The Flow Eternal – by Oscar E V Fernando

The Flow Eternal – by Oscar E V Fernando


Poverty – by Oscar E V Fernando

My spirit waits still-my cells slither along-observing life in wisdom and prudence-flowing-flowing and flowing along-searching for the end eternal

On and on mid dell and dale I slide-move and crawl-no harm to any spelled-even when provoked to stall-but no-I move along with no time in waste to win or bawl

I see-I hear-I collect human drama both cruel and joy-rumbling-rumbling I keep rolling along-in self-esteem-washing-polishing stones to shimmer-for those who make it a price for their supper-

the fish fauna and the flora within-I feed cloth and shelter as humans should-for those in need-to live better-but do not-due to human folly-greed-arrogance and violence so bitter

Find my way with peace to all-singing-whistling melodies-to fall-mellow at times-at times roaring rough to bawl-when of a sudden my silvery shined face-distorted by toxic waste-drained on me by greed and industry’s pelf of waste-stop I don’t-bearing up the muck-I move along whistling-singing-with the sedimented filth on my bosom’s back

With sea life destroyed-the globe gets warm-with that same human greed to conform

Giving joy to animals and trees on my sides-succulent with leaves so fresh and green-quenching thirst and hunger rollickingly at my milky-breast-in frolicking strides-stretching their tender spleen-gorging nutrients flowing from my being-makes them grow in strength and brawn-they dance in a frenzied beam

Drama’s human-at times with heads belligerent and inhuman-gorging a dizzy liquid so abhorrent and with no further point to win-sheds the other’s blood in a spin-so gruesome-then toss the remnants into my bottomed bosom-leaving a trail of blood so red and so awesome

Not only those cruel scenes-I also see a lad and lass at my water’s edge with romantic bliss-no care on earth-in a carnal twist

Behold-one day the lass comes alone a walking-walking and dragging feet to my bosom and then nose dive-blowing bubbles fast-slow and fades to her last breadth in that deadly dive

what made her do it-only the lad-the lass and their maker would know-for-I know not-as I do not pry secrets as humans do-and if no one cares the fish will have a repast well and true

That be the end of their crooning at my waters’ bend

Why are some humans so cruel and not learn from natures accommodating ways and live with tolerance understanding caring and sharing-searching for no points to win-thus warring and bloodletting?

The saddest so far were when I bore heavy loads with so called blacks and whites-cruelty unleashed-whips to lash in blithe and then-and then my tears mingle with my own waters to see humanity at its worst-yes-it’s worst

I flow along-like the Ole Man River-knowing retribution will follow one day-if not compensated for the extreme cussed deeds-but when will it ever be better-for I still see-some lives do not matter in deed

And-I-I keep rolling-rolling-and rolling along-till I see eternity round the corner.

Oscar E V Fernando

August 2021

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