Special Direction: CAASL-AMS-COVID -19-4 11.01.2021 – Special CAASL Guidelines for resumption of Operations at Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) and Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (HRI) from 21st January 2021

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Special Direction: CAASL-AMS-COVID -19-4

Special CAASL Guidelines for resumption of Operations at Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) and Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (HRI) from 21st January 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be prevalent around the world. Disturbing lives and livelihoods of all Nations. The public health crisis have already exceeded the predictions with longer than anticipated destruction to all aspects of the world economy causing huge impact on leading businesses, supply chains and impeded global mobility & freedom of movement.

Aviation Industry is one of the major impacted industries due to COVID-19 pandemic, a large proportion of the global fleet, air crew, airport operations staff were affected due to restrictions of air travel, closure of airports and major lockdowns.

In this background, CAASL has developed and published this guideline document in the form of a Special Direction to provide operational recommendations for all stakeholders involved in aviation industries and at the Points of Entries (PoE) in accordance with the official communication of Presidential Task Force for Economic revival and poverty eradiation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, State Ministry of Aviation & Development of Export Zones, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and Airport & Aviation Services of Sri Lanka.

The requirements contained in this document are applicable to Persons/Organizations holding an Air Operator Certificate, Aerodrome Certificate and Licence issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation Sri Lanka for commercial air transportation. All above mentioned parties shall comply with the requirements of this document strictly until further notice.

A. International Arrivals.

I. Tourist to arrive through Charter Flights, Scheduled Flights and Private Jets.
II. Arrival of Tourists shall be less than 2500 per day.

B. Guidelines to the Airlines.

It is important to adhere all the public health precautionary measures and safety
measures by the Airlines in accordance to the CAASL guidelines.
The Airlines are responsible to ensure adherence to below mentioned requirements at
any given time.

1. Issuing Visa & Air Tickets.

I. Visa shall be processed online.
II. Mandatory to pay for 2 PCR tests. If the stay is more than 7 days a 3rd PCR test may be required as per the Ministry of Health
III. COVID-19 Insurance which covers for a minimum amount of Sri Lankan Rupees 5 million equivalent in US$. The validity of this
insurance for a month is mandatory and could be paid through the Tourism Mobile App (when available) or at the time of the hotel booking or when purchasing airline ticket.

Airline Tickets
I. Prior to issuing the airline ticket, airlines shall check and confirm the availability of
a) Paid receipt for 2 PCR tests.
b) COVID-19 Insurance cover
c) Pre confirmed hotel booking for the period of stay in Sri Lanka.

II. Should provide Health Declaration Form (HDF) along with the air ticket to the passenger. The passengers shall be instructed to have the completed HDF with them prior disembarkation at Sri Lankan Airports.

2. Boarding and disembarking of passengers.

 Shall adhere to GD 011, Appendix A, No. 16 – boarding and Disembarkation.
 In flight seat allocation – It is not necessary to segregate Tourists and paid passengers on board, seating may be allocated according to the availability
of seats.
 At the boarding counter – It is mandatory to check and confirm the following with passengers.
I. A negative PCR test done within 96 hours of the time of boarding.
II. Receipt of the 2 PCR tests to be done in Sri Lanka.
III. COVID-19 insurance cover as per above No. 1 VISA III.
IV. Confirmed Hotel reservation.
V. Duly completed HDF.
VI. If the HDF is not completed, instruct the passenger to do so during
the flight.
 On board announcements – Shall comply with GD 011, Appendix A, No. 20.
 Cabin Crew shall maintain the physical distancing in accordance to GD 011,
Appendix A, No. 15.
 Cleaning and disinfection of the aircraft shall be done in accordance to GD
011, Appendix A, No. 13.
 Management of suspected passenger and crew member on board shall be
done in accordance to GD 011, Appendix A, No. 9 & 10.
 Passengers with disabilities on board shall be handled in accordance to GD
011, Appendix A, No. 18.
 Disembarkation of passengers shall be done in coordination with airport
operator to ensure adherence to social distancing and other public health

3. Maintenance of the Aircraft.

 Shall maintain air system of the cabin according to the International Standards.
 Shall comply with the requirements of GD 011, Appendix A, No. 13 cleaning & disinfection of aircraft and General Air-conditioning of the aircraft GD
011, Appendix B, 5.2.

4. On Board isolation area.

 It is not mandated to have a quarantine zone in the cabin.
 Airline should make all effort to arrange passengers separately.
 The last 3 rows of seats should be reserved as an isolation area for handling possible in-flight emergencies if feasible only.
 The rear lavatory on the right side should be designated for the exclusive use by those under isolation.

5. Temperature screening.

 According to the risk levels of different flights, passenger’s body temperature shall be measured at different phases of the flight. For this purpose non-contact infra-red thermometers shall be used.
 Shall maintain adequate number of said thermometers on board (minimum 04 units shall be available on fights exceeding 04 hours). (Refer to GD 011, Appendix A, No. 6)

C. Guidance to Airports.

1. Airports shall strictly comply with GD 011, Appendix B except 11.6(b) and 11.8. This includes prevention control measures, temperature screening, public health measures at general check-in area and terminal area. Ventilation of the airport, cleaning and disinfection, waste disposal, personal hygiene of passengers & staff and hygiene requirements of ferry buses.
(Note: PCR tests to be conducted at the relevant accommodation hotel)

2. Procedure to be adopted for the disembarking passengers.

 Disembarkation shall be done through aero bridges as much as possible.
 It is advised to disembark passengers batch by batch adhering to social distancing and considering smooth flow of passengers without creating
 Shall ensure all passengers don a mask.
 Shall disinfect passenger hands, shoes and hand luggage. (Not a comprehensive disinfection, shall not spray disinfectants to the body)
 Temperature screening shall be done at a designated place before the passengers go to immigration area. (The designated place shall be
identified and place the thermal scanner accordingly).
 Passengers shall submit their HDF to the public health desk and shall be directed to the immigration area.
 Following the immigration procedures, the passengers shall be directed to the duty free area (passengers may allow to remain in duty free area for a
while). Then the passengers shall be guided to the baggage claim area and through customs to the hotel counters.
 Hotel counters and bank counters shall be established at the arrival lobby.
 Tourist and the paid passenger counters shall be segregated.
 Tourists shall be accepted by the relevant hotel agents and guided to the relevant hotel transport.
 Paid passengers shall be accepted by the military personal and guided to the relevant transport.

3. Procedures to be adopted for the embarking passengers. 

 All passengers shall don a mask.
 All passengers shall be subjected to a brief disinfection at the departure main entrance (Hands, shoes and luggage).
 Temperature check shall be done at the entrance.
 Passengers shall be directed to the passenger waiting area/departure lobby through security check.
 At the departure lobby passengers will have to wait adhering to the social distancing and other public health measures.
 Then the passengers shall be directed to the check-in counters once the said counters are opened.
 At the check-in counter, travel documents shall be checked including PCR negative report as per the requirements of the airline and the receiving
 Following the check-in procedures, passengers shall be directed to the immigration, duty free area/lounges/peer or to the allocated gates.
 At the gate, the formal security check shall be done and then the passengers shall be guided to the designated gate waiting area.
 Passengers shall be wait in the gate waiting area until the boarding time, then shall be boarded to the aircraft batch by batch.

4. To facilitate above mentioned procedures above (No. 2 & 3) airport operator shall maintain strict public health precautionary measures which are mentioned below.

 Always shall comply with GD 011, Appendix B.
 Further, below mentioned facilities and services shall be made available.
a) Shall place adequate hand sanitizers at the mostly visited areas,
b) Social distancing shall be maintained throughout the passenger handling procedure.
c) Washrooms shall be cleaned and disinfected according to the frequency determined by the airport operator. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection may be determined according to the time duration or number of passengers used. Example: In every half an hour or in every “X” number of passengers.
d) Kiosks/restaurants should be opened for food and beverages (water and soft drinks). Food shall be sold in sealed packs. In-dine services are not allowed.
e) Shall maintain Bank facilities.
f) Duty free shops should be kept open adhering to the strict public heath precautionary measures.


Capt. Themiya Abeywickrama
Director General of Civil Aviation &
Chief Executive Officer.


Disclaimer by eLanka – Kindly note that the above information has been published as received from the Director General of Civil Aviation & Chief Executive Officer. eLanka is not responsible for any errors, changes or omission of other detail of the above. 

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