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Ron Silva

what keep you motivated?
Cricket, Swimming, and being a StKilda AFL supporter

Hobbies and Interests:
Music, Collected 80’s 12″ Vinyl Records, Mobile DJ for private functions, and swimming at the World
Masters representing Australia in the future. See DJ Ron’s web page here

How has attending the gym helped you in life?
Keeps me fit, socialising with friends, helped with the recovery after my spinal operation, and taking part in Aussie Masters National Swimming Championships

Why did you originally join the gym?
To keep fit and healthy

What do you enjoy most at the gym?
Swimming and using the latest gym equipment, and because it is the best gym in Melbourne, Good life has everything to offer

One quote you live by? “Enjoy life to the fullest”

Ron swam in the following events For Malvern Marlins Masters swimming, Victoria Australia

1. 25 M Freestyle
2. 50 M Freestyle
3. 25 M Backstroke
4. 50 M Backstroke
5. 100 M Backstroke
6. 200 M Backstroke
7. 4 X 50M freestyle Relay
8. 4 X 50M Medley Relay
9. an Old Peterite, who also won the Australian Swimming Masters championship 15 years ago! and won the Australian nations Swimming gold medal in 2018.
10. Ron Silva also has also made his mark in swimming at the North Lodge Neptune Swimming…

Please also see the certificate of achievement below….


Ron Silva - swimming certificate

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