Oscar Fernando

The Tree – by Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

Frolics and flows the stream-mid farm, dale and dell-
In Succulent feeding the flourishing tree for ages past.
Coarsened rough arms spread to heaven in rapturous swell,
Beseeching shade for the earth so hotly parched. 

A haven of rest for chirpy tweeting birds at nest.
With soprano ed orchestrations at its best 
In watchful eye of doting parents each in attendance-
With a vigilance wrapped in tender attention. 

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Sunrise and Sunset – By Oscar E V Fernando


“When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.John Lennon

Oscar Fernando

Sunrise and Sunset

In between this rising and setting we live, breath and have our being?

It is this Flash of Golden Beam-we do salute the new born day.

In this span we grow, be happy and live sharing-

All we have in body-soul-mind and spirit in what we do and say.

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TRUTH: By Oscar E V Fernando

Oscar Fernando

God-The Almighty

In Christianity God is the unique supreme being, creator and ruler of the universe; so says the dictionary.

God we know can be felt, glimpsed in thought-but yet is the Unknowable, accept in His embodiment in Christ Jesus.

This is a whole and a holy area where angels fear to tread-and fools must not rush in!

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Solidarity in Action – by Oscar E V Fernando

Oscar FernandoIn its simplest form solidarity is mutual support and unity of interests, aims and actions among members of a group-taking it up from the dictionary definition.

With present day technologies, this ‘group’ definition has taken a global dimension-as we have to be in touch with people impersonally for business and commerce etcetera.

Solidarity also connotes that we must become aware of the growing cult of individualism-fast enveloping societies, with only a search within, for right or wrong, which is subjective, as opposed to objective realities of truth and moral behavior.

It also means that collective decisions must be given priority over individual whims and fancies to accomplish results.

Curricula in education must be emphatic that we cannot live and exist independently of others as we are interdependent beings: we must look at interdependence as something good-positive-rational and cherish able.

This is what some of the world’s great have said on solidarity;

Saint Paul speaks of humanity in general as the body of Christ in that we are all parts of that body-on being baptized into Christianity; to this concept can be added the words of the Lord’s Prayer authored by Jesus Christ to say-Our Father in plural instead of the singular My Father.

Pope Benedict pointed out that as society becomes more globalized with modern technologies, we have become neighbors but not brothers, and that with an in depth study of the concept of solidarity and fraternity, in a religious brotherhood, we begin to realize that we are brothers and sisters of one Universal Family.

Saint John Paul II had this to say on Global Relationships-I would like to make an appeal to those in possession of greater resources-to public authorities and all people of good will who are working for social justice-never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity-avoiding purely nationalistic indulgence.

Pope Francis-Solidarity is not a feeling of vague compassion or shallow distress at the misfortunes of so many people, both near and far. On the contrary, it is a firm and persevering determination to commit oneself to the common good; that is to say to the good of all and of each individual, because we are all really responsible for all.

Solidarity is to be;

-altruistic-an unselfish concern for the welfare of others

-kind-to look at any problem in a friendly, generous or good-natured manner.

-compassionate-having a feeling of sorrow and pity for someone in trouble

-merciful-kindness or forgiveness shown when punishment is possible or justified.

One clear and singular example of solidarity is to be sympathetic towards global refugees and to understand their genuine plight, if any, before taking stern action against them-in patience and kindliness and this on the basis of universal brotherhood.

This poem further highlights that humanity was intended to live in solidarity.

No man is an island.

It is not good for man to live alone said He-

Even in a garden full of roses-multi colors and bees.

He then created a companion for his loneliness

For man to talk-laugh and be with-in all happiness. 7


Imagine man to be in isolation for whatever reason that be.

Man-so wills to be alone-or forced to be alone.

Whatever be it-try and he will know only restlessness will accompany

For man is meant to be in company.


Did man survive alone in the mother’s womb?

No! Nourished he was with nutrients from the earth

Toiled by another man-unknown to him even to his tomb

The tiny tot shuffling and wobbling needing help to keep feet on earth.

So it was from Adam to the unknown infant now at birth.


Life cycle rolls on with one needing the other

In school-in office-in family and in bigger society-

Learning variations in moods-breeding and manner

All needed to mold character to mix with those others in harmony.


He reads a book-with mental labor given to it by another’s brain?

He plays that game created by another for his relaxation to gain

He wallops that steak with spices to boot by that chef unknown

He sits at table to dine-with woodwork done by the carpenter also unknown.


Was man a handiwork of its own design and style?

Not a second will he live with no oxygen a while-

Given by a plant so cultivated by another or by nature ’s own guile

So-the command to love those unknown to us in Samaritan style.


Love that unknown worker-heap on him the benefits of his labor

To help his family to enjoy good life that yours wait for on fat dividends from that same labor.

Help the weak mate in class to understand the riddle of geometry

Cheer those that also ran in the race you came first with your own agility


This then is solidarity in action-a unity to win that common goal

That you alone cannot do as it was so in your mother’s womb-we were told.

So it is in family-office and wider society-you find solidarity is strength

For solidarity prompts us to realize that no man is an island to live in complete isolation.

Oscar E V Fernando

June 2020

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Reason for Life-A Plausible Opinion! – By Oscar E V Fernando

Oscar Fernando


Is it to-know-love-and serve God-as admonished?

To Know!

See a bud in gradual bloom-with roots pacing down for nutrients-

Leaves breathing in and breathing out oxygen.

Life in the egg with no breaking of shell-calf at udder with no earthly guidance.

Smile of a mother with unbearable pain in birthing’s sufferance.

The birdie ready with open mouth for food at mother’s beak for indulgence.

That melodious chord of music enthralling one to a glimpse of heaven’s raptures.

Fine tuning of Universe with precision revolution.

Are all these accidental? Or is it Maneuvered Intelligence?

Why be so blind as to refuse to see these-and many more and thus begin to-

Know God.

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This Eerie silence – By Oscar E V Fernando



Will this sound of silence go on and on?

Till that terrible drumming within ceases

A drumming that is consistently reeling around

Till man in his restlessness pulls out its blocking fingers.


Thus filling in that frenzied drumming with sweat sound of silence

Which is the spirit with which He filled the void in existence before creation.

Man was ceaselessly searching for this Silence

For Man is restless until he rests in adoration.


The search we know was maddening

In the wrong direction and it was so saddening

With misplaced greed for wealth position and glory

All of which was readily there if he searched for His Glory.


Seek ye first the Kingdom of God He said

For then you will find what you searched with uneasy haste

That drumming will cease and you will find rest

With a soul filled with cheery silence with no uneasy boast.

Oscar Fernando
Oscar E V Fernando

May 2020


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Tilling the land – By Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

Land usage in our country changed with the several changes in regimes. It appears to be so from ancient Lanka, over periods of invasions to the present day-both the land and its people suffered!

From the remembered past, it may be said, that the Rajakariya system prevailed most of the time-during which period we may have earned the epithet-granary of the east.

Then onwards during invasions by foreigners, land was managed by the mercantile system of companies especially in cases of tea rubber and coconut, with private ownership: this system prevailed till independence-at which time our country was termed prosperous-until it changed with the Land Reforms Commission and the lands managed by the state with consequent heavy losses: there were intermittent changes of management with changes in regimes. This situation prevailed up to now-with sparse attention given to tilling of land for food crops like paddy which was our glorious past during the ancient Kings-so much so that ensuing generations of tillers were averse taking to tilling the land due this poor attention and also due to vagaries of management and weather that had to be contended with.

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Missive from Oscar E V Fernando: 50 Things To Do while Quarantined (Beyond Binge Watching): By Carrie Gress

Carrie Gress

Source:Theology Of Home

Oscar Fernando

We are faced with an international crisis but it doesn’t mean we have to live in fear and anxiety. It is easy to get sucked into the news cycle or binge watching series after series, leaving us feeling dissipated and uninspired.

The key, no matter what you do, is to make sure your spiritual life is alive. Certainly, we should be praying for an end to this plague and those suffering from it, but tapping into our relationship with God can animate all that we do in new and fresh ways.

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Eerier the Silence-Louder the Sound! By Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

We sat in ease and looked down upon-

The less in fortune-disabled in form.

We let them eat the crumbs that fell-and we-we walloped the steak-

So rich in spices and seasoned to taste!


Did we ever think of the poor-when we saw them open mouthed?

To urine-and dung-to quench thirst and appease hunger?

Let them be-let us do the tango with eyes closed to that misery-

For it is their destiny-what business is it to disturb our dance so melodiously tender?


Fattened the chick caged till it gains weight to match the price.

Broiler they called-and so manufactured and labelled in style.

With legs up to tempt tear to pieces-ready for the table

And satisfy greed of both buyer and seller from farm yard stable

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A Missive by Oscar E V Fernando: One year after the fire, a French priest’s tribute to Notre-DameBy Courtney Mares


Paris, France, Apr 14, 2020 / 11:01 pm (CNA).- For Fr. Pierre Amar, Notre-Dame de Paris has always been a masterpiece, “the very example of supreme beauty,” but now the Marian cathedral is also “a great burnt victim.”

One year after the fire destroyed much of the cathedral’s roof and spire, the French priest shared what the cathedral of Paris has meant and continues to mean for Catholics in France as the country again faces a crisis.

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