional.

Oscar E V Fernando.

May 2018


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